Bigg Boss 9 2nd January 2016 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 9 2nd January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Weekend Special
Salman comes stage and dances, he welcomes everyone in show and wishes new year. He says Finale is just around the corner and race to finale has started, lets see.
Clip plays, Prince and Rochelle’s fight in last week is shown. How cool group is breaking, how Kishwar supported Prince over Rochelle. How Rochelle brokedown. How Nora and Prince’s relation was talked about then how Nora fought with inmates over her sitting position with Prince, how Keith got nominated for 3weeks remaining in show.

Salman says PRINCE, NORA, RISHAB, KEITH, MANDANA and SUYYASH are nominated. Salman says there will be double eviction this week, we will not tell them, they will keep thinking that we will evict one but one more will be evicted. He says inmates wait for weekend thinking

that i am some justice king. He connects video call to house, Salman says order, order like judge, he sings Happy new year for inmates, everyone claps, Salman says you people say that saturday Justice Salman will come and give you justice, all laugh, Salman says 6people are nominated, we will tell later who is going to be evicted, he says you wait for saturday to decide what is wrong and what is right, you dont have brain to decide it? anything morally incorrect is wrong thats it, you must have prepared list to discuss today, he ask whats first topic? Kishwar says Priya-Mandana’s fight, Salman ask Mandana why you feel that you have to answer me only on saturday? and not inmates? you feel they are inferior to you? Mandana says i said that if i did violence then Bigg boss will throw me out, i talked to Bigg boss too about it, Salman says Bigg boss was celebrating new year, he came in my birthday too, all laugh, Salman ask Priya to tell if it was act of aggression? Priya says it was act of aggression, she took cake and said i will throw on your face, Salman says everyone throws cake on birthday, Mandana laughs, Salman says its not funny, Priya says her attitude was not right, i could have pulled her hair clip too, i dont want become like her, Salman says her wig could have come out, you did right by not pulling her hairs, all laugh. Salman ask Mandana to not twist things and answer him, Mandana says i wanted to talk to Priya, all say she is lying, Mandana says they dont allow me to talk even, Salman says but you cant become aggressive, Mandana says Priya was irritating me from 2weeks and i have had enough of her and i got angry on her, Priya says if i am annoying for 2weeks then you are annoying from start of show, i used to feel like breaking tv when i used to see you on tv, Mandana says thats your thought, Salman ask Mandana if she does it for game? Mandana says no, Salman says then what was that? Mandana says in real life, i could avoid someone irritating me but n house, Priya is following me everywhere, Salman says a small girl irritated you, Mandana says its story of elephant and rat, Salman says i rememer Kishwar with Elephant, Kishwar ask if she has become fat? he says no one can become fat in BB house, he ask Kishwar if Mandana thinks she is not liable to answer inmates? Kishwar says she always say Salman will tell them on weekend, Suyyash says she said Salman will tell everyone on weekend, he will take class of everyone, Salman laughs, Kishwar says she has put you in problem, Priya says she doesnt listen to anyone, she puts cotton in ears when anyone tries to explain her, Salman says to Mandana that this attitude is not right, i mean it can work in Bigg boss house but not in real, you go oeverboard in things, you cross the limit which you shouldnt do it, if they are not reacting to you like you do then they are smarter than you, Mandana says i agree they have more patience than me, Priya says its not about patience, i also get angry, i cry but i dont harm anyone, its morally incorrect, Mandana says when Nora was crying, you are doing make up and smirking at her, is that your values? Priya says i was not smiling? they both argue, Salman says hats off to people listening their fights in house.
Salman says to Keith that you made one plan in whole season that was disaster too, it was to avoid Mandana, what happened to that plan? Keith says i felt bad for her later, Mandana’s problem is that she doesnt understand anything, she is not understanding now too, Mandana says i am understanding, Salman ask Mandana if she was wrong? Mandana says i accept that i did wrong, i was angry, Rochelle says when her bag was not given to her then she accepted that she did wrong, Salman says then its smart of her, Mandana says i have solo stand from start which they dont like, Keith says Mandana is very smart, she twist things nicely, Salman says smartness is very nice, crow is very smart but he is not taken as pet, Salman says you should be smart but you should be loyal too, if you are not loyal then your smartness will not work, he says to Mandana that you use people smartly but backstab them later which is not good.
Salman ask Rochelle about captaincy task, he ask if chit idea was good? she says i dont think so, Salman says to Rochelle that have you ever listened anyone saying that i have not become prime minister once so make me this time or i didnt get married so make me marry? he ask if chits not taken out for captaincy task then who they would have chosen as contenders for captaincy? Suyyash says Prince did really well in task but he cheated so i feel Rochelle and Kishwar were best in task as Priya cheated by putting oil on diamond too, Salman ask Suyyash in which team he was in? Suyyash says i was supervisor of task, Salman says then your work is done, let me talk to team mates, all laugh. Salman ask kishwar who she thinks gave best in task? Kishwar says Prince gave 100% to task and also he was goal keeper outside robbers room, Salman says but he gave away 7diamonds so it was not his best performance, Priya had put oil on diamonds which worked for you and Kishwar captured Nora at last before she could steal last diamond so i think Priya and Kishwar was best in task, Salman ask Priya why she is giving away her chances? Priya says i wanted this captaincy, inmates started saying that i had put oil so it was cheating then they said my height is less so i should handle jail, Rochelle said it, Rochelle says i never talked about height, Priya says with all these things, i thought i was not that best, i didnt see it objectively, all were nice in task and also i thought Rochelle would get chance to become captain as she never got chance, Prince says it was Priya who asked me to become goal keeper and she will handle jail, Priya says i was searching Mandana when Nora stole diamond and i caught her, Rochelle says it was Kishwar’s idea, Priya sys it was my idea too, Salman says it was Priya and Kishwar’s idea to trap Nora, Salman says Kishwar and Priya you are so much alike, Kishwar says but when i talk, blood doesnt come out of your ears, Salman says it used to come earlier, now india listens in high tone and also hindi has got broken too, they laugh, he ends call, he says let me show you what happened in house.

Clip plays, Rishab says to inmates that i touched diamonds, i felt there was oil in it but i didnt give it a thought, Nora says when you saw oil on diamonds then why you didnt tell to other team-mates? you dont think it was stupid? he says no, Nora says we lost because of you, Rishab says fine, Nora says this is not first time for you to do stupid things in task, Nora comments to Rishab that you cant learn anything, Rishab says i have learned and have improved more than you and i know what you do outside, i mean off the record, Nora says what you mean? Rishab says you said that i havent learned anything so i would want to see what you have done in life, Nora says it was your mistake to not tell team mates, Rishab says you are calling me zero? she says you are a zero, you did mistake by not telling us about oil, Rishab leaves.
Nora says to Prince that Rishab doesnt know about my life struggle, how can he say that? Prince says he says slangs for girls so dont expect anything from him, dont fight, Nora goes to talk to Rishab.
Nora comes to Rishab and says how can you say things about me? you dont know how much i struggle in world, why you are talking about it? Rishab says you started it, why did you comment about me? Priya says to Rishab that you shouldnt comment about her life, Nora shouts on Rishab that what i do outside is none of your business, dont taunt me about that, Rishab says you started to pass personal comments so i got personal too, Nora says i didnt pass any personal comment, you dont have right to comment about my dance, Rishab says even you dont have right to comment on me, next time if you say to me that i do nothing and i am zero etc then i will show you mirror, Nora says dont comment about my life cause you dont know me, Rishab says i dont know and neither i am interested in knowing you, Nora says you wont understand my struggle because you dont have brain, you havent learnt anything in this house, she leaves.
Rochelle says to Mandana that you said to Kishwar that i and Kishwar were not friends, we just spent time together? Mandana says i said you and Keith never accepted to be part of cool group, Rochelle says we accepted it infront of everyone, i told you that we were in their group but never got influenced by her, Mandana says if you dont think you are not part of cool group? Rochelle says if you think cool group is broken then its broken. Mandana says to Rochelle that you said Nora’s fight with Rishab was cool group’s thought, Rochelle says i didnt say it, i said that Nora and Rishab started fight then Nora talked to Prince so i thought Prince asked her to talk to Rishab again, Prince says i asked her to not fight, Rochelle says my point is that i saw you talking to Prince so i thought he asked you to fight with Rishab,
Mandana says you said cool group provoked Nora not Prince alone, Rochelle says you also said that Nora is new Yuvika in house, whatever happened with Yuvika in nominations, same is happening with Nora, she is reacting and fighting because she is nominated, Nora says i am like this only not because of Nominations, Priya says to Nora that now you are understanding what people think here, Nora says to Mandana that you said i am changing behavior like Yuvika. Suyyash, Keith and Rishab are seeing girls fight, Suyyash ask Keith how is he feeling? he says i am thinking that there is no one except us in this house. Nora says to Mandana and Rochelle had conversation about me because of their bad intentions.
Mandana comes in garden and says in camera that i dont want to involve in fights but if someone wants to put me in badlight so i will try too, i mean i will not try but everyone knows about Rochelle’s double standards, clip ends.

Call is connected to house, Salman says to Rochelle that we thought al love you but why didnt you get support to become captain? Rochelle says because i was competing against Prince and i cant talk much about Nora, Salman says then sing it, he sings alongwith Rochelle for Nora, all laugh, Rochelle says i know punjabi song, she gins punjabi song, all clap for her, Salman says you all are making her learn songs but not giving her votes, Rochelle says i thought they will support, they are attached with me but now i realized that it wasnt the case, Salman says Rochelle expected little too much from Kishwar, Suyyash and Prince and when they didnt support her, she brokedown in tears, Priya agrees and says i told her to not be surprised, Salman says its clear Rochell thought that Kishwar will ask Prince to leave captaincy for Rochelle, Rochelle says i will play alone now, Salman says dont expect from others, Rochelle says just because we are in this house, everyone cuts emotion just to be in game, suppose i am viewer and if i see Prince losing a task for his friend then i dont find anything wrong it, there is emotional connect in that and viewer will love them more for this showing this affection to other inmate, they will tell others that my favorite is nice hearted person, Salman says they dont have this thinking, Kishwar says its not easy to be in my position. Salman ask Suyyash why he think Prince has changed? Suyyash says because he said that dont tell me what i have to do, Kishwar says he is not spending time with me but with Nora, so i feel he is changed, Salman says why you think so Suyyash says he cant show stars to Kishwar like Nora, all laugh, Salman says to Nora that you said all are feeling threat about you spending time with Prince? Nora says Priya told me that all are saying in house that i am spoiling Prince’s game and my behavior is changed after nominations, i listened this that whole house was talking like this, Rishab says i was not in that conversation, i didnt b*t*h about her, nora says yes, he was not, Rishab says as i am not interested in that, Nora says thank you, all laugh, Nora says i felt really bad when whole house talked about me like this, audience will think that i am spoiling Prince’s game which i never want, Kishwar says we are not insecure about Nora, i told Prince that Nora can be faking her liking towards Prince too, Nora says why did you say that? Kishwar says i was talking to Prince, Salman says Nora can answer this, he says to Nora that tell us if you are playing game or really like Prince? or you started liking Prince before going in house? Nora says i joked that i like Prince before going in house, but then i connected well with Prince, Salman says what about Yuvika? Prince says i liked Yuvika but it was one-sided, she said that this cant happen, i told her we will remain friends, Salman says if Nora gets eliminated now and some other girl come in house then? all laugh, Prince says this time its from both ends, Salman says what if someone better than Nora comes? Prince laughs, Salman ends call.

Salman says Sunny Deol is coming here. Sunny comes there, he hugs Salman, Salman says he is super shy person, sunny smiles, Salman says he is here to promote his film Ghayal once again, Salman says i liked Ghayal, Sunny says everyone has seen Ghayal and now i am taking story forward with Ghayal once again, Salman says lets have some fun with Sunny. A wheel is brought there, there are four categories in it “action, dance, romance and drama”, Sunny says dont stop at dance, Salma moves wheel and it stops at dance only, Salman laughs. Sunny and Salman dance on Pandey ji seeti. Salman moves wheel again and its drama, Salman says you will say my dialogue and i will say your dialogues. Salman says his move dialogues, he says Salman’s move dialogues. then he moves wheel and its action this time, Salman and sunny shouts like angry man.

Salman connects call to house, he says time to introduce next wildcard, sunny deol comes on screen, Prince whistles for him and says you are most loved in Punjab, Salman says he has come who is sunny of house, i mean Sunny leone of house, all laugh. Salman ask Mandana and Rochelle to repeat Sunny’s dialogues, Sunny says “tarekh pe tarekh pe tarekh mila but insaf nai mila”(got dates after dates but not justice). Mandana repeats it and goofs up saying it, then Rochelle says it but in twisted words as “got dates after dates and got justice but not dates”, all laugh and bow down to Rochelle to twist it like that, Salman says now Priya and Kishwar will come, he ask Mandana to sit down, she sits, Kishwar and Priya dances on sunny’s song, Salman says sunny was way better than you, they agree. Salman says now girls will hold handpump and say “humara hindustan tha and humara rehega”(it was our India and will remain our India), Rochelle and Nora raises handpump and say the dialogue in funny manner with their accent, Salman ask Sunny who was better in sunny in house? Sunny says all ladies were nice, he greets everyone and ends call.
Salman says Ghayal once again is releasing on 15th january, he greets sunny, Sunny leaves.

Salman says we will evict one inmate today and one tomorrow. Call is connected to house, Salman says we will now tell name of inmate who is evicted, Salman says NORA IS ELIMINATED, he says i am sorry Prince, Rochelle says Nora is safe, Salman will say it now, Nora ask them to say, Salman says you will not believe till i end call, he ends call, everyone leaves Nora and Prince alone, Nora hugs Prince, Prince gives her kisses on neck, cheeks, she says i know you wil win, she comes out and says to inmates that dont fight with Prince, she leaves house, Prince is sad.
Salman signs off from show.

PRECAP- Tanisha Mukharji will talk to inmates. Tanisha is sitting in booth and inmates will come to otherside of booth and will pour their heart out to her without seeing her face. Rishab comes first, Rishab says the major mistake i did was to make two inmates dog, Tanisha says you very well know how to use your friends, Rishab feels bad. Mandana comes there and says i was all alone in this house, i kicked inmates, i was loud and abused people, she cries. Rochelle says you Tanisha that keith gives importance to his friends and their talks in house more than me thats fine but if he is trying to replace me then thats not nice. Juhi Chawla comes in house, she ask general knowledge questions. she ask national song of India? how many times world war was fought? what is name of Kareena Kapoor’s grandfather? Rishab says its Raj, you must have listened it? (Raj, naam toh suna hoga), Juhi says absolutely wrong and that too you said it with so much confidence, suyyash says Randhir Kapoor. there will be one more eviction from house.

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. akt

    i am happy to know that nora is eleminated ortherwise we would not see prince actual game so lets start prince….

    • Was so happy too but I hope she will be able to face the public backslash. It will be great for her if they continue the relationship after BB9 (IF THEY ARE BOTH NOT FAKING IT)

      • akt

        but i don’t understand thing why salman said that to rocell do’t accept from kiswer…prince has played his game but salman did’t congate him for that…salman is biased towards mandana and rocelll..but they are not going to win ..

      • Pooja

        ‘sala man’ … never supported to cool group…
        he is always biased to mandana, today also not enough screwing to mandana

  2. Rahul

    Noraโ€™s eviction was done on basis of Votes,while Next eviction will happen on basis of content soon (sources)

  3. Anjana

    I’m also happy to know that Nora is eliminated not to watch Prince’s game but just cause she was really irritating!! Hope Priya is eliminated tomorrow ๐Ÿ˜›
    Rishab and Mandy all the way!!!

  4. Sireously after murder task…. Today rochell make me lol???????…that time mandy too?โ˜บโ˜บ…I really enjoyed when sunny was there… Bt not get satisfied by Salman…. ?

  5. Hi guys harshal,neeru,ritika,siva,freak,manual,santu,tedd & every1.i was missing commenting here so i am back..
    Abt epi,so happy nora is eliminated.u called my rish zero?nw u better knw who is zero.karma baby.
    Kish & mandy-2 strongest females of the house.sometimes i love them & sometimes i hate them.but they make the show entertaining.
    Keith-talks sense.but rochelle is making him luk more weak.he is nt able to tell roch tht she is wrong.
    Suyash-its time to go home.he is gud human being.but if u think u r weak.why would others consider u strong?
    Prince-gud tht nora is gone nw the real game starts.
    Priya-she is right most of the time but she is irritating most of the time.
    Roch-most selfish girl.but she should be given a chance to became a captain once.
    “Rishabh”-yesterday we love rishabh was trending in India at no.2 with 40000 tweets.happy happy.seriously i love u rishabh.

    • [email protected];)

      She s back…:-D wid a bang
      Happy new year anu r(ishabh) ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • harshal(PHFFAN)

      Hey anu, its so good to see you back here ๐Ÿ™‚
      and yeah, don’t take people bashing here much to the heart. Its a game, some people will like whom you support(rishabh), some won’t and will hate him. So, no need to feel bad about anything. If things go way too personal, ignore those people.

  6. raj

    salman is always biased towards mandy and roccele..

    last week jab mandy ne captaincy choda to salman bola ki agar is point pe aake agar aap imunity loss karte ho to aap bewkuf ho but jab
    prince ne captaincy nhi choda to bola ki don’t expect from prince and kish

    kya double standerd hai …par salman ko kya pata wo chahe jo kar le..jitenge to prince or kish hi kyuki hum hai na yaha unhe winner banane ke liye..

    • akt

      @raj. i also don’t understang because prince and kish are playing teir game and orther are involve in doing or ohther thing i don’t understand why rocell is fear from nomination that much she is directly saying that don’t nominate me …but slman is seeing prince and kis fault only wht is this,
      i want to say one thing u r loosing ur actual fan because of this behavior

    • Pooja

      salman didnt look so serious during scolding her.
      salman didnt screw mandy up to the mark, becoz he is saving screwing for future (after show).

      • [email protected];)

        Lol..;-D pooja…

  7. Wht is mean by on the basis of content?at this stage they cant evict some1 by any basis other thn voting.this is really unfair if they do it was unfair to diggi also.nw they cant do it again

  8. Very happy that Salman schooled Mandana and Mandy this will make you even a much better person. Even at this some people will still say that Mandana is favoured by Salman.

    Lets face it, in any production house and on any reality TV(kindly put yourself in the position of the producer in order to understand), the people who get the show more views will be the subject of discussion. And the subject of discussion will be based on an action or actions within the period of analysis by the host.(as directed by the producer).

    In my humble view those that deserve mention this week (as result of their actions which set tongues wagging are
    1.Prince (because of kisses or relationship with Nora),
    2. Mandana (because of fight with Priya),
    3. Rochelle (due to her tantrums this week and argument with Kish)
    4. Rishab (issue with Priya and Nora).

    Therefore i find it really hard to accept when people expect producers to support contestant only because they are Indians. Lets be frank, if Mandy was an Indian, I am sure some of viewers perception about her will be more of appreciation as in the the case of Kish.

  9. yes salman ne Roch ko prince par bash karne ke baare mein kuch bhi nahi kaha.assa lagg raha tha ki he was trying to support her or agger USS waqt prince ki jagah mandana hoti to WO zarur react karte

  10. shruthi

    Noora ko jaagada kar ne ke liye ek reason chaayiye bus shru hogathi thi.. abb im glad no more noara.. personal comment khud marthi thi lekin inzam doorse par laagathi thi.. now get lost………….

    • Doink

      It was rishab’s fault ,he first commented her that she got 0 IQ and also tried commenting on her work and what she did off camera….she fought for her self respect …rishab is pig.

      • harshal(PHFFAN)

        self respect? ๐Ÿ˜› nora’s self respect?
        btw doink, i think the topic began when nora tried to interfere in rishabh’s explaination and kept on repeatedly calling him stupid. I mean anyone can get angry after that. But then she said that you can learn nothing in life as you are stupid and that’s where the fight began.

      • Doink

        Harshal watch again.
        Nora said we lost coz of you then rishabh said your iq is zero then..your zero ,your zero…..then rishabh said i’ll do better in industry than you then nora said i’ll do better ..rishabh then said you do many things off record…then nora lifted whole house on her head ๐Ÿ™

      • harshal(PHFFAN)

        doink, that’s what i said naa, before that IQ comment, nora was like, rishabh, you are stupid, we lost due to you. to that, rishabh made that IQ statement. Nora replied i have some iq, you don’t have any as you are stupid . It was ok until this point too, but then nora said that rishabh can learn nothing in his life and then that personal comment and the big drama……
        i agree rishabh was bit wrong with that career statement, but you can’t just say nora is innocent. she started it saying rishabh is stupid, he was bound to reply and defend himself

      • Doink

        Nora said bitter truth that task was lost cuz of him..he had to digest it..btw rishabh was the first to creep into personal life of nora ie- talks about industry! If not digest it, atleast not vomit personal life issues. ๐Ÿ™

      • Doink

        So Nora did mistake that day by going into mandana’s personal is rishabh’s mistake, that’s what itz all about.

      • harshal(PHFFAN)

        now on that i agree ๐Ÿ™‚ … Rishabh was the first person to go personal in this case, very true. he should not have done that.
        even nora saying that bitter truth to him is correct. But if nora had done the same thing without constantly calling him stupid, she would have been right in this case with zero fault. but her constantly calling rishabh stupid is what irked him and in anger, he went personal on her, so she is at fault too

      • harshal(PHFFAN)

        doink, ohh wait! i think you got me wrong. I am not saying that rishabh didn’t do any mistake there, he did the mistake of going personal.
        my point is that nora is not the innocent one as she started the fight with that “Stupid” word used she is at fault too. Then rishabh went personal and took it(fight) to the next level.

      • Doink

        @harshal what you expect someone to say in response to zero iq ..stupid is the word..and mark my words ‘stupid’ came after 0 iq thing..

      • harshal(PHFFAN)

        ok, that i will have to check the episode again then, because i think stupid came first, and you are saying iq thing came first

  11. Jonwick

    As usual salman unfair once again,while discussing mandana’s matter he never looked serious .He kept jesting and simultaneously discussing the matter due which priya looked dismayed too but cunningly ignored the matter dodging on to next one.He never scolded mandana,I can bet on this & same he did previous week on that racism issue.

    He keeps on finding flaws in prince who doesn’t give him chance still he hunts him somewhere.I never saw him praising prince uptill now but for mandana yet again inspite of rebuking her admirations were full on ” Ek Mandana aap sab pe bhari hai”.
    But for prince all housmates agreed that prince was best in task but salman kept contradicting and proving the reverse.Previous week he said prince is not wise enough to place bets and got only one out of three right.I don’t know why he exaggerates prince’s matters and forgets mandanas voilence outrightly rather praises her at zenith levels.

    • harshal(PHFFAN)

      ok jonwick, if even now you are saying he didn’t scold mandy, i have got to say i can’t reason with you. You have fixed your mind with one thought, salman is biased for mandana, and you are just ignoring every other logic according to me, sorry to say that.
      about your comment that prince was best in the task, even i agree i found it weird, but not because prince was best in task(as per me, he was 2nd best, for me best was kishwer as she didn’t break any rules, was constantly on guard, prince was just protecting the room throw, a bit easy task as per me. kish was guarding chors, searching them, putting them in jail and even that nora arrest was her idea, not priya’s). my objection was why priya is best in the task, that’s what i didn’t get. she broke rules(oil thing), did nothing but stood guard on jail, searched somewhat, but not much and yes, nora arrest was not her idea. that’s bulls*it. it was kish idea all along. priya was lying just as she lied about that height thing that prince and roch said to her(which was so false claim). Now, if you say that salman did it for favour to priya, i can agree to that. but if you say that it was favour for mandy, i would just do a facepalm. where does mandy even come out in this equation? the discussion is about kish, priya, prince and roch.
      if you are saying this as mandy and prince are two fan favourites and salman pointing mistakes of prince means he is biased for mandy, i can say the exact opposite too.

      • Doink

        Harshal scolding is done being angry like it was in the case of suyash intimidating mandy.Seriously did you see even a trace of that.Well,i didn’t get to see that in two weeks,first ‘racism’ issue then now ‘physical blitz’ issue.Why don’t you confess that it’s formality.Don’t believe me?conduct votes then..but truth is truth!

      • harshal(PHFFAN)

        Doink, scolding can be done in many ways buddy. being angry while scolding is not the only way.
        today salman indirectly called her crow who no one will pet, he said her that you cross the line and become aggressive which is not good in real life, he even said that if you have such attitude in real life, its not good at all. at one point he even said that all other contestants are smarter than you. it was 15 minutes long scolding and you say he didn’t scold her? really?

      • akt

        harshal..i am new in this site..but i want to say that i always like ur comment because i thicnk u r not biased towards anyone u like mandana but sometime u said wrong about mandana too..when se was wrong ..but one thing i want to know whatever salman said to rocell for encresing her was right or wrong because if same thing will done by orther enmate he must scold him for playing game …what was that

      • Jonwick

        @harshal agree that he scolded but not enough as doink pointed out,didn’t see that seriousness and intensity that i should see after two such back to back major issues.Prince’s fans are annoyed ..
        there must be some reason behind it.
        You also know he keeps finding flaws only in prince..did he ever say he ever say prince is valiant enough to win all tasks..never!! Ok he said few words in almost silent tone to mandana ..agree! but at same time also praised her (above mentioned) & remember when there is smoke, there is fire too somewhere!

      • harshal(PHFFAN)

        jonwick, just for the sake of my curiosity, tell me what more could salman have said to mandy…
        akt, first of all thanks for the compliment ๐Ÿ™‚ … now didn’t get your comment exactly, but am assuming you want to say what salman said to roch about not expecting much and you feel by that he means that trio should have given up for rochelle when salman himself earlier scolds people for giving up. But as per me, that was not salman’s point, he definitely didn’t want prince and co to give up for roch.
        See, if the case would be that salman would have started scolding kish, prince and suyyash that why they didn’t support rochelle, that would be outrightly wrong. here what salman did, he just told roch, your mistake was that you expected too much(which is kinda true and i think we all can agree on that. how could she even expect that kish and co would chose her over prince). when roch brought that small girl thing(emotional blackmailing, hated that about her), salman just said that they didn’t feel that way, what can you do.
        We all know salman hates group play and supports individual game playing. hence, you will always see some minor backlash from him when the group thing mentality comes into question and that’s why we see him getting rude sometimes to their group playing way. remember he had even scolded rish, giz and mandy 2 weeks back saying that even they were looking like a group now to the indian audience, with priya the only individual player(that 6-3-1 comment). to be honest, even i am like that. I hate group playing by these inmates, it feels so partial on other inmates as that way, those group members just support each other, and outside group individual players suffer and that’s one of my major reasons to support mandy(individual player)…

      • Jonwick

        lol @harshal you wasted time talking about rochelle,i never talked about rochelle but you wrote 10,000 words on rochelle.I have no issues in salman reprimanding rochelle..there he was fair! but you badly deviated from original again! ๐Ÿ™‚

      • harshal(PHFFAN)

        jonwick, o.O that rochelle thing was reply to “AKT” guy as i mentioned in the comment

    • Maxx

      @ harshal i wanna ask you why salman didn’t comment about rishabh’s folly due to which they lost task,why no comment about Nora’s splendid job,why no comment about rishabh throwing keys out and being physical with priya,why only that prince didn’t get along that well each week .Sorry but i fully agree to jonwick.

      • harshal(PHFFAN)

        maxx, ok…………
        1) didn’t praise nora and prince for their task: if chor would have won, am sure he would have praised nora. they lost, hence, praising falls onto the police group. now,its his personal view that he felt priya and kish were best for what they did, even i don’t agree to him as i said in earlier comment way above. but how does that matter? since when did fans need salman’s praise to vote for their favourites.
        2) didn’t shout on rishabh for getting physical: I think time constraint played a huge role there. the matter was not brought up and went unnoticed. Infact we mandy fans can be angry on this too, as rishabh was violent with priya and even that looked as bad as mandy’s violence(with the only exception of throwing something).
        3) didn’t shout on rishabh throwing keys: did he shout on prince for switching diamonds? so, how you expect that rishabh should have been shouted at?

      • Maxx

        @Harshal ..Tell me one thing ..why prince is given maximum footage on weekends without any admiration instead only mistakes and weaknesses being pointed out.Tell me a single weekend in 12 weekends when salman admired prince.No! Never!
        Or tell me any weekend when salman didn’t praise mandana atleast once..again —>never!

      • harshal(PHFFAN)

        maxx, why do you need praising from salman khan? I don’t get it.

        If salman doesn’t praise mandy, we fans won’t stop voting for her, we will still vote for her as we like her. similar way, if salman doesn’t praise prince, prince fans won’t stop voting for him as you like him. so how does it matter anyway?

        Salman has hated group mentality since beginning and criticizes that whenever he has the chance. That’s why prince was earlier getting scoldings. recently, he isn’t getting scolded that much as per my knowledge. 1-2 leg pulling thing(romance issues) is done, which is taken in sporting and fun way.

        about mandana praises, she is praised only for 2 things by salman(none other)
        1) how the whole house revolves around her and she has caught everyone’s attention(which is true)
        2) she plays individually(something that salman likes in every individual contestants)
        but, 1-2 leg pulling thing is done for her too(bore kar rahi ho, hindi samaj nahi aata), which is also taken sportingly…

      • Maxx

        @harshal you’ve affirmed that somewhere and somehow salman is partial.
        Now what impact does this have one voters?
        Look many voters don’t have strong opinion,many are blind followers of salman(they will even cut their throat if he says) and many watch only weekend
        episodes as summary (office men).With such fan following ,it does impact the votes!

      • harshal(PHFFAN)

        Now you made the point, so basically you are sad that salman doesn’t praise prince and that’s why those blind fans and office men are not voting for prince.
        But now if you say that those people are voting for mandy due to that, that’s just foolish. salman makes her look like a fool many times too(almost every week). in last 2 weeks, she has got the scolding she deserves too, and after that, they are not going to vote for her if we go by your logic that they just follow salman.
        If anything, they will follow priya now, given how salman is seen praising her and promoting her in recent weeks. So now, you will understand their impact. and let me tell you , its a minority section in voting, hence they don’t impact much in the final results. proofs…..
        1) salman praised giz 2 weeks ago to fullest. next week(i.e. last week), she is eliminated.
        2) salman is going about strongly regarding priya, not criticizing her, but praising her instead. But, if she is in nomination next week, she is out for sure.
        3) salman criticized rimi to the fullest every week, but she kept on surviving for so long. reason- her fan base.

        Moral: If you have confidence in your fan base, you don’t need support from salman or anyone else for winning and if you don’t have fan base, no matter how much salman supports you, you are doomed.

        Also,a big request, please, this is just a game, don’t take it so seriously to heart. Its for entertainment only…..

    • Jonwick I’m glad you’ve agreed that some scolding was done. I agree with Harshal that there are easy of scolding.

      Jonwick would you say that Salman is also biased towards Rishab because he didn’t scold him for how he behaved with Priya during the chore task? I would be very happy if you could remember the day he scolded Rishab for making Kish a dog because his expression was also with smiles.

      The point I’m trying to make is you scold when the person is wrong with different approaches. In some cases some contestants apologised so the scolding will not be that serious but in other situations some contestants don’t apologise and still think they are right and that’s when approach will probably need to be serious. And to be frank with you supporters should not be too upset because the scoldings are to make them better people as well as give them an opportunity to clear themselves.

      • Jonwick

        Tracy 0.000007 is almost equal to zero.Earlier i rounded of that no scolding was done then i talked practically that 0.000007 grams of scolding was done
        RESULT: Error in scolding

    • Avani

      I will agree with harshal what salman did was a type of scolding but I would have enjoyed more if he had grilled Mandy like he generally does when he finds something quite wrong. Thank god he told Roch that she was being stupid and naive.

      I don’t understand why he can’t praise Prince, may be due to some prejudice. He said prince gave away 7 diamonds but wasn’t it a team work to stop thieves. Why blame only prince for it. But I think kish was good in task.

      • Avani Salman was not blaming Prince for anything but was telling them that they should try and be objective and choose who performed well in tasks especially as it was getting close to finale.

      • Jonwick

        Yups,@avani definately a kind of scolding but very useless kind (grade-d) kind of scolding..u r right he finds new techniques and ways to f*ck prince each weekend ,even if he burps ..this guy got problems with say agree with harshal but actually you agreed to my points ๐Ÿ˜€

    • On the issue of seriousness
      1. Mandy’s kick case with Kish. As already discussed at length Kish had a good point but ended up destroying her case by walking out on BB.
      1a. Lets take a scenario where student A has been wronged by student B and then student A although having a good case appears before the headmaster and disrespects the headmaster. What is the likely reaction? Definitely student A would not be congratulated by headmaster but would take measures which would be fair considering the disrespect meted out to him, the headmaster. Although if student A had handled the situation calmly she would have been redeemed at the end of it all.
      1b. Prince is a strong contender and I think a lot was expected from him. But instead of Prince and Suyash advising Kish to calm down and take the matter up later with BB (as would have been done if it was Keith n Rochelle). These young men just jumped behind her.

      2. On the issue of Suyash and Mandy case. We all witnessed that she did not kick her but only brushed her when she tried to break free. Even if that’s not the case, Kishwer retaliated by seriously pushing Mandy which is accepted because she was angry. That should settle the matter between the two ladies.
      2a. After Kish pushing Mandy what was the need for Suyash, who was not even there when it happened but witnessed Kish’s push to go and warn Mandy (Suyash being reasonable should have talked it out with Mandy and Kish – This Keith would have done). It was not needed. Salman’s scolding was that even if Suyash didn’t see Kish’s push kiss should have told him she settled the issue with Mandy instead of making her boyfriend look bad.
      2b. what would have happened if Mandy also had her boyfriend in the house at the time of Suyash’s threat. I don’t think he would have taken it sitting down. Lesson is don’t threaten a girl over girls fight that you would deal with her outside house. Was Suyash not thinking of how Mandy’s boyfriend will also deal with him outside? In any case Salman actually saved Suyash from any future legal blames should anything happen to Mandy by drawing his attention to the threat (although most people didnt get it. Legally the first person the police will look for will be Suyash as he had boldly threaten on TV and witnessed by all.)

      3. On the issue of racism the way Salman scolded Mandy was the same way he scolded Mandy. you can go back and watch the clips. so no partiality.

      • The last point
        4. When contestants have apologised to each other Salman doesn’t make a mountain out of such molehills. Its mostly when the matter is swept under the carpet and ignored by contestants that he draws their attention to it that they should have known that it was wrong.

      • In all these Prince was not showing his individuality much although he is very strong contender considering he has won other reality shows. He should try to be more individualistic and not be scared because seriously he doesn’t need anyones support. he can stand on his own. Salman has tried several times to tell him that and his sister has also told him.

    • Jonwick

      @Tracy i’m going to keep really simple and answer point by point:
      1.For ‘kick’ case all salman was emphatic about was why did you walk off and why did you leave the mike? He rebuked prince and suyyash why you quitted along with kish but never reprimanded mandy for kick.One who does FIR got imprisoned and culprit enjoyed the cake outrightly.
      2.Suyyash case,the way he intimidated mandana ,it was fair how he was bashed but unfair as mandana did every crime but never got rebuked in that manner .Even rishabh intimidated mandana but never got rebuked even 1%.When it comes to trio he acts as stealth against them.
      3.What does it mean that she’s always rebuked in same manner,i mean thats what i’m saying salman is always lenient against her.Even ask priya who is despondent since 2 weeks that mandy didn’t get the bashing that she deserved.
      4.Who says prince doesn’t play individually ,see the task he wins tasks single handedly and who says mandy always play individually ,firstly she is 0 in tasks,she also was possesive about her group after balloon task (GMR
      group) was that individuality.She only plays individually when she outrages everything and no one supports her( KRK also played individually like mandy but was bashed badly whole season)
      So ,i refute certain things which i’ve explained

      • Points noted but Jonwick have you hear of the saying that “whom the father loves he rebukes most”. So you never know!

        I think Salman expects a lot from Prince.

  12. raj

    shurthi.. kisi ko ye kahna ki tumne is show me kuch nhi sikha personal comment nhi magar ye kehna ki mujhe pata hai ki tu outside kya karti ho off the record personal hai ..

    kisi ko itna blindly mat follow kare ki uski ek bhi galti dikhai hi na de

  13. raj

    Well said jhonwivk…

    salman is biased from start of the show …

    even every housemat think Prince is strongest competitor for them..but salman always say mandana tum akele hi sab pe bhari ho..

      • akt

        i just do’t like mandana and salman also said to mandana u are not having loyality for housemate

  14. Shubham

    Prince….you will win the show… Bro..just
    Hope u keep on your relationship with Nora even after the show you look great together….. Love you Prince

  15. akt

    are yar mujhe lagta h salman khan ko trofy dena ho to o rocell ya mandana ko directly de de… or i think he will do that..but if it happen then its completely unfair..prince ko jitna chahie

  16. Happy new year harshal.u r best sanchalak of tellyupdates.agar rishabh finale me nhi hoga to i wil vote for mandy for u.happy new year freak.’anu r(ishabh)’superb idea.btw who is ur fav?by the way guys suyash is evicted.

    • harshal(PHFFAN)

      hehe, thanks anu, like what you did with the “r” in your surname ๐Ÿ˜‰
      I will also vote for rishabh/prince(depends on next week performances) if mandy goes out before finale, chances of that are low though. 4th consecutive week she is top vote gainer, and that too with prince as opponent this week ๐Ÿ˜€

  17. Pri

    I feel that Prince and Mandana will definitely reach the finale. But rumor is that the winner is already decided (Mandana). Not sure if it is true, but that will be very unfair because our votes would not count. I think either Suyyash or Rishabh might leave tomorrow. Lets see

  18. piku

    whole season Salman was biased towards Mandy……remember that sitting task where Mandy kicked kishwer n Then suyyash n prince aggresion..over Mandy on that sat Salman scolded prince n suyyash n said nothing to Mandy n thus historyrepeated Salman today also done the Same…. really over with that Mandy such a fake girl Salman ke Samne.Kuch Aur peechekuch ….kishwer n prince r the real people seriously…. hope so one of them will win the show

  19. oni

    na mandy or na prince..mere liye toh rishab hi rishab…coll group specially kish and prince majak banate rehte he uska kuch v bole ya kare toh fir v usse koi fark nahi parta….vote for rishab…..

    • raj

      Koi uska joke nhi banat…

      qo khud joke hai

      even splitsvilla me bhi use ssb jungleee keh ke bulate the agar believe na ho to Wikipedia page pe dekh lo

  20. Prince has kissed every girl in the house several times for no rhyme or reason .. He is just waiting for a chance.. Sick…
    The way he was kissing Nora when she left was like … God knows when I get an opportunity again. Let me make the most of it today…

  21. oni

    na to nomination se darta he or har bar nominate hone par v save hota aaya he,,kisi k sath fake relation nahi banata,,koi kuch bole to ussi k andas me jawab deta he joh ki mujhe pasad he…

    • Pooja

      rishab is deserving contender to win but not mandana, she was not part of any group becoz she has always used and thrown her friends, as she is herself a use and throw material…….

    • Pooja

      Mandan the Biggest b*t*h across all Bigg Boss seasons is finally going to be screwed by salman….

  22. Sanju

    Salman was not baised towards her .let me if mandana kicks kishwar she got nominated .not only that mandana just jerks kishwar but kishwar kept irritating with her hair even pushed her but mandana simply stayed bec even though she told to big boss that kishwar pushed me& all .no one will support her but in the same way suyyash threatened mandana badly even though his girlfriend have mistake .since Keith returns Rochelle expected to be with cool group to be safe in nominations leaving mandana aside .even mandana is all alone in house her point of view is that she can’t made friends but not to irritate her .all contestants in house hate her but can’t ignore her .even salman told 100times to ignore her but none can do that .AL targeting her only which means they thinks she is strong or either her no friendship tag.but when comes in Priya matter ..Priya is the one used Rochelle point to give irritations to mandana& to be good with cool group to get safe in nominations .but whatever she succeeded provoking & making her wrong all the way .but to prince he never get scolded by salman any time .but this week salman gets irritated with prince moves in Nora status thatsy today episode salman was not happy with their games .whatever prince fans won’t understand reality or reel .I don’t like prince at all clearly indeed Keith is better & rishab .in male contestant Keith or rishab k but rishab is bit rude when comes in talks & confused in tasks & also his friendship with Priya makes him weak also .rishab supported mandana bec she is playing alone & can be with her but after gizelle entry .Priya & gizelle played cards well .whatever whoever evicting from show or ex contestants are liking mandana only ..bec everybody it was not power couple or spiltsvilla or roadies etc after all it was big boss .most annoying person is Priya .and most thariki & chutiya is Prince .this guy done good in tasks but in murderytask it proven prince got chance.prince was not good in chor task .bec if he was good then he may not allowed 7diamonds with one diamond left .they got chance to win this task even though they done cheating .so peoples if you want to vote plz vote for mandana & rishab .these two are perfect to win the show .don’t tel others baised or something .between salman & housemates what is going that only going between our fans so plz understand if prince is winner then it was fixed ..if either mandana or rishab wins then it was choice of people made & their personality made k …

    • Pooja

      i think u started watching today, go and watch all weekend episodes then observe if salman was biased toward mandana ‘kamini’ or not

      if mandana wins then it would be definately fixed, as it was seen from beginning of the show, bb and salman being biased to her

      if rishab or prince wins then it was choice of people

    • Shanaya

      Sanju …i strongly agree with u… i also agree that most derserving bb9 winners will be either mandana or rishab

  23. santu

    I have only one doubt.. salman told mandana that Watever she is doin now her behaviour is good for show but not in real life.. wtf.. so he and bb team accepts that bb runs on fights? Fights arguments shouting are things that carry bb TRP? Indirectly he thinks or want to prove that viewers like bb if ther is fighting.. and indirectly points out that viewers like to see shouting fighting etc… then u r wrong bb team and salman.. very very wrong way of getting TRP. . I hope bb team comes out of this illusion and kickbout contestants based on votes but not on the basis of which contestant is making his or her mark even with a behaviour which is not good in real life..
    Just one example.. one producer accepted that people want to see s*xy girls in short skirts and half nude on hidden camera by a news channel .. it became viral on you tube . Once wen he was outside among public, he was beaten by public like anything. . Baki samajh lena bb walon..

  24. Sanju

    Kishwar will depend on prince or prince will depend on kishwar .bec they done biggest mistake not allowing to give chance to Rochelle .their game is open up so Rochelle& Keith will be one side .remaining mandana alone .Priya try to make other weak &provoke them % prove them wrong will play victim after all she was producer& director& actor& actress .rishab hope he didn’t try to get we’ll along with prince otherwise his game will spoil ..

  25. Kish should win bb9, she is mr dependabl dan prince..he had admitted dat he made mistake by making kish his kish nvr said dat..evn aftr prince said it again n again..i thnk only real prsn is kish..bcz whtvr she says says in front..nt lyk prince who has followd kish since nw he is using da kish is nt playing game wid prince..if she would hv she nvr concrnd for him ovr nora..datz simpl..guyzz..why dnt u see it?? Da only grl is dsrv to win is kish..vry honest..whtvr bb9 alwyz shows her mandana da b*t*h nvr going to win..
    Kish dsnt hv so mch fans..bcz all lyf she entertaind ppl wid villain charactr..datz why ppl thnk dat she is actually a villain..nd dnt lyk hr..
    Bt she is at heart..we hv all seen being justified..ppl votefr kish..she has chngd fr bttr..nt fr game lyk prince…make ur brain work..
    Vote fr kishhhh..she will b winnr in shaa ALLAH

  26. Kish is da real hero of bb9 she frgave rishabh fr making her dog..dis is india girls r given too da blo*dy rish did dat..evn he nvr said sorry..he think kish playing game..i she is..wht he is doing now???????? Nt plyng game really???
    It ws kish who ws sweet dat she frgv him nt supprtd rish fr his only captaincy??? I thnk rish fans didnt frgt dat..ri88??
    Prince he had playd only follwing kish..he ws nvr on his own..true..nvr..he is using kish..bechari kish is nt undrstnding dat..truely one women army she iss..mch strng dan 10 boys alike prine..
    Kish wins our heart..she will win bb9 too

    • Adira your previous comment had some valid points but I’m afraid I can’t agree with you on the issue of Rishab. As much as girls are respected in India, it is also not correct to disrespect guest by spitting in their drinks. She also never said sorry to Rishab so why did you expect Rishab to say sorry to her. Although it would have been lovely if they all had apologised to each other without Salman even raising it. Even at that Kish didn’t think it was wrong.

      All the same, all have made mistakes in the past and that should be forgotten and forgiven. Lets look to the present and see how they play their games. (they are humans and bound to make mistakes.)

  27. Ritika

    Salman is not in favour of mandana and knows that she cn use and bkstab people. Then why is he so lenient and encouraging with mandana (even scolds in a way that he gives the message, but doesn’t really discourage her to change her ways or game)? That’s becoz mandana is a ‘trp’ jackpot for this useless season of big boss. She is confused, mad and unpredictable yet, can twist things. That is why required to keep the show going.

    She may do 100 things for publicity outside but maintained her dignity inspite of her wierd dramas which means shez intelligent and shrewd.

    Even if she doesn’t win, she is needed for this season of big boss and that’s why deserves to b in final.

  28. Ritika

    It was understood that suyash wl b evicted next as he was nominated inspite of being captain. Few decisions hv to b taken based on practicality (trp/ who is generating money)!

    Suyash and keith are much better than any of the housemates but cnt win a show like bb. It’s sad but it’s true…!

    Rishabh is fine and i liked him alot when he entered. But hez v.confused and quite detatched. Prince follows other’s mind too much and always wants some1 to stick to- be it kishwar or nora, whatevr the relation. Doesn’t have the tendency to walk alone strongly. And gets manipulated v.easily. Thinks hez but v.gullible

    Only person who has shown a tremendous positive change yet remained same, walked alone, mad-aggressive, another ‘trp’ requirement is Kishwar. She deserves to win. Either she or mandana. I would hv wanted people like keith, suyash or rishabh (if he tones down a bit that madness & moodiness) to win but content is the king in shows like big boss.

  29. Ritika

    Anu r: Welcome bk dear. A v.happy new year. And i really hope your rishabh reaches the final week. ๐Ÿ™‚ He has to be proactive for that and not aloof/moody like he generally is. But with a fan like u, hope he keeps your hopes high ๐Ÿ™‚

  30. Ritika

    Sanju, lol one of the producers of bb said somethng and was beaten up by public?! Hillarious! …kuch bhi fake…just to prove your point. Lol Chill dude!

    • santu

      First of it is santu..
      Second thing I accidentally saw ur msg here.. Pl reply to the respective msg so that the person who u r replying can see..
      Thirdly main point.. I dint say it’s bb producer. . I am sorry if my msg gave u that meaning.. it was kannada movie producer director. . I was just giving an example..

      • Ritika

        Santu, relax. Firstly, It’s more convenient for me to reply this way only when i am using my laptop. Otherwise i would reply the way i did earlier if i am doing it via phone. If that’s a problem 4 u, then it’s ur prob, cnt help it! I wl do it the way convenient to me

        Second, your comment was in a flow about particularly big boss so it seemed ambiguous and unclear. If suddenly out of nowhere, u gv an example of xyz producer then the 1st interpretation is “wtf, bb ka producer?!” So it was that way! And chill, dnt get hyper. Lol

  31. Today’s episode was ok nothing much. Finally Salman did not talk about Mandy Mandy Mandy in the show today much. Finally Nora is evicted, now no fake romances yahoo. Double eviction? Either Su or Keith I hope it’s not Keith, please I m voting for him,and if Su is evicted I will feel really bad for him as he was supposed to be safe in terms of captaincy immunity. So sad for BB9 contestants.In the best task killer killer they didn’t get any luxury budget points and also their best captain Su didn’t get immunity. It would be best if Priya was evicted not Keith or Su. But Priya is not nominated ๐Ÿ™

  32. @all those people saying salman is not biased towards mandana even after 12 weeks. Even salman said previous season i was liking someone and same in this season in one weekend. Even he agreed. Even now if anyone says he is not biased then….hey guys it is crystal clear visible. Only mandanas die hard fans are saying he is not biased.

    • True siva. Salman has a stand(Mandy) ๐Ÿ˜› as an anchor he shouldn’t be biased , the difference between salman and Farah is that Farah is not biased, I think Farah’s fav was Gautam Gulati but the way she hosted the show she equally favoured all. No wonder why people didn’t put any negative comments or react especially salman fans when Farah became anchor after she started anchoring . Usually people complain when their is replacement which didn’t happen in Farah’s case as her anchoring Is good. I m not saying salman is bad anchor infact he is one of the best anchor of BB and have all the qualities of being a good Bb anchor but his weakness is biasedness. Sallu please stop being biased.

  33. bbdt

    If salman is biased….why you are watching his episodes. ….bcos we loves….aapko samaj nahi aaya kyaa….this bised host confusing all and make the show mare interesting….salman ne mandy ko scold nahi kiyaa…but usne neechaa dikhaaya which she didn’t like….they are smarter than u (i liked mandy face on that)she defend on that but salman didn’t hear…aap aise hi ho yaa game keliye karti ho….it was a superb qn..and mandy bla bla bla….salman says phir gumaafiraaungi…

    • Fatarajo(PHFFAN)

      Lol bbdt nice judgement I think I have to watch the full episode only watched the 1st half

  34. bbdt

    Or rochelle ki bath….salman prince ko nahi rochelle se kah rahi thi ki aap itna expect math aakhri made me….priya or kish se bathaa rahaa thaa ki unki strategy ki vagah se jeetaa…or unhone captaincy chodi…prince ye sochtha he ki hameshaa uski vaga se game jeettha he….uska overconfidence something irritates…priya ne oil lagaya…isme galat nahi he…par jis time bb dont touch bola thab kiyaaa …..roch ko samajaa rahi thi ki aap captaincy ke daawedaar hi nahi he… (chit nikaalne ka idea super thaa….jagdaa to nahi hua)

  35. Fatarajo(PHFFAN)

    I think the ones in top 5 would be
    1) Prince Narula
    2) Rishabh Sinha
    3) Mandana Karimi
    4) Kishwer Merchant
    5) Keith Sequira

  36. happy

    Prince is adopting love tactics as part of his game plan first with yuvika and now Nora.I don’t know how many more are to come.

  37. inaoton

    I m confused about salman khan comments prince allowed 7 diamonds in thief cave. .
    is he wanna 2 allowed all 8 diamond’s n thief team win tusk..
    Every housemate know prince is d best player in tusk so they choose him as goal keeper for 6 hrs tusk again 4 chor as well as new captain. .
    We have 2 respect housemate decision
    I m requesting all big boss9 viewer not vote 4 only 1week performance of da contestants..
    Plz compared all week performance b 4 Vote

  38. Yuvika Chaudary

    I’m glad that Nora got evicted… I’m waiting for Pronce.. U proposed me while i was in the show.. U shud live up to ur words

  39. Zac

    The discussion in this page more sensible than in bigg boss fb page which is flooded with ppl blindly supporting mandana (with statements like “If you are true Indian support Mandana” i mean srsly???) Mandana is gud but that doesn’t mean everything she does is right..

  40. sherin

    Mandana a irritating girl…..pta nhi usea hmesha aesa kyn lgta h ki woh kuch v kre salman usko support karengea….salman aapne mandy ka bhaw badha diya h……I love u prince….going good …keep it up

  41. Shruti

    Bigg boss evicted Digangana by contestant voting and Suyyash by ripping off his captaincy immunity. How can they say that the finalists are people who represent people’s choice?

      • Fatarajo(PHFFAN) I think Suyash’s eviction was long overdue. I i’m not wrong, on the day SRK came he was the one to be evicted but due to SRK’s plea he was left in there. But agree with you on Digi’s eviction.

      • Ya u r also right Tracy, infact he should have been eliminated before Digi but I feel a little bad for him as his captiancy is good even if he’s not a good contestant he did got safe twice

  42. AN7

    If mamdana wins it will be proved that votes are not counted as it is clearly seen that prince has the biggest fan following.
    Thank god nora is evicted.
    Prince is the best among all so he wlll win

  43. Shruti

    Is bigg boss about overdue eliminations? If he was evicted then, evict him now, not fair. They should have evicted him them, it was his luck that there was no elimination that week, its cheating with the audience. Firstly they rumored that he is a weak contestant, I don’t see him in the light bigg boss tried to show him… Scripted show ๐Ÿ™

  44. I think suyyash will get evicted. But I really don’t want that. If he leaves Wht will happen to kish??? She will totally break down. My fav couple of bb9 is SuKish. Love them

  45. Kriya

    waiting for today’s epi..plz update it soon..does anybody know who got evicted ? plz don’t tell me its suyesh or Keith..hope its mandy..

  46. knightrider

    Dekh bhai atiba itna let krna h to update krna chod de… Please tellyupdate give anyother guy this work .this guy have no seriousness . anytime he give fast update but sometime give very slow update .please make proper time for update atiba ….finale najdik h yr…

  47. knightrider

    Guys anybody know atiba gender…i think male…if male he tonight busy with his gf in chatting and forget to update so guys dont wait sleep well tonight gn…

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.