Together Forever, chapter 37

Abeer caresses Meher’s hair and hugs her who wasn’t moving, who was frozen on her place with her face buried in her baby. He hugs her and she doesnt responds. It was the first time she didnt felt his touch and didnt hug him back. Abeer breaks the hug realizing she is not in her senses and shakes her. He taps on her shoulder calling her name, still she didn’t move or say anything.
Abeer: Meher plz say something, I know it’s hard for u, plz don’t cry, plz look at me.
She doesnt responds.

Abeer: come, u need rest, aisey tabeyat kharab hojaegi Meher.
Suddenly she falls dizzy with her daughter in her arms, Abeer holds both of them by difficulty.
Abeer: sambhalo khudko Meher
As he looks at her face, he realizes she is not crying, she has gone numb in shock. He hugs her
He says in heart, “I promise I won’t forgive dad for this, he’ll pay for this Meher, he did this to us. Who the hell does he think he is?”
He makes her sleep on the bed and covers her with bedsheet. He turns to go but she holds his hand.
Meher: u r with me na Abeer? U won’t go leaving me na? I just want u by my side, nothing else.
Abeer: m always with u Meher, I won’t ever go leaving u. Now sleep u need rest.
Meher: don’t burn her body
He closes her eyes by palming them. Once he sees she’s asleep he goes taking their daughter , he goes to graveyard and cryingly digs her grave. He couldn’t help so he hugged her for the last time.
Abeer: rest in peace, come back soon.

He keeps her inside and buries her. He goes paying the watchman and goes to hospital and asks doctor when can he take Meher? Doctor says just one drip then u can take her. He nods. After one hour he signs discharge papers n does all formalities. He goes to Meher’s ward and sees her sleeping peacefully but was he peaceful on seeing her all numb? Was he too strong to cope up with all the pain? He didn’t had any feelings right now. He just wanted those old happiness filled days back.
He takes her from the hospital. He opens the front door and makes her sit inside. He buckles her seatbelt and closes the door. He too sits inside and drives towards home. He goes out of the car. He sneaks in his room with the help of ladder. The reason for hiding n coming was that he didn’t wanted his dad to see him n interrogate him, he had already booked tickets to Dubai and informed his mother, he too decided to tell her family as well.

He does packing and throws their bags out of the window (else how will he go down with them, there was only clothing in there). He climbs down, picks the bags putting them at backseat of car. He sits on the front seat and as he turns to see Meher, to his shock she wasn’t there.

Hey ppl, this is second last chp of this story n it will end soon, so do u want a sequel of it? Or u want another ff in its place? Do tell me. Love u

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