i cant live without u (part 26)

Hi guys am ayath back with my new part …………..

Guys am happy some of u remember my ff I cant live without u…………
Guys ……plz do comment not only me…….. all authors are taking so much effort to write a ff….whey they are writing they had so many expectation from u…some of u never think about tht….so please If u get time read all our ff and try to comment also

Let’s begin
@oberoi mansion
Next day Morning
Anika; came to shivaay’s room
She saw he is sleeping peacefully
She stares at him……and she went to his side and cares his hair

Shivaay can feel her presence so he slowly opens his eyes but this thing didn’t noticed anika

Anika; shivaay u r so cute in his sleep bt when u wake up u will start ur tadibaaz………attitude singh oberoi
When I married u …….u changed well I changed u ur attitude and all but nw u r like the old shivaay some will love others will hate u

Shivaay suddenly wakes up and shocked to see anika in his room standing beside him

Shi; anika y u here
Ani; wo……actually…….
Shi; wht
Anika; wo dadi called u
Shi; fr wht
Ani; I dont know….
[In mind] phel gaya raitha
Shi; ok I will come u go
Ani; ohh thank god …..while leaving she smiles at him
Shi; also smiles back
What the wuck why I smiled …..who is she……..haa god detective will find out her truth soon
Shiva went to dadiii
Dadii; good morning billu
Shi; good mrng dadii
Dadi; why u here
Shi; dadi u called me right
Dadi; billu this early why I call u
Shi; then wo ladki
Dadi; kyon
Shi; nthg dadii
Da;billu I know u r sleeping this time …….at this time I never disturbed u……….

Actually anika want to escape from shivaay so she said dadii’s name bt she didn’t tell this matter to dadii she thought shivaay would nt ask about it

Shi; [in mind] then why anika said tht………something is fishy………I feel someone sits beside me and cares my hair……..is it she or my imagination……….no shivaay why she came to u she always fight with u for no reason ….then why she came to my room this early…usually no one enter my room without knocking bt she just came my room like her own room

Shivaay was lost in his thoughts in his room
Omru; bhaiyya kaha hein
Om; he may be sleeping
Ru; no bhaiyya cant sleep
Om; why
Ru; somya didn’t allow me to sleep
Om; haa rudra ishaana also early in the morning she is singing some bhakthi songs
Ru; ohh om morning itself u started ur romance
Om; ohh duffer chup kar
Ru; haa tht means u started
Om; yes duffer we r couples now…… we don’t need to afraid fr doing romance
Ru;oh then I can also romance with soumya right
Om; ohh duffer u cant
Ru; why om

Om; u didn’t even engaged to soumya then u rthinking to romance with her
Ru; areey om not like u couples
Om; keeps silent he understood what rudra mean
Finally they reached shivaay’s room ………
Ru; om dekho bhaiyya morning itself lost in something
Om; yes rudra shivaay….shivaaay
Shi; ha omru
Ru;bhaiyya what r u thinking
Shi; nothing rudra
Om; something is there
Ru; ha om…….may be anika didii
Shi; what anika ……….what she is doing now
Om; he said tht u r think about anika
Ru; correct hainaa bhaiyya
Shi; no way rudra why mrng itself I think about tht girl
Ru; bcz u ike her

Shi; when I said that
Om; I can see in ur eyes
Shi; om thum bi naa
Ru; bhaiyya
Shi; kya rudra
Ru; I want a hug
Om; ohh nw wht happened to u
Shi; haa suddenly u want hug and all
Ru; no special….u too want a reason to hug
Shi; no rudra
Om; aisa nahi
Ru; then come on
There is obro’s hug

Shi;rufra can u leave me
Om; ha rudra I cant breath
Ru; ohh thumb hi naa
Shi; kya achaa moment ho raha hei
Om; kya achaa
Ru; If I hug u I will forget all my problems
Shi; ohh u also have problems
Om; duffer started his drama
Ru; no drama am saying truth only
Shi; haa okay
Om; pats rudra cheek
Shi; where is ur sumo and ishi
Omru;they are in the kitchen
Shi; then lets go
Ru; haa bhaiyya bohut bhook ……..

Kitchen scene
Ishaana see om coming and smiled at him
Om comes near ishaana and stand her side to help her in cooking

Rudra also done the same
Ru; sumo what special today
Su; nothing rudy pasta pizza and all
Ru; ohh where is my protein shake
Su; takes protein shake from the fridge and give to him
Ru; thum mera cute sumo hei
Su; smiles at him
Ru; kiss on her cheeks
Shivaay notices all this and gets happy ……….my brothers got their love when I will get……don’t worry shivaay ur love is near u u didn’t see or u never try to see……

Om holds ishaana wrist and she blushes
Ru; om what u done
Om; what
Ru; bhabhi is blushing
Om; leaves his hand
Ru; ohhh bhabhi u become tomato
Ishi; duffer shut up
Shi; by the way rudra what u done with somya
Om; what happened shivaay
Ru; haa mei kya kardhiya
So; thinks …………bhiyya seen everything bt this duffer forgot he kissed me
Ru; haa batao bhaiyyaa
Su; bhaiyya don’t say
So; then tell bhaiyya
Shivaay ; nothing I wont say soumya u know what am going to say so tell this duffer also
So; okay bhaiyya
Shi; ishi where is anika

Ru;ohh ohh bhaiyya u cant stay fr a minute without seeing her
Shi;shut up rudra
Ishi; bhaiyya wo anika didi piche hei
Shi; what
Om; ha shivaay look back
Shivaay look but he didn’t saw her
Omru; whoa shivaay thum ithni eager to see her
Shi; no om I want to talk to her
Ru; wht
Shi; nothing……prinku wedding
Ru; ohh carry on bhaiyya
Shivaay leaves from there ………..
He was passing by the corridor he saw anika standing and lost in her own world
Shivaay move towards her and called anika but no reply later he shouts anika suddenly turned back bt she falls ……….[always we say if hero is with her no worries bt nw its changed]

Shivaay was lost in her dark eyes he didn’t notices her falling to the floor
Later she shouts billu ji
Shi came to his sense and saw anika laying dowm
Shi; ohh anika what happened
Ani; ohh u didn’t see
Shi; no tell me what happened
Ani; I fell saying in a innocent tone
Shi; laughs loudly he cant control laugh
Anika gets angry
Ani;billuji has rahe ohh
Shi; still in laughing position
Ani; billu ji……….billu ji help me
Shi; ha he forwards his hand
Ani; she hold his hand and get up
Shi; due to tight hold anika came close to shivaay like anika is hugging shivaay
They share a lovely cute waala eyelock

Guys plz comment ………….plz………..plz……….I really need ur comments and views I f I have to improve any part plz tell me…………


  1. Tharu

    |Registered Member

    Awesome episode dear…shivika scenes are amazing…hope he gets his memory soon…ishkara and rumya in kitchen part is so cute..eagerly waiting for next part…post asap…

  2. Bshama1239

    |Registered Member

    Oh dear ayath I can’t express in words how much I missed u and ur ff but due to health issues I couldn’t ask you personal in private message or your wall and sorry for that …..

    Coming to the ff:
    1 I felt like bechaara 😂😂rudra shut up dialogue.
    2. Omg ishqbaazi is on peak
    3. I was eargerly waiting for it
    4. Dear don’t worry for comments as I too now don’t worry if you believe in yourself and in your talent and u know people love you and ur writing so no need to worry u know my mom and some closest friends taught me this.

    5. Just keep going and you will see that your problems and fears of not getting comments would slowly turn in stepping stones to reach a milestone best of luck

    Lots of love hasna
    By shama

    • Ayath


      thankuu somuch shama :* dear I also missed ur comment I hope nw u r okay…….for those inspiration words I really loved it to the core……….when u upload ur next part 😛 😛

  3. Shivika22kapoor

    |Registered Member

    Finally you uploaded the most awaited epi but it’s really short dear😐😐😐
    But the entire epi was amazing especially when Anika is in Shivaay’s room .
    Rudy kissing 💋 Soums super cute.
    You nailed the epi dear.
    Pls post next one soon 😊 😊 😊 😊 😊 😊 😊 😊 😊 😊 😊 😊 😊 😚 😚 😘 😘

    • Ayath


      haaha u also leave it in the most awaited part…………….hmmm i also done tht …………..just kidding yea i will upload bye i want to readto ur next epi

    • Ayath


      hii dear and sry for hurting u…I had lots of work to pending so plz understand my situation dear………………..thnkuu somuch nithuu 😀

  4. Dini

    Finally u came back. I was wondering where r u & ur ff. Loved it specially the
    shivika moments & kitchen scene. Plz bring shivaay’s memory quickly darling

  5. Akshaya

    |Registered Member

    Wow awesome. Ayath after a long time , you’re back with great episode. Loved it. The kiss scene and tripping scene were mind blowing dear

  6. Sangee

    Hi ayath ….I read all ur 26 part of ff in one go….ad I must say it was amazing… I loved it to d core…..as u put so much effort in dis so i thought of commenting as it is ur protein shake …..waiting for ur next one….plz plz make it fast…

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