Krishnadasi ff Epi-8

The episode starts with Aryan comes to house and smiles.. Happily.. Arjun and anitha sees his happiness and smiles.. They thinks this should be stable and prays for his happiness.. They all leaves from there. Aradhya comes to her room and hugs radhika and asks her what she wants? Aradhya tells I am soo happy.. Radhika tells I am soo happy that u agreed to marry Aryan for my sake.. She tells soon u will fell in love with him.. Aradhya laughs and asks her what she wants?

Radhika comes out and calls aryan and ask what she wants? He tells her to ask her to come with her to restaurant. Radhika asks what? Aryan pleads her.. To help him. He is new to love and all.. Radhika agrees and tells I will try my best. He smiled and thnx her.. Radhika comes back and asks her does she have any work now? Aradhya tells nothing imp than u.. Radhika asks her to go with Aryan to restaurant. Aradhya asks what? I asked ur wish!

Radhika tells I want u to be happy always.. Aradhya gets teary eyes and hugs her and tells as u say.. I will do.. Radhika hugs her happily and calls Aryan and tells him to come there soon. Aradhya smiles. She and he comes to restaurant. Aryan offers her seat. She sits there. He asks what u like to have? Aradhya searches for waiter.. He tells I only asked. She tells I thought waiter came here??They both smile at each other.
He tells I saw u first time there itself I lost my heart beat.. She smiles..

Aryan calls out waiter. He comes there and asks what u want? She laughs.. He also smiles.. She gives order.. Waiter leaves from there to bring food. Aryan asks what she likes very much? Aradhya tells my mom.. She tells I am marrying u becoz of my mother.. I wanted my mother to be stayed with me. After marriage also. He agrees. She tells first let us be friends.. After that.. We can consummate our marriage;

Precap:Aryan mumurs and tells u r great I also thought the same.. They both shake their hands.. And have food.

Credit to: Narendran

  1. Nice episode……pls show some aara romance……….their closeness….else the epi was jst amazing… next part asap

  2. Lovely episode Narendran… was fab ??????❤️❤️……and yah Celina is right please show some Aara romance…..and please try to post some longer episode???……and great going keep it up???????????????

  3. Super yaar pls update next part

  4. Awesome episode 🙂

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