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Hey guys soo parini are back with naother part hope u all like it lets get into it Happy Reading.

And yes do read GIRLS PAIN(A SEQUEL TO WHY) written by me


Maheshwari Mansion:

Sanskar reaches home visiting and playing with his car keys all were in their own rooms soo no one were in hall sanskar directly enters his room nd gets freshened up.

He sleeps on bed rolling holding his mobile he gets bored nd moves towards arnav room..

Arnav Room

As Sanskar enters his eyes widens in shock he smacks his head hardly on door making the glass door break in peaces making arnav jerk

Sanskar winces in a little pain arnav rushes near him and and holds his shoulders

Arnav: Sankyy wt happen did u get hurt

Sanskar: Chill Janeman
but its not a dream my brother is smiling in real that too lost in thoughts

Shouts sanskar getting a smack on his shoulder arnav makes him sit on bed and soon he says the incident of swara except her name making sanskar tease him

Sanskar: Wohoooo Mr. AROGANT ARNAV MAHESHWARI had made a girl his sister wow today’s date should be entered in guinness record

Says sanskar teasing arnav

Arnav: Sanky she is soo innocent nd just a cute princess nd now sister of arnav

As arnav was saying about swara sanky gets lost in thoughts of his barbie he remembers their first meet her innocent face which made him fall for her

Sanskar: (Thinks) Barbie you are mine ill make you fall for me i love you

Gadodia House:

Khushi enters the house nd her eyes widen seeing the scene her step mom raising her hand on her sister

Khushi: Stop you chudail Gadodia

Shouts kushi from entrance before she raise her filthy hand on our angel

Kushi hugs swara while swara cries in her embrace kushi glared chudail and says

Kushi: How dare you to make my sister cry

Shouts kushi but swara nods noo nd runs to her room followed by kushi

Swashi Room:

Kushi enters in room nd sees swara crying with their mom shomi pic who died giving birth to her. swara didn’t even seen her mother once

Kushi gets tears she thinks to herself

Kushi: Noo shona i promised mumma I’ll take care of you I’ll protect you

Kushi wipes her tears nd goes near swara nd sits beside her she takes the photo of their mom nd caresses it

Kushi: Shona you know if mumma was alive she would made you princess of this house as you were her delicate baby but god took her with him but i promised mumma that I’ll be your maa but seeing your tears i think i failed

Says kushi swara wipes her tears nd hugs her tight saying

Swara: Di you you have not failed you are my mumma i love you nd see iam not crying any more

Kushi: Sacchi na

Swara nods remembering arnav words that at least we shouldn’t cry for our loved one’s seeing swara lost kushi jerks her nd asks

Kushi: Where are you lost my madhubala

Swara: Di today i got a bhai he is soo sweet you know

Says swara happily getting diverted from the chudail gadodia thoughts

Next Day Morning:

Gadodia House:

(Chudail Gadodia) Janki Room:

Janki was standing infront mirror with a bhootni face . Actually she had applied face pack to her face and was praising herself nd her beauty

Other side khushi was peeping in the room with a naughty smirk

Kushi : (counting on her fingers) 1…..2……3

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh comes a shriek from the room making kushi dance with happiness she goes to kitchen nd sees swara cooking she pulls swara dancing with her and rotating her

Swara: Diiii what happen

Asks swara to kushi while kushi takes her near chudail room nd both peeps in room and sees the live drama going on.

Swara bites her lips trying to control her laugh as chudail face was red nd some part of face pack is still on her face

Kushi Pov:

U chudail you made my madhubala cry na now you wilk cry till a week hahahaha i added fevicol in ur face pack now you remove it I’ll see how will you remove hahahaha this is called revenge

Pov ends:

Janki rubs her face vigorously making the skin peeled off. After about half an hour she took off facepack but her face was totally red looking as ghost

She takes her towel and rubs it on her face and looks at mirror she shouts looking at her herself as it is filled with charcoal

Kushi pulls swara out and both burst out laughing

Mumbai University:

Swara and khushi were entering in college while sannav were coming out from college. All four were busy in talking with their sibblings not looking forward

Suddenly BOOM . Both arshi and swasan dashes eachother

Sanskar was holding swara by waist while swara closed her eyes in fear sanskar again gets mesmarised seeing his barbie soo cute. Swara opens her eyes and looks at sanskar with fearfull eyes

Kushi opens her eyes and sees arnav she gets mesmerised seeing him sooo close but arnav leaves her and she falls down on ground while arnav shrugs his shoulders

Kushi: Ahhhhhhh

Shouts kushi bring sanskar into her sense sanskar pecks swara lips making her shock and made her stand while swara looks at her di and makes her stand

Swara: Dii ur fine

Then arnav observes swara and khushi observes sanskar

Khushi- No madhubala my back .!!aaahhhhhhh(she shout )

Swara- Dii should we go to doctor..!!(tensed voice)

Khushi- Noo it’s okk.!

(Swara make Khushi stand. Khushi sees Arnav who is standing like nothing happened.)

Khushi – you Mr. Hari louki..!! (Bottlgourd) Don’t you knw when a girl falls you should hold her..!! But instead of holding you make me fall…!!

Arnav- (angrily) Ohhh hello I have not come here to hold you ..!! Hari bhindi (ladyfinger) and who will hold 100Kg weight..!!

(Khushi”s mouth open (O))

Khushi – youuuu..

(Her word left incomplete when Khushi listen Swara’s voice..)

Swara- bhaiyuu..!!(sweetly)

(Arnav didn’t notice swara before..!! He looks her and smile widely..!! Sanskar sees this Nd start fainting on Khushi as she is standing beside him holding her waist..)

Arnav – princess…!!

Arnav goes toward her Nd side hug her..!!

Arnav- Hows you ??

Swara- I’m fine but why are you fighting with my Dii..!!

Arnav-(shout) What she is your Dii.. ?? She… Hari bhindi..!!
How is it possible two sisters but one is angel and other is vamp…huh

(Khushi fumes Nd move toward Arnav while Sanskar who was going to faint..!! Come to his sense .)

Khushi – what!!!!! not again I will kill you if you again Said me Hari bhindi..!! And how dare you call me vamp.?

(Sanskar come from behind Nd said something Nd Khushi start laughing loudly..)

Sanskar-(hold Arnav from shoulder) Jaaneman why are you fighting..!! With Khushi..!!

Khushi- Waha what a name Jaaneman hahaha oh god..!! Waise sanku how do you knw him..!!

Sanskar – he is my Brother..!!

Khushi-(Shocked ) what ??? He is your brother. This Sadu akdu..!!

Swara-diii claim down..!! Stop fighting now..!! Bhaiyuu She is my sister Khushi Bose..!!

Arnav-(for his sister) hii I’m Arnav maheswari..!! Brother of Sanskar..!!

Khushi shake hand with him Nd a Current run in Thier body when Thier hands meet…!!

Khushi -(to Sanskar) Sanskar she is my madhubala i.e. My sister Swara Bose..!!

(Sanskar staring swara Lovingly..!! while swara remember peck incident..!! She look him her cheeks turn red slightly..!!
Sanskar forward his hand..!! Swara look at Khushi..!! Khushi through eyes Said her to shake hand..!! Swara shakes hand..!! With him..!! )

Swara- Diii I have some work in locker room I’m going there will meet you after sometime..!!

Khushi- Okk Madhubala take care ha..,!!(concern voice..)

(Arnav is assumed Seeing Khushi’s changing voice with swara ..!!)

Swara nodded.. Nd left from there..

Arnav gave Khushi tashan look while Khushi is also not less and she also gave him the same look..!! Khushi also left

Arnav saw Sanskar who is lost in his thoughts..!! Smiling stupidly..!!

Arnav-she is beautiful

Sanskar- (lost Voice) Soo Beautiful..❤❤

Arnav- She is so soft na..

Sanskar-(lostly ) Like a feather…!!❤❤

Arnav- she is like doll..

Sanskar- no she is like Barbie doll my Barbie..!!❤❤

Arnav hit Sanskar head..!!

Arnav- Sanskar I’m warning you..!! Plzz don’t do Something which hurt My princess..!! I knw you are my brother but still..!!

Sanskar- oh come on Jaaneman I love my Barbie ..!! Nd I promise I will not hurt your princess Nd my Barbie..!!??

Arnav patted his face..!!

Both left to Thier class room

~~ Locker room~~

Swara come to her locker , she was lost in her thought (or can say someone’s) She remember Her Nd Sanskar’s meeting..!! How he save her yesterday and today also Nd said same thing (BARBIE) Nd she remembers his peak she blush little..!! She opened her locker and found..!!

Beautiful Barbie doll and one letter


(Swara is confused she is wondering who can write such a sweet quote for her ..!! She is totally confused ..!! She keep Barbie Nd letter inside her bag and left from there..)

Screen froze on Sanskar lovely lost face , Arnav’s smilly face , Khushi’s pain(waist pain) Swara’s confused face..!!

#parini wattpaders u can follow us there our usernames are below. ????
Urs Pihusinha VartikaBansal8 and HasiniReddy7

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