So its my first try guys so its about the bond of the The O’BROS so i think its worth of reading

You must have heared many saying that brothers and sisters bond will break when they married or due to property issues all said about our bond to like that when they say like that i thought of killing many but always my DADI says that if we they say wrong you must prove that and i always did that let me tell u all about my past in ANIKA’S LANGUAGE SIYAPPA PAST

you know well about my mom more than me she want me to go to hostel for my kinder garden can you belive but yes i have to go when i returned for my holiday just then i noticed a long haired creature doing something without anyone notice i thought him to be thief actually my little brain don’t know that he is exactly of my age and how can he theft but do you know what it did i take a duvet and putted on his head and screamed ‘MOM THIEF THIEF’ all gathered there hearing my shouting literally screaming and when i took the duvet that long haired creature runed behind my badimaa {guys note shivaay knew jhanvi and tej by seeing their photos] and my mom and badipapa started their usual drama TEJ;make your son learn something pinky PINKY; oh my mata jethji stop blaming my son and it goes on . i moved to my room and after few hours of the drama all went out but care about me i am hungry here and these fellows and that when i noticed that long haired creature peeping into my room and giggling seeing me and when he knew that i noticed him he come towards me and he said he is to hungry and we moved to the kitchen SHIVAAY[S];myself shivaay you OMKAARA[O]; omkaara nice to meet you how do you know all in this house i looked at him and asked dod’t you know anyone he said nope i just arrived here from america last week and i found the slaps to be high we were thinking what to do and he showed his back and we climbed some how and then we started to cook noodles when we eated that we literally laughed because it wasn’t good and we found doll looking at us our bua and she cooked for us and we eated it but time is going on full speed and i have to go back and om is going to study here and i don’t want to leave and at the day of leaving i did siyapa things so that i did’t leave the house first i hided myself under the bed my mom after lot of struggle getted me out and i throwed all my things out from the packed bag and atlast nothing worked and we putted some oil on the floor and papa fell down and i did nautangi drama and stayed there

we came to know that badima is pregnant and she is going to give a bro or sis and we would spend most of the time with her and my mom didn’t loved but when rudra was born there were fight between badipapa and badima and they were not even taking good care of him and bua was not here she will come after 4years only and dadi was the one who will take good care of him and when we both came from school we found rudra crying and nobody was at home and he was crying we asked him what’s the matter and he told as that badipapa slapped him and my anger rose to peak and we planned something after 5 hours all arrived to home ad first we moved to badipapa and said that we love him and here is a gift for him and looked at us as though we are aliens we pleaded him to open the box when he opened it THUUUUUUUUUUUD a hand from the box hitted the GREAT TEJ SING OBEROI all looked at us and rudra laughed like manic and we run upstairs with him


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