Bigg Boss 9 2nd December 2015 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 9 2nd December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Nomination Day
Day 51
Sheshe se shesha takraye plays. Inmates wake up and dances.

Digi is eating biscuits, Rochelle ask to share, Digi gives it to her too. Rishab snatches packet from digi and gives it to everyone.
Mandana says to Rishab that digi didnt like you taking hre biscuits, she is upset that she is ill and cant everything so her biscuits shouldnt be taken, Rishab says i will talk to her. Rochelle says we were drinking tea, she came with biscuits so we ate it.

Rishab says to suyyash that Mandana and Prince are trying to become friends, she is cutting his hairs and all. she tried to provoke me against Digi that i took Digi’s biscuits and she is upset and all, i didnt take biscuit from her then why she is becoming spokesperson of

Digi, Digi says i didnt mind you taking biscuit, she came to me and asked if Rishab took my biscuit? i said yes then she was like you are ill and should not share it, why she is talking on my behalf. Rishab says i will tell her now, he hides Mandana’s biscuits and ask Keith to not tell Rochelle as your lover Rochelle is Mandana’s best friend.

Digi ask Mandana infront of Rishab that why did you say to him that i am upset for he taking my biscuit? i just had normal conversation with you, Rishab says why were you provoking me against digi, why did you talk to Digi about biscuits? he abuses her, Mandana says slangs too, Mandana leaves from lounge.
Mandana comes to Rochelle, Rochelle says why are you taking stand for Digi? Mandana says i just had normal conversation with digi, what is Rishab’s problem? cant i even talk to anyone in this house? they are ganging up against me, last night they asked me talk with everyone and sit in group and when i try to talk then they snap at me, she cries.
Rochelle comes to Rishab and Digi and says Mandana wasnt doing any drama to provoke Rishab against digi, she was generally saying to Rishab that she feels digi is upset as Rishab took her biscuit. Digi ask Rochelle to not defend Mandana, Mandana comes and says to digi that i came to you and said that if they took your biscuits? you said yes so i said you are ill, they shouldnt have taken it so you said yes they took biscuits forcefully from me, they cant understand that we dont like to eat alone but we are ill, Digi says i didnt say they took it forcefully, i said that when i didnt share my biscuits so Rishab took it from me, Mandana says snatching is forcefully taking too, Mandana says i told Keith that i saw you upset and spoke for you, digi says i told them that they should understand that i am ill and have biscuits only, they should not irritate me, that was it, you took it to another level. Mandana says to Rishab that it was my conversation with you, why whole house is involved in it, Rishab says to Mandana that why did you come in all this? cant you mind your own business, it was between me and Digi.

In washroom area, Mandana says to Suyyash that i dont wanna talk to people, i will do tasks but dont wanna involve in talks.
In kitchen, Keith says to Rishab that you are wrong, Mandana was just telling you what she felt, Rishab says to Rochelle that its a small thing but she should think about others.
Mandana says to Suyyash that if i talk to people, i am bad, if i dont talk to people then i am bad, what to do? let me be.
Rochelle says to Rishab that Mandana just wanted to tell you that she felt Digi is upset over biscuits, she didnt mean to provoke you. Rishab says you are Mandana’s manager? he says bigg boss everyone has manager here who taks on their behalf so send one manager for me too.

Rishab says to Suyyash that you guys made Prince strong, if you had played individually then prince wouldnt have got so many phone calls on weekend episode and not that much attention, suyyash says our intentions were not to make Prince strong, we were just being with him, Prince has taken step back from us, Kishwar asked me why i am not reacting for Prince stepping back from us? i told her that if Pricne has taken this step then he must have thought something and its his call, i would not ask him, we didnt give relations name, it was Prince who made us brother and sister but not respecting, this proves how weak your thoughts are, its not small relation, Rishab says you have made fun of relations, suyyash says not us, Kishwar took Prince as her brother, she said she would go to Prince’s house to tie Rakhi to Prince, she doesnt have any brother, Prince gave her that sister feeling so she took it seriously.

Mandana says to rishab that my biscuits are gone, she alleges Rishab for stealing Mandana’s biscuit, Rishab says you didnt see me stealing so you cant allege me. Mandana says to Priya that only Digi and I get biscuits from Bigg boss as we are ill so Rishab cant take it, Rishab comes there with Mandana’s biscuits packet, Mandana tries to snatches it, Rishab says i will break biscuits, leave it. Priya says to Rishab that bigg boss have sent biscuits for Mandana so you should give it to her, Rishab gives to Mandana and says i took them just to teach you lesson, Mandana says you are not my father to teach me lesson, you are mosquito, she leaves, Priya says now Mandana was wrong to snap at Rishab.

Prince(has gone bald) says to Keith and Rochelle that nominations are in Priya’s hand, she may get power of nominating like 4,5 contestants.
Bigg boss calls Priya in confession room. she comes in, bigg boss says that you won power in nominations by winning car task, now we are giving you chance to nominate two inmates who you think has least contribution in show, Priya says as much as i want to nominate others but i cant deny fact that digi’s health is not allowing her to play, she is my good friend but i cant deny her least contribution, she nominates digi. She says second i think Kanwal is least active but then say that i gave suyyash and Digi least ranking in yesterday’s task so i would nominate Suyyash, Bigg boss says okay.
Priya comes in lounge, all are there, Bigg boss says to inmates that its time for nominations. As Priya won car task and were promised to be given special power in nominations and power was that only she would nominate inmates, other inmates cannot nominate any inmate, those who were nominated by Priya will get directly nominated for eviction.. bigg boss says we asked Priya who you think are least contribution to show? she should nominate two of them. Priya nominated Digi and Suyyash, So the nominates inmates for eviction this week are DIGANGANA and SUYYASH. Kishwar gets sad for suyyash getting nominated and has tears, Prince hugs her and ask her to not worry, Digi seems tensed. Priya says i thought, yesterday i ranked Suyyash and Digi least so i should nominate them.

bigg boss gives task to inmates. task name is “five vices(paanch dosh)”, housemates are required to battle their 5 fundamental emotions – Ego, Greed, Lust, Anger and Laziness. The first task is based on Ego, where the contestants are divided into two teams.
First team- Prince, Rochelle, Mandana, Keith
second team- Kishwar, Rishab, Suyyash and Kanwal.
Digi will not take part in task due to illness. In ego task, Two individuals from each team are selected whose 3 personal belongings will be selected by other team, they will give it Priya who is moderator of task, Priya will destroy that belongings, three items are necessary to give, the selected inmate can deny to give 4th item, the winner will get the belongings back which devil took in money money task.

Prince, Rochelle, Mandana and Keith makes plan for task.
Kishwar, Rishab plans for their team.

From Kishwar’s team. Kanwal is chosen to destroy his things. from Prince’s team, they have chosen Mandana to destroy her things. Priya ask Kanwal to bring his things.
Rishab says to Kishwar that we should not destroy expansive things, Kishwar says i was talking about things which her boyfriend gifted, Rishab says Kanwal is stuck without any fight.
Rochelle, Keith, Mandan brings Kanwal 3 things after selection, they select pillow as one item.
Kishwar, suyyash, Rishab comes to choose from Mandana’s things, what should be destroyed from stuff, they select 3 items. Rishab says to Rochelle that Kanwal has problem so his pillow should have been spared, Rochelle says this task.

Priya says Kanwal’s item is glasses, she says i am sorry to destroy it, she crushes his glasses with hammer, then 2nd item is his shirt, she tears it infront of Kanwal. she says third item is pillow which he uses at night, she destroys it. Kishwar ask Kanwal if he has medical issues without that pillow of his? he says its fine, let it go, Rochelle says we can request Bigg boss later to give pillow to him, Kishwar says to Mandana that Kanwal has physical problem thats why he uses that pillow, you should have thought before choosing it as its about medical, Kanwal the shirt was of 35thousand too, Mandana says my things have sentimental value too.
Priya says Mandana’s first item is her earrings, she destroys. she says 2nd is her dress, Mandana says this was gifted to me by my boyfriend’s mother, Suyyash says we asked you people first what things you took from Kanwal’s things, on that basis we took Mandana’s things, Prince says she said her earrings worth 1lac, Kishwar says we took things on basis of things you took from Kanwal’s. Priya tears her dress, Mandana says you must be loving it, Priya says i have nothing personal against it, atleast photographs of families are not chosen to be destroyed, these things can be bought again, Rochelle hugs Keith and cries for Mandana’s things to be destroyed, Mandana says to Priya that Kanwal’s things didnt have much emotions attached to them, we chose that stuff of his but my things have emotional value, Priya says how can you say that so confidently, Rochelle ask Priya to shut up and do her task, Priya tears Mandana’s dress completely and puts paint on it, Mandana ask Priya to cut her hairs and put in paint too, Rochelle ask Mandana to shut up, Mandana says this is just task, Rochelle cries, Priya says to Mandana that Kanwal never said to me that i am destroying his things and all but you are taunting me, Mandana says you have got opportunity, your real self is coming out. Priya says now Kanwal’s 4th item will be selected by first team, Mandana ask Rochelle to come, lets finish this game.
PRECAP- Rochelle says to Mandana that i dont wanna continue this task, do not give 4th item, Mandana says i will do this task now, Rochelle says just because your belongings were destroyed, you should not do task further to avenge others, Mandana says when you people like then i should do task and you people dont like then i should not do it? Kishwar says Mandana just see her things only, Prince says i wont let allegations fall on Mandana, Mandana’s things got destroyed so Kanwal’s things should get destroyed too, Kishwar tells him to not impose rules on them, Mandana is bossy, Prince says she sacrificed her things, Kishwar and Pricne shout on each other. Later Prince and Rishab’s patience will be tested. They are seated in activity area, a dancer comes in short dress, she starts dancing sensuously around rishab and Prince, she comes close to Rishab’s lips, caresses Prince’s face and dances infront of them, Prince and Rishab have to control their desires, their heart rate is monitored too as dancer dances infront of them.

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. Dais

    O God I just can’t tolerate this mandana.
    N big boss purposely prince ko mandana Rochelle ke saath rakh rahe hai & for the first time kish and prince r fighting just bcoz of mandana.
    The old mandana is back ??

  2. The flash

    Boring….more boring…most boring…..bb9 common….wtf is up wid life..n rochelle…her voice stings now….:-D priya shud hav nominated her:-x

    • tedd

      Hey flash….rochelle picks up unnecessary fights just to be in limelight…aj dekho..kuch reason tha priya ko shut up bolne k liye??…kal ka episode main priya k saath unnecessary jhagda…jab ki woh to rochelle ko help kar rahi thi…..i like priya more than this roch and mand….roch has lost her brains somewere…dis is not the way of defending a friend…how come keith is jhelofying her???….at present i like kish more than her…she may b loud, but she doesnt talk nonsense…she may have done wrong in the past but atlst she has axepted and rectified every mistake…now adays to she is silent…and this roch’s voice is irritating

      • ash

        exactly…rochelle is unreasonble now…she simply screams at priya for everything and ridiculously support mandana…kishwer is evil but she is behaving good now…rochelle is very bad..earlier i liked her….priya is just minded….

      • tedd

        Kishwer is evil but i havent seen her unnecessary fighting and supporting….shez definitely loud but not like roch ki footage k liye kuch v…pata nh she z becoming over confident now adays…mandana k liye itna stand le rahi hai…kuch din pehele to uska b*t*hing kar rahi thi…ki woh fake hai bolke nominate kar dii….i ve never seen kish nominating prince…

    • tedd

      And more hilarious is…that every wildcard entry who has said ki unka roch aur mandy k saath patega, at the end they change their opinion…priya ka sabse jyada jhagda to roch k saath hua hai

      • payal

        digangana has not been keeping well for a long time now, and hence, she got healthy sandwiches for herself from none other than Bigg Boss!Rochelle, unable to control herself from tasting the tempting sandwiches, went ahead and grabbed a bite from the delicious sandwich. Suyyash told Rochellethat she shouldn’t have had the sandwich because they were sent for a sick person. This offended Rochelle and she stood up to defend herself by arguing with Suyyash.When Keith tried to explain to her all the things and make her understand Suyyash’s point, she snapped at him too.Later on, Keith confronted Rochelle and questioned her if their relationship is so weak that she won’t even hear him out when she’s angry. keith shoyld leave rochelle arrogant she has become that she is not listening keith

    • Shilo

      Rochelle is been over confident n rude to keith time for keith to dump her she is so rude loud n stupid

  3. Pri

    I understand Rochelle and Mandana are friends, but I feel that Rochelle is over doing it, she is not her bodyguard..she’s making herself look silly. I think she just wants to be part of drama. Mandana tried to start a tiff between Digi and Rishabh saying Digi did not like it when Rishabh took the biscuits…but Digi never said anything like that. If she wanted to defend Digi, she should have said “Rishabh you shouldn’t have done that, she is sick” or something along the lines. I know this is how the show is suppose to work, but Mandana is just too annoying now. She only does tasks when she has to take revenge, otherwise she never does anything. She used to be my favorite! Tomorrows episode seems to be a funny one.
    Also, who else thinks Digi and Rishabh look cute together? haha!

    • Lovely

      People who are vocal they woh dil main kuch ni rakhte…tumhari digi sabse badi kamini hai.andar kuch bahar kuch.bhed chal wali…aaj tak koi task toh karti nahin.pata nahin kyun bitha kar rakha hai usko

    • Pri

      Meri digi? Did i say she was my favorite? No right? I was stating something that happened, regardless if she does something or not…why was Mandana trying to start fights? What you said is completely irrelevant to what i was saying.

  4. payal

    In today episode first of all rishab shouldn’t snatch biscuit from digi as she is ill and later mandana said what she felt and digi accepted that she had problem that rishab took biscuit than why not accepting before rishab…

    Then priya nominating suyash and digi thats not fair to nominate suyash less deserving as compared to other as kanwal and what happen about promise to prince that she will not nominate his friend

    this luxury task i dnt thnk so they should not have any limit they can destroy what they want kanwal dn’t reacted than mandana also shouldn’t react and shout on priya , its not her mistake. Its not in her hand and in upcoming task prince will go bald

  5. Heny

    Today’s episode was not wort a watch.
    Diggi unnecessarily taking place of deserving contestent like Aman i think even Rimi was good compared to her.
    Rochelle literally overacting and shouting to grab attention. She deliberately supports Mandana to gain footage. Mandana and Rochelle irritates.
    Bigg Boss the task for Prince and Rishabh is really cheap it degrades the standard of the show.
    I don’t know why but I seriously started liking Kish as she is the only one who hasn’t changed from day one.
    I guess this week is no elimination as voting lines are closed for the week. But I wanted diggi out of the show.

  6. I don’t know what happend to Rochelle …..suddenly she is supporting Madana ….all drama and acting !!

    Even though if she is friend she should stand for rights …..

  7. Kiara

    So basically according to mandana “the dress” is more imp than “a pillow” that is used for medical purposes.
    Now she is energetic to destroy other thing…but when things come to her she will become ill and so called sentimental.
    Cribing and crying is the most irritating thing and Rochelle and mandana are just doing that only.
    Rochelle doesn’t see others point. She just focus on mandana. Ok agreed that she is here ‘friend’ but atleast do what you feel like. Not blindly following mandana. And same goes to suyash dude atleast had ur own stand

  8. variin

    O god what mandana think of herself. .. she is really overconfident. …let her go to hell…….u r a looser. ….

  9. anshu

    now prince is taking his stand….nice to see….way to go champ…u look equally good without hair too…

  10. Khyati

    Rochelle is just supporting mandana,being a friend(as we people at times support our friends)whatever happens,rochelle you were awesome and will always be,i JUST want her to win.

    • The flash

      What about 3 days before she called her fake..and in the money task..she snapped at mandana for leaving the task early..:-D

      • Krina

        That’s also in friendship. You have every right to snap at your friend as well as support her. It goes both ways

      • tedd

        But b*t*hing about friend globally …and then supporting blindly…not axepted…if i would be angry with my frnd..i will snap at her not in front of other…

  11. Bigg boss 9 is the worst season ever
    The contestants behave like they are still maturing especially rochelle and rishabh -“don”

  12. Ritika

    Has rochelle completely lost it? Drama for trp and visibility doesn’t mean to keep shouting or snapping or crying on irrelevant things! For visibility, she has become a tail of mandana. And mandana is just so shrewd and v.irritating now! Kishwar and priya r d best. Prince ko kya hogya- hez shouting on kishwar now…hez v..confused abt wat to do!

  13. Ritika

    Instead of a dancer, they should hv made d girls or d guys do a seductive dance for each other (not d real lyf couples like rishabh digi or keith mandana or prince rochelle etc- that would have been interesting. 😀

  14. Sonya

    Digi is playing games here, Mandana was vocal but Digi was rocking the boat on either way. No contribution for days now from her so she needs to get out of the show.

  15. VSD

    Big boss had asked priya to nominate as per people having least contribution in the show!! Not as per her previous ranking.. These guys just dont understand the things told by big boss and use their stupid brains.. Kanwal ofcourse contributes the least to show so he should be nominated.. Its easy to tell others tht they dont understand task.. First priya herself should understand it.. Idiots

    • Krina

      Yes but Kanwal is a Newb so hard to judge his contribution as yet. So her decision was right. Prince mandana kishwar Rochelle have most contribution followed by dumb rishabh for provoking people. So left is suvyash and digi. Keith just reentered so like Kanwal he also doesn’t count.

  16. name

    Y did Priya nominated suyyash….. She’s nonsense. N dosent know how 2 take decision she should b kicked out as soon as possible..

  17. II

    No priyas thought is that according to the audience she doesn’t know whether kanwal is least or not. Because it has been only one week since he came. It would be unfair on her part to nominate him so soon. First she did. Then changed the decision after thinking fairly. Priya ur doing splendid job. But be little gentle while handling others personal things lest salmanji may take class on u.bravo go ahead.

  18. hondu

    mandana ki tail h rochelle she is so big nonsense never use her brain i want her to be out of the house always fight with priya on nonsense issues so big idiot ……
    Diggi trying to be good always in front of rishab,from todays episode i start disliking her she has to be out of the show and i know woh hi niklegi totally undeserving candidate bina koi task kiye aage badi ja rahi isme aur rimi m kya fark h……

  19. Mandanas stff….she is not crying… but Rochelle is crying… how dramatic… And digi is really stupid… jab dekho tab ill rehti hai…aur upar se bak bak karti hai…
    n rishab to hat dho kar piche par gayi mandy ki..kieth was sweet…suyash also.kish n Prince fight was not acceptable.. but finally Prince could get out from kish

  20. ssss

    kish and prince are opposite stand now as they r choosen in opp groups…its make easy for priya n others to standup…now priya again twist the game to nominate suyash instead of kanwal for make kish alone, which make them simple…think priyas strategy may work….in other side rochelle and mandanas strategy to fight and cry without any reason n get sympathy….rishav still in kid…..keith give good suggestion but no output….this game goes to make kish more stronger n hope she win.

    • II

      I dont think it is priyas strategy to nominate suysh for making kish alone. Kanwal is only one week old. So she cantdo it. It will look little mean. So she decided suysh after taking little time to think.she thought from kanwals side. Thats it. She was little bit confused too. Thats why she went inside again to inform.

  21. Neha

    I feel the most sensible of the entire lot of this crop is Keith, priya and Kish. Kish has reinvented herself by focussing on what wrong she did by firstly accepting it on national TV, apologising f it (Which in itself is a very big thing considering the tall ego of others in the house who would not have ever done it) and lastly by being more tolerant towards others & by not repeating mistakes of that type. Mandy is not only uncultured bt also wants to seems very much a wannabe by striving hard to be in the limelight. Keith is undoubtedly level headed bt why is he bearing Rosh till now seems a question unanswered. Priya is the brainy one in the house. I respect her for that. Suyyash is a nice guy but his EQ is not good. This is one lesson he should learn from Kish. All the best guys. No doubt BB9 did not take off too well and SK is the only reason why it is watched bt its time the housemates learned about it.

  22. bhatt sahiba

    digi iz not fake…… previous episode digi says to bigg boss to allow her for doing tasks…….so why u all blaming digi..

    • Big9

      Digi isnt fake… bit she is not deservong to be in the show… she does nothing other than eating and sleeping…. aman and rimi were deserving than this diggi

      • ahana

        digi is not fake she is ill
        she want to task bt bigboss not allowing her
        dont compare her with that rimi who dont want do any task

  23. Big9

    Guys this week priyas nomination is considered as direct eviction….no voting and prince won the lust task….
    Rishab loses his patience

  24. Sabirashaheer

    Boring episode.mandana kelie prince kish se kyun lad rahi hain yaar?bahan bol diya tho nibhaona.still supprt uu prince

  25. Big9

    Prince is doing well
    But rishab yaar how can somebody be so lame… remember how he used to defend mandana… oh god he changed his antics now and joined hands with kishs team….. i dont think rishab is a strong contestent…
    Actually diggi got angry when rishab took her biscuit but she changed her statement

  26. Big9

    He use to say ” wo jo bhi bolthi he dil se bolthi he” but now he looks so dumb?? seriously don nahi donkey lagtha hai

  27. Lily

    Big boss day by day getting very boring. Its a big time flop!!!.we just miss our previous last 2 season. Oh my god..just look at their untidy they are..Rochelle is a big drama queen. She is overacting & getting too much after Salman n big boss praise her. Also she is too loud than priya. Digi is useless. I think its time for her to leave the house…as she is not doing anything ..accept sleeping n eating. Since she is ill she go back …Mandana please get some life.Stop crying like idiot …I think you will also leave this house soon. Your earing cost 1LK? you must be kidding… Who is the dancer? is this a task? can we watch with family?? such a shit show!!!

  28. Tarannum

    Rimi was willing to go but diggi is not telling that’s she want to go…. But as she is not well so she should be evicted this week…….. 2 week before I used to like roch but after watching her yesterday I feel that she is only attention seeker……. N priya is just awesome……

  29. jessi

    what a drama queen Rochelle,,,today she was screaming at priya for mandana’s favor..but her hatred for mandana is obivious when she nominated mandana (so called best friend) to priya on that nomination day..when priya held nominations..before entering into biggboss house…now see what is this?…doing fake sobbings.

  30. jessi

    what a drama queen Rochelle,,,today she was screaming at priya for mandana’s favor..but her hatred for mandana is obivious when she nominated mandana (so called best friend) to priya on that nomination day..when priya held nominations..before entering into biggboss house…now see what is this?…doing fake sobbings…Mandana is just irritating..saying to priya that to cut her hair and put in paint…did this girl have any senses?aise baat karti hain jaise baaki saare logh uski servants hain kya?.. kishwer writtely said that Mandana is bossy..

  31. Mahi

    Rochelle love you. Rochelle fair game khel rahi hai. mandana tho sirf apne baare mein sochthi hai stupid girl. priya ne achi division li hai digi and suyyash. Digi tho ill he and suyash ko tho melodrama aur kishwar ke pichhe rehna stupid.. Rochelle and Keith is the best

  32. Mahi

    Priya ne super decision liya hai. Digi tho bilkul samajhdaar nhi poori bachi hai but suyyash usse baat kaali aur kishwar ke bhaagna uske alaava kuch nahi malum.. Mandana over reacting? Richab ko mandana se ladai karni hai aur kishwar ko tho sirf doggy ki tarah bhokna hai bulshit.. Keith, rochelle,Prince r d best.. Love you all

  33. kushagra

    saabirashaheer he was standing for right and wrong, will u not fight with ur sister if she is wrong

  34. sazanna

    Digi is really stupid……she speaks something & does something……rishab is an idiot…it is very hard to bear him……priya is a witch……..roch is good when compared to them but could be better when compared to herself in last week…..keith ,prince are ok…kish and suyyash are atleast bearable
    please eliminate this priya……..she is a witch

  35. sazanna

    Digi is really stupid……she speaks something & does something……rishab is an idiot…it is very hard to bear him……priya is a witch……..roch is good when compared to them but could be better when compared to herself in last week…..keith ,prince are ok…kish and suyyash are atleast bearable
    please eliminate this priya…….

  36. sazanna

    roch supports mandana infront of others…as she cant let her friend down in front of others….but she also takes class of mandana when required when they are alone………she is playing a fair game

  37. The flash

    Tedd..we have a new wild card…manasvi from actuon jackson..also miss india 2010 peagant winner..:-D some ooomph is comin in

    • tedd

      Yeah i know ….not interested in this bb9 anymore….contestants are looking stupid..amongst all, now i am finding priya to be more sensible…and roch-the bestest stupidest contestant…raisabh dal badlu..kavi mandana kavi priya…digi- muhn pe kuch pith piche kuch(coz samne to bolke gayi…and mandana exactly told what she told her,but risabh k samne kuch aur), kish-becoming good realized her mistakes and is getting down thoda sa which is good for her, suyash-as usual bht kam bolna, prince-phatne ki mod pe hai,mandy-poor girl(shez being mis inter preted since 2 days),kanwal-(as usual)

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