Only You Can Give Me That Feeling Of Love (Swasan TS) Shot 2 (Last Part) By Shreeyu

Note- I used a song from Nisha Aur Uske Cousins towards the end so listen to it- Zara Zara sa Khoya..Hasta Hua ye Roya…Pagal

Shot 1- Shot 1 here

Shot 2

“Only you are the only thing that I’ll see Forever in my eyes, in my words and everything I do”

A new day, a new sunrise a new blessing

Today was a special day
for Swasan ….
Both were dreaming about this day since ages… And now it finally came, it was their first day in medical college…!!

Swara entered the college premises first followed, by Sanskar

They both were moving in same direction with a little distance between them, Both were busy looking here and there around the college campus…

Swara halted at a place to take out her phone which was vibrating in her pocket…!!

Sanskar was walking without looking in front and got bumped into Swara

Swara: Ahhhh

She turned to look back and was shocked to see Sanskar

She shouted:Sanskar..??

He too shouted : Swara ?

They saw everyone staring at them so both murmured a sorry

They started walking together telling how they got admission here about results and all


One week later

Swara was walking towards the exit of the college to go home when she heard someone calling her name… She turned back and saw sanskar calling her from a distance

He showed his hand asking her to wait to which Swara nodded

He ran and came towards her

Swara: Kya hua?

Sanskar:Woh I wanted to ask if you could lend me your notes on xyz topic for a day… I missed the last two classes as I way out of station… So..!!!

Swara: Ya I remember but…(hesitated to say) I mean I had to work upon it today….

Sanskar: Oh it’s oky… I’ll ask someone else (said with a smile but little disappointed)

He started moving towards the gate when she called


Sanskar: Han

Swara:I would complete my work by night so if you’re comfortable you may collect them from my place at 9pm

Sanskar: Ya that’s completely oky…

Swara:I’ll call u

Sanskar nodded : Thank you

Swara: No need to say thank you



Sanskar was dialing Swara’s number but she was not picking the call, he was standing near the main gate of her house

Finally she picked the call


Sanskar: where were you Swara, I was calling since long

Swara:I’m really sorry Sanskar, my phone was on silent mode and I wasn’t in room just now came to take my phone and saw your call

Sanskar: achha no need to say sorry… It’s oky, you finished your work? I mean I’m standing near the main gate of your house

Swara moved towards the window and saw him standing down near the gate with his back towards her

Swara: Ya..I’m coming in a minute

Swara picked the notes from her table and moved towards the door of her room but after a second she again came back,checked herself in mirror once and hurried downstairs

Sanskar was looking towards the park near her house facing his back towards her house when he heard gate opening sound

He turned back and saw Swara

Swara:Hii…!! I’m sorry for making you wait…I …( interrupted )

Sanskar:It’s oky Swara how many times would you say sorry..!!

Swara smiled

Swara: Yeh lo tumhare notes (Here take your notes) *passing it to him

Sanskar: Thank you Swara , I’ll return by tomorrow

Swara:it’s fine.. You take your time

Sanskar nodded with a smile

Cool breeze was blowing with full moon shining up in the sky…
They both wanted to talk more but yet barriers were to be removed
Just then the electricity of the colony went

The street light that was glowing went off and the only source of light was the moon and the little light that came from the nearby houses (as their were inverters)

Swasan looked around

Then both looked at each other … The moonlight was falling on their faces, Swara’s hair were flowing gently with the wind and the radiance on her face made her look so beautiful to sanskar, he started looking at her all lost

The weather was so good, the only sound that could be heard was the sound of insects and that of rustling of trees and being with Sanskar in such a peaceful atmosphere gave an unknown feeling of happiness and solaced her

They continued looking at each other while no words were exchanged between them… In utter silence their eyes were only communicating

Amid this the notes which were in Sanskar’s hand fell down disturbing their moment…
Both averted their gaze from each other

Swara and Sanskar bent at the same time to pick them up but their heads bumped into each other

They raised their eyes to look at each other resulting in a eyelock and their minds failed to notice they r standing quite close

Both had one hand on the pile of sheets which would have flown away if they were not stapled together

Two minutes passed but both were still in the same position…

They were moved back to earth when suddenly the electricity came and the street light started glowing

The moment they came back to senses both felt highly embarrassed…
Heat rushed to Swara’s cheeks she avoided eye contact and turned to other side

Sanskar was feeling a combination of shyness and awkwardness

He quickly collected the notes which were lying on the floor again and moved towards Swara not knowing what to say further

After a lot of struggle of finding words he coughed a little to draw her attention… She turned and looked towards him for a moment then again started looking everywhere else than him

“Hmmm woh Swara…(pauses) I’ll return this tomorrow”

Swara nodded

Sanskar turned to leave but again looked back and murmured a quick good night to which Swara too whispered a goodnight

This was the beginning of a new bond in other words it marked the foundation of a New Story – A New Journey

Time flew in a blink of an eye… Both were doing well with their academics and completed two years in college

The passing days brought changes in their behavior too… Both became more mature and understanding…
They were good friends now but not what you can call best friends… They had special feelings for each other which they never had for any one else but it is not mandatory that ‘The feeling of love ’ comes in a second, sometimes it takes a longer period of time to come

But one thing was very clear in their hearts that they both trusted and respected each other more than anyone else…

Swara was little upset from last two days… Sanskar didn’t fail to notice the change in her behavior but he wanted to give time to her so that she could tell on her own, which would be more comfortable for her

Unlike any other day when Swara would concentrate on her food in canteen she was sitting there playing with food…

Sanskar came and took a seat beside her

She raised her head to look at him, passed a small smile

Sanskar:Not feeling hungry..??

Swara:Huh..?( failed to hear)

Sanskar: I’m asking you’re not feeling hungry today!

Swara:Hmmm no I mean yes

Sanskar:(thinks) I know something is bothering you Swara but I don’t want to force you to tell anything I want you to share your heart out yourself

Sanskar: Only ten minutes are left Swara… Have na

Swara:Hmm yeah

Two minutes passed but swara was still drown in deep thinking, she came out of her thoughts when she felt him holding the sandwich near her lips

She looked at him with questioning eyes to which he gestured her to eat…
Swara took a bite of it and saw a cute little smile playing on Sanskar’s lips

She adored his smile in mind
She mouthed a ‘Thank you’ and started having the sandwich on her own

Sanskar gave a satisfactory smile to her and said:Feel free to share whatever you want to with me

Ishq ki dhooni roz jalaaye
Uthta dhuaan toh kaise chhupaaye

Later he came to know that her best friend, obviously his friend (classmate too) was shifting to another city and Swara and her friend shared a very strong bond and just like a kid she was upset regarding this… He admired her innocent nature sometimes, he actually thought that there might be a bigger reason for her being upset and was even worried regarding this

Today Swara arranged a small get together for her dear friend at her house… She invited Sanskar too…

They all had a good time, during this both didn’t stop stealing each other’s glances… No one actually noticed this but Swara’s best friend was quite fast in observing this… She smiled inwardly for them as she was quite aware of where this was going

Swara was staring Sanskar who was busy talking with others from a minute when she heard a coughing sound… She looked towards the owner of the sound and found her best friend giving her a smile that was almost a teasing smile… She raised her eye brow to which Swara just shook her head and started talking with someone else

Ho akhiyaan kare jee hazoori
Maange hai teri manzoori
Kajra siyaahi, din rang jaaye
Teri kastoori rain jagaaye

Everything was going well till someone came and closed Swara’s eyes from behind and signed others to keep quiet… She touched that person’s hand and quickly guessed him… He was Swara’s close friend Kabir, who went to another city for further studies after they completed their school…
From then Swara and Kabir started talking forgetting about others… Sanskar felt his heart burning a little seeing them together, he wanted to go and take Kabir’s place somehow… He failed to notice this sudden change in him, and this feeling of jealousy was obviously ignored by him…

His heart got some peace when Kabir went towards other friends to talk to them and Swara was sitting alone… He quickly went and sat beside her,she gave him a smile, which almost washed away his every insecurity

Man mast magan, man mast magan
Bas tera naam dohraaye
Man mast magan, man mast magan
Tera naam dohraaye

Chaahe bhi toh bhool na paaye
Man mast magan, man mast magan
Bas tera naam dohraaye
Man mast magan, man mast magan
Tera naam dohraaye

It was another day, when the clouds were pouring rain unexpectedly , Swasan we returning from the college library and they both had to go together as Swara came along with her elder brother to college today who dropped her on his way to office

They both started their journey, Swara leaned towards the window and enjoyed the view of a rainy day… Sanskar was driving the car carefully because of rain , it had reduced its intensity by now… It was only drizzling now, Swara saw a small stall at the side of the road selling corn… She immediately asked Sanskar to stop the car, got down from the car and came back with two corns for both of them, she gave one to Sanskar but as he again started driving it wasn’t possible for him to eat… So she made him eat with her own hands… (That’s little difficult but cute isn’t it?)

Jogiya jog lagake
Makhra rog lagaa ke
Ishq ki dhooni roz jalaaye
Uthta dhuaan toh kaise chhupaaye
Man mast magan, man mast magan
Bas tera naam dohraaye
Man mast magan, man mast magan
Bas tera naam dohraaye

Chaahe bhi toh bhool na paaye
Man mast magan, man mast magan
Bas tera naam dohraaye
Man mast magan, man mast magan
Tera naam.. bas tera naam dohraaye

Swara was moving here and there in nervousness… It was 11:30 of night, only thirty minutes were left for Sanskar’s birthday to start…. And here she wasn’t sure whether to wish him at 12 or later… She wanted to wish him at twelve but now when the time nearly came she was unsure of her decision… She never wished any boy at this time through CALL not even Kabir… Finally the clock struck twelve and she involuntarily picked her phone to call him… His call was coming busy , may be his dear ones were wishing him she thought.. After five minutes she got a call back from Sanskar… She wished him a very happy birthday but then suddenly became outof words… They disconnected the call after some 90 seconds and Swara mentally slapped herself for being an idiot and to act like a typical shy girl

Odh ke dhaani reet ki chaadar
Aaya tere shehar mein Ranjha tera
Duniya zamaana, jhoota fasaana
Jeene marne ka waada saancha mera
Ho.. sheesh-mehal na mujhko suhaaye

And here Sanskar became immense happy after getting her call, he wanted her to call and his wish came true… He mentally chuckled when he understood that she is feeling awkward and found her fumbling with words… No doubt she’s too cute he thought and fell on bed soon drifting to a sound sleep with a small smile on his face

Tujh sang sookhi roti bhaaye
Man mast magan, man mast magan
Bas tera naam dohraaye
Man mast magan, man mast magan
Bas tera naam dohraaye

Chaahe bhi toh bhool na paaye
Man mast magan, man mast magan
Bas tera naam dohraaye
Man mast magan, man mast magan
Tera naam.. dohraye…

They completed another year and now they were quite sure about each other’s feelings… The love blossomed along with the increasing care and concern for each other… There was not any confession yet but action speak louder than words and here their care and affection for each other did not fail to create noise… There friends also noticed this and teased them at times regarding each other gaining a small blush from Swasan

Sanskar wanted to confess his feelings finally now but as it was their last year of medical he decided to wait for their exams to get completed… There was no need to hurry because he well knew her feelings…

Over the days Swara became quiet possessive about him… And he loved this possessive side of hers… She finds her Rights on him gave him such a good feeling…

Soon their exams approached, they both got busy in their studies as this was the most important thing for them right now… The time which they spent with each other lessened but it never effected their relation as they well knew the importance of this time…

It was the last day of exam, both were exhausted from studies and hectic schedule by now… Swara had planned to jump on her bed as soon as she reaches home, while Sanskar had some other plans… He wanted to make this day special for although he was hell tired but whenever her happy face flashed in front of his eyes, his exhaustion went away…
This five year journey of their life was very special for both of them, no matter what happens these memories will be unforgettable for them

Swara was sleeping in her room when her phone rang… She received the call without seeing the caller ID…


She recognized the voice that was of Sanskar… She continued talking and after cutting the call got up with a confused face… She looked at the time and it was 7:15 of evening… He had asked her to get ready in next fifteen minutes as he is coming to pick her up… But the destination is unknown to her

Swara shrugged her shoulders and moved towards her wardrobe to take out her clothes to change

She had chosen a white long skirt which had multicolor floral pattern on it with a plain pink top… She looked very pretty in her outfit with her hair left open… She really didn’t know that where they are going but as little hint dropped by Sanskar, it was somewhere where most of their friends are coming…

She was standing in front of the mirror wondering where they would actually go when a thought came to her mind… Was He Going To Propose Her??? This mere thought brought a big smile on her face but she shushed her mind to not predict anything as she didn’t want her expectations to fail…

She knew that she loved him and even he loved her and they don’t need a confession for this… She had seen love for her in his eyes, she don’t want to disrespect his unsaid feelings by expecting something from him

Soon her phone ranged and it was again a call from sanskar that he will reach in two minutes and asked her to come near her House’s gate soon

She informed her parents and soon moved towards the date…

The ride with Sanskar was little different this time Sanskar wasn’t speaking anything to her while she was busy thinking where they are going? What they are going to do etc all the time…

The car halted at a place breaking the chain of Swara’s thoughts… She looked around and it was her best friend’s old house where now her(her friend) grandparents live… She was about to open the door to get out of the car when Sanskar opened it for her and gave her his hand to come out… Without thinking she gave her have in to his and came out…

They both entered the house which was all dark Swara turned to see Sanskar but found him missing from her side… Just then the light was switched on and she found the whole hall decorated with white and red balloons, all their friends were standing with smiling face in front at a little distance AND SANSKAR WAS SITTING JUST IN FRONT OF HER ON HIS KNEES

She gasped and closed her mouth with her hand
She looked around and then at Sanskar who was giving one of the best smile of the world to her
She knew what was coming up

Zara zara zara zara khoya hasta hua ye roya
Paagal huaa hai dil zara saa
Jaga jaga jaga jaga soya sote huye jaaga dil
Iss dil ko jaane hai hua kyaa

Before she could react further Sanskar started
“I know you have guessed what I’m going to say Swara, oh sorry Dr. Swara but still I want to say everything that I dreamt of saying to you since years
I don’t know all those cheesy lines but whatever my heart feels I will express…
Since childhood we have shared a lot many memories Swara, we teased each other,fought with each other… But the last five years of college are best moments of my life…
I love to stay with you,
I love the way my heart feels when you’re around me
I love the way your care for others,
I love the way you smile…
Only you can give me that feeling of love Swara, So would you like to hold my hand forever , would you like to care for me the entire life Swara???

Swara was standing with few drops of tears running down her cheek, she was just seeing sanskar with love and affection

‘Swara say fast my knees are paining now’

Swara realized that he is still sitting on his knees… She quickly held his hands and made him stand… Before he could say something she hugged him tightly, tears were flowing from her eyes…

Rukte ho toh pahroo ruk jaati hoon main
Chalti hoon toh chalte chali jaati hoon main
Doobi doobi doobi raf
Khud mein doobi doobi doobi
Mujhe ho gaya ab kya koi to bataa
Ye jaane bujhe raste hai saare mujh pe haste
Kyun aksar ho jaati hoon laapataa.

They broke the hug after few minutes when the others started teasing them… Swara smiled while Sanskar scratched his head…
Swara best friend came towards them and just then Swara realized that Sanskar had planned all this with her who came back to stay here for a week and coincidentally her grandparents went to a wedding to nearby city a day back so the day and venue was fit for Sanskar…


After a year they both completed their internship and started preparing for further degrees…

After almost 4 years both decided to marry, they had already told about each other to their parents and their parents too happily accepted as all they want was their happiness…

This was not the end but a beginning of new phase in their lives…



So here I complete this story, I personally loved writing it and I hope you would like it..

I have done many many efforts to complete this TS so I’m expecting a good response from you all….

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