Bin Kuch Kahe 22nd February 2017 Written Episode Update

Bin Kuch Kahe 22nd February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Myra’s boss introduces Kabeer as international journalist and came on his friend’s recommendation and asks Myra to help him until he is in Jaipur. Kabeer and Myra travel in car. Kabeer asks why she is acting so rude with him even though they know each other well. She says she does not want to remember her bad Mumbai trip. He asks why she is wasting her talent in a small channel. She says it is none of his business. He says okay.

Bua is about to leave when Riya gets her favorite cake. Sudha apologizes Bua and says she does not understand Riya at all and goes in. Riya says she will cut cake for her. Bua asks to pack it and says she cannot understand her. Riya says even she did not understand herself yet. They both laugh. Bua leaves in car after joking with Sudha.


finishing work, Kabeer insists to drop Myra home. She says she will manage. He insists and opens car door. She gets in. He gets a call and says he will be there in 30 min. Myra asks to drop near auto stand.

Nihil comes to restaurant and apologizes Abha for not coming when she called him. She says it is okay and shows him municipality notice. He says she may need 40 lakhs to get lease back and he can help her. She says he is like her brother and cannot take his help, he just have to find out how to get lease back.

Riya searches dresses after a bath. Aryan enters and asks if she is going on a date and if she is serious this time. She runs behind him to hit and he runs. Myra is at restaurant when Kabeer enters with Riya. She gets jealous and thinks why did not he inform her that he is going with Riya. She repeatedly looks at them while taking customer orders. Riya says her that Kabeer told that they know each other. Myra says boss asked to help Kabeer. Riya says again that Kabeer told she is fond of his journalism. Myra asks not to pester her. Abha notices them. Nikhil returns and tells Abha that her father had taken restaurant land on ex-serviceman quota and now with new changes, this place comes under commercial category and its lease amount will be very huge. Abha gets very tensed.

Aryan dances on music. Sudha dances with her. Aryan says he is going on a school trip and it is worth 7000 rs. Sudha says she will pay and she leaves for shopping.

Abha returns home at night and gets very tensed thinking about losing restaurant land. She hears high music in Myra’s room and switches it off. Aryan asks her to send her to trip. She says no need. He says naani is payig. He says no need even then. Myra comes out of bathroom. Abha scolds her why she kept music and lights on who will pay bills. Sudha comes and seeing all lights and AC off, switches on them. She asks Abha to get water. Abha opens fridge and sees lots of waste food and scolds Riya why she wastes so much food and scolds everyone that no one will waste food from today.

Next day, Kabeer asks Myra to transcribe some audio files for him. She thinks it is enough of him now and confronts that she is not his secretary to transcribe audio and he can complain her boss Shekhawat if he wants. Kabeer leaves surprised. Kabeer reaches restaurant and sees Riya singing song. Riya attends him after her song. He says his meetings are canceled after riots broke out and he is free whole day, she can decide how to spend. Riya says they will start with coffee and asks Abha to send coffee via someone. Abha says she knows they are under staff today and should herself go and get it. Riya says Kabeer that she will go and find out what happened to Abha.

Precap: Myra covers riot news. Kabeer gets a call and gets tensed. Riya asks if everything is alright. Kabeer says some goon made Myra a hostage during riots.

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