Ikrs: Vaada Raha (Short Story) Part:5

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Vaada Raha-
ViDha room:
Viplav was sitting beside dhaani, who was sleeping peacefully after a long time. He, laying his head on head board closed his eyes to remember another happiest moment of his life.
Head Quarter:
“Why the hell are you ignoring me Mr. Viplav Tripathi?”, dhaani asked as soon as she banged inside his room
“dhaani you here?”, he questioned out of surprise while standing up from his seat
“Why? Shouldn’t I be here?”, dhaani again threw another question angrily
“No, I didn’t mean that”, Viplav replied in order to finish that question-question game
“But I think you aren’t happy to see me here”, dhaani said raising her brows while stepping forward

“No I’m happy, it’s just I’m surprise”, he told with a wide smile
“Yeah right.. like I don’t know you”, she said rolling her eyes. “By the way why are you not picking my damn calls?”, she asked furiously as if she’ll kill him through her voice
“You were calling me.. but when?”, he questioned confusedly while acting to register her last call
“Give me your phone”, she demanded
“What?”, he asked weirdly

“Your cellphone.. right now”, she ordered with a sharp gaze
“Fine.. why are you getting angry?”, he spoke calmly while handing her his mobile
“See.. 25 messages, 30 missed calls”, she said keeping mobile’s screen in front of his eyes “and you’re making me fool by your innocence”, she added gritting her teeth
“Acha.. ok, I wasn’t picking up your calls due to some reason”, he accepted taking a deep breath
“And what was that reason?”, she asked in curiosity
“Can we sit somewhere and talk?”, he questioned politely
Dhaani slightly nodded in affirmation.

XYZ Park:
Dhaani and Viplav both were sitting on the bench and were enjoying the cool evening breeze
“So tell me the reason of your ignorance Viplav”, she spoke softly
“Do you remember, what you told me in that club”, he asked looking at her
“Yes, I do.. I was drunk, didn’t have memory loss”, she replied straightly
“So..”, Viplav was searching words to speak what he wants to
“I was calling you to have a detail talk.. but you’re so coward, didn’t even bother to answer me”, she without giving him chance spoke in an instant
“Miss. Dhaani I’m not coward, I’ve solved 57 cases till now and have punished more than 60 criminals, that’s why I’m commissioner Viplav”, he told with proudness

“Yeah, yeah.. I know”, she said rolling her eyes “but I also want you to know that I love you, I love the way you smile, I love the way you talk to me, I love the way you tolerate me and my anger”, she spoke while pouring her heart out “I really love you Viplav, and I know you too feel for me as I’ve seen it in your eyes”, she added looking in his deep eyes
“I.. I don’t know.. we’re just friends then how..”, he tried to complete his sentence avoiding eye contact with her
“That means you don’t love me?”, she asked with heavy heart
“No, I didn’t mean that”, he replied with irritation
“So that means you love me”, she spoke cheerfully
“Yeah.. I mean no, I mean..”, he was hell confused what to say further
“Mr. Viplav tell me straight if you love me or not?”, she asked with a stern look
“Ok fine”, letting a sigh out “I love you too but still I can’t marry you”, he spoke gathering some courage

“It’s ok, I can understand you’re not ready for marriage and all.. it’s perfectly fine, I can wait”, she understandably said
“No dhaani, I can’t marry you ever because my life isn’t safe.. I’ve lost the one whom I love the most, my parents. Now I literally can’t afford to loose you”, he answered in one go while holding her shoulders

“Your parents? What had happened to them?”, she asked in low voice
“They were murdered.. Mr. Dahshrath was the culprit and look at my helplessness the one who punish every criminal hasn’t punished his parent’s murderer till now”, he spoke with extreme pain
“But why he murdered your parents, if he was having any enmity with your family?”, she asked shockingly

“He was having enmity with me, I arrested him in charge of molesting a girl but within two days he was realised due to his strong sources”, he answered looking at the ground. “He was in rage and wanted to take revenge as I was the one who took this step against him and so for showing his anger he killed my parents by hiring a truck driver to hit his truck with their car. All considered this incident as an accident but I know it’s a murder” he added while wiping his tears
“So you think that by marrying me, my life will be unsafe?”, she questioned softly

“Yes, and I don’t want that, Dahshrath can do anything in rage but now that I’m alone so he couldn’t take out his frustration and by marrying you, he’ll get a reason to hurt me.. again”, he replied
“You meant to say that I’m your weakness”, she spoke in between her tears

“I guess you’re, because I love you.. and don’t want to loose you ever”, he answered deeply
“Ok.. even I don’t want to become someone’s weakness, if you’re happy being alone then I can’t do anything”, she said while standing up
“Dhaani please don’t be rude”, he said holding her wrist
“I’m not getting rude, I’m just saying that we’ll not meet each other again…. because who knows that if that Dahshrath come to know about our friendship then he’ll surely try to harm me. Won’t he?”, she asked raising her brows

“But..”, he wanted to protest but was short of words
“But what?” she spoke angrily but then took a sigh. “Viplav due to someone’s fear we can’t stop living or loving our life. I want to become your strength by coming in your life and nothing will happen to me as far as you’re with me.. trust me”, she said calmly holding his hands
“You’re my strength but..”, he was interrupted before he could complete
“I’ll not force you because it’s your life but can suggest you one thing, life don’t stop for anyone maybe today you won’t feel but tomorrow you’ll regret for letting go someone whom you love the most”, she said realising his hands “Good bye!”, dhaani spoke before turning to go whereas Viplav was looking at her speechlessly. His heart and mind both were saying to stop her and finally he did

“dhaani”, he shouted loudly while dhaani got surprised as soon as she turned back
“Will you marry me?”, he asked with a smile bending on his knees
“No”, she replied with fake annoyance
“Are you sure as there are plenty more in the list”, he said naughtily with a wink
“I hate you”, she said eyeing him while hitting him on his shoulder
“But I love you”, stood up to take her in a loving hug. “Shaadi karoge naa? I don’t want to be alone anymore”, he asked keeping his chin on her head

“Even I don’t want to be alone anymore, we both will fill that lonliness of eachother”, she told closing her eyes
“I’m sure, and I’m not scared of anything now as you’re with me and I’m always with you”, he spoke kissing her hair
Viplav opened up his eyes to look at dhaani who was in deep sleep. He while caressing her hair think “I’m always with you dhaani and will fulfill my promise, he and his sons will be punished for all the crimes they’ve did till now”, his chain of thoughts broke as soon as his mobile vibrated, he received the call once coming out of the room
“Yes I’m coming. Everything is going according to our plan. Right? Great! Wait for me as it’s pay back time”, he hanged up the call with a smirk

Dahshrath’s Home:
Viplav along with his police force banged inside the well furnished home. Dahshrath along with Soham and Raja gets shocked to find them in front of their eyes
“What the hell are you doing here commissioner? It’s my home not a play ground where you all will come whenever you would like”, Dahshrath said aggressively
“Check each and every corner of this house. I’m sure he has kept Inspector Raj here”, he ordered other policemen giving full ignorance to him

“Hey.. hey! What are you doing? Stop this nonsense right now. I haven’t kept anyone here”, he shouted
“Mr. Dahshrath according to our sources you’ve kidnapped Inspector Raj so it’s our duty to check your place.. please cooperate with us”, Viplav instantly replied
“Do the hell with your cooperation. Why I’ll kidnap that ordinary inspector, I keep my hands on big fishes like you”, he spoke with an evil look

Viplav meanwhile signed something to one of the constable
“But my parents were also ordinary person than why you killed them”, he asked with rage
“Because of your karma they died, I told you already that keeping enmity with me will cost you a lot but you didn’t listen to me so sadly they had to go in an accident which was actually a murder”, Dahshrath confessed with proudness unknowing to the fact that his words are actually recording

“And then our father politely asked you to stop investigation but you being stubborn didn’t listen to him, that’s why your wife got punishment which was actually fun for us but poor girl lost her self respect only because of us. We didn’t want to do her rape but you forced us to show our power”, Raj spoke stepping forward
That was it for Viplav, he walked towards him and gave him a tight punch straight on his nose
“Take out your frustration in this way Viplav because you’ve no other option. You’re helpless as you can’t do anything in front of our power”, Soham said holding his brother
“Sir Inspector Raj has been found”, a police man informed coming towards viplav
“Bring him here”, viplav ordered him
“What’s this drama? How can he be here?”, Dahshrath asked in extreme confusion

“Now only Raj will tell us, who has kidnapped him”, Viplav said in loud voice
“Sir, Dahshrath is the only one who has held me here”, Raj spoke once entering the hall. “Sir his men caught me when I was on my way to home”, he added
“No this isn’t true, what we’ll get keeping you here. You’re worthless to us”, both Soham and Raja spoke in union
“Arrest this man for captivating Inspector Raj right now”, Viplav ordered the constable
“You’re doing wrong Viplav.. this time I’ll kill dhaani once I’ll come out”, Dahshrath announced aggressively trying to scare him

“This time you won’t because I’ve full proof against you”, Viplav told firmly
He, then signed a policemen to show him the recording. Trio (Dahshrath, Soham and Raja) were shocked to listen their confession recording, Dahshrath in aggression took out a gun cleverly from his side pocket but before he could shoot, Viplav shot him straight on his heart due to which he died on the spot

“Arrest these two morons and handover this tape to media”, Viplav ordered before moving out
“But sir where are you going now?”, Raj asked following him
“To seek permission for something, you just gather people in XYZ ground also make sure of media’s presence”, he replied instantly.
Tripathi Home-
“Dhaani come on, I want to show you something”, Viplav said as soon as he entered the dinning room, his eyes were telling that he’s literally tired
“viplav where were you the whole night? I was so worried, you should’ve informed me before leaving”, She complaint stopping her feets from pacing left to right
“I was finishing a work and you were in deep sleep so thought not to disturb your sleep”, Viplav replied

“Which work and if it’s completed now”, she asked surprisingly
“Not fully, as you’ll complete it”, he answered holding her hands
“I’ll complete? But which work? Why are you creating suspense”, she asked out of irritation. “We’ll talk about this later, first have your lunch as I know you didn’t even take breakfast”, dhaani added not letting him answer

“I’ll eat a lot but afterwards, because now we’re going to punish your culprits. They’re waiting for you dhaani”, he said looking straight in her eyes
Whereas Dhaani was having mixed expressions, she was scared as well as happy, he noticed her state and kept her hands on his chest
“No need to worry, I’m with you”, he assured her with a smile
Dhaani nodded with a light smile in between her tears.

XYZ Ground:
The ground was filled with a huge crowd, majority of girls were present there. Media was present to cover the news, and situation of the place. The hustle and bustle vanished as soon as Dhaani and Viplav entered. He, signed one of the constable to bring those evil figures and they, within some minutes appeared in front of everyone
“dhaani as I promised your culprits are in front of you, give whatever punishment you like”, he said looking at her
“No please dhaani jee, forgive us. We’re admitting that we did a sin please forgive us”, they beg in front of her
Dhaani cluelessly stared viplav

“Don’t come in their words dhaani, just think about all those girls who have become rape victims.. by punishing them, this so called men society will think thousand times for misbehaving with any girl”, he spoke in order to make her understand
“I’ll not punish them”, she said in deep thoughts “Instead all girls standing here will throw stones on them till they die.. this is the punishment which they deserve, these girls will show that female society isn’t weak anymore”, dhaani announced determinedly.
All girls listening dhaani came forward to fulfill her command and within some minutes, they were in the pool of blood but the stone pelting finished when they finally died. Dhaani felt as if she got her self respect back once they stopped their breathing

“I’m feeling so light today”, she said looking at viplav with teary eyes
“And I’m feeling so relief to find that old shine back in your eyes”, he smiled
“I love you Viplav, I pray that every girl get a husband like you”, she said wiping her tears
“And a wife like you”, he completed. “Today my parents got justice, you got your strength back and I got my dhaani back”, he spoke while engulfing her in hug

“viplav I want to open a welfare trust for the girls who’re disowned by their families after this dreadful incident and against those who treat girls as their property”, she spoke looking at him in hugging position
“Samjho hogaya, that welfare house will open soon but before that let’s eat something. I’m starving”, he pleaded with cute face
“Come on let’s go home. Food is ready”, she said letting a chuckle out.

And both headed towards their home sweet home holding each other’s hands.

———THE END——-

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