Lakshmila by Cynthia (episode 5)

Hey guys, I am back with the epi 5. Sorry, but you guys have to bear some more epis without Lakshmila scenes. Hope u will like this epi?.

Episode 5…
The entire asur? troops are ready to fight.
Ram along with Sage Vishwamitra and Lakshman arrive at the battle ground.
The asurs cheer saying “All hail lady Tadaka’s troops, will triumph!”
Subahu along with Maricha arrive at the battle ground. An asur explains the rules of battle and commands to start the battle.
Lakshman and Ram gets ready with their arch and arrow. Asur troops proceed towards the brothers. Ram shoots an arrow which turns in 10 arrows and pierces the hearts of the asur. Lakshman’s arrow turns into fire and burns asur. The war goes on like this until an asur stealthily tries to attack Ram, but shoots an arrow at him without looking. Only few asurs were left alive.

Tadaka’s place…
Tadaka rests in her bed while an asur messages her legs
Tadaka: The warriors must be killed by now, hahaha, every one knows my army is the best, and these teeny soldiers didn’t.
Asur: You are right.

Every asurs got killed except Subahu and Maricha.
Lakshman: We have killed your troops, call your coward leader, Tadaka, we want to fight with her.
Subahu: First you have to beat me!!!
Lakshman: Alright.
The fight begins.
Subahu injures Lakshman.
Lakshman injures Subahu. They kick each other punch each other, finally Lakshmna gets the arrow and shoots. Subahu coved with blood falls over. Maricha hurries and takes Subahu in his arms and hurries to medicate him.

Tadaka’s place…
Physician checks Subahu and applies ointment to heal him.
Tadaka: Physician, will my son be alright.
Physician: Not sure, he hot injured my a special kind of arrow, we just have to wait and watch.
Tadaka: Maricha, where were you when Subahu was injured.
Maricha: I was too busy dealing with Ram, and that Lakshman challenged you to fight with him.
Tadaka: How dare him, no one ever dared to challenge me and this tiny warrior did it.
Maricha: Yes, and also he called you a coward.
Tadaka (furious): WHAT!!! Now I challenge him that he won’t see the moon tomorrow.

In the battlefield/ground…
Lakshman: Guru, I think we have won.
Sage Vishwamitra: Not yet, Subahu, Maricha and Tadaka got spared.
Ram: Yes, guru is right.

Sita in the forest makes a statue using the clay, Sita was trying to make a replica of Ram, also the holds an arrow and arch in the same way Ram did in her dream.
Sita: When will I meet him? when? why destiny is playing a game with me? why doesn’t this person appear in front of me?

Chandrabhaga and Kushadwaja’s room…
Chandrabhaga and Kushadwaja worries about the marriage of Mandavi and Shrutkeerti.
Chandrabhaga: I am really worried, swami, I hope Sita being bhoomija doesn’t make my daughters leave unmarried.
Kushadwaja: Sita being bhoomija, how does that links to our daughters’ marriage.
Chandrabhaga: It does, if someone disagrees marrying Sita, the reputation will be ruined leaving my daughters’ future at stake.
Urmila overhears them.
She gets really furious.
She goes inside the room.

Urmila: How dare you say this sbout my Sita didi, what she has done to you.
Chandrabhaga: You better not interfere.
Urmila: I am not interested in your personal conversation but I cannot bear when someone badmouths my didi.
She runs away, she feels sad.
She goes to the garden.

Mandavi looking for Urmila, comes to the garden, she sees her and hides, then she shouts loudly to scare Urmila.
Mandavi: What happened, you look sad.
Urmila: Nothing didi.
Mandavi: Please, don’t hide, tell me as a friend, don’t just keep it to yourself.
Urmila: Woh, didi, I overheard choti ma badmouthing Sita didi, she said that Sita didi might keep your future at stake.
Urmila explains Mandavi the incident.
Mandavi angrily walks towards Chandrabhaga and Kushadwaja’s room.

Mandavi: What did you think, ma, why did you day these inauspicious things about my Sita didi, the one I love more than my parents.
Chandrabhaga: I didn’t mean that.
Mandavi: So what did you mean, ha, you made me feel ashamed.
Chandrabhaga: Urmila told you this, I knew it.
Mandavi: Urmila wasn’t ready to tell me I forced her to do so, mostly Sita didi took care of me, the one whom I love unconditionally.
Chandrabhaga: I am sorry.
Mandavi: You should be ma.
Kushadwaja: Mandavi, is right, you shouldn’t have badmouthed Sita.
Precap: Tadaka and Ram’s battle
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  1. Awesome…it’s not boring at all…intact I really liked it..waiting for the next part…

    1. Cynthia

      Thanks a lot di, happy that u liked it

  2. Inu

    Superb. nice description.

    1. Cynthia

      Thanks a lot

  3. Amalina

    Emmm sis, i think u need to re-read ur ff. how can u call it boring??!! its osam, amazing, excellent, beautifully-written and wonderful!

    plz continue yar!

    1. Cynthia

      Thanks a lot, I am not that good writer!!!

  4. Padmaja

    Cynthu dearie it is not boring at all in fact it was just awesome….. I loved it soooo much ♥♥♥♥.. upfate the next asap dearie… love u..

    1. Cynthia

      Thanks a lot padma di,will try to update asap. Happy that u liked it.

    2. hi akka , i am fine , my studies r going on well . but missing u a lot , how r u , how is ur studies ?

    3. Padmaja

      Hello dearie I am fine… ya I am also missing u badly.. my studies r going gud… love u ♥♥♥♥♥

  5. loved this epi, and ya i will become angry if u say sorry if its boring again . it was awesome . loved the way urmila shouted at chandrabaga supporting her sister .

    1. Cynthia

      Thanks di, sorry for no lakshmila scenes

  6. happy that chandrabhaga realised her mistake and apologized to mandavi . update next one soon

    1. Cynthia

      Ya, but Chandrabhaga will still have some doubts.

    2. Padmaja

      Hi varshu how r u dearie??? How is ur studies??

    3. Jayani

      Hi varshu akka… Cing u after a loong tym n ur dp is cute.?

  7. Jayani

    Yesterday was d 1st month anniversary of skr getting over??… I had got dese msgs in whatsapp n I thought of sharing it wid u.

    Dis one…

    ?If Facebook existed in the times of Ramayana…?

    ?Ram uploads status- “Going on long vacation✈?with babe ?n bro?…? ??

    ??Kekai likes this ?☺

    ?Bharat- Hv fun bro???…

    ?Sita- Yipee!!! ?

    ?Dashrat – ?noooo!!??

    ?Kaushalya- ?well! If that’s what u decided! Have fun!!????

    ?Bharat writes on Ram’s wall- ” Yo bro! Bought ? a fab pair of WOODLAND shoes for you! ?? Placing them on the throne in your honour!! ?”

    ??Ram, Lakshman & Sita like this. ?

    ?Ram- Well done my boy!! ?

    Wen raavan ?abducts sita?

    ?Ram uploads status- “Raavan, u r soo blo*dy? screwed!????

    ?Sita likes this.??

    ?Raavan- Bring it on dude ?

    ?Hanuman- M wid u bro?.. ?!

    ?Raavan- ?screw you monkey???…

    Soon, Ram writes? on Sita’s wall?-
    “Dont worry babe ❤, ☝m cming soon?.. ?LOVE U honey??… Mmmuuuaaahh?

    ???Laxman, Sita n Hanuman like ths! ???

    ?Sita’s status UPLOAD-
    ?”Gawd!? No fashion sense here ????????❌❌❌!
    Every woman luks like a fat monkey? ??!!”

    ?Hanuman likes this!

    ?Hanuman- Any1 worth me?? ? ?

    ?Sita- No ?hanuman all galz r juz ewww!! ????

    ?Raavan- Shut up!?Dont say anythng abt my ?country’s lovely chicks ?????

    ?Sita- lovely LOL ???.!?

    ??After killing ?Raavan, ✨?Ram uploads status-
    “Yo ✌Ayodhayites? ????, coming bck ? wid babe?? n bro ?…

    1⃣0⃣0⃣0⃣1000 likes ?
    5⃣0⃣0⃣500 comments ✌
    2⃣0⃣0⃣0⃣2000 friend request ?

    ⚠For The First Time,.?
    Pass it to other contacts

    Another one…

    Hilarious explanation of DIWALI by a 2nd-generation kid!

    DIWALI… (Poor innocent kid)
    A young second generation Indian boy in the US was asked by his mother to explain the significance of “Diwali” to his younger brother.

    This is how he went about Diwali: —

    “So, like this guy, called Ram had, like,
    a big cool kingdom and people liked him.
    But, like his step-mom, or something, was kind of a b*t*h,
    and she forced her husband to, like, send this cool-guy Ram,
    to some national forest or something!

    Since he was going, for like, something like more than
    10 years or so, he decided to get his wife and his bro along…
    you know…so that they could all chill out together!

    But, the forest was reeeeal scary shit… really man…
    they had monkeys and devils and shit like that.

    But this guy, Ram, kicked with dash and bows and arrows,
    so it was fine. But then some bad gangster boys, some jerk called Ravan, picks up his babe, Sita,
    and lures her away to his ‘hood.

    And boy, was our man, and also his bro, Laxman, pissed!

    All the Gods were with him… yo’ know what I mean.
    So, anyways, you don’t mess with gods!

    So, Ram, and his bro, get an army of monkeys!

    Guy, don’t ask me how they trained the damn monkeys…
    just go along with me, ok!

    So, Ram, Lax and their monkeys, whip this
    gangsters’ ass in his own ‘hood!
    Anyways, by this time, their time’s up in the forest,
    and anyways…it gets kinda boring, you know,
    no TV, malls or shit like that.

    So, they decided to hitch a ride back home!

    And when the people realize that our guy, his bro and the wife are back home…
    they thought, well, you know, at least they deserve something nice!

    And they didn’t have any bars or clubs in those days…
    so they couldn’t take them out for a drink!

    So they, like, decided to smoke and stuff!

    And since they also had some lamps, they lit the lamps also…
    so it was pretty cooool, you know, with all those fireworks!

    And this is how it started Diwali!”

    The parents were stunned and
    couldn’t believe what they just heard!

    Last but not d least

    Teacher asked student ” why do you think Parvathi chose shiva as her husband?
    So student gave 5 points
    1. Shiva does not wear clothes since he is a digambara. So no issue of washing clothes
    2. He has the ? on his head so no problem of load shedding and no issues of bill payments
    3. he has Ganga flowing so no shortage of water
    4. Shiva eats only raw veggies so no issues of cooking
    5. Since he does not have parents no inlaws probs

    So immediately the teacher fell at the students feet and requested him to take him as his student

    Pls reply guys…

    1. oh my god , this too funny , rofl . the best one is abt why parvati chose shiva as her husband and others were very funny too . i am fine dear . yes dear , we r talking after a long time . thank u dear , ur dp is too good , 2nd meet of siam , is it not ? how r u ? how is ur studies going on ? missing u all a lot . do stay in touch through pm dear . love u loads

    2. Jayani

      My studies r gud akka… Missing skr badly?… But v can’t do anything abt it… All gud things always cum 2 an end… Will stay in touch wid u.

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