How can I forget you still I am alive episode -9


Sorry guys for this delay.. as I knew that you may all think what happens to me.. as because of a lot of works.. it’s difficult for me to post it… and I read all your comments and doubts… that’s all will clear soon.. so let’s go to story now…
Pragya reached abhis room..

Abhi: fuggi.. I am waiting for you.. fuggi… choose any of the dress among this.. pragya is silent… abhi noted that.. fuggi what’s happened to you?
Pragya: tinkus… I can’t do like this.. I can’t avoid them all….
Abhi: fuggi you must do it.. as I told you all the things yesterday itself.. so choose one among this..
Pragya: tinkus.. usually you choose it yourself then what happens now…
Abhi: putting hands on her shoulder… meri pyaari wife.. don’t you knew that.. as we started a new life.. I wish all happened with my wife’s wish… pragya blushes.. pragya took one black baniyan…
Abhi wear this.. and he and pragya came in front of the mirror.. now Iam looking perfect match for you..
Pragya: you always look good in any you are rock star who stole the heart of his fans..
Abhi: I don’t need any other heart.. abhi place his face on pragyas shoulder and hugs her looking at mirror… I only need one heart that’s I already stoled…
Pragya: whose..smilingly.. abhi turned pragya towards him.. do you want to knew about that person.. k that is tanu.. pragya get angered.. what tanu.. so tinkus you want her right.. pragya started to beat him. And they played tom and jerry chase inside room.. abhi drags pragya towards him.. pragya get nervous..
Fuggi… I need only you… you are my life… I just need to melt with you..
Pragya: k we can melt at another one let’s have food..
Abhi:fuggi.. you are too unromantic..
Pragya smiles… pragya pushes him and come down.. all are there… they both sit for breakfast…
Pragya serves for abhi..
Fuggi aluporratha… wow.. what a smell.. she smiles.. abhi and pragya feeds each other.. all are looking at them.. they didn’t make note of anyone around them.. after having breakfast… they both sits on living room..
Aliya came there to talk.. but purab comes there..
Abhi : purab…
Purab: di… I have a gift for you.. a special gift.. the one which you like most..
Abhi: more than me..
Purab: haa abhi.. more than you.. no need of feeling jealous..
Abhi: only for her..
Purab: for you too…
Purab: di can you guess.. what’s that.. I knew you won’t expect such one….
Pragya suddenly started to cry.. bulbul… bulbul comes there by running and hugs pragya.. ( ek hasarom mein meri bahana plays).. aliya get shocked..

Bulbul wipes pragyas tear…
Pragya: bulbul where are you? What happened to you? Why you stay away from us.. why you make purab sad..
Bulbul: di.. wait I will answer all ur questions.. jiju and hugs him.. sorry I knew you can’t knew me.. and don’t remember our relations.. I am bulbul.. your fuggis sister.. your purab ki wife… and your naughty sister..
Abhi: bulbul… don’t need of your explanation.. as I knew everything as my fuggi.. told me..
Bulbul then turned to aliya..
Bulbul: alu… don’t look so shocked… and what do you feel now.. do you feel that now I am a burden to purab.. and he didn’t like me as before.. I am waiting for this moment.. dear.. as I need to renter after my di aur jiju get joined.. and I am watching all your plans… she gave a tight slap. This is just a sample… I will see you after that…
She turned towards dadi takes her blessings… dadi.. I didn’t expect this from you.. it’s you who bring.. my di to jijus life.. it’s you who play a role to make them together.. and it’s you who make them departed… dadi cries.. I knew everyone will get selfish one time just like me.. as I thought that.. I will be burden for him.. and thinking so many bakwas. I get away from him.. but my purabs love.. my di ki blessing make me live again..
Abhi; bulbul now just stop this emotional drama.. just go upstairs and we can talk there.. there is no need to talk with outsiders… as abhi just moves tanu comes..
Tanu: abhi how can you do this
With dadi.. and everyone..
Abhi laughs.. look at this joke.. who is teaching this to me.. the one who is a big false.. who doesn’t give any value…
Tanu: abhi… I did all this for you as I love you.. pragya gives her a tight slap..
Pragya: don’t ever tell about your love.. love is something precious.. pure.. what u feel for him is not love.. it’s just to get him.. to get money and status..
Tanu: how dare you..
Bulbul holds her hands..
Tanu.. don’t ever come between my di and Jijus life.. if you come.. then u will get to knew another face of bulbul.. that will be much than aliyas… as she is one who got master’s degree in it..
They leaves..

Aliya is still at shock..
Tanu : aliya… don’t you see..
Aliya: shut up tanu.. shut up.. it’s me who Dig my own pit.. do you hear what that bulbul have told.. Bhai don’t knew about what all things really happened.. it’s me who told all that.. that too because of you..
Scene shifted to abhis room..
Bulbul : so yesterday it was a romantic night hey na.. my pyaari.. di and jiju.. they both blushes..
Purab: ya looking all this arrangement I feel so..
Pragya: bulbul.. did you meet maa..
Bulbul:haa di.. I meet her yesterday itself.. di… I knew still you are at doubt.. dii… I committed suicide that’s true.. but because my fate.. I didn’t died.. as my condition was too bad.. I can’t speak.. it’s really take so much time for my health to came back.. at that moment I heard about my jijus accident.. I wish to meet you.. but I can’t.. I can’t see your pain.. I knew how much you all become sad.. she holds purabs hand.. it’s my purab who suffered a lot.. when I wish to come back.. it was on that day.. you left this house.. I see you both were talking at that bus stop.. I am watching my purab.. and his plan.. I knew that he will make you to get close with jiju.. as it’s my last wish.. when you both left purabs house I met him.. fb shows..
As abhi and pragya left… purab is holding bulbuls photo..
Purab:: bulbul.. I have completed your wish.. I make ur di and jiju together… now I have anything to do more with my life.. as you are not with me.. I knew you are around as I feel your presence so many times.. but bulbul.. I really missed you a lot.. can you come back for me.. as I still believe u are alive.. suddenly calling bell rings..
Purab opens the door.. ( tere bin yaara… muje sang plays)
Bulbul hugs him.. they both cries happily…
Purab: bulbul… tum.. I knew you will come once I am waiting for you.. where are you these days.. why you stay away from me.. don’t you knew my pain.. how can I live without you.. if you go like this leaving me alone..
Bulbul: meri pyaari purab.. don’t cry. As your bulbul is with you na.. your wife is here take care of her husband.. I knew it’s all my fault.. I can accept any punishment for this..
Purab: k you need to take one punishment… you need to stay with me always and love me.. bulbul hugs him.. ( tum hi ho plays)..

Bulbul : purab… I need to meet maa now…
Purab: k.. lets go..
They both reach pragyas house..
Sarla opens the door..
Sarla: purab tum.. how many days after I see you.. and is there any problems… I feel something wrong as these days I feel pragya is hiding something from me.. as she never let me talk with abhi.. if I tell her meet him.. she said that doctor tells him full rest and don’t allow visitors too..
Purab: maa… just wait.. let me talk.. don’t get sad.. maa.. I have brought someone hear.. as I decided to marry her.. I can’t live my life like this.. sarla feels happy and sad.. let me call her..
Get inside…
Sarla feels happy by seeing her.. they both hugs each other..
There happens maa and beti ki cute fight love worries…
Fb ends..
Abhi: bulbul… but you don’t change..
Bulbul; jiju you too..
Purab: wow… di look they both are giving compliments to each other..
Pragya: bulbul.. I feel some bad feelings.. if aliya…
Bulbul: di… no she can’t do anything now..
Abhi: fuggi… bulbul.. purab.. just act like what I am saying.. I knew how to punish them all..
Pragya: but dadiAbhi: fuggi.. I am not too much anger with my dadi.. if she came and talks with me.. our problems will be solved.. but that tanu.. and to aliya.. I will teach them a lesson.. before that.. we need to do something..
Pragya: what..
Abhi : we need to do their marriage again.. in front of temple…
Purbul blushes..
Abhi: as they are already husband and wife.. but I wish they start their life as new with God’s blessings… so let’s go to mandir now.. I will call maa there..
Pragya: if much sudden..
Abhi: pragya.. why they both are spoiling one night..
Pragya: chee.. purbul get nervous…
Episode ends..

Hope you all like this..

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