Hum kabhi ek nahi honge (IKRS)- Episode 9

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All the students are in the canteen. Viplav enters.
Viplav- Hey friends, I want to tell u a very important thing. But not here, come in the party hall in 5 minutes. He leaves and everyone start whispering to each other and thinking what he wants to tell.
Dhaani(thinks)- What is this Rakshas upto?
Rajlakshmi(nudges Dhaani)- Hey Dhaani come lets see what he wants to say.
Dhaani- Leave na. Lets go to class.
Rajlakshmi- Shut up and come with me.
And she forcefully takes Dhaani to the party hall.
Viplav is standing on the stage as if a leader wants to say a speech to everyone.
Dhaani (thinks)- What is he upto?
Rajlakshmi is staring at Viplav. Dhaani notices this and nudges her.
Dhaani(whispers)- Don’t u have shame, besharam!(shameless)
Rajlakshmi(whispers back)- See na he is so handsome.
Dhaani(shocked)- He and handsome? He is handsome less and rakshas more
Slowly slowly all the students gather there.
Viplav- So I wanted to tell u a very important thing.
Dhaani(murmurs)- Then tell na
Viplav- From the last 3 years I m here and till today the principal has never organised a picnic camp for us.
Some students (shout)- Yes u r right! We want picnic!
Dhaani(thinks)- Omg! This rakshas has failed from three years! Thats why he doesn’t has brains
Viplav- So this year we want picnic isn’t it?
All students(together)- Yes yes, we want picnic.

Viplav(shouts)- So come on, lets go to the principal and tell him, that we want picnic anyhow.
Dhaani(thinks)- Naya naatak shuru (new drama starts)
All students(shout)- Come come.
Viplav goes in the front while all the students follow him.
Dhaani is standing there.
Rajlakshmi- Dhaani chalo, let’s go. We want picnic isn’t it?
Dhaani(thinks for a while but then smiles)- Then chalo.
(Actually she wants to go to Principal sir but she is also scared of him?)
All the students shout, “we want picnic, we want picnic” and go to the principal’s office.
The principal is in his office sitting peacefully.
Principal(smiles in relief)- Oh there’s so much peace today, so beautiful day. (Now this beautiful day will turn into a worst day, principal sir)
Suddenly he hears some noise. He stands up and was going to go outside but all the students come in and he is pushed in.
Principal(angry)- What’s this nonsense? Why are u all here?
Viplav(smiles)- Sir all this is not nonsense, we have come here to tell u very important thing.
All students(shout)- Yes yes, we want to tell something very important.
Principal- Tell what u want to say.
Viplav- From so many years u have never organised a picnic for the students. So we…
Principal(interrupts)-U want picnic?
Viplav(smiles)- Correct sir
Principal- Just get out of here. No picnic, wicnic.
All students(shout)- No we want picnic…
Viplav- We will not go till when u don’t organise a picnic, ena friends.
All(together)- Yes yes, we will stay here only.
Principal(thinks for a while)- Okay okay, u will go for a picnic….
All(together shout)- Yayyy!
Principal- But in one condition…
All(curious)- Which condition, sir?
The episode ends.

Precap- Viplav shocked, Principal rocked??

Sorry for not replying to u all in the previous episode that is the promo? But see I have posted the episode? At last my laziness left me for a while? okay now bye bye, I have to do a lot more work now???

  1. Aiswarya

    Cutie I have read the episode I will comment about after coming from school ??

  2. Sujie

    Waah. Waah…. Picnic ki tayari ho rahi hai….
    Good job Louellu…. And precap….
    Curious to know what happened becausevof which principal rocked and bechara Viplav is shocked

  3. very nice update, please give more updates

  4. Areeb

    Ary poor principal was sitting in peace but students ney Halla bol diya. ? Hmm, condition. Curious to know.

  5. Aiswarya

    Cutie is was an awesome episode ??
    Viplav like a leader??? poor principal was sitting in peace but all students came n pushed him ???
    Dhani is scared of principal ??
    Awwwwww at last our principal rocked ?
    Curious to why our viplav is shocked

    Happy to know u got rid of ur laziness be always like this

  6. next part when you are giving?

  7. Maha_Aijaz

    Good one Louella?? viplav and his ideas are mast.. but I have a question if viplav is repeating that class since three years ? Anyways a really very nice episode plus precap is exciting waiting to know what exactly happened.. picnic track will be amazing for sure so pleaseeeeee post the next one soon

  8. Meghs

    Good one cutie picnic track is quite interesting i feel post nxt asap

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