To my Caramel Vishkanya (Cariño 7(KKB))

…(Mersalaayiten). (Fall in Luv)Remix (I)
Beats All Music flows in Mohan’s invisible makes his Megha Visible..
While he sees her gud hearted..His brain says”Maybe U want 321456123876980543………..yrs to view her full gud heart”like Chitti in Robo..
Mohan crosses fastly like the beat of the Song…(“Like a butterfly I m falling in Luv…”..His bubblegum travels to whole bubble of Megha…
Mohan takes his gift:A Kurinji Flower.. (12 yrs only it flowers)
n put it on Megha’s hairend in the left ear…by thinking” … (Will the flower petal kiss ur forehead?)
Few mins b4:While half falling,Mohan sees his brother Malay is sleeping..Mohan makes his pain to be nothing..n alright…
Makes him gud…
Loc:To AP frm Thar (Page Mersal..It is 1st line..)
Two angelitas(Apu(Frm AP,a bus) n Megha) r their like as Two brothers(Abhi n Mohan) r not sleeping…

Loc:Abhi’s house..
“Just take the pushups till Insist U to stop..U want power…”
Pragya sits in his back while Abhi’s takes pushups…
Abhi:”Is it finished?”
Abhi:”Is it finished?”
Abhi:”No oo..I’m finished..Is it k?”
Abhi:Hey..Bhoot ma..What r u doing?
Abhi:”Areyy…Fattyyy..R U Sleeping?”
Abhi turns back..
He sees Pragya is sleeping by holding her hand in her a stand..
Abhi takes his jerkin slowly n put in her head..
Pragya suddenly awake n give a punch to Abhi’s nose..
Abhi laughs n said”No pain If u punch,Bhootma”
…Abhi strts an idea..
“I hav a clue about MagiciaN already…Till now I m unable to watch Malay in tat state..After I give happy,I’ll”
Once he listen my songs,he will be tracked…bcoz his current mind thoughts collided with my tune..fastly….I only read special ones always bt wanted to hear his mind again..But he was avoided till now for not remembering us”
“he will not find tat..Only he thinks,he get tat..Bt he will not..”
While saying”1 min..his mind is now arrested in me..He is listening mine..aftr a longg break ……..”
Loc:In his,Frm ArunachalPradesh to concert,a bus..
In out of control,Mohan hears his brother Abhi’s one of the songs…n thinks about Megha…

Hope U like tiz frndzz..Thank U for reading..Post Ur NYC comments aftr reading..

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  1. Connection of two thoughts was really a …a brilliant idea…..loved today’s part…..prags sleeping on abhi was sooo cute

    1. Tanq Varsha

  2. Wonderful episode harshan… Wow kurinji flower as a gift,.. Awesome thought …enjoy abhigaya moment a lot… Good going.. Keep writing… Eagerly waiting for the next episode …

    1. Tanq Kathy

  3. FrndzZ..Kurinji-12yrs Once it flowers..wrongly made tat in post.. n in last seg,Loc:In bus,frm AP

    1. yeah i think the proper name of the flower is “neelkuranji”…can’t remember the scientic name…i read in in my biology book

  4. wow…so every brother has a superpower of their own kind…and the real magical power is the power of music…remembered Dumbledore’s line-“…such magical powers music holds….”!!!

  5. S Shai..Music holds magic..That z the basic theme of tiz story..I think kurinji name may be tat u said

  6. superb episode.

    1. Tanq Alien?

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