The Bond Of..? Chapter 3

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Aarav smirked as he rushed to Sana’s room to see her in the red lehenga he bought her. Wait, what did he say? No, he was only going there to check on her cousins and see how they are teasing the hell out of her.

He opened the door, slightly to see Sana starting to say, “So, basically our marriage happened like..”

What the hell was she up to now? Spill all the beans and get her muscular brothers to hit the trash out of him. He was a school champion in boxing, that was not a problem. Media and paparazzi were the problem who will make the small news into front page headlines.

“Hey guys,” Aarav greeted all her cousins who were all scattered in all places of the room.

After all of the ‘hi’ and ‘heys’ finished and high fiving Sid and Saman bro, he glanced through the mirror at Sana, who was decked up in the most expensive jewelry he could find. His eyes locked into hers as he raised his eyebrow to expect a thank you from her for bringing her cousins here. But, no instead she rolled her eyes at him and averted her gaze. He would deal with her later.

“Umm..don’t you guys have to get ready?” he asked as he saw all of them in casual clothing, chatting away with his wife.

“Yes,” they all instantly agreed.

“I’ll show you guys a room then,” The minute he said that, she noticed Sana starting to tense up. What was wrong now?

They all followed him, except Saanvi who was busy eating the popcorn along with Sana.

“Saanvi, come,” Sia di whinned as she tried to pull Saanvi out of the bed.

“Di, you know that I have nothing to do with all the dresses and stuff. So you get ready, I’ll help Sana complete her popcorn,” she tried to grab some popcorn from his wife who had a little too much attachment with popcorn, “ Jiju, this is fine right?” she asked Aarav who was looking at the crazy bunch in front of him.

He gazed back at Saanvi who was wearing a casual dress, she was the tomboy out of the girls. That’s why he adored her so much, she was the best!

“Yep,” he said winking at her and leading the way to the others.

“Jiju, didn’t I tell you not to give Sana anymore popcorn,” Sanay warned her with a I-care-about-my-sister look.

He chuckled looking at the 18 year old going all over protective over his sister. He just shook his head and said, “I have no clue where she gets it from. She might have a tree in her room producing the popcorns.”

“See, I was right. I told you she had a tree in her room and there was something with her tight bond with the trees.” Sanay said in a excited tone, he really believed Aarav’s mock while the other broke into laughter.

“Here is the room,” he told them, pointing to the guest room.

“Thanks,” Sid told them as all of them still laughing got into the room. There were times, like now where he would be super jealous of Sana for her attachment with her cousins. Not that he doesn’t have any.

He has an elder sister, Arpita who married some kind of a douche bag according to him. Since, then they didn’t talk that much, but she did give birth to an adorable son. Then he also had a younger brother, Amay, who always tries new ways to get onto his nerves. But one thing was that everyone, including his grumpy grandfather would like Sana and her family. Maybe, his life was not as disastrous as he thought it was.
“Okay, so after jiju started to follow you and meet you what happened?” Saanvi asked trying to munch out of Sana’s popcorn. Her popcorn was her first and last love, what to do?

“kay, so basically I went to the lawyers office to start the case on our house,” Sana started to explain her unintended wedding. “There I met Aarav who was waiting for the same lawyer to get some legal papers filed.”

Sana walked into the office, grabbing all the papers she needed. She started walk to the front desk when she saw Aarav who was smirking at her. What was he doing here? After their fight , she didn’t know he would still stalk her.

“Why are you stalking me?” she asked with disgust, glaring at him.

“This is laywers office, anyone is allowed to come.” he snickered at her with a dry laugh.

“Whateves, as if I care,” Sana said with a bored expression, standing in the line to the front desk.

“Now, you will,” he mumbled as he took the file off her hands and tucked it under his file.

“What the hell? What do you want now?” Sana yell, sounded more the like a hushed whisper.

“See, this is why I didn’t want to marry you,” a random girl from the back started to yell at her husband.

“Oh come on! Nothing will happen,” he assured her, trying to calm down all the people looking at them.

“We are broke. What else is there to happen?” the girl yelled back again.

“There you go, another irresponsible man like you,” Sana mocked at Aarav as they turned back to face the front.

“I am not your husband. How can you compare me like that? Are you thinking of making me one” he snickered back at her in a low flirty voice.

“Shut up. You aren’t but you will be a husband someday of someone,”

“Never, I am not going to marry,”

“Too afraid you are going to change?”

“Aarav Ross is not afraid of anything,”

“Oh really?’

“Yes, I can marry any minute now,”

“Well see, scared man,” she mumbled as they greeted the lady in the front desk.

“Yes you will, cavewomen” he mumbled back with a smile.

“What do you both want,” she asked in a high pitched annoying voice.

“What do you think we want?” Aarav asked back in a dull furrow, they were both here before. Of course, they wanted to meet the lawyer.

“Room to the right,” she instructed them.

“Both?” Sana asked surprised.

“Yes, we don’t have time for consultation and commitment, so we are trying to save the time,” she ordered them, shooing them away to the room at the right.

“Ughh..I am stuck with you again,” Sana whined as she tried to pull the file of his hands.

“Says the popcorn crazy cavewomen,” he taunted back with the same dull forrow from before.

“I hate you,” she said with irradiated eyes glancing into his mischievous ones.

“Glad you feel the same,” came his signature line which made her grow even frustrated then before.

“Excuse me?” Sana interrupted the lawyer from her work. She looked a middle aged women with a formal attire.

“Sorry, I came to know about your case. Sign this and you will be done. The rest of the papers will be done in a week.” she demanded as she handed them a pen.

“Sounds good,” Aarav said, blindly signing the papers.

“Wait, so we both sign?” she asked dumbfoundedly, the lady gave her a are-you-crazy look. What? It wasn’t her fault that she didn’t know that he needs to sign on her HOUSE papers.

“Is there anybody else as a witness too?” she asked back in a stern voice, willing to chop Sana in to pieces if she could.

“,” she answered back in a hesitant tone. Both of them were throwing daggers at her for her stupidity.

“That’s fine. Only both of you then,” she told her, urging her to sign and get out of here.

“Uhh,..okay,” Sana whispered as she took the pen from Aarav and signed the papers.

“Awesome! Congratulations Mr. and Mrs Ross, you both are married,” she said with excitement, as she updated the status in the computer.

“Wait what?” Sana yelled at her in top of her lungs. This must be a joke, it should be a joke. Her heart stopped beating, she held her breath while her body stiffened.

“To her? Why?” he asked with equal shock.

“I needed a file a case regarding my house” Sana told the mean lady.

“And I was here to get my property papers,” Aarav countered, pointing to the stack of files.

“I see that, that is done and so is your marriage,” she told in a duhh tone.

“But, we never wanted to marry,” Sana screamed, flailing her arms in displeasure.

“That’s what you said to the Ms.Campbell. ‘I can marry any minute now.’” she told them when they both realized the misunderstanding.

“Yeah, but…that didn’t mean…this…wedding…what?” Aarav stutterd to explain her while Sana was too shock to say anything else.

“Sorry, you are married in the eyes of the law now. To break it might be a problem for both of you.” she told them curtly. While both of their jaws dropped. Kill me, just kill me now, Sana thought sarcastically after she realized the stupid act in her life.
Flashback ends

“Stop laughing,” Sana yelled at Saanvi who was holding her stomach to control her laughter, while Sana sat cursing her fate.

“That was the best wedding ever,” Saanvi teased her, still laughing at her.

“Shut up,” she ordered, stuffing more popcorn in her mouth.

“Wait, and you are upset because?” Saanvi asked confused.

Saanvi was the tomboy in their gang, Sanay’s company rubbed on to her a little too much. They have been together ever since birth, doing all the stuff Sanay likes like playing PS4, Temple run, FIFA, watching football. She hates all the lovey dovey stuff and happy endings, so no wonder this was her ideal wedding.

“Well, you know how I really wanted a romantic proposal and then a big fat Indian wedding right? I ended up with a super simple court marriage” she sighed as she recalled her dream wedding.

“True and…” Saanvi urged her to continue, she didn’t seem to understand her problem.

“It was a huge trap. He made me sign papers that said that his property will go to me and something like that. He did this all for property. He planned this,” she told her reviving the bridge incident again and again.

“But you did sign both of your papers too, it might all be a big mistake,” Saanvi comforted her, not willing to believe that Aarav could do something like that.

“How can you believe him?” she asked her randomly. She needed to learn to trust him if she has to spend her entire life with him. She has to do what? What is she thinking? Never.

“I don’t know. I just do,” Saanvi told her honestly. “We need to leave, now,”

“Coming,” Sana said, standing up from the seat. What was the need to wear this heavy lehenga? She felt like she was lifting weights all over her body….not funny.

She walked to the door and stood in the elevator to go down to the car. She noticed there was a lot of furniture from the appartement missing. What was going on?

WHAT THE HELL IS THAT? A Lamborghini? There was the most expensive and rare cars in the world standing in front of her.

“Please tell me this is a dream,” she muttered to Saanvi who just shook her head and sat in the car with twinkling eyes.

Her husband couldn’t even afford food for some days, and now he bought her a Lamborghini? She silently got into the car, hoping to get her answers as soon as she meets him at his mystery place.
Here is A LONG update to make it up to you!! Once everything settles, you will know more about what Aarav and Sana feel for each other and their hate-like relationship (note, only like not love!)

How did you like their unexpected wedding? Do you think everything is planned? By now most of you should guess what Aarav is celebrating for….what will Sana’s reaction be??

Now that you finished reading, tell me how you felt about this!!

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