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Bigg Boss 9 2nd January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Weekend Special
Salman comes stage and dances, he welcomes everyone in show and wishes new year. He says Finale is just around the corner and race to finale has started, lets see.
Clip plays, Prince and Rochelle’s fight in last week is shown. How cool group is breaking, how Kishwar supported Prince over Rochelle. How Rochelle brokedown. How Nora and Prince’s relation was talked about then how Nora fought with inmates over her sitting position with Prince, how Keith got nominated for 3weeks remaining in show.

Salman says PRINCE, NORA, RISHAB, KEITH, MANDANA and SUYYASH are nominated. Salman says there will be double eviction this week, we will not tell them, they will keep thinking that we will evict one but one more will be evicted. He says inmates wait for weekend thinking

that i am some justice king. He connects video call to house, Salman says order, order like judge, he sings Happy new year for inmates, everyone claps, Salman says you people say that saturday Justice Salman will come and give you justice, all laugh, Salman says 6people are nominated, we will tell later who is going to be evicted, he says you wait for saturday to decide what is wrong and what is right, you dont have brain to decide it? anything morally incorrect is wrong thats it, you must have prepared list to discuss today, he ask whats first topic? Kishwar says Priya-Mandana’s fight, Salman ask Mandana why you feel that you have to answer me only on saturday? and not inmates? you feel they are inferior to you? Mandana says i said that if i did violence then Bigg boss will throw me out, i talked to Bigg boss too about it, Salman says Bigg boss was celebrating new year, he came in my birthday too, all laugh, Salman ask Priya to tell if it was act of aggression? Priya says it was act of aggression, she took cake and said i will throw on your face, Salman says everyone throws cake on birthday, Mandana laughs, Salman says its not funny, Priya says her attitude was not right, i could have pulled her hair clip too, i dont want become like her, Salman says her wig could have come out, you did right by not pulling her hairs, all laugh. Salman ask Mandana to not twist things and answer him, Mandana says i wanted to talk to Priya, all say she is lying, Mandana says they dont allow me to talk even, Salman says but you cant become aggressive, Mandana says Priya was irritating me from 2weeks and i have had enough of her and i got angry on her, Priya says if i am annoying for 2weeks then you are annoying from start of show, i used to feel like breaking tv when i used to see you on tv, Mandana says thats your thought, Salman ask Mandana if she does it for game? Mandana says no, Salman says then what was that? Mandana says in real life, i could avoid someone irritating me but n house, Priya is following me everywhere, Salman says a small girl irritated you, Mandana says its story of elephant and rat, Salman says i rememer Kishwar with Elephant, Kishwar ask if she has become fat? he says no one can become fat in BB house, he ask Kishwar if Mandana thinks she is not liable to answer inmates? Kishwar says she always say Salman will tell them on weekend, Suyyash says she said Salman will tell everyone on weekend, he will take class of everyone, Salman laughs, Kishwar says she has put you in problem, Priya says she doesnt listen to anyone, she puts cotton in ears when anyone tries to explain her, Salman says to Mandana that this attitude is not right, i mean it can work in Bigg boss house but not in real, you go oeverboard in things, you cross the limit which you shouldnt do it, if they are not reacting to you like you do then they are smarter than you, Mandana says i agree they have more patience than me, Priya says its not about patience, i also get angry, i cry but i dont harm anyone, its morally incorrect, Mandana says when Nora was crying, you are doing make up and smirking at her, is that your values? Priya says i was not smiling? they both argue, Salman says hats off to people listening their fights in house.
Salman says to Keith that you made one plan in whole season that was disaster too, it was to avoid Mandana, what happened to that plan? Keith says i felt bad for her later, Mandana’s problem is that she doesnt understand anything, she is not understanding now too, Mandana says i am understanding, Salman ask Mandana if she was wrong? Mandana says i accept that i did wrong, i was angry, Rochelle says when her bag was not given to her then she accepted that she did wrong, Salman says then its smart of her, Mandana says i have solo stand from start which they dont like, Keith says Mandana is very smart, she twist things nicely, Salman says smartness is very nice, crow is very smart but he is not taken as pet, Salman says you should be smart but you should be loyal too, if you are not loyal then your smartness will not work, he says to Mandana that you use people smartly but backstab them later which is not good.
Salman ask Rochelle about captaincy task, he ask if chit idea was good? she says i dont think so, Salman says to Rochelle that have you ever listened anyone saying that i have not become prime minister once so make me this time or i didnt get married so make me marry? he ask if chits not taken out for captaincy task then who they would have chosen as contenders for captaincy? Suyyash says Prince did really well in task but he cheated so i feel Rochelle and Kishwar were best in task as Priya cheated by putting oil on diamond too, Salman ask Suyyash in which team he was in? Suyyash says i was supervisor of task, Salman says then your work is done, let me talk to team mates, all laugh. Salman ask kishwar who she thinks gave best in task? Kishwar says Prince gave 100% to task and also he was goal keeper outside robbers room, Salman says but he gave away 7diamonds so it was not his best performance, Priya had put oil on diamonds which worked for you and Kishwar captured Nora at last before she could steal last diamond so i think Priya and Kishwar was best in task, Salman ask Priya why she is giving away her chances? Priya says i wanted this captaincy, inmates started saying that i had put oil so it was cheating then they said my height is less so i should handle jail, Rochelle said it, Rochelle says i never talked about height, Priya says with all these things, i thought i was not that best, i didnt see it objectively, all were nice in task and also i thought Rochelle would get chance to become captain as she never got chance, Prince says it was Priya who asked me to become goal keeper and she will handle jail, Priya says i was searching Mandana when Nora stole diamond and i caught her, Rochelle says it was Kishwar’s idea, Priya sys it was my idea too, Salman says it was Priya and Kishwar’s idea to trap Nora, Salman says Kishwar and Priya you are so much alike, Kishwar says but when i talk, blood doesnt come out of your ears, Salman says it used to come earlier, now india listens in high tone and also hindi has got broken too, they laugh, he ends call, he says let me show you what happened in house.

Clip plays, Rishab says to inmates that i touched diamonds, i felt there was oil in it but i didnt give it a thought, Nora says when you saw oil on diamonds then why you didnt tell to other team-mates? you dont think it was stupid? he says no, Nora says we lost because of you, Rishab says fine, Nora says this is not first time for you to do stupid things in task, Nora comments to Rishab that you cant learn anything, Rishab says i have learned and have improved more than you and i know what you do outside, i mean off the record, Nora says what you mean? Rishab says you said that i havent learned anything so i would want to see what you have done in life, Nora says it was your mistake to not tell team mates, Rishab says you are calling me zero? she says you are a zero, you did mistake by not telling us about oil, Rishab leaves.
Nora says to Prince that Rishab doesnt know about my life struggle, how can he say that? Prince says he says slangs for girls so dont expect anything from him, dont fight, Nora goes to talk to Rishab.
Nora comes to Rishab and says how can you say things about me? you dont know how much i struggle in world, why you are talking about it? Rishab says you started it, why did you comment about me? Priya says to Rishab that you shouldnt comment about her life, Nora shouts on Rishab that what i do outside is none of your business, dont taunt me about that, Rishab says you started to pass personal comments so i got personal too, Nora says i didnt pass any personal comment, you dont have right to comment about my dance, Rishab says even you dont have right to comment on me, next time if you say to me that i do nothing and i am zero etc then i will show you mirror, Nora says dont comment about my life cause you dont know me, Rishab says i dont know and neither i am interested in knowing you, Nora says you wont understand my struggle because you dont have brain, you havent learnt anything in this house, she leaves.
Rochelle says to Mandana that you said to Kishwar that i and Kishwar were not friends, we just spent time together? Mandana says i said you and Keith never accepted to be part of cool group, Rochelle says we accepted it infront of everyone, i told you that we were in their group but never got influenced by her, Mandana says if you dont think you are not part of cool group? Rochelle says if you think cool group is broken then its broken. Mandana says to Rochelle that you said Nora’s fight with Rishab was cool group’s thought, Rochelle says i didnt say it, i said that Nora and Rishab started fight then Nora talked to Prince so i thought Prince asked her to talk to Rishab again, Prince says i asked her to not fight, Rochelle says my point is that i saw you talking to Prince so i thought he asked you to fight with Rishab,
Mandana says you said cool group provoked Nora not Prince alone, Rochelle says you also said that Nora is new Yuvika in house, whatever happened with Yuvika in nominations, same is happening with Nora, she is reacting and fighting because she is nominated, Nora says i am like this only not because of Nominations, Priya says to Nora that now you are understanding what people think here, Nora says to Mandana that you said i am changing behavior like Yuvika. Suyyash, Keith and Rishab are seeing girls fight, Suyyash ask Keith how is he feeling? he says i am thinking that there is no one except us in this house. Nora says to Mandana and Rochelle had conversation about me because of their bad intentions.
Mandana comes in garden and says in camera that i dont want to involve in fights but if someone wants to put me in badlight so i will try too, i mean i will not try but everyone knows about Rochelle’s double standards, clip ends.

Call is connected to house, Salman says to Rochelle that we thought al love you but why didnt you get support to become captain? Rochelle says because i was competing against Prince and i cant talk much about Nora, Salman says then sing it, he sings alongwith Rochelle for Nora, all laugh, Rochelle says i know punjabi song, she gins punjabi song, all clap for her, Salman says you all are making her learn songs but not giving her votes, Rochelle says i thought they will support, they are attached with me but now i realized that it wasnt the case, Salman says Rochelle expected little too much from Kishwar, Suyyash and Prince and when they didnt support her, she brokedown in tears, Priya agrees and says i told her to not be surprised, Salman says its clear Rochell thought that Kishwar will ask Prince to leave captaincy for Rochelle, Rochelle says i will play alone now, Salman says dont expect from others, Rochelle says just because we are in this house, everyone cuts emotion just to be in game, suppose i am viewer and if i see Prince losing a task for his friend then i dont find anything wrong it, there is emotional connect in that and viewer will love them more for this showing this affection to other inmate, they will tell others that my favorite is nice hearted person, Salman says they dont have this thinking, Kishwar says its not easy to be in my position. Salman ask Suyyash why he think Prince has changed? Suyyash says because he said that dont tell me what i have to do, Kishwar says he is not spending time with me but with Nora, so i feel he is changed, Salman says why you think so Suyyash says he cant show stars to Kishwar like Nora, all laugh, Salman says to Nora that you said all are feeling threat about you spending time with Prince? Nora says Priya told me that all are saying in house that i am spoiling Prince’s game and my behavior is changed after nominations, i listened this that whole house was talking like this, Rishab says i was not in that conversation, i didnt b*t*h about her, nora says yes, he was not, Rishab says as i am not interested in that, Nora says thank you, all laugh, Nora says i felt really bad when whole house talked about me like this, audience will think that i am spoiling Prince’s game which i never want, Kishwar says we are not insecure about Nora, i told Prince that Nora can be faking her liking towards Prince too, Nora says why did you say that? Kishwar says i was talking to Prince, Salman says Nora can answer this, he says to Nora that tell us if you are playing game or really like Prince? or you started liking Prince before going in house? Nora says i joked that i like Prince before going in house, but then i connected well with Prince, Salman says what about Yuvika? Prince says i liked Yuvika but it was one-sided, she said that this cant happen, i told her we will remain friends, Salman says if Nora gets eliminated now and some other girl come in house then? all laugh, Prince says this time its from both ends, Salman says what if someone better than Nora comes? Prince laughs, Salman ends call.

Salman says Sunny Deol is coming here. Sunny comes there, he hugs Salman, Salman says he is super shy person, sunny smiles, Salman says he is here to promote his film Ghayal once again, Salman says i liked Ghayal, Sunny says everyone has seen Ghayal and now i am taking story forward with Ghayal once again, Salman says lets have some fun with Sunny. A wheel is brought there, there are four categories in it “action, dance, romance and drama”, Sunny says dont stop at dance, Salma moves wheel and it stops at dance only, Salman laughs. Sunny and Salman dance on Pandey ji seeti. Salman moves wheel again and its drama, Salman says you will say my dialogue and i will say your dialogues. Salman says his move dialogues, he says Salman’s move dialogues. then he moves wheel and its action this time, Salman and sunny shouts like angry man.

Salman connects call to house, he says time to introduce next wildcard, sunny deol comes on screen, Prince whistles for him and says you are most loved in Punjab, Salman says he has come who is sunny of house, i mean Sunny leone of house, all laugh. Salman ask Mandana and Rochelle to repeat Sunny’s dialogues, Sunny says “tarekh pe tarekh pe tarekh mila but insaf nai mila”(got dates after dates but not justice). Mandana repeats it and goofs up saying it, then Rochelle says it but in twisted words as “got dates after dates and got justice but not dates”, all laugh and bow down to Rochelle to twist it like that, Salman says now Priya and Kishwar will come, he ask Mandana to sit down, she sits, Kishwar and Priya dances on sunny’s song, Salman says sunny was way better than you, they agree. Salman says now girls will hold handpump and say “humara hindustan tha and humara rehega”(it was our India and will remain our India), Rochelle and Nora raises handpump and say the dialogue in funny manner with their accent, Salman ask Sunny who was better in sunny in house? Sunny says all ladies were nice, he greets everyone and ends call.
Salman says Ghayal once again is releasing on 15th january, he greets sunny, Sunny leaves.

Salman says we will evict one inmate today and one tomorrow. Call is connected to house, Salman says we will now tell name of inmate who is evicted, Salman says NORA IS ELIMINATED, he says i am sorry Prince, Rochelle says Nora is safe, Salman will say it now, Nora ask them to say, Salman says you will not believe till i end call, he ends call, everyone leaves Nora and Prince alone, Nora hugs Prince, Prince gives her kisses on neck, cheeks, she says i know you wil win, she comes out and says to inmates that dont fight with Prince, she leaves house, Prince is sad.
Salman signs off from show.

PRECAP- Tanisha Mukharji will talk to inmates. Tanisha is sitting in booth and inmates will come to otherside of booth and will pour their heart out to her without seeing her face. Rishab comes first, Rishab says the major mistake i did was to make two inmates dog, Tanisha says you very well know how to use your friends, Rishab feels bad. Mandana comes there and says i was all alone in this house, i kicked inmates, i was loud and abused people, she cries. Rochelle says you Tanisha that keith gives importance to his friends and their talks in house more than me thats fine but if he is trying to replace me then thats not nice. Juhi Chawla comes in house, she ask general knowledge questions. she ask national song of India? how many times world war was fought? what is name of Kareena Kapoor’s grandfather? Rishab says its Raj, you must have listened it? (Raj, naam toh suna hoga), Juhi says absolutely wrong and that too you said it with so much confidence, suyyash says Randhir Kapoor. there will be one more eviction from house.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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