Breaking Butterflies (thahaan two shot story) 2


Hi guys! I know I’m late but I was busy so couldn’t post yesterday… Anyway.. I’m posting the last part today. And i thank you’ll soooo much for your wonderful comments and immense support. Well if u guys would like then I’d maybe write such one shots… Would do u think?

Thapki goes to the store room… The door is shut she tried knocking… But there wasn’t a goid response. “I said i don’t want to talk… Why don’t you just leave!!” A harsh scream came back as an answer…. “Bihaan please… Just for once i need to talk I’m sorry Bihaan!” Her tearful voice echoed in his ears.

He didn’t reply just sat there qith his dug into his knees. ” please Bihaan… Don’t do this with me hit me shout at me but please don’t ignore me… I’m sorry. I really am.” She said in the most innocent voice every she said so genuinely and heart warmingly that he couldn’t resist anymore… But he kept back his heart and in soft voice finally said…. “Go away.” These two words were enough to break her heart. “I’m going. I’m going to the lake.. I know your just pretending… Even I’ll see how much u can hide your feelings and hurt me. I will wait there till you don’t come. I won’t move an inch till you come.” She screamt in anger and went.

She sat by the lake. Hands crossed over her knees and eyes puffed up frpm crying. “I know you will come here. I know it. And i know it with all my heart.” Saying this she burst into another river of tears….

Bihaan was still in the store room. Hours had passed by and none of them had consumed a drop og water or a morsel of food. “Why are you so stubborn! I know you won’t even drink qater till i come. Why do u do this to yourself and to me…. What do you want!!!” His heart was screaming… He couldn’t hold back anymore. He got up at once and went for the lake.

The sun had almost set. Hues of orange and blue filled the sky, all the birds were returning home and she was still waiting… Waiting for him. He found her sitting by the bank head dug in her knees. “Thapki.” He said under his breath. His almost unspoken word was heard by her and she sprang up to see him…. “Come home. Enough of your nonsense… ” the words he spoke were utter lies… “I know you came here because you care for me… Because you can’t see me like this and because you forgave me” saying this she ran to hug him and wrapped her hands tightly around him.
He stood frozen for a moment. And the pushing her away he twisted her hand behind her back and pulled her towards him. “What the hell do u think of yourself? I haven’t come here for you…” There were no words he could find. “Then why did you come. ” she managed to speak out of her pain. “Listen. I’m warning you. I’m a not good. I will not spare you… ” saying this he twisted her hand so badly that she cried….

She turned around to face him and hugged him very tight… Her hold was so strong that he almost was going to hug her back… “I’m sorry. I am really sorry.” She said. She was so close to him…. Her breath stirred on his neck… Her hold was strong but protective. ” he didn’t do anything juat stood there. She looked up into his eyes… He had no strength to look into her eyes he turned away and pushed her..but this time she didn’t let go she held him not letting him separate… He was tierd of fighting anymore he knew she deserved his forgiveness… He let go of his mind and hugged her… He hugged her so tightly that it felt she would dissolve into him. “I love you. I always will. Promise me that you will never leave me.” He asked full of gentleness…. “I promise.” She replied as she looked up into his teary eyes… He let go his hold on her… She cupped his face and whispered something… A wide smile escaped his face. All she said was his name. They were close… Very close… Close enough that their breaths mingled and eye lashes clashed…. Then next moment all Thapki felt was his soft lips on hers… He kissed her so gently and so lovingly… All the time he whispered her name as if it were the answer to everything……

~~~~~~~~THE END~~~~~~~

Hope you guys like it 🙂

Credit to: Thegirlwhotalksalot

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