Bigg Boss Season 7 16th September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Bigg Boss Season 7 16th September 2013 Written Episode, Bigg Boss Season 7 16th September 2013 Written Update

2:45 AM
Andy says that the Jahunam side is making a family supporting each other with Gauhar and Sangram. Apurva and Shilpa are showing affection publicly. Then the lights go out and everyone heads out to sleep saying good night to each other.

8:45 AM
Sangram and Rajat are up before the alarm. Sangram is working out while Rajat is walking around. They are talking about exercises and Sangram has become Rajat’s trainer. Sangram says everyone was snoring and he tried to hit Andy with a slipper even once. Rajat says that if your partner is snoring put a pillow on his/her face or make a loud noise to wake up the partner so you can sleep.

11:30 AM
Tanisha, Gauhar, and Andy are having fun that Andy said to Sangram for him to wear his clothes.


At the gate, Shilpa and Apurva are again having public affection and mostly everyone is around laughing. Then the wake-up siren rings and the Warden speaks up saying that the time is over to sleep and she is here to keep a watch over them. She says that Jannat housemates will make food for Jahanum and will decide how much to give them. The food is in the supply cabinet. She adds that everyone needs to wake up now and start working.

12:15 PM
Elli is asking everyone what they do and they introduce themselves. Armaan has some fun saying that he is an engineer and is making a rocket and he can send her up.
On the other side, Shilpa and Gauhar are planning to get the Jahanum housemates to wash the dishes.
Armaan continues having fun with Elli and changes everyone’s names because Elli has a hard time remembering names. The others join in.
On the Jahanum side they ask for food and Gauhar says she feels she is in Jahanum.

2 PM
The Jahanum wasi are cleaning up their area.
Rajat says he is hungry again and he has to eat every 2 hours.
The Jahanum side are still cleaning.
Tanisha, Rajat, and Andy are talking about captainship. Tanisha says she would rather have everyone do everything by their choice rather than after a captain tells them. Rajat is about to make fun of the Jahanum, but Tanisha says that we should be nice to them. Andy says forget it and complains about the amount of work.

4 PM
Bigg Boss announces that nominations have begun. Everyone settles down with Jahanum wasi standing and listening. Bigg Boss says that only Jannat wasi can vote for Jahanum wasiyon. They name 2 people from the Jahanum side. It starts with Gauhar.
Gauhar – Pratyusha (no interaction from her side even after she tried), Ratan (said something unhygienic)
Anita – At first she breaks down when BB asks her why she came. Then she names two people. Hazel (she didn’t like the story), Elli (doesn’t know Hindi well)
Rajat – Kushal (too demanding and not very happy), Pratyusha (she seemed very careless and doesn’t take the show seriously)
Tanisha – Ratan (not too much effort to interact), Elli (struggling with Hindi)
Shilpa – Kamya (doesn’t know her well enough), Hazel (doesn’t know her well enough)
Andy – Kushal (no connection with him yet), Elli (she hasn’t forgiven him for sending her to hell)
Sangram – He says that sleeping with Andy was like an agnipariksha and he would like to sleep alone. He nominates Kamya (a bit cold), Kushal (a bit too demanding and upfront).
Sangram comes out and BB announces that the nominations are complete. He names Kushal, Elli, Kamya, Pratyusha, Hazel, and Ratan for the nominated list. Everyone is surprised.

6:15 PM
Andy shows his Kathak skills to the Jahanum wasi. Then Hazel comes over to give competition to Andy. Everyone sings Dil Cheez Kya Hai.

6:30 PM
Sangram and Anita are talking about how everyone is stressed about nominations. Anita says that we don’t have any reasons yet so we have to name whoever. Sangram agrees. Then they talk about difficulties of life. Andy comes in and he joins the conversation and says that it really depends on your outlook. He shares his life story that his father died when he was 13 and his mother used to work in a factory and Andy went through college on his own work. He used to work in a dance bar as a dancer even.

7 PM
Kushal and Tanisha are talking about self-control. Kushal says that he doesn’t have control over his alcohol. Tanisha says she hasn’t ever had a problem with that. Kushal says that she doesn’t know what he is going through right now.

7:30 PM
Armaan, Apurva, Ratan, Kushal, and Shilpa are discussing the nominations. Kushal says he got 2 and everyone got 1 because he knows who voted him. Armaan says everything is recorded already. Ratan says look at Kushal’s confidence. His look says that dekh loonga tumhe bahar aa jayo. Armaan says don’t bother discussing this.

9 PM
Andy is called to the confession room. Andy is given a task to start a talk show in the house with Shilpa and talk to those people who have been nominated.

9:45 PM
The talk show begins. Andy calls Ratan and Kushal forward and asks how they feel. Ratan says that she would be nominated at some point so she accepts it. Then he asks about the swamvayar. Ratan says that it was just a rishta and an engagement, but it didn’t work out. Shilpa asks how long she wants to stay if not to win. She says one and a half to two months. Andy asks Kushal what his motive is. He starts praising himself and says he is here for rehab. Shilpa asks one trait which no one wants to know. He says you’ll get what you do with me. And especially if you insult me and my family you’ll get it back. So he doesn’t want that side to come out. Andy asks if he is DJ that he is doing this. Kushal replies abhi toh main aapki baja raha hoon. Andy asks from where?
Then Andy calls Pratyusha and Kamya. Pratyusha says she wanted something different so BB is the best thing. And she wants to get into top 3 or top 4. And her thing is her temperament which comes out fast if someone pokes her big ego. (Her words not mine.) Kamya says that if anyone here can tell you how long they want to stay then they are lying because everyone is here to win. Everyone claps at that. Andy asks which of you two should stay. Kamya says that we both are strong and we both want to stay. And she adds that even if she has to vote out her friend to stay in the game she will. Gauhar asks why do you believe you’re strong because of TV? Pratyusha says that yes it is because we’re popular. Gauhar scoffs at this and says everyone is. Pratyusha says right now we’re talking about ourselves. Pratyusha says that we’re here for our audience to show them our personal side. Gauhar says that this isn’t my question so Pratyusha says she doesn’t want to answer then. Kamya says that you have to keep telling yourself you’re strong else you’ll fail always. And Gauhar says that was her question. The time ends for the talk show.

11:15 PM
Gauhar and Pratyusha are talking about the talk show. Pratyusha says that Gauhar’s laughing was not right. Gauhar says that her question wasn’t that. Pratyusha said that she asked ke mera confidence level kyun hai. Gauhar replies that she asked kyun hai. Pratyusha says that it’s the same, but Gauhar says that it isn’t. She gets up as Pratyusha starts arguing and says she just came to clear her stand with her from her side and it’s up to her if she wants to clear her side or not. Pratyusha shakes her head at someone.

12:30 AM
Gauhar and Shilpa are talking at night and Shilpa says that Apurva told her that today a switch has been turned on. Shilpa says that they are a strong group because they are constantly together while we’re all doing our own thing.

Voiceover: The real Bigg Boss house is starting to come out which is a lot of fun and what not.

Salman sings Abhi Naa Jao Chod Kar. He says that the safar has just started and if you can’t stand this much then just wait.

Update Credit to: KS_Shreya

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