Bigg Boss 11 5th November 2017 Written Episode Update: Pooja is Eliminated

Bigg Boss 11 5th November 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Elimination Day
Salman comes on stage. He welcomes everyone. He says Sabya, Shilpa, Hina, Pooja, Ben, Priyank, Hiten, Sapna and Bandagi are nominated. Salman says we will see who is going to eliminate. Salman says today inmates will tell their secrets to us, whose secret is most interesting and good, that person will be saved from next week’s nominations. Salman connects call to house. Salman says you are all looking nice without bath, Arshi says we bath daily. Salman says we will have a lot of work today. Salman says now I will tell about who is going to eliminate. Salman says Ben come on, lets go. Ben says this is not a joke? he says no, you are not Shilpa and Vikas, we dont stretch one thing, we change jokes, you can say bye and come out. Ben says you are looking happy, Salman says

voters didnt vote for you, come. Salman ends call. Arshi says it must be a lie. Ben says I expected it. Priyank is tensed. Ben says two will be eliminated and first is me, she hugs Luv and says you all are great, take care of each other, dont be personal and miss me. Vikas hugs Ben and says I love you. Ben comes to gate. Hina says she is not going, they are just shaking you, lets go inside. Ben says it will look bad if gates are opened and I am not there. Ben comes inside house. Salman calls back, Ben asks am I safe? Salman says sit down, your style of sitting will decide if you are safe or not, Ben says I will ramp walk and sit. She sits down. Salman says now I will take three names.. Aakash comes there and sits down by crawling. Salman says crawling doesnt mean anything here, camera are watching. Salman says Vikas has power in TV sector, those who fought with him will face fights outside house, Vikas remember all this, who called you Vikas and not Vikas ji.. destroy their careers. Vikas says sir what are you saying, all laugh. Salman says Vikas dont worry, it was a joke, I am scared of you too. Vikas says I should hide, all laugh. Salman says HINA, HITEN, and SHILPA ARE SAFE, they thank him. Salman says you people do so much inside house but still I am soft on you, there will be task now, you will be in pairs, I will tell a statement, if you say no to statement then your partner will be waxed, all laugh. Salman says if boy doesnt have hair on body then waxing will happen on face, all boys say that we have hair on body. Devil comes there with wax and strips. Arshi says you are looking so nice devil. Salman says Hiten dont feel bad that Arshi prefers devil over you, all laugh.
Salman says first pair is Aakash and Bandagi, we will tell statement and if Bandagi says no then Aakash will have to wax. Aakash opens his shirt. Salman says first statement is Aakash and Puneesh’s friendship is true, she says yes. Salman says Bandagi loves Aakash, Bandagi says no. Devil puts wax on his chest and waxes it, all laugh, Aakash shouts ow ow ow.. Salman says next statement, Aakash is ready for captaincy? Bandagi says why you are doing this, no he is not ready. Devil waxes his chest again, Aakash is wincing in pain. Salman says next statement is Aakash is calm and composed person. Bandagi laughs and says not at all. Devi waxes on his stomach, Aakash shivers in pain and says its blood. Salman says see if his nipple chipped off, all laugh. Devil laughs. Inmates say devil is laughing. Devil tries to keep his laugh short. Salman says Devil is laughing? he never laughed.
Salman says next pair is Puneesh and Sapna. Puneesh says no.. please no.. I will die, she will kill me. Salman asks him to sit down. Puneesh says I will get wax on leg, Salman says okay. Salman says first statement is Puneesh will die without Bandagi, she says no he will live. Devil puts wax on his leg and waxes it, Puneesh cries in pain, all laugh and says what happened to my leg? Salman says next statement, your and Puneesh’s friendship had crack because of Sapna only? Puneesh says this is wrong. Sapna says yes I am. Salman says this is not sport Sapna, all laugh. Sapna says I will say no but I want to wax him. Salman says next statement Luv follows Hina’s orders only, Sapna says no. Sapna says now I will wax, you didnt remember me and now pleading me? She puts waxing strip on his leg, devil jerks is away, Puneesh runs away in pain and says I cant do it, Salman says be a man. Salman says last one. Salman says next statement is Puneesh is very great captain, all laugh. Salman says if he was nice captain then house wouldnt be clean. Devil applies wax on his leg, Puneesh says give me a minute, devil plucks waxing strip, Puneesh winces in pain, all clap for Puneesh.
Salman says next pair is Hina and Vikas. All laugh, Hina cant stop dancing, Vikas says please save me, I cant do it. Salman says Hina is never wrong, Hina drags Vikas. Vikas says I cant do it. Salman says devil will do it. Salman says first statement is that Vikas calls you fox because you are clever, Hina says I will still say no. Devil puts wax on his leg and takes it off. Salman says he didnt even react like Aakash and Puneesh. Aakash says they took from my chest. Salman says next statement is that Vikas manipulates everyone, Hina says no. Hina says wax on his thigh. Devil waxes his leg. Salman says last statement is Vikas can fight his wars, Hina laughs and says no. Hina says no his thigh. Luv and Puneesh grabs him. Devil waxes on his thigh. Vikas runs away. All laugh. Salman says task ends, devil leaves. Sapna says bhaiya ji smile.
Salman says to inmates that there is good news, Bandagi your boyfriend have come to meet you, Samaer come.. Salman says it was a joke, Bandagi says what sir. Salman says BANDAGI YOU ARE SAFE, SAPNA YOU ARE SAFE TOO. Salman says we dont know who is is leaving soon. Salman says I just want to tell you to not worry, what I am showing you, it will show you how nice you are looking. Video plays, jail is shown and dirt is shown, in next image, there is trash, kitchen sink is filled, there is mess in luggage area, mess in washroom area.. Salman says how nice are you looking but house too? Salman asks Aakash. Aakash says I saw dirt. Salman says its look unhygienic. Salman says Hina, Luv and Vikas were captains, whats the problem? Hina says there are some people who dont work, like Arshi doesnt work, Arshi throws clothes there and there. Salman asks Arshi you dont want to say anything? Arshi says they all mess clothes, Hina says she leaves clothes, dishes and everything here and there, other inmates leave clothes here and there too. Salman says all India are watching, Prime Minister did campaign for cleaning and you people should be brand ambassador. Salman asks who is most unhygienic? Arshi says Vikas, Ben and Luv are not clean. Shilpa says its Arshi, Vikas. Ben says its Arshi and Luv. Priyank says Arshi, Ben. Hina says its Arshi, Ben, Vikas is unorganized and Puneesh’s bag is never closed. Puneesh says I am not dirty. Sapna says Arshi, Ben. Hiten says Arshi, Ben and Luv. Sabya says Arshi, Ben and Luv. Pooja says Arshi and Ben. Bandagi says Arshi, Ben and Luv. Puneesh says Ben and Luv, Arshi is not unhygienic. Hina says really? Arshi says you have asthma problem, dont react too much. Salman says what are doing? Arshi says she reacts too much, Hina says dont make fun of my asthma, Arshi says I am not joking. Salman says it was joke, Asthma is very painful, you dont know when you cant breath. Hina cries. Salman says its the most painful thing, we take breathing for granted. Arshi says I didnt want to hurt her, I am extremely sorry. Salman says Hina tell her you have two maa, one your maa and other Asthmaa, all laugh. Hina says its her class, if I laugh then she says I will have TB. Arshi says I said sorry, she cant talk about my class. Shilpa says you cant say anything and then say sorry. Arshi says Hina dont drag things. Salman asks Aakash. Aakash says Vikas, Arshi and Ben are not clean. Vikas says its Arshi, Ben and Luv. Luv says Arshi, Ben and Vikas. Mehjabi says Arshi, Ben and Priyank. Salman says everyone is targeting Arshi, where curses come its Arshi, when dirty comes its Arshi, you all are jealous of Arshi, all laugh. Arshi says thats why I said only Salman understands me, Salman looks appalled. All laugh. Salman says I understand you very well. Salman says most unhygienic people are Arshi, Ben and Luv. Salman makes them wear ‘unhygienic’ board. He ends call.

On stage, Salman says see what is happening in house.

Shilpa says to Hina that I asked Mehjabi that she talks about cleanliness and now sleeping there? Hina says I cant even breath there. Shilpa says Mehjabi was washing roti cloth, I asked her to wash in bucket, Hina says we wash panties and other things in that bucket, I agree with her. Shilpa says it was clean bucket, we bath from that bucket too. Hina says we wash clothes and panties in that bucket, you cant wash roti clothes in that bucket. Shilpa says I dont want to argue, Hina says I just am saying that roti cloth shouldnt be washed in bucket. Shilpa says no one even cares to wash that cloth. Hina says dont brag about it, you washed it nice but dont brag about it.
Arshi says to Shilpa that I wash my clothes. Shilpa says you are careless but Hina shouldnt be pointing you out. Shilpa says I was about to take your side. Arshi says Hina is jealous, she doesnt work too.Shilpa says I was shocked how she talked to me, she is jealous that Salman praised me. Arshi says Salman scolds Hina and he respects you a lot.
Hina says to Priyank and Ben that Bandagi is very scared, her parents are strict and she says that they are biased with her.
Arshi says to Puneesh that Priyank wants to bring outside things in house. Bandagi says his heart is of plastic. Puneesh says he is not good looking, he is a girl, Bandagi says control.
Hina says to Priyank that Bandagi should be ashamed of kissing and all that. Ben says she can do anything for show. Priyank says seems like Arshi. Hina says my blood was boiling when Arshi hugged you.

Salman connects call to house. Salman says now we are getting chance to fight. Its time for Sultani fight. Salman says Priyank Vs. Aakash,all hoot.
Salman comes to Sultani ring. Priyank and Aakash are there. Salman says in first round, you have to prove that you are better than other. Aakash says I am entertaining. Priyank says I have personality. Aakash says I am not boring. Priyank says he is mental and stale. aakash says I never threaten. Priyank says he curses and disrespects girls. Aakash says I never lie like Priyank. Priyank says his family doesnt recognize you. Aakash says he is boring and does gym only. Priyank says we dont ask them to smoke weed and all. All inmates whistle for Priyank. Shilpa, Puneesh whistles for Aakash. Salman says Priyank won this round.
Salman says second round is you have to throw other inmate in mud using peddle. They have three times. Aakash and Priyank starts fighting, they fight with peddle. Aakash makes Priyank fall first then Priyank makes aakash fall two times so Priyank winsw second round.
Salman says in third round, you both will be blindfolded. They are blindfolded. Priyank pushes Aakash to mud. Priyank wins wrestling. Aakash and Priyanki gives hi five. Salman says Priyank won all rounds, he gives him meddle. Salman says PRIYANK IS SAFE TOO. Aakash asks Salman if he likes his new song with Hina? Salman says no, Aakash sings, all laugh. Hina says he is cartoon.

Salman comes on stage. Salman says Priyank won in wrestling. Salman says now I will call guests, they will share opinion and they will give gift to one inmate. Salman welcomes Karanvir Bohra, Tanisha, Shweta Singh. They all come there. Salman welcomes them. Salman asks Karan why he has hair style like Arshi? Karan says yeah someone said I looklike Arshi, all laugh. Salman asks Shweta. Shweta says its all same, in start Vikas was in front but Shilpa took charge but still all going same. Salman says to Tanisha that whats different in this season? Tanisha says in our season, we had strong relations but her dynamics change, I want to see how they can fulfill relationships. Salman says what about Vikas and Shilpa? whats the matter? he asks Karan. Karan says my father was producer, he said that never mess with producer, but as an actor I feel bad that Shilpa didnt get work for year or two but there was some reason, no producer throws actor out of show. Tanisha says actor has perspective too, Vikas had control, she was actress, no one asked about her perspective. Karan says I didnt take Vikas’s side. Shweta says that they are wrong or right. Tanisha says Shilpa is doing superb in show, she has found ways to irritate him. Salman says she is great, Vikas doesnt know how to react. Tanisha says thats the game. Karan says in start I liked it but she is going overboard, Salman says its her game, she is irritating him. Tanisha says she is doing everything to throw him out. Karan says Vikas wont leave, he is very smart, he wont leave. Tanisha says I know your friend will not leave. Shweta says vikas says that its not cute fight but its entertaining, Karan says they will be best friends. Tanisha says I dont agree, Vikas complains a lot too bigg boss. Salman says now these guests will take a decision, Bigg boss gave a task to inmates, all inmates have to come to booth one by one and they have to share a secret which other inmates dont know about, whose secret is most interesting according to these guests, that inmate will be safe from nominations next week. Salman says see their secrets.

Hiten comes to booth, he says my secret is that Gauri shops for me, even my underwears, one time I was drunk after party, Guari let me in house, I went to vomit, I came out, I think my wife must have scolded me but I dont remember a thing.
Puneesh comes to booth, he says before show, my friend showed me photo of Bandagi and I saved it, I found her here. Tanisha says how old is he? 12? Salman says desperation.
Hina comes to booth, she says when I was a chil, I ranaway from my house, I got beaten because of something I did, I ranaway and was roaming around roads, police found me and brought me to police station, I was happy with chocolates there, my family found me and I got beaten again.
Bandagi comes to booth, she says when I was in college,I didnt have cash to gift my parents on diwali, I took money from my dad’s wallet and sent them gifts anonymously.
Aakash comes to booth, he says I was in tennis tournament, the guy threw ball in line but I made it seem like it was out of line so I won that game and tournament too.
Arshi comes to booth, she says in 2015, a scandal came with Arshi and Sahib, reporters wrote that I was pregnant with his child and I agreed with it jokingly but it was a joke.
Shilpa comes to booth, she says my father doesnt know this secret, he left this world and I couldnt tell him that I never completed graduation, I couldnt tell him, sorry. Karan says this is genuine.
Luv comes to booth, he says I used to steal patrol from my uncle’e scooter.
Pooja comes to booth, she says I am down to earth but I have confidence, many boys are behind me, I dont leave house because of that I dont have experience.
Priyank comes to booth, in my first show, I announced show on social media but I didnt know acting at all so I was thrown out of set in 2-3 hours, nobody knows about it. The person who threw me out was Vikas Gupta. Salman says I knew it.
Ben comes to booth, she says I have a mental problem, its called anxiety, I smile, I cant involve in show because most of the time, my mind keeps reeling with things, I am fighting it.
Mehjabi comes to booth, I stole things in inlaws house.
Sapna comes to booth, she talks about how she earned money for her family,,
Vikas comes to booth, he says my father doesnt live with us, I never stopped him when he left because my mom never got what freedom she needed but I feel that I broke that relation because I think if two people doesnt want to be together so they should not be. Vikas says I am the person who made my father and mother separate. Tanisha says this is not secret, he is blaming himself.
Sabya says I wanted to go for s*x reassemble surgery because I thought I would have to to become woman to get whom I love. Karan says it was good secret.

Salman asks guests who gave interesting secret? Tanisha says for me its Shilpa, Sapna. Shweta says Sapna, Vikas and Sabya. Salman says Sabya was brave. Karan says talking about it on TV, its a big secret, Karan says Shilpa’s was nice too, he gives Sabya, Shilpa and Sapna’s name. Shweta says Shilpa was best. Tanisha says its very difficult to hide about not graduating. Salman says give one name. Karan says I give Sabya’s name. Tanisha and Shweta takes Shilpa’s name. Salman says Hina’s secret was so small, she never did something wrong in life. Shweta says she is Miss. Right, Salman says she has no secrets. Salman says we have patrol robber too? it was his uncle. Karan says now his uncle will beat him. Salman says you have chosen Shilpa so now Shilpa is secured in tomorrow’s nominations. Salman thanks them, they leave.

Salman says Sabya, Pooja and Ben are still unsafe. He connects call to house. Salman says one will be eliminated now. Salman says BENAFSHA IS SAFE. All are happy. Salman says now its Pooja and Sabya. Salman says SABYA YOU ARE SAFE, all are shocked. Salman says POOJA IS ELIMINATED. Shilpa says to Arshi that she is very classy, she seems loud but she never gets involved in petty issues. Arshi says people like us because we are involved in things.
Inmates sing selfie meine le lia, Pooja greets them and leaves.

Salman signs off from show.

PRECAP- Puneesh and Bandagi are in bed. They are cuddling. Puneesh says it will make sound, Bandagi says you dont stop. Puneesh says I will do everything here.
Priyank taunts Arshi that you show off skin and is getting ashamed. Arshi says I can run naked, but it shouldnt be your matter. Priyank shows her L sign. Arshi shouts that I will make your life hell.
Tomorrow will be nominations. Inmates will come confession room separately and nominate.
In confession room,Vikas says he got time but cant do much.
Hina in confession room says he doesnt know which side to choose.
Shilpa in confession room says that person does it for screen.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Salman is being biased towards shilpa…..

    1. Yeah xactly…everyone cn see dat!! He is being biased no doubt???

  2. Omfg what the hell is this ?
    Shilpa shinde’s secret was the boldest???
    Seriously ????
    A man on national television revealed that he wanted to change his s*x for a guy he fell in love with. A man in a country like india where even the word s*x is a taboo.

    And you thought a secret about graduation was bolder than that?
    Tbh right now the situation in big boss is

    Shilpa shinde > everybody else in the house

    And thank you karanveer bohra
    Thank you so much.
    At least you admitted that ab zyada ho raha hai vikas ke sath.

    Do these people realize that they are glorifying mental torture on national television.

    And to the people who love this so called cute nok jhok between shilpa and vikas.
    Abhi apne pe nahi aayi na , samne vala pareshan hai toh entertainment lagega hi app logo ko.
    Jab khud pe ayegi rab dekhte hai kitna cute lagta hai ye nok jhok aap logo ko

    Tanisha:- vikas bhait complaint karta hai ??? Seriously ??? Isn’t that the same tanisha jo gauhar ki har cheez pe pagal ho jati thi ?

    Baki today that waxing segment was Hilarious.
    I was rolling on the floor laughing tbh.
    And aaj toh jalad bhi hass gaya bhai ???

    1. Totally Agree… At least Karanveer bohra ne sahi to kaha k vks k sath zayada ho raha h

      1. @shadab Yes and uspe they were all like he is your friend you are taking his side i mean wtf

    2. The way Tanisha said I know your friend wouldn’t leave…only goes on to show she is still the same..the way she was in bb house.Even in that season salman was super biased but still this girl lost it to gauhar and she is still the same..For me apart from Sabya’s and Sapna’s secret even Ben’s secret was also bold telling on national television that you have some mental illness requires some guts too.

      1. @Geet…. I felt that too…. Tanisha hvnt changed a bit…. Have never liked her…. So her commnt din mattr to me…
        Tym and again salman hv shown a lil favoritism….
        Sweta,, mahek,, Tanisha,, gautam,, mandana ,, bani…. !! He hv been pretty light wid these ppl no mattr wat…. Now itz shilpa….
        And i agree ben’s secrt was also worth d price apart from sabya….

      2. @geet yes i totally forgot. Her secret was also very bold but like i said
        Bb current situation
        Shilpa> everybody else

      3. Same thought here!!!
        Aate aate hi this Tanisha extended her support to Shilpa,, telling her mental and physical torture to Vikas s entertaining!!!!??? !! And the way he cried and attempt to run away is for footage???!!!
        Now I know why this Tanisha Mukherjee is a full Flop….
        She looks another ‘ms right’ ,not even letting karan to complete his opinion… ??
        When did Vikas complain??? He was requesting to BB to let him go to his mother as he can’t stay under same roof with shilpa… He even added ”ap shilpa we kuch mat kahiye..”!!
        During cushion factory task he only revealed to BB that shilpa’s team hides stuffs which BB asked to return….that’s all… Apart frm these when he complained??? Contestants blaming each other can’t b taken as complaint…!!
        Hiding abt graduation looks biggest secret for tanisha??? Lekin bahut logon ki khud ka secret hai yeh!!! Especially Indian politicians…, most of their educational qualification is fake..!!
        For me it’s sabya..& Sapna ..she kept her ambition as secret frm her mother by considering their economic status…she reveals it to her mom now only!!! Eventhough I dnt like her attitude I appreciate her sacrifice ????

        No wonder that vikas rejected priyank for bad acting…. Ab bi tumko acting nahi aata hai??
        I think pooja dint understand what she was asked to reveal there.
        Luv – kleptomaniac???
        Arshi…, now u wil pay for what u revealed yesterday… ?
        Vikas said right when 2 r not in good terms, parting their way is better than staying & stretching unhappy relationships
        Kya Salman was taunting her by telling ‘hina kabi galat nahi ho sakta ”????

      4. when tanisha came in bb house.. she was cornered but still she had support of arman.. at that time when khushal and gauhar taregted her.. then she started crying and gain sympathy.. but for others she found it entertaining.. how double standard she is.. not i am regreting why i voted for tanisha… and when arman dispects her and shouted at her then she said in janta ki adalat… that she was testing her patience level.. she dont want to argue with some ne and dont want to increase fight n all..
        but in same case with vks.. she found it entertaining.. and she even said.. vks complaining so much.. but she did the same.. when she was in bb house……….

    3. Samaira_khan

      @vidhu completely agree.. These people r just biased towards Shilpa.. Don’t know y

      1. Maybe coz salman wants to marry her ??? jk tho

    4. Agree with everything u said.. we all must pray Shilpa should get married to Salman? Salman Ko Sharm hi nai..I saw his Insta account today. He posted a pic promoting his brand.. wahan log gaaliyan de rahe hain usey BB Ko lekar.. like self respect k liye hi Sahi ab toh theek ho jao Salman..

      1. @neha haan fir roz usse gane gaa ke uske sath cute nok jhok karegi shilpa after marriage ??

    5. Neha chandra

      I agreed to was disgusting that Shilpa won the task.sapana and sabbya deserved more than her. the most deserved person was sabbya.

      1. @neha chandra yes in my eyes sabya deserved it too

    6. Vidu, s*x is taboo in this country?.. and still we are the second largest populated country in this world and soon to be number 1….

      1. @vinu….
        You shud understand wat vidu said… Of course itz a taboo… How many of us can come in public and say nythng abt s*x … ?
        To our parnts, relativs let alone on TV… Itz always been a private thing in India… There is no realtion between d population nd s*x being a taboo….

      2. @neeru thank you for explaining him on my behalf ?

    7. Put 2-3 people behind vikas …unquestioningly and totally submissively supporting him all the time and he will be fine…(except during task…when he can mastermind and backstab friends,speak rudely and ill about them and manage on his own)..cut to after the tasks..when he will cry and crib about everyone ganging up on him…friends not understanding him and supporting him..and gain sympathy..
      Thats what shrewd selfish people like him do….selfish during any opportunity to compete with friends and then buttering them up just to be in good books…
      He made shilpa’s antics look like torture…..what about the real life torture you meted out to her?…dude remember the first day you and all others ganging up on shilpa….threatening akash ..bullying everyone to support you regarding that “dk bose” song….thats your real face…groupism and bullying on full display… kaha gaya”AKELA LAD SAKTA HOON” STAND?
      ABOUT SABYA: a good human and yes his secret was big….but i dont think anyone outside knowing him would be surprised…….he is open about his s*xuality….his flirtations with priyank made it plain to everyone….and he “thought about s*x change” did not go ahead….. he was a close second…
      i think Shilpa and Sapna were a tie……but hiding your qualifiaction is a big deal….(not to the public as some one pointed out about politicians-they have thick skin)…..but to your own parents and family is a big deal……she is better place now as an actress (which vikas and co. have crushed) and can reveal now ,but back then she would have just started her career… was definitely bold….
      Sapna’s was a sweet self sacrificing secret….that has earned her brownie points,,,,, Sabya’s was not that much of a shock..(his convos. with arshi and priyank are enough indication about his s*xuality…),,,,,,but Shilpa’s was a self depricating one which is what the task was all about….

  3. Kabse yeh progress me hai yhaar jldi plz

  4. Omg aaj to Mr. Jallad ko bhi hasi aagayi.

  5. Loved the episode.Waxing ka task bohut funny tha.Akash…???.Best secrets Shilpa,Sapna aur Sabhya ke laga.Glad to know that Thanisha supports Shilpa?…Shilpa rocks✌?

    1. TRUE THAT!!!!

  6. hi everyone after a long time i m back again
    first half part was nice and mostly that waxing part and pair bhi sahi tha maja aagya. jallad bhi hass gaya
    and secret mostly ka toh tha hi nahi and decision unfair tha i think sabya is very brave to share this thing in national tv
    shilpa ka kuch jyada hi side lerahe hai salman
    ek baat kitchen ke things kitchen mei hi karni chaiye ye baat hina ki sahi thi shilpa bhadak gayi
    arshi hina fight faltu tha aur sry bolne ke baad bhi rone lagi hina ji and salman jab shilpa boli toh genuine and arshi bole toh kuch nahi
    and guys dont be offensive mujhe iss hapte ka kuch bolna hai and speically to blind hina haters
    jab hina kisi aur ke fight pe gusti hai toh aap hi logg bolte hai faltu ki footage kha rahi hai and jab nahi gusti hai tab bhi aap logg ko uski galti dekaideti hai and i m very happy ki woh vikas shilpa ke ladai pe nahi gusi aur kisi ke side bhi nahi li. jab galti uski hoti hai toh mei manti houn lekin harr barr sari galti usi ki toh nahi ho sakti na and agar uska galti nahi bhi hai toh bhi usko hi galat bola jata hai.
    salman iss hapte baised the shilpa ka torture extreme tha lekin vikas bhi kuch kamm nahi hai woh bhi apni side change karta rehta hai apne faida ke liye dosti karta hai. jab priyank nikal gaya tha toh sari galti hina pe daal di aur arshi ko hug karne se kya kya nahi bola lekin abb arshi uski hi best friend bann gayi hai.
    shilpa vikas ke fight mei hina ne stand nahi liya mann liya lekin kisi aur ne toh bhi nahi liya tha na toh phir baat sirf hina pe kyun aayi?
    agar hina kuch na kare toh galat kuch kare toh bolte hai apna faide ke liye kia hai its not fair.
    backbiting sab karte hai and dekha jaye toh vikas karta hai lekin iss baat pe bhi hina ko galat kaha jata hai
    sab game khelne aaye hai aur sab ek dusre ko use karenge iss mei kisi ko blame nahi karna chaiye show jitne aaye hai toh usi hissab se khelenge koi dusre ko help nahi karenge yeha per sab apne dekhenge aur dekhte aaye hai aur iss baat pe bhi hina galat
    aur puneesh bandagi ka kya chal raha hai and i think its a family show aise matt karo biggboss family ke saath dekhna awkard ho jata hai
    i know mera iss comment ke liye gali jaroor aayenge koi nahi mei starting se hina ko support karti aayi houn aur last tak karti rahongi aur uski galat baat ko criticize karungi bhi aur right baat ko appreciate
    one suggestion for aall dont use bad words

    1. Shilpa fans ko Hina se koyi prblm nahi hai.Dono apne khel khel rahe hai.Mujhe Hina kabhi achi lagta hai kabhi kabhi selfish lagta hai.But its k.Vo jaisi hai aisi rahti hai.Vikas ke fans ko to uske alawa aur koyi acha hi nahi lagta…?

      1. @ sharan yes and kisi ko bhi kisi ke saath problem nahi hona chaiye jisko jise support karna hai kare and shilpa bhi dil se khelti hai

    2. Hi Anu,

      I also like Hina, agreed at times wo galat hoti hai but that doesn’t means k log uske liye cheap comments kre to prove their cheapness. Hina k ilawa I also like Hiten as bhale hi wo silent hai but atleast he is a nice person… Shilpa ko main personally like ni krti but Vikas k matter mein she was not wrong as wo first day se boli hai Vikas k 12 bajayegi and muh pe bol k kr rhi same like Arshi..Jaise Arshi ne bola logon mein ladai krwayegi n all aur jb Arshi aisa krti hai to wo SAHI, usko entertainer kehte hai 😀 dusra kre to IRRITATION..huh Ye kitchen cloth k baare mein Mehjabi & Hina was right how was can you wash roti cloth in washroom specially us bucket mein jisko nahane k liye use krte ho…Aise to toilet mein baith k khaana banao, bartan dhulo, kitchen ki jrurat hi kya hai.. Shilpa ka biggest problem hai koi uske haan mein haan na milaye to turant bhadak jaati hai n us waqt wo bahut gandi lagti hai…I believe k kisi k fan bano not blind supporter

      1. HEY BHAGWAAN! kitchen cloth is used to wipe kitchen counters not utensils….
        its a cloth that gets oil and dirt on it and needs to soak in washing detergent….
        whats the problem with washing it in washroom?… may need scrubbing too….should washing detergent be used in kitchen vessel instead?…….its a rag….not coming anywhere near your food Ms. Khan!….and the bucket is going to be clean afterwards,,,,hygiene queen!

    3. Kal Arshi ne jo Hina k Asthma pe comment kiya that was also personal n usne sorry bola to sbko laga sorry to bol diya…but same thing Shilpa ne kiya to galti krke sorry bol do ye kya baat hai. Shilpa ki sorry bekaar but Arshi ki sorry genuine. Agr same comment Hina ne Arshi ko kiya hota to abhi tk usko gaaliyon se nawaz diya jaata…haww beachaari Arshi ki bimaari ka mazak uda rhi, Hina aisi hai waisi hai jaane kaisi kaisi hai 😀

      1. agar hina sach m itni hi bimaar h toh sara time footage k liye ladti q rehti h………
        apni health pe dhyaan de na pehle…….ladne k liye aur footage khane k liye koi problem nhi h…….

      2. @huma i m not saying ki arshi right thi and uski sry genuine thi lekin hina maaf karti aur woh baat stop karti toh jyada achha hota. and we know how arshi is and uske saath debate karke kuch hone wala toh nahi hai na.

      3. @XYZ Asthma hone ka ye matlab ni k koi apni life na jiye…Asthma attacks ladne se aate hai aisa kisne kaha moreover she is bold enough to do Khatron ka Khiladi with such disease… Bimaari kisi ko bhi ho skti hai uska mazak udana can never bhi right chahe wo mazak koi bhi udaye. Lad sab rhe hai footage sb kha rhe hai, jisko jab jahan mauka milta hai ladne lagte hai and it’s part of game..Big boss k ghar ki aarti ni utarne aaye hai contestant, game hai to kheleingy hi. Sab Vikas bhi ni k 5 hafte se hath theek hi ni ho rha bechaare ka, Jail se nikalte waqt hath kaam krta hai but ghar k kaam k liye kamzor hai 😀

    4. @Anu.. qki baaki sab stand ki devi nhi bante like hina… a weekend ka war..bht chilla chilla k bol rahi thi…….salman sir mne har ek k liye stand liya h yahan bla bla……….mat lo stand yaar.. but chup kar k baith jao.. fir bolo bhi mat kuch……..

      1. @xyz hina chilla chilla ke boll rahi thi thik hai lekin pucha salman ne tha na baki se toh nahi pucha agar mujhe pucha hota toh mei bhi bolti. and rahi baat stand lene ki toh woh apne liye leti hai and vikas ke side nahi liya kyun ki usne bola hi tha toh apni stand lo mei apni leti houn. and chup kyun rahe uss ghar mei gaya hi toh baat karne ke liye toh woh karegi .

    5. Agree with you totally……vikas is a fox in reality….hina ko misunderstand khud ne kiya joke ko lekar aur tabse uski backb*t*hing kart raha hai….ben aur priyank ke saath bhi same kiya…..GALE LAGAAKE BACKSTAB KARNA HAI VIKAS KI FITRAT……..use sirf mehjabi,jyoti jaise logon se hi banaana aata hai kyunki he has BIIIG EGO PROBLEM….bhed bakri ki tarah uski haan mein haan milaao aur bas wo bhi dosti ka dikhaava karega……….hina se problem hai toh phir uski help kyun chahiye use?
      REAL life mein naa jaane kitno ko tang kia hoga…..paarth samthaan and gauri (gaurav arora) incident is good example enough to know how low he can stoop to taking advantage and manipulating and destroying peoples lives and careers…..

      1. @mahi extactly vikas ko jo logg uski baat mante hai aur usse sahi bolke piche jaate hai wohi logg achhe lagte hai agar koi apne liye defend kare toh woh banda toh gaya. jab tak shilpa usse chida rahi thi tab woh bimar tha lekin jab hi captaincy ka task start ho gaya toh magic ho gaya aur woh thik hogaya. and one thing uski personal baat mat lekho aap yehha vikas fan jyada hai

      2. @ Mahi Hina k sath misunderstanding mein poori galti Vikas ki thi but Villain banaya Hina ko..Priyank agr bina usse kuch discuss kiya kaam kre to usse ladta hai.Expectations ki baatein krta hai phir kehta hai main expect ni krta 😀 I am pretty sure k Shilpa k carrier ko kharab krne mein iska bhi contribution hai, bhale hi poora involvement na ho but he is somewhere involved.

  7. Samaira_khan

    The most shittiest episode till date.. What the hell.. Firstly starting.. Tht wax game.. Hina was such an overacttor..coming to the secrets I was just laughing like a maniac.. Wtf is wrong I mean do u really think tht Shilpa s secret was more gud than sabyasachi.. It needs guts wht sabyasachi told.. Not did graduation so what.. And her father is also not there.. whom is she Dearing now.. Huhh Tanisha I hateeeee her.. Karan at least supported Vikas a Lil.. Puneesh was seriously lol 12 yr old kids also don’t do this shut things..

    1. Sabhya ne kiya to nahi hai na karne ko socha tha.Tho itna bhi bada secret nahi hai.Lekin uska himmat ka appreciate karna chahiye…Shilpa ka secret to secret hi hai bechari apne dad se keh nahi payi.

    2. jab vks ko hand m kuch problem tha.. tab toh sabne uski problem ka mazak banaya… jb baat khud k asthmaa pe ayi toh ro ro k sympathy gain karna start ho gaya………..hadd h seriously…..hate this season… shilpa,tanisha,hina,sapna,akash and sabse zyada toh mr. khan…………..agar hina ko itni hi problem h toh sara time itna ladti q h.. agar sach m asthmaa h toh thoda kam lade na…………. aur ye hina jo bandagi ka bolti h aur baki sare girls k character ki baat kar rahi h.. khud bhi toh boys ko use karti h for support.. show m hi dekh lo.. kitni girls ko wo apna support system banati h…..? ek bhi nhi..
      but sare boys ko kitni jaldi suppirt system banati h.. pehle vks.. fir priyank,, then luv.. ab akash bhi…
      atlest bandagi show m har kisi k sath nhi lagi padi.. jab hina jaisi celebrity bina boys ko use kare nhi agey bhad sakti toh bandagi kya cheez h……….

    3. SABYA: a good human and yes his secret was big….but i dont think anyone outside knowing him would be surprised…….he is open about his s*xuality….his flirtations with priyank made it plain to everyone….and he “thought about s*x change” did not go ahead….. he was a close second…
      i think Shilpa and Sapna were a tie……but hiding your qualifiaction is a big deal….(not to the public as some one pointed out about politicians-they have thick skin)…..but to your own parents and family is a big deal……she is better place now as an actress (which vikas and co. have crushed) and can reveal now ,but back then she would have just started her career… was definitely bold….
      Sapna’s was a sweet self sacrificing secret….that has earned her brownie points,,,,, Sabya’s was not that much of a shock..(his convos. with arshi and priyank are enough indication about his s*xuality…),,,,,,but Shilpa’s was a self depricating one which is what the task was all about….

      1. @MAHI Completely agree with you?

      2. @ mahiji, my statement was ”Hiding abt graduation looks biggest secret for her?” – here I meant Tanisha only not shilpa…
        I said first, many hides educational qualification from family…(not jus politicians) Either out of shame or fear…. Shilpa said her father passed away without knowing this truth… She dint say abt Rest of her family… So Not in any angle this raaz gonna b a big deal to audience…
        Abt sabya ,out of his desire for a person whom he love he thought of surgery& b a woman ….many people still hav no guts to approach Medical science for the same and they remain as ‘ gay’ only….he might hav backed out either bcs of huge expense or he already lost love..

        Arshi who faked something earlier now revealing truth…it’s also big secret…
        & Why not sapna???

        It’s not abt giving immunity… Shilpa wil b inside for a long time for sure….we’r surprised of shweta and Tanisha’s decision only..


    1. Pooja k songs pe poora India has rha to wo log kyu na hase…tumhe ni aati hasi??? Ok fine to roz suno uske gaane 😀

      har profession sbke liye ni hota, ye Pooja ki bewakufi hai k bina kuch sikhe samjhe gaana shuru kr diya…wo khud apni beizzati krwa rhi n usme bhi wo khush hai as footage to mil rha.

      1. @Huma .. atleast she was giving enetertainment.. but bb house k baaki log bb show ko i think wwe game samajhte h.. tabhi toh sara time bas ladna hota h ya abuse karna hota h.. atleast she entertained pp … wihout stooping low.. like others……..aur beizatti toh hina and shilpa ki bhi ho rahi h.. usmekya hua…? shilpa ko bhi toh log mental bol hi rahe h.. and beizatti toh fir sabki hi ho rahi h.. but difference is.. pooja is not able to respond accordingly… jabki hina and shilpa itna tez h ki galti hone k baad bhi situation palat dete h.. aur kabhi khud ko worng prove nhi hone dete..
        mazak banae wale toh akash ko bhi cartoon and mental bol rah e h……aur atleast pooja ne game m bane rehne k liye baki sab k tarah faltu k kaand toh nhi kiye… ladna abuse karna,couple form karna…..

      2. @XYZ Pooja is like a Kid, usko koi experience ni logon ko face krne ka na hi unhe jawab dena.. As a person she is good but iska matlab ye ni k ab hum uske gaane ko bhi achcha bole…uske gaane ka style is way funny 😀 uspe koi mazak udaye to galat ni..Gaane ka shauk hai to music seekho pehle, phir banao video.

  9. I am really irritated with bb11 so mean no one is bothered to teach Shilpa Shinde to stop irritating Vikas. Confession made by sabya was a bold confession compared to Shilpa. I find Shilpa and priyanak are too much. Priyanak was best in Splitsvilla now I just don’t like him any more. I feel Bandagi is better than this 2

    1. Priyank has got a bit irritating but his behaviour with vikas is totally justified…
      vikas was rude to priyank when he just asked about contender to captaincy…..why could he say that priyank could also win from the workers side(which he actually did but gave everything to ben)…selfish to the core!!! as if priyank has no game to play himself and is here to follow vikas like a puppy…..


      COMPARE SHILPA:—-she doesnt judge her friends through tasks… DIRECTOR SAAHAB DOES!!
      otherwise she would have been mad at everyone who handed over the money she gave them to vikas….

  10. Shilpa Hina Salman Aakash kaafi nai they.. ab Tanisha bhi aagayi? Tanisha is a loser.. aur baatein bhi waisi hi Karti hai. Sabya was so bold.. he deserved that immunity.. Shilpa undergraduate hai.. ismein kaunsi badi baath hogayi? there r somany who can’t complete their education.. fine it’s an emotional thing to her.. but comparing to what Sabya said, it’s just nothing..

    1. Sabya ko immunity dete to next week use bahar kaise krte? 😀 jb b Sabya ghar se bahar jyega to real kitchen fights start hongy as he spends most of his time in kitchen only.

      1. ?? very true

  11. Shilpa is the most entertaining ,most deserving ,Strong in the house. She take criticism very gracefully.You Go girl.Love You.

    1. U r right…Shilpa is the best?

  12. Rosewood

    Being a follower of Bigg Boss since it started. Now I have to stop watching it!
    Seriously the host is being so biased towards the contestants. Shilpa and Hina continue to do disgraceful things and Salman will consider it as entertainment wow *slow claps*
    Shilpa is mentally torturing him and if I was in his place I would’ve reacted like that. Its very normal! So Salman tells the contestants don’t go personal but he was the person who kept going personal, like talking about Shilpa not getting a job etc. As a host you should point out the mistakes of people but Salman is supporting the person who is clearly wrong!
    Salman was also being too harsh on Zubair, although he did less than Shilpa and Hina mataji. From now no Bigg Boss or No Salman Khan Movies!!!!

    1. @Rosewood..not only shilpa and bb contestants……..even salman has started to torture vikas……..

  13. Neha chandra

    If vikas tell she is behaving like step mom , Salman is taking class for him.from day 1 she’s using lots of words no one has issues.may be she blackmailed vikas and team that she was going to leave the show.vikas is a cleaver boy and Master mind .he has the ability to find replacement in two days.she is so self centered, never thought anyone can do her role.last day also vikas told she could not tolerate the fact that she lost.she can’t see any one supporting vikas, like bandagi, how rude she was to her.if I’m not wrong i heard she was calling Pooja lower class, Shilpa is super egostic aunty who thinks she is upper class, but in mind she is the lower class.

    1. @neha… yes.. she said this thing for jyoti that.. ppl like her are not even deserves to stand with her……….

  14. Shilpa ka secret sabse gehra kaise laga re.. usse accha th sabya ka the.. tanisha madam uss time v pasand nhi thi aaj v nhi

  15. guys….its ohkkk sabko pata hai…ki vikas ke sath jada ho raha hai….or rahi Tanisha ki baat wo kaise behave krti thi unke season me…. Khushal ke sath sabko pata hai….wo same shilpa jaisi thi khushal vikas ke jaisa tha…

  16. Ben was very bold to reveal her mental sickness and sabyasachi rest were ??

  17. @ Neeru, not all the ex contestants whose name u wrote to mention Salman’s partiality were winners…right???
    May b Salman is using shilpa and hina for trp only ..thus making them overconfident of what al they r doing is right & perhaps towards the grand finale he too will ditch them.. And BB will announce another winner….
    Shilpa saying aftr pooja’a elimination ” logon ka laga pooja wil create tumult here..but she ‘s not like that..”
    Isnt it shilpa herself who told Hina abt pooja
    ” yeh arshi ke maa hogi..” ??
    Flip Aunty forgot that!!!

    1. @AMY… there are some ppl who flips a lot like shilpa,hina,sapna,hiten,priyank,akash …… pehle wo without knowing anything bura bolte h..and after that jab sympathy gain karni hoti h aur mahan banna hota h toh yahin logo ka perception change ho jata h for the same person……

    2. @Amy…. Yaa…. Thats wat i meant…. Most of the tym salman’s fav din win….. But itz irritating wen u see a host do that… !!

      Ohh yaa…. I forgot that… Shilpa was d one who said pooja will be worst…. Gawd.. This lady…
      Also did u notice, wen arshi said sorry after commnting abt hina’s astama,,shiloa was like -“pehle keh do fir sorry bol do.. Us se kya hota hai ”
      And i was like din u do d same thing yestrdy afta saying couch to vikas…. Aree waah,, tum sorry bolo jo genuine… Aur doosre bole tho nhi… ??

      1. Shilpa’s angle with vikas is not the same as arshi and hina’s…..she meant to say what she did….but apologised only becoz bigg boss rules want her too….just like vikas gupta does drama to leave house but cannot!!!
        about pooja….both her statements were opinions….the same that i am sure most people here would be having…..who here was a fan of pooja or considered herself as sane , innocent and not an attention seeker b4 she came over on bigg boss? perceptions change that is what shilpa voiced her own thinking about…thats not flipping thats her genuine reaction towards pooja….otherwise she too would have taunted her after she quit the jungle task….

      2. I like presence of salman khan in other programs… But not here…! He ‘s giving wrong idea to contestants….

        Waise bi arshi apologized herself,, nt like sapna did to arshi without sincerity when salman asked her…

        Shilpa and Hina r arguing & showing anger for very silly matter…. Whoever disagree with these 2 they ‘l behave like ” m right and you r wrong..” !!!

  18. I like shilpa very much in this week because vo bahut he real way mein entertain kar rhe hai vikas to apne dhauns dikha rha hai k wo producer hai issi liye sari industry uss se dar rhe hai par shilpa is so real jo itna real hai mtlb uss ke sath kuch na kuch hua hai vikas gupta totally fake hai hn par sabhya hona chaiyea tha winner secret task mein

  19. Jiya09

    Why did they call Tanisha ??? I don’t like this a little also!! She was supporting Shilpa like every fault was of Vikas!! And atleast Karan and Shweta said it is 50/50/. Both are right and both are wrong!! And people calling Shilpa – Vikas nok jhok as cute and entertaining ?? What will have u done if u were in the place of Vikas ? Reaction is clear to come back!! I don’t even know what Tanisha would have done!!
    The first part was funny!! I loved it!! All were making me laugh!! And even jallad laughed!! 8th wonder! Puneesh’s reaction was so funny and Akash , lol !!
    Then the sultani akhada won by Priyank!! Atleast not Akash!! Akash would have then way too irritating.
    And finally the secret task!! What was the secret of Hiten , Luv , Pooja and Mehjabi!! Lol !! I loved Sapna , Shilpa , Ben and Sabya’s secret.. And giving the immunity… For me it should have been Sabya. All four has guts but what Sabya said needs a lot of courage!! And seeing Shilpa’s popularity they should have given it to Sabya.
    And Tanisha took two name but she didn’t even mentioned Sabya!! Like really ??
    I too agree that Shilpa do every work which she feels that needed to be done and she is doing it really well but yesterday I liked Hina’s stand. Yeah washing a kitchen cloth in bathroom bucket is not really ok!!
    And what was Shilpa and Arshi talking after Pooja was eliminated!! That the people of India loves to see more fight?? We love to see ur game , ur friendship!! Pooja was out because she had less fans! Shilpa and Arshi are safe as their fans love them.. Not because of their fight. Sabya is also safe , he don’t do any fight!!
    And I request bigg boss , please I don’t want to see this Pungi scenes at all. It really feels awkward to see them with others.. Please ignore this Pungi last scenes of night otherwise I will surely die. I can bear Shilpa – Vikas fight but not Pungi.?

    1. @Jiya09…did u remeber.. when gauhar and khushal irritate hina in a task.. she gave solid reaction… then how she can call vks shilpa fight entertaining……

      1. Jiya09

        Tanisha is the person I think I hate more the Pungi also!! She is just way too irritating.. And in her season also she was there for fights and her love story with Armaan!! She fights unnecessarily so thinks every fight is entertaining.

      2. gauhar and khusal ? was hina in that season

    2. hey… cloth is also cloth…its not used to clean utensils but wipe the kitchen counter…it is dirtier so needs to soak in detergent….that cannot be done in kitchen vessel….i fail to understand why it cannot be washed in the bathroom bucket…its a rag not coming in contact with anything you eat!!!!

      1. Shilpa said roti cloth.., using to cover Dough… Hina and mehjabi r right…

  20. Shilpa Shilpa Shilpa rockstar
    East or west Shilpa is the best
    Vikas is big waste
    Cry Vikas cry aur sympathy milegi

  21. Don’t know what’s going between punish and bandagi.. ??.. Rozz bigg boss ki ending unhi se hoti hai

    1. Inke is harkat ki wajah se unhe BB k ghar mein rehne ko bhi milega..It’s a Shame!
      Aise gandagi ko sbse pehle bahar nikalna chahiye…

  22. Big boss fan

    Big boss is getting cheaper day by day. What kind of entertainment is this. Supporting people who are fighting and showing fake love stories. Sari trp to shilpa aunty la ri h to they are supporting her wrong deeds also bcoz negative publicity is also publicity. I do not know who find her entertaining.

  23. Plz throw that bandagi and punesh out of the house…they r just disgusting… Doing cheap things crossing their limits… It’s a family show year we all watch it with our families, its very uneasy to see such things that they r doing in bed … We can’t watch it , it feels awkward…I hate them both

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