Bitti Business Wali 18th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Mahi gets injured

Bitti Business Wali 18th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bitti telling that she will not be afraid of Jaiswal and says Mahi was not with me when Jaiswal men attacked me. She says I have faced them. I don’t need Mahi and asks who is he? Police etc. She says she is competent for her own safety and don’t need any bodyguards. Dadi tells Gayatri that Bitti doesn’t listen to them and says she is taking Jaiswal lightly. She says he will attack surely and asks Mahi to go with her. She asks him not to leave her even if she tells him. Mahi says till my last breath I will not leave her. Bitti comes to the college and sees Mahi already there. He waves her hi. He asks her not to get angry and tells that his family members have sent him here. He says I will keep an eye on you from far and tells that there is nothing personal. I came

here for your safety, let me stay here for your family members. Bitti goes inside the building. Mahi follows her.

College guys ask bitti to open Pan shop in the college premises and asks why did she do graduation when she had to open pan shop. Bitti asks if they want slap from her hand. Mahi comes to the guys. Akshata calls her husband and she tells him that Mahi didn’t return home. Sambhav says it is good, as nobody will hear him. Akshata thinks where is Mahi? Mahi tells the guys that he will make them have pan and beats them. Peon rushes to Principal and tells that some guys are fighting. Bitti comes to know about the fighting and runs there. She asks Mahi to stop the fight. Mahi says they will not get better until they are beaten up. Principal comes and asks what is happening here. He gets tensed seeing Mahi.

Bitti asks Mahi to go from here. Principal asks Bitti if she knows him and scolds her. He says it seems I shall rusticate you for forever. Mahi threatens to beat him. Bitti says I am very ashamed because of you and promises not to do this again. She takes him outside and says this is the reason why I don’t like you. She says your work is to beat others, and I am a humble person. Mahi tells her that he can’t bear when those guys talked bad about her, and says this happens as I love her. Bitti says you don’t love me, but want to get me. Mahi swears to love her immensely. Bitti asks her to promise that he will not raise his hand on anyone in any circumstances. Mahi swears on her that he will not raise his hand on anyone. Laddo Singh thinks of Mahi’s decision, Kashi’s words and gets teary eyed.

Kashi comes there and asks what happened? Laddo Singh says he is very sad to see Mahi fallen down. Kashi says he is not in his senses. Laddo Singh says it is a limit of madness, he has become a beggar, worse than a dog. He asks how is this love? Kashi says may be this happens in love and tells Kabir’s poetry. He tells that Mahi loves Bitti truly. Laddo Singh says Bitti doesn’t love him. He says condition will get worsened. Kashi asks him to talk positive.

Bitti thinks of Mahi while writing her exam. Bell rings. The same guy whom Mahi has beaten come to him and hits him with stick. Mahi doesn’t raise his hand recalling Bitti’s promise. He gets beaten up by many guys in the college premises. Bitti sees the guys beating Mahi and comes running to him, asking the guys not to beat them. She asks them to leave Mahi and calls Security. Mahi says I didn’t raise my hand. He is heavily injured and faints. Bitti shouts Mahi.

Bitti takes Mahi to hospital. Gayatri, Suman and others come there. Laddo Singh comes with Kashi and his men.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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