Bin Kuch Kahe 4th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Bin Kuch Kahe 4th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sandy tells Abha that he Kabeer told about Riya and Nikhil and problem regarding their wedding, she can share her family problems with him if she wants, else it is fine. Abha says it is okay and says if Nikhil does not support Riya, another daughter will raise her child in her mom’s house alone. Sandy consoles her. After sometime, Sandy sits in deep thought. Abha shakes him up and asks to get back to work as lots of customers are coming.

Kabeer reaches home holding shopping bags. Sudha asks if Nikhil is trustable. Kabeer says a lot and he will come tomorrow to marry Riya, everything is set. He asks where is Aryan. She says he went to his friend’s house for studies. Kabeer says Aryan was looking sad as he does not have new clothes, so he brought new clothes for Aryan.


goes to Abha’s restaurant and says he came to book restaurant for tomorrow for Nikhil and Riya’s wedding. Abha happily hugs him. Sandy comments all is well that ends well.

Whole Kohli family gets ready for Riya’s wedding. Myra taunts Riya that her dress is not fitting and she is looking fat. Riya gets angry. Myra smiles and hugs her. Riya says it is her day today and she will show attitude. Abha and Myra then see Sudha sitting tensely and cheer her up. Door bell rings. Abha opens door and is shocked to see Bua. She nervously touches bua’s feet and greets her in and loudly says bua has come. Sudha and Myra get tensed. Bua sees decoration and them ready in new clothes and asks what is happening. Riya comes and hugs her. She says Riya is getting married and nobody informed her. Myra tries to handle situation and says Sudha will give daadi’s necklace to wear. Bua says she did not give when she insisted a lot earlier, now wants to give, what is happening.

Kabeer calls Myra and informs her that Nikhil is found nowhere. He tried call his number and searched him in all the places they went. Myra gets tensed. At Nikhil’s house, Akshay asks mother to get ready and attend Nikhil and Riya’s wedding. Mother says never accept Riya as her bahu. Akshay asks if her adamancy is more important or family’s happiness, once Nikhil and Riya are married, she should get him and Akshay married. Kabeer continues searching Nikhil and stops a man looking like Nikhil, but then apologizes and continues searching Nikhil.

Precap: Buaji gives her brother’s promise to Sudha and insists to tell truth. Myra asks not o drag papa in all this and says Riya is pregnant.

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