Kaleerein 18th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Meera Finds Out Reason Behind Vivan’s Weird Behavior

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Meera prays god to help her always like today he sent Mummy and papa to get her out of room. She reminisces Dolly helping her get down window via her dupatta. She further prays god to get Vivan’s truth out soon. Nimmo walks out of house with her boyfriend hiding. Vivan gets a call from Pammi’s friend who informs that she saw Pammi and Amaya in gurdwara. He asks which Gurdwara is it,he will come there right now. Vase falls, he turns and sees Meera watching him hiding. Amar in Biji’s room tells Vivan is creating problem. Sweety says she sees a child in Vivan’s eyes. Biji says one has to kill their soul to gain in business, so they should not think Vivan is innocent.

Vivan sees Meera and asks what is she doing here, go inside room. She asks what is he up to, why is he holding. He insists her to go inside room. They both slip and couch, their eyes lock. Romantic song plays in the background. Vivan gets conscious and walks out. His banker gives him money back and he leaves in his car. Meera hides in his car’s dickie.

Nimmo travels with her boyfriend in his car. He tries to get intimate, and she allows him. She asks where are they going. He says to temple to pray for her daadi, reveals he is boss whose drugs are with Prince and thinks he will not leave her until he gets his drugs back, even after he will not leave this hot girl. At home, family gets worried or money. Prince says he will arrange money and has some ideas. Dolly asks what is he up to. Whole family insists. Prince shouts he will not do anything wrong. Family asks him to be at home and keep his phone on.

Vivan continues driving car withi Meera hiding in dickie. Kidnapper messages to make his wife sit next to him and not in dickie. He stops car, opens dickie, gets Meera out and shouts why she is spying him, go back home. She asks whom he is fearing him. Kidnapper calls him and orders to bring Meera with him. Vivan asks not to drag Meera in this. Kidnapper orders him to slap Meera and even insult h er, switch on video call, else he will shoot Meera. Vivan switches on video call, keeps mobile on bonnet and asks Meera to come in front of him and yells at her. Mob surrounds him, an old man says he knows he is Vivan Kapoor, he respected him till now, but he lost his respect. Vivan argues with mob and tries to slap Meera, but mob catch him. Meera rescues him. Mob disperses. Vivan gets into car and leaves. Kidnappper messages him. He gets out of car and runs. Meera follows him in auto and then runs behind him. He gets into a godown. She hides seeing goons getting out of godown and discussing they will get a huge amount as boss has kidnapped rich man’s mother and sister. She tghen sees Vivan standing in front of him and says sorry. He asks why did she come here even after his warning. She says she had to come here as she misunderstood him.

Precap: Prince is arrested. Meeera goes to meet him, he says he did not do anything. She unlocks door and runs out with him, but stops seeing Brar and his team.

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  1. So Meera has come to know that something is going on in Vivaan ‘s life which has prompted him to behave the way he shouldn’t have …but no hell broke loose…He could have avoided all ths trauma to Meera and her family had he confided in them and requested them to follow hs instructions….but no,he chooses to divorce the girl he loves and humiliate her family by asking them to vacate ….Ofcourse ,he himself suffered a lot by doing so but why was he so scared of telling Meera in the privacy of hs house…looks like the kidnapper installed CCTV cameras everywhere to track what s going on in Kapoor Mansion or he has some kind of magical vision.. …Anyways this is a very illogical and distasteful track…most of us on this forum are past the Mills &Boon age but can not appreciate a man going to the extent of divorcing his wife as if that was the only alternative left….Without trust and faith ,love is meaningless…

    1. ??….so right you are on everything you’ve said… don’t feel like commenting Lakshmi… I don’t have the zeal…

  2. You are right Naz there is no point to continue commenting on this serial…the writers have simply killed our zeal…at the same time I appreciate the leads for doing full justice to their given task…it is not their fault that the story has gone haywire ….there was some excellent portrayal of emotions from Arjit in this episode but as you said the enthusiasm is totally gone…I have decided to take a break from commenting and hope things will improve for Arjit and Aditi…Naz,let us hope the new serial ‘ Teri Galiyo mein’ won’t be a disappointment….

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