Bigg Boss Season 7 15th September 2013 Written Episode Update


Bigg Boss Season 7 15th September 2013 Written Episode, Bigg Boss Season 7 15th September 2013 Written Update

Opening Song… Jannat.. Jahanum..

Salman enters the stage.. telling God to give this kid strength.. as this season is dau pechwala..

Salman announces first name.. Tanisha..
Interview of Tanuja and Kajol..
Tanisha dancing on Aa Jaara…

Salman talking to Tanisha.. Tani says she likes challenges and BB se jyada kya hoga. Salman telling about Tanisha’s family tree.

Salman telling us what all questions Tanisha asked the BB team.
Laundry will get cleaned or not. Mosquito fear, Toilets are washed or not. Sanitinzer can be used or not. Tani laughing saying don’t tell.
Tanisha says watch me at 9 pm every day.
Tanisha Enters Bigg Boss House…
She says very funky sets.. she feels they have brought outside inside

. she walks around and says looks like this is angel side and that is devil side.
She counting number of beds. Looks at hell area . . counting beds.. 8 this side.. and 10 that side.. no. of beds.
Its raining.
Goes to the devil side.
Tanisha says let me go and check bathroom.. if not good then I wont stay here..
She looks around more in devil.. she says it is so dirty. And goes to angel side.

Back to Salman…


Andy clip.. he is enacting KRK, Pooja, Imam, Dolly, Rakhi

Andy meets Salman..
Salman says please meet DJ Andy
Salman ask who will ppl compare you with? Andy said nobody.. Salman says may be Imam.. Andy says.. Imam ka crew dheela hai and mera tight… Salman says after you go inside the house we will find out whose is dheela and tight.. Andy says we cannot control anyone in the house.. Salman interrupts his each statement and so Andy says you only speak..

Andy enters house and meet Tanisha. They talking about the house heaven and hell. Tanisha telling Andy about no. of beds on each side.. 10 on heaven side and 8 on hell side. Tanisha saying your shoes look like angel shoes.. and Andy shows it off. Tanisha showing Andy the house.. Andy said shhh looking at hell side.
Tanisha telling Andy she was searching for closet space .. where to hang the clothes and all.
TAnisha afraid to go to hell side as she feels gate might close automatically.. Andy gets scared and stops and then says not possible.. Tani says go fast and see.. Andy runs and sees the bed and then they are back to lawn area.

Bigg Boss calls Tanisha and Andy to Confession Room.

Confession Room: Bigg Boss explains about two sides of the house. And give them right as they are first two contestants to decide who will live in which side of the house. Tanisha says not good. Andy says good. Tani says it is BB responsibility and BB should be Villain and BB is making us Villain.

Salman on t.v.

Sallu asking how you will divide.. Tani says first come first serve. Sallu says not allowed.. Contestants will come in Jodi and one they have to send in Heaven and one in Hell. Tani and Andy shocked. Sallu saying Jao aur BB house main. Sallu says you both will be called JJ.. Jallad Jodi..

Precap.. sallu saying all sorts of surprises are in store in this house.. few shown entering, not clear.. Kapil on stage, Akshay on stage…


Salman introducing next two contestants..

Gauhar Khan
dancing on Valla Valla.. , Duniya Main Logo ko…

Ratan Rajput
dancing on Paisa Pek Tamsha Dekh, naachegi Pinki

Salman talking to Gauhar Khan (GK) about her career on various mediums, GK says I am humble that I get to do in act in various mediums. Gauhar says I have patience but nobody should take me for granted. Salman talking to Ratan. Ratan says house name is Raso.. Salman says my house name is Galazy.. Ratan says that is my pet name. Salman says we will call you Raso from onwards. Ratan gives some gift to Salman and says dont leave it here , take it home. Dont leave it here. Salman says I dont leave anyone. It is Saree for sallu mom. Ratan says one more thing i have got for you.. all told not to but still.. She proposes to Salman. Some more talk and GK says I am silent.. Sallu says you too come. GK says I dont share.

Salman telling both, there are already two inside and they will decide your fate. T. V. is on and introduced. As Andy knows GK .. Tani says to GK you have unfair advantage and you will be with us and ratan sorry but you will go to Jahanum.

Some come to take Gauhar Kahan to Jannat.
And Jahanum ppl come to take Ratan.

Gauhar Khan enters the house and look around. She says kitchen area is as her own house so she wont miss it. She looks at the hell area.
Ratan going through tunnel and enters the Jahanum area of the BB house.

Gauhar calls Ratan and Ratan jumps up scared.. They both talked but Ratan cannot go to Jannat house. Ratan says I can come to Jannat. Gauhar says dont come otherwise punishment. Ratan says I came in narak first only without doing anything aur kya punishment hogi. Ratan says where is bathroom and toilet. Both go to check toilets in their respective sections. Ratan says there is no tap in our part of the house. Only bucket. No tissue even . Ratan looks more around and says nothing. GK says you want tissue.. but am I allowed? Ratan says dont give.. Gauhar says how will you go? Ratan says I will go aaise hi

Salman introducing the Couple of BB 7
Apurva & Shilpa Agnihotri
dancing on Zindagi tumhi ho…

Salman asking how you met. Shilpa says he was working in show and a friend introduced and all caste etc same and it clicked and we were married within 6 months. Shilpa says when they asked me I said why not Apurva and it was agreed within 3 mins and done. Sallu says you did not wanted him to be out hence you recommended. Sallu says when you stayed apart. Shilpa says 2 years back and we were in pain that time.

Sallu says Jalad Jodi and introductions. Tani says Shilpa in Janat and Apu in Jahnum. Shilpa is crying. Sallu says you want to go to Jahanum. Shilpa crying. Then they are taken away by respective ppl.
Both enter the house back door.. Apu enter Jahanum area and Shilpa Jannat. Both meeting at the wooden partition. Some PDA.
Ratan and Shilpa met, kiss. Gauhar and Shilpa met. Ratan and Apurva met.
Salman says lets see how they adjust.

Salman introduces KAPIL..

KAPIL comes.. Thank you so much for your love and support guys and girls.. beautiful girl you distracting me.. and then he sees Salman.
Salman says my parchaiy padati jaayegi and you will become beautiful.

Hazel Dancing..
Salman talks with her and tells us she was in Bodyguard movie. And about her Hindi. Kapil comes and talks to Hazel and says when I was watching you dancing someone stole my cycle and only handle is there. Kapil says Hazel you deserve my hug. How is she Sallu? Sallu says she is wow, jannat ki wow. Kapil says now introducing Aow..

Kamiya Punjabi..
Kamiya comes and says Khan saheb I am not in contention .. we are just friends. Kapil says you too deserve my hug Kamiya and says she is expert in breaking house. More Kapil jokes.. Kapil lefts.

Sallu says in tellyworld you work as vamp so whats in real. Kamiya says I am not seedhi sadhi nahi hu.. Tanisha is laughing. Sallu asks Hazel about Kamiya. Hazel says confidence and knows what she knows. Sallu asks Kamiya about Hazel. Kamiya says Hazel is nervous.

Sallu introduces Jalad Jodi and will decide who will go where.
Two keys are introduced.. one is for Jannat and one is for hell. Each key given to each girl and JJodi told to chose one.. Tanisha choses in the hands of Hazel. Salman says sure sure sure.. Tani says sure.. whatever it is.
Two doors are brought and key in Hazle hands is tried on Janat door first. It does not open.. Then tried on hell door and it opens.. both go inside.. Are in one small room very small room with water and a bed. They are in that room only.. they cannot go out from it. Kamiya saying safedi par mat jaoo (may be cos Hazel wearing white dress) aapni aakal lagao.

Sana Khan clip saying hope there is good looking guy in the house who takes care of girls and housemates. Sambhava clip .. saying some good looking guy should be there in the house..

Kushal Tandon
dancing on Badtameez dil.

Rajat Rawail
dancing on Badtameez dil.

Kushal and Rajat dancing on Badtameez Dil Maane Na…

Salman comes and hugs both.. Rajat removes his jacket and written on his shirt.. SIX PACK .. Coming Soon…

Rajat says he will look different after 3 months.
Kushal is just smiling.
Both Rajat and Kushal went behind the screen and in comes
Akshay Kumar.

Salman says what transformation Rajat talking to Ak..
Sallu asking what is difference between Bigg Boss and Boss.. AK says BB is invisible. Boss is visible. BB does not dance but Boss dances. Sallu says jhoot.. as we cannot see Boss dancing.. AK says come on then .. both Ak and Sallu dancing on Boss song.

Kushal and Rajat back on stage.
Rajat saying sharing the stage with 2 superstars of India.
Sallu says can you sit. Rajat shows and says see.. Sallu says not more than this? Rajat says nope. Sallu says in BB house there is no comode. Rajat says pani ka fawara.. Sallu says what.. Rajat says shower. More jokes by Rajat.

Sallu wishing Akshay good luck for Boss movie. Akshay leaves.

Sallu says any issues you have which contestants might face problem. Rajat says I sit and sleep. Sallu asks Kushal you sleep properly na.. Kushal says yes properly. Introductions to Jalad Jodi. Sallu explains.. Kushal says they will decide. TAni says it is in hands of Andy as beds less so have to share with Andy. Kushal says I cannot share bed with you sorry I want to sleep alone.. So Jalad Jodi decides Kushal in Jahamum as there are separate beds. (Oh Kushal )

Rajat and Kushal entry their respective sections. Kushal says for separate bed I came to Jahanum.

Contestant number 11
Elli Avram
She is from Swedan. She has some frog teddy who is her jaan. Salman jokingly around with her.

Contestant number 12
Sangram Singh

Sangram talking about his life. He had arthritis when small but now with god blessing now everything is good and his hard work. Sallu telling them about H and H concept. Sallu says JJ jodi as in Jalad Jodi. JJ decides Elli in Jahanum and Sangram in Janaat as he has nice heart and been through lot till now. Salman says the person who is used to aakhada and all you sent to Janaat and other one to Jahanum.
Sangram enters Janaat. Meets Shilpa.

Elli Avram comes in the room where Kamiya and Hazel.
Kamiya says we dont know if we are going from here so be comfortable as no idea.

Salman says next is the one who will see each contestant and house before going inside. Good Doggy. But they do not make him enter the house but just show clips shot earlier of him in the house everywhere.

Pratyusha Banerjee
dancing on Aga bai hungama maachaye re

Arman Kholi introduced.
Nagin Jaani Dushman, Badale ke Aag some movies of Arman movies.
Arman says he wanted to do mind blowing reality show. Salman says as far as I know you how you will hold your temper. Arman says this will be test. JJ introduced and divide concept.
Salman says a twist by Bigg Boss
Bigg Boss says tani and Andy.. Next two contestants Arman and Pratyusha either will go to hell or heaven. But whichever you send them to you guys will have to go opposite section.

Tanisha said I am not selfless that I will say come to heaven, so.. Pratyusha says it is ok we will go to hell. Salman says good decision. A box is brought and both lay in it.

Kamiya says someone will come.. and a door opens and they come in the Hell area and meet everyone in Hell area.

Siren goes on..

the box with Pratyu and Arman comes down.. all are wondering about the key.. found and open.. they came out. Introductions all around.

Precap: Bigg Boss voices … BB welcomes all and says there are some rules and have to be followed. Nobody can go to hell and heaven on their own without Bigg Boss permission.

Contestant 15
Anita Advani
Sallu why you want to go? Anita meri zindagi bikhar gayi hai toh samat lu. JJ introduced. Hi hellos. Tanisha says you are elder so we had already decided that if someone comes as bujur then will come in Janaat. Anitaji enters the Heaven section. Introductions all around.

Bigg Boss voices … BB welcomes all and says there are some rules and have to be followed. Nobody can go to hell and heaven on their own without Bigg Boss permission baring Food. Bigg Boss wishes all a good stay.

Salman asking Bigg Boss has kept someone in the house.. W for wife.. Bigg Boss says no.. W for Warden. Salman asking Warden, strict or lenient. BB says Strict. Sallu asked Warden will be visible or like you only voice. Bigg Boss says only voice.

Salman says weekend ka WOW with Salman on Saturday and Sunday.

Update Credit to: Autumn

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