Chalte Chalte: A Journey Of Love (Shivika FF): Episode 24

Continuation from Episode 23:

Running away from Shivaay,Anika enters into their room.She closes the door behind her.Her heart is beating really fast.She puts her hand over there where her heart is dancing right now.Closing eyes she recalls those very moments when everything was looking extra beautiful,all off a sudden,without any notice.She forgets her burning sensation of the hand.Anika opens her eyes.Her gaze stops coming at the big picture of Shivaay which is placed over the bed as background.She blushes watching that picture of Shivaay.
She goes near the bed and gets in it.Going close to the picture,Anika picks up a decorative peacock feather from show piece stand beside bed.Pointing Shivaay’s photo with that she says-

Anika:What are you looking at huh?I am here,look at me.By the way,what do you think of yourself SSO?That you can do anything?And how dare you call me a blunder queen?Hawww…How rude!You just don’t know how to talk with a girl!May be you are a great businessman but in this matter,you are a total zero.Anika goes close to the photo-Oh!How can I forget those kanji eyes!Sometimes I feel I can read those,sometimes not.
Those eyes confused me a lot.What were you saying?I am too much?Too much is you and your…I don’t know but you are really too much!

Care to hear one truth of my heart?
Whenever you look at me with those blue eyes,I feel lost.I feel like your eyes are piercing me inside out!I get nervous every time!What were you trying to do moments ago?You are very bad SSO!Anika starts blushing.
Let me tell you,if you are Shivaay Singh Oberoi the perfectionist then I am too Anika Shivaay Singh Oberoi.Be careful calling me Blunder Queen next time!I won’t spare you Mr.SSO!Mind it.Anika hits Shivaay’s pic with that peacock feather.But suddenly she drops the feather and forwards her hand to touch the pic.Smiling,she recalls every moment with Shivaay,from hospital to Sunflower Petals.She places her head in the pic.

Song Plays
“Jaadu Sa Chaa Ne Lagaa
Pagal Bana Ne Lagaa
Kuch Yaad Aane Lagaa
Kuch Bhool Jaane Lagaa
Kya Na Kare,Kya Kare
Yeh Dil Kya Kare
Yeh Dil Kya Kare…….”

There Shivaay comes to enter into the room only to find it is looked from inside.He was feeling embarrassed for that encounter.He was thinking what Anika might be thinking of him.But looking at closing door he forgets everything.He knocks at the door-

Shivaay:Anika?Anika?Why have you locked the door?Open the door.I have to change.
Shivaay’s words and continuous knocking break the reverie of Anika.She comes down the bed and goes towards the door.
Anika:Why are you shouting so much?
Shivaay:I am shouting?I am just asking you to open the door.
Anika:I won’t!
Shivaay:You won’t?Why?What so important work you are doing inside that you can’t open it?Try to understand,I have to change.Otherwise I will catch cold.Just open the door.
Anika:You should have thought this before calling me Blunder Queen!
Shivaay:I see.First you splashed water on me,Shivaay Singh Oberoi now you are not opening the door.Nobody dares to do that with me!

Anika smiles but soundlessly.Truth is she is feeling shy to face Shivaay.
Shivaay:Anika,I am telling you one last time.Open the door otherwise I will break it open.
Anika:Are you threatening me?
Shivaay:Yes,I am.
Finally Anika opens the door.Shivaay enters into the room.
Shivaay:What was that?You are just,just unbelievable Anika.She says nothing.
Shivaay:What happened?Won’t you say something now?
Without answering Anika runs away once again.Shivaay has to step aside to let her go.He turns clueless.
Shivaay:What is happening?Pata nahi aage jake kya hone wala hai!

Around 1:30 pm

Anika and Shivaay are having lunch together.Surprisingly both are silent!While eating,Shivaay looks at Anika and says in his mind-
Shivaay:”What has happened to this girl?Eating in silence?This thing never happened before.A total chatter box is having food without talking?Strange!Kuch toh garbar hai!Should I ask her?No,let it be.Such occasion is rare.Enjoy till lasts!”

Anika notices Shivaay is stealing glances with her.She says in her mind-
Anika:”O God,why is he looking at me like that?Did he hear anything what I said closing the door?What I will do now?”
There is no sound around them only wall clock’s ticking.Breaking the silence they say at one go-

Anika:Aap…They smile at the co-incidence.
Shivaay:You say first.
Anika:You tell.
Shivaay:Lady’s first.
Anika:Um…You cook really good.Very delicious.
Shivaay:You wanted to tell this only?
Anika:Why?Were you expecting something else?
Shivaay:No,no.Nothing like that.But,are you sure?
Anika:This is only.What you wanted to tell?
Shivaay:Actually….How,how is your hand now?
Anika:Better than before.
Shivaay:Thanks for the compliment.
Anika:For what?
Shivaay:You praised my cooking right now.
Anika:Oh…You are most welcome!
Silence takes over once again.

Late Afternoon
Anika is seen sitting in the pool garden on the swing.She is enjoying the calm beauty of the late afternoon.Shivaay goes there-
Shivaay:Your Mom is on the phone.Talk to her.
Anika jumps out of the swing in happiness.
She takes the phone and talks with Mrs.Trivedi.Shivaay watches her with a smiling face.Anika finishes talking.
Anika:Very,very much.Thank you Shivaay.Saying that she jumps in Shivaay’s arms.

Anika is all smiling while hugging Shivaay.Shivaay too tries to hug her but could not recalling that romantic encounter.Anika too gets recalled that and retreats from the hug hurriedly.Her cheeks turn rosy!
Anika tries to go but gets stumbled on the table beside her.She is about to fall into the pool but Shivaay grabs her by her waist.For balance Anika too holds Shivaay’s hand.Their eyes meet.Anika’s hair is flying in the afternoon air.A sweet smile appears on Shivaay’s lips watching that.Anika stands up on her feet but accidentally steps on Shivaay’s foot.

Shivaay:What are you doing Anika?Watch your step at least.
Anika:Sorry,sorry.I did not notice that.I am sorry Shivaay.Saying that she tries to move but her saree’s pallu gets stuck in the swing.Thinking Shivaay has grabbed it Anika says in her mind-“Phail gaya raita!”
Shivaay watches that.Sighing he tries to remove it.Anika turns and watches it.She bites her lip feeling shy.Shivaay says-

Shivaay:I think I have to appoint a personal bodyguard for you who can watch over you 24 hours.
Anika:Why?You are here na so be my bodyguard!Itna handsome bodyguard kaha milega mujhe!
Anika:Nothing!Saying this she runs away once again!Shivaay says-
Shivaay:What she said?Handsome bodyguard?Khud toh pagal hai hi,mujhe bhi pagal kar degi!
He nods his head in amusement!

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