Bigg Boss 11 15th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Shivani Evicted

Bigg Boss 11 15th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Elimination Episode
Salman comes on stage and says Saturday’s episode was peaceful. He welcomes everyone to show. Salman says we will know soon who is going to eliminate but we have wrestling match today too. Salman says there are fights and some are not solved and we solve them in wrestling ring to remove frustration. Salman says two inmates will have fight in wrestling ring today.
Salman connects call to house. Aakash is standing and says I dont get space to sit on couch, he squeezes between Lucinda and Shilpa. Salman says you didnt get space anywhere else? Puneesh says he is sitting with his sister. Salman says he is *****, all laugh. Salman says Vikas and Hina got safe. I will take two names and they will leave house, all say two people? Salman says first one is Shipa.. all

are stunned. Salman says second name is Arshi.. all are in shock. Salman says Arshi and Shilpa will go to wrestling ring, all laugh. Arshi says I wont go there, why I am target again? Shilpa says lets have fight. Salman says meet me at ring, he ends call.
Salman says Arshi and Shilpa have volcano building inside that will erupt today.

Arshi and Shilpa comes to wrestling ring. Salman is there. Salman says there will be three rounds, in first round you have to tell why you are liked better by audience then other one, after your argument, inmates will decide who gave more good reasons. Inmates are watching on TV. Arshi says I have curves and people like to watch me, I am new. Shilpa says old is gold. Arshi says I dont flip. Shilpa says I do what I feel good to do. Arshi says I dont go behind one person only. Shilpa says who take on me, I fight back, I work a lot too. Arshi says I keep making friends with everyone and she fights, Arshi is best. Shilpa says I dont have fake lashes, all inmates laugh. Salman asks who supports Arshi? Vikas whistles for her. All inmates whistles for Shilpa. Inmates make Shilpa win first round.
Salman says round two is you have to throw other person out of ring in mud using the paddles. Arshi and Shilpa start pushing each other. Arshi throws Shilpa out of ring and dances. Salman says Arshi won. Salman says there are two more tries left. Arshi and Shilpa both have 1-1 point. Arshi and Shilpa starts pushing each other again, Arshi throws Shilpa out of ring. Salman says dont hurt each other.
Salman says third round’s winner will get 3 points, you have to use hands to push each other out of ring. Arshi and Shilpa starts pushing each other. Arshi throws Shilpa out of ring. Salman says Arshi won this round and also match. Salman says Arshi step in mud and get stuck there so I can give you meddle, Arshi says you will insult me that much? Salman says just joking, he makes her wear meddle. Arshi and Shilpa goes in house.

Salman comes on stage and says you must have enjoyed this fair fight, all laugh. Salman says I am glad that we are not buying too much crackers for Diwali, I dont have to buy crackers as they are in Bigg boss house, I jut come on weekends and light those bombs. Mrs. Bigg boss comes there. Salman says Arshi part 2 has come. Mrs. Bigg boss says I am just wearing nightie, doesnt mean I am Arshi. Salman laughs and says why you are nightie? are you early sleeper? She says I cant sleep with noises from Bigg boss house. When I try to sleep, either Sapna start shouting or Shilpa.. I get curious and try to see if they are beating each other. Salman says why they dont allow you go in house? Mrs. Bigg boss says Bigg boss wont be able to say anything if I go in house, there are so many cameras there that I cant even do coochie coo there, will you do that for me? you broke my fast too. Salman says okay lets do it, come near, she comes near but he moves away. Mrs. Bigg boss starts crying and says I am sad, I feel like my Diwali will be boring like Shivani’s game, my husband doesnt have time, will you help me light Diwali? he says how? Mrs. Bigg boss says all crackers are in house like Arshi moving in house and setting people on fire, Hiten is bomb too, you light fire on him but he never bursts, he is null bomb. She asks if he can help her in shopping? I will show you my clothes and you choose what I should I wear. She shows him dresses, he says you will look bomb in yellow, she blushes and says happy Diwali, I am leaving, she gives him googly eyes and leaves. Salman says after meeting these kind of wives, I believe in bachelorhood more.

Salman says on stage that two people came from Mumbai for Diwali shopping, inmates can sell them things and earn things. They are Rithvik Dhanjani and Ravi Dubey.

In house, inmates come in garden and finds their clothes and things that came from Bigg boss. Devil is there, Arshi asks him to smile, he glares. Ravi and Rithvik comes in house. Vikas runs and hugs Ravi. Rithvik hugs Hiten. Hina squeals and hugs them. Rithvik says all inmates are entertaining, we have come for shopping, we will buy things, Hina, Arshi, Aakash and Sapna will be sellers. Aakash will sell Lucinda fridge, Arshi will sell seet Hiten. Rithvik says their love story is crackling. Arshi will sweet Shilpa too. Hina will sell Vikas dhol. Sapna will sell Puneesh sofa. Rithvik says we have money, we will buy things from sellers, you have to convince to buy your things. Ravi asks Aakash about his Luci fridge. He says we have white fridge, her quality is ice blowers from her lips, she can sing too, this fridge can sing too, Luci starts singing, all laugh. Ravi says we can buy for 20rs. Aakash says I will warranty too, 75rs final call for me. Rithvik says 30rs final, they buy Luci fridge. Arshi says I will see sweet Shilpa first, she is twisted, she says something and does something else, she flips and sometimes she is spicy too, Rithvik says how she can be dangerous? Arshi says she is mental and she is bitter too, I want you take her, Ravi asks till when she will stay? Arshi says she will stale after one month, Shilpa says I will stale in such way that she wont be able to swallow, Arshi says I said truth about her. Ravi says thats why we will buy her for 50rs. Arshi thanks them. Rithvik says Arshi is honest. Rithvik asks why she likes sweet Hiten? she says I like to eat this sweet, Rithvik says his partner is waiting outside. Ravi asks about Hiten. Arshi says he is patient and very sweet when you swallow it, there is not bitterness in my sweet Hiten, she tries to touch him but Hiten says dont touch me, I will get sour. Rithvik asks when will this expire? she says 10years. Hiten says show is for 3months. All laugh. Arshi tries to touch Hiten and says there was a insect on him, Hiten says let it be. Ravi says we will buy him for 50rs, Hiten says take me in 10rs too, just take me, all laugh. Arshi says I will sell him for 100rs, Ravi says okay, they buy him for 100rs. Hiten says just take me now. Hina says I am selling musical instrument dhol Vikas, he is nice quality, specialty is that anyone can call play, just keep playing him, it will be so much fun to play. Rithvik asks if this dhol is playing her? all laugh. Hina says when I oil him then dont play him loud, it will burst, all laugh. Rithvik says crying dhol doesnt look good. Hina says its emotions. Ravi says we dont like our friends crying, Hina its okay. Vikas says I can play myself. Ravi says we will buy him for 10rs, Hina says not at all, Vikas says buy me for 500rs, Rithvik says then we wont buy him. Rithvik asks Sapna about Puneesh sofa. Sapna says you can sit on him for 5 hours without tension. Ravi asks if he will get fungus? Sapna says no his springs are strong, Ravi says we will buy him for 30rs, she says too less. Rithvik says 50rs? Sapna says he is precious. Ravi says extra for Sapna only, they buy him. Ravi says we will buy Vikas for 100rs, Hina says no, 500rs is good, Ravi says you want my kidney? Vikas says its bad omen. Rithvik says okay we will buy for 110rs. Ravi says you can buy things from devil with this money. They greet everyone and leave. Aakash says I got 70rs. Arshi got 150rs. They all buy things from Devil with money. Arshi gets clothes.

Hina is in bedroom and says I miss everyone, I want to see everyone, Shivani says you are missing everyone. Arshi says I sold good. Vikas comes to Hina and says I dont want to fight with you, I reacted too much, I said too much, I want to apologize that I forgot that you are my friend, I didnt cry because of Shilpa but you were my friend and you made fun of me. Hina says it was not like that, Hiten and Shivani denied it. Shivani says we are family, sometimes it was just fun. Vikas says to Hina that I leaving everything behind, I am putting things behind and if you want to finish all this then do it, I have realized that, Sabya says dont cry. Hina looks down. Vikas says we will talk later.
Arshi and Shilpa talks. Arshi says we didnt fight. We just took things out on each other.

On stage, Ravi and Rithvik comes on stage. Ravi says me and Sargun watches every season, it was fan moment to go in house, everyone was nice. Rithvik says this was first time for me to go in house, its enigmatic place to be. Salman asks who was favorite buy? Ravi says Lucinda was favorite pick, it was easy to buy, she is cool. Salman says that cool fridge should be in our house too, they all laugh. Salman asks about Vikas. Rithvik says I know Vikas from before but he is picking himself up. Salman asks about Hiten. Ravi says Arshi doesnt want to sell him, Rithvik says his wife is waiting, Ravi says Hiten was chanting Gauri mantra, they laugh. Ravi says everyone is talking about this season, even news channels. Rithvik says we are watching Bigg boss and giving news to everyone else too, let us show you. Ravi start as news caster, he says we will start with girl power Hina, Rithvik mimics her, Rithvik mimics Hina and says Zubair is nice, he left.. oh Priyank you are best, he left? Vikas I am coming.. all laugh. Ravi says we will talk about Arshi Khan. Rithvik mimics her seductive moves, Ravi says her language is accepted on Pluto. Ravi says new news is that America’s President watches it too, he has launched glaring bomb after watching Sapna and Arshi’s fight. Rithvik mimics Sapna’s staring spree. All laugh. Salman laughs at their acting, they greet him and leave.

Salman connects call to house. He brings a kid on stage, he asks her to sing for inmates, kid Sitara sings jane woh kaise log they jinke pyar to pyar mila, all clap for her, Salman says superb, kid thanks and leaves.
Salman asks Puneesh to give every inmate glasses and spray, he does. Salman says we will play a game, we tell you comments that were said about you by some other inmate and whom you think said that about you, you spray on that person’s face, we will tell you if your guess was right but if it was wrong then we won tell you name of the person who said it. Salman says Shilpa someone said about you that you dont only dance but also mental torture people. Shilpa sprays Vikas’s face hinting he said it, Salman says you are wrong Shilpa. Clip shows that Shivani said it (clip not shown to inmates). Salman says Shilpa someone said that you are clever and mental too and that is dangerous. Shilpa sprays Arshi’s face, Salman says wrong guess, clip shows Vikas said it. Salman says Hina someone said that you are insecure of that person and losing your mind. Hina sprays Arshi’s face, Salman says right guess. Salman says someone says you act like Ravan’s sister. Hina says maybe Vikas said it, she sprays on his face, Salman says correct guess. Salman says someone said about Arshi that she is transgender. Arshi says who said it? she sprays on Sabya’s face, Salman says right guess. Arshi says he said it once. Salman says someone said about Arshi that if she doesnt bite this Arshi snake then I wont spare. Puneesh says everyone must be saying that about Arshi, all laugh. Arshi says Hina must have said it, she sprays on her face. Salman says wrong answer, clip shows Sapna said it. Salman says Vikas someone said about you that he will nominate you for your jerk nature. Vikas says only Puneesh can say that, he sprays on his face, Salman says correct. Salman says someone said Puneesh is sleeping, he will get eliminated or we have to wake him up. Puneesh says Hiten must have said it, he sprays his face. Salman says he didnt but whole India is saying it, you were not interested in captaincy task then you will not interest audience too, Puneesh yes I am sorry.
Salman says to neighbors that there were expectations form you all, lets see if you were up for it or not, we gave you an interesting task, Vikas can you tell? Vikas says task was to act like family, they are from different worlds but they acted like family having property dispute. Aakash says I solved this whole case, all laugh. Salman asks Shilpa. Shilpa says I didnt know that it was a task. Salman says Vikas is right, secret of neighbors is not secret now. Salman says it was easy task, you prepared for 7 days and it was simple, then why were you caught? if you had it nicely then you would have gone far away, till you kept it secret, you all four would have got immunity from eviction, its most important thing but you lost it with your bad performance. Salman says if Bigg boss can give you such big chance then think what will be punishment for losing this task? you will bear the punishment soon, neighbors nod. Salman says to inmates that now its time for elimination, Sapna, Shivani and Jyoti are nominated and the one evicted is.. Salman says SHIVANI IS EVICTED. Shivani says I spent quality time, I spread my message. Hina hugs Shivani. Salman ends call. Shivani hugs Sapna, Sapna says I love you. Shilpa laughs at Aakash and says we are fools, Aakash says I solved case too. Shivani greets everyone and leaves.

At night in bedroom, Arshi says to Vikas that why Sabya says weird things? I am sad for him calling me transgender. Vikas says dont react, people will say things. Arshi says to Vikas that I live in veil at my house, it matters to my family. Vikas says to Arshi that you showed it affect you and now they will use it against you.
In lounge, Mehjabi says she roams around without clothes. Puneesh says why do you have problem with someone’s clothes. Puneesh says she is worried about transgender thing. Mehjabi says she is worried about that when so much has said about it? Mehjabi says she lives in veil in house and opened here completely?

At night, Arshi asks Hiten to listen to her, he says no. Arshi says please Hiten sir.. Hiten ji.. Vikas says listen to her, she is joking only. Hiten says she said she wont do it, Arhi says I want to clear it, we live in house, we have connection and we joke here. Hiten says there is a limit to it, Arshi asks what you want? Hiten says you say you respect me but you dont show it. Arshi says I touch Vikas too. Vikas says you touch him differently. Hiten says you call me Hitty baby, dont touch me. Arshi says talk in hush tone, I will be disrespected. Hiten says dont call me Hittoo baby, Arshi says you are handsome, Hiten says I know but dont call me Hittoo baby, no touching, maintain distance. Arshi laughs. Vikas laughs too. Hiten shakes his head.

Puneesh says to Bandagi that Aakash said I am focusing on you only, will you not do anything? I dont see anything else but you, I have forgotten game because of you, Bandagi laughs and says what are you saying? people must be cursing me. Puneesh says I keep roaming behind you, she smiles.

On stage, Salman says its time to sign off, happy Diwali.

PRECAP- In nominations, one neighbor will be eliminated. They have to break bottle of neighbor’s on it to nominate him or her,
all neighbors are stressed when inmates start nominating them.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Nice one
    Ravi nd ritvik ne kaha aur vikas ne apologize ki hope they dont fight further
    I really dont like punish aur bandagi drama yhere is no need of that ?
    Benafsha tho dikhi nahi rahi hain kuch karo ben
    Hiten is gud and shilpa nd vikas fight must end now cant tolerate now

  2. To those who are saying dat y Vikas ne hina ko bola but khud Arshi se frndshp kar li.. Their situation is completely different. 1st week me Arshi se jhagda hone k baad Hina n Priyank Arshi k piche pare rahe n mind u Arshi ne priyank ko kuch nhi bola tha wo hina k liye lar raha tha..bucket leke uske piche jana, bhes bola etc etc unseen footage me hai. Priyank jab evict hua tab accrdng to Vikas usne usko aur hina ko jate waqt unlog ko mat chorna keh k gaya tha as those 3 were frnds at dat tym. Par priyank k jane k kuch second baad he interval k baad hina ne Arshi ko maaf v kar di aur dost v ban gayi. Dts y he was saying apne unko itni jaldi maaf kaise kar di. N regarding Vikas n Arshi.. Arshi ne Vikas ki captaincy k liye sabse jyada sacrifice kiya as in giving most of her clothes n perfumes etc. So as a decent person you have to talk to her. Agar koi mere liye ye sab karega to obviously me v baat karungi.. This is call manners n shayad kisi kisi ko samaj me nhi ata.
    Anyways tonight’s episode was good. Just felt a little bit bad for Arshi. She shouldn’t be treated like that man. Like Vikas said bahar me kuch aur honge but bb k house me aane k baad hum sab log equal hai.

    1. but arshi apologized for her doings na
      thats y hina ne use maf ki
      is me kya galat hain agar kisi ne galat ki aur uskeliye mafi mage to maf karna hi thik hoga akhir unlogon ko sath mein rahna hain

      1. Arshi apologized to everyone..not only hina..she said that from now on I will respect everyone I won’t say bad words to anyone etc etc then Hina came forward n said let’s hug n leave all this behind. She went to hug shilpa too but we all know what shilpa did. N I think Vikas was just asking her that how could she do that u know itni jaldi. It was I think out of emotions coz of Priyank’s eviction..coz shilpa Arshi were dancing when priyank was getting evicted. I’m not saying dat Vikas is right..after all it was Hina’s decision maaf karna ya nhi karna. But Hina dragged it too far n overreacted lyk jab undono ka jhagda hua tab she said dt Vikas is jealous coz she’s now talking to Arshi n he doesn’t have anyone’s support n blah blah. Like no she was d one who was making a big deal for Priyank’s eviction even said dt prynk jayega to me v jaungi. N jab prynk chala gaya to ek hug se maaf. Dts y Vikas asked dt question. It wasn’t a big of a deal as they were frnds bt she n her fans made it big.

      2. Apologize toh vikas ne b kia…tha toh hona ka sudden rxn ni tha….dn y dat tym nly…

      3. i reallyy feel bad for priyank dear
        i thought he gonna make into finale but worst thing happen and he thrown out
        do you know any idea if he wanna come as wild card entry
        hiten-vikas-hina must be good friends without jaghada and strong

    2. jab arshi ne mmafi maagi sayad hina kuch soch rahi thi aur maaf kardiya vikas ne nahi kiya tha lekin jab task aayi toh arshi ne apne faida ke liye vikas ko support kiya hai and the most imp thin arshi hina baatein karne lage the dost nahi vane the just like vikas and arshi and maaf karni na karni apni baat hoti hai

  3. Drvidhi

    “Jab mai Paida huva tab hi doctor ne bola tha ki handsome hoga jao le jao”
    The epic one Hiten ??

    1. Yaa. that was really an epic line..

  4. Arshi and vikas seems genuine , either it is bad side or good side.They are hiding nothing.feeling bad for arshi , everyone is disrespecting her including salman.she is good to hiten still hiten continuously disrespecting her.she is the only entertainer in bb house.salman is biased too evrytime he takes class of arshi but why not he said anything to sapna.sapna always trying taking footage by can she say marriage n all to arshi.arshi never said anyhting to anyone first.It is not good to targer her all the time.hina made mistake and then cry to hide her mistake.even shilpa uses arshi.all knows very well that arshi has been changed and a nice person still they are targeting anyone can say to a girl two rupees aurat , transgender, u r not going to marry n all.this is not at all good.

    1. hiten has wife outside and he is trying to maintain distance with arshi but her behaviour and langugae are making weird to hiten i think thats why he is saying naagin to arshi otherwise he is nice to her and he is the one who is respecting all

      1. Yeah .. its right anu.. but the way he is talking to arshi is not correct.. his tone his attititude n all… he can tell her all the things in polite way.

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