I can’t love u ………becoz I… (Part 1)


Hi guys bulbul is again back but with my new ff and I am on cloud nine by reading ur comments u guys encouraged me so so much
Link to my previous episode

I hope it works

Thanx so so much guys for commenting on my intro and giving me such an nice reward

So I hope u remember the intro

A cafeteria is shown with not so many people with less but all were couples sitting their it was evening time the sun was saying goodbye to the sky but in the cafeteria somebody was engrossed in some thoughts

A boy is shown in his mid twenties talking on phone withsomeone

Boy : hey Rahul wts up
Ra: no yr mera breakup hogya

Boy(laughs) hahah konsa 15 or 16
Ra: shut up 17 and I was serious this time
Boy : common Rahul their is nothing like love ok
Ra: no dear u will realize it one day till then bye
Boy: bye

Now his deep brown eyes are shown then his smiling lips and he is wearing a light blue shirt and blue jeans

He is none other than our handsome hunk hot cute kunj( sid only kaisi or ko imagine kiya then I will kill u)

Ku: Rahul ….Rahul he is mad yr their is nothing like love or anything this is just time waste

He collected his things and started to leave

And from other side a girl in full force is coming towards the cafeteria

Her deep almond eyes are shown her glossy pink lips her hair
She was wearing a a frock below her knees of black colour with floral prints on it and a white bracelet
She is checking her bag and finding something
She bumped with someone and all her belongings fell down
Boy/girl : I am so soryy

Girl started to collect her belongings and boy also bent down to pick them up the girl looks up

She is really very beautiful
Boy is our kunj only

Toota Jo kabhi Tara instrumental playa in BG

Boy: I am sorry I didn’t saw u
Girl: its ok
She gets up and started to leave
Boy: wts ur pretty name can u tell me
Girl smiles and said tia

Boys smiles and girl asked wts ur name
Ku: my name is kunj ….kunj sarna
Bothbshake their hands and she leaves

Kunj: really gosh she was so beautiful
Wait kunj stop ur dirty thoughts and leave s

Tia was listening to all this
Tia: now just wait and watch Mr. Sarna wt more will I do to u and ur family

And she smirks

So guys let me tell they are in flashback I know k abhi ff shuru hua or flashback main entry but sorry demand hai story ki and. Tell me

Do you know why tia smirked???

Why is she so urged to take her revenge ????

Will kunj fall for her???

Keep guessing ok and throw ur valuable comments

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  1. Baby

    hey bulbul osm bt who is tia and where is twinkle? btw luvd it it was osm amazing post nxt asap cnt w8 n iif psbl a bit long dear

  2. dreamer....arundhati

    Bulbul good one dear… Ctd soon

  3. SidMin

    Loved it different story but where is Twinkle šŸ™‚ Post soon šŸ™‚

  4. Awesome epi.. I thought that girl was twinkle ?.. But who is tia? Eagerly waiting for the next ?

  5. Joonakanksha

    Awesome bulbul
    Is tia twinkle only

  6. Purnima.agrawal30

    Amazing suspense bhot h…eagerly waiting for next part

  7. Angita

    Tia is twinkle and wants revenge I guess
    But fantastic

  8. Amazing epi yaar! Main guess nahin karungi..kyunki mujhe pata hai jo hoga dhamakedaar hi hoga! Pls post soon!

  9. Awesome

  10. Sayeeda

    Amazing Bulbul…. Awesome..
    Loved it….
    Might be Tia is Twinkle…. Or some other girl… Let’s see who is she..

    Too good…. Love u???

  11. sidhansha arora

    where is twinkle . who is tia ?? whatever. carry on.

  12. Kruti

    Amazing epi…..eagerly waiting for d nxt one

  13. Shatakshi

    It was Awesome bulbul
    But tia??…is she twinkle… Or just another character??
    Yaar kitna suspence n continue asap
    Love uā¤ā¤
    N r u in ur dp??…if yes then its damn classy

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