Bigg Boss 10 29th December 2016 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 10 29th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 74
Inmates wake up on an energetic note dancing to the tunes of β€˜Ooo La la la’. Inmates dance.

Swami says to Manveer that good morning captain, Manveer says dont start in morning, Swami says i am saying truth, there is no girl involved now. Manveer says he will call Rohan captain too.
Swami comes to Rohan and calls him captain too.

Manu says to Mona that must have not expected to be here for 75days, life does this with you, Mona says i get happiness with unexpected things, Manu says everything happens for good, i advise you to marry Vikrant, its not quite secure to be in live-in relation for a longtime, even if you have a kid, its good, you are a nice girl, you will leave work for kid, earning is not that important.

asks Bani to leave things behind, Bani says i dont want to talk you, you said mean stuff to me, Gaurav says its fine and leaves. Manu comes in lounge and sings song around Bani.

Much excited to see Manveer as one of the contenders of captaincy, Swami Om already declares him the winner. Agitated with Om Swami for his unjust behavior during the luxury budget task, Manu and Manveer advice him to stop making tall claims and to play a fair game. Meanwhile, while having an intense conversation, Manu advice Mona to get married to her boyfriend as soon as she gets out of the Bigg Boss house. As the day progresses, Gaurav also makes a few attempts to have a conversation with Bani after having a major fight the previous night. But still upset about their differences, Bani gives Gaurav a cold shoulder. On the other hand, she is seen mingling around with Manveer and Manu and speaking her heart out

Bigg Boss announces the captaincy task wherein Manveer and Rohan compete to become the next captain of the house. A mud bed is placed in the garden area and Rohan and Manveer are allotted two different set of flowers – Rohan (purple) and Manveer (Pink). After the buzzer rings, Manveer and Rohan have to plant the flowers on the mud bed and cover it completely with their respective share of flowers. They are given two hours to complete the task and Bani is made the sanchalika(referee) of the task. Other inmates can try to make their friend win but only Manveer and Rohan can sow or pluck flowers. The one plants more flowers will become captain.
Bani says to Swami that if you dare touch this flower bed or try to go inside then you will face wrath, Swami says your words dont matter. Gaurav says to Rohan that if Swami does anything to you then hint at me, i am staying here by your side, Lopa says we will throw him away. Gaurav says i am here, dont worry.
Buzzer plays, Bani says dont hurt each other, make this task clean. Manveer and Rohan starts playing by planting all the flowers. Both are planting flowers, Manveer says dont come to my side of bed Rohan.

Bigg boss says only 10minutes are remaining in captaincy task. Rohan and Manveer are sitting near flower bed. Bani asks you people want to do anything? Lopa asks Swami to not do anything, Swami says i wont move, Gaurav says i am standing here, i wont let him to anything. Bani comes infront Swami and doesnt let him near flower bed. Lopa moves Swami away, Swami says why she is touching me? Lopa says dont say rubbish, Swami shouts on her, Lopa says i would punch you, Gaurav asks Lopa to calm down, task is going on. Manu asks Swami to move away. Manveer starts touching flowers, Rohan says why dong this? Manveer says i am touching my flowers, you want to copy me? Manveer and Rohan starts plucking each others flowers, Swami starts plucking Rohan’s flowers, Bani pushes him away and says he is an as**ole, Lopa says put Rohan’s flowers back, Swami tries to pluck again but Gaurav comes infront of him, Bani says stop it, Gaurav grabs Swami and puts hand on his neck, Gaurav says you are not allowed, let task happen, i wont let you, Swami tries to wriggle out of his grip. Buzzer plays, Swami says Gaurav has strangled me. Swami tries to go to flower bed but Gaurav shouts that you cant go there, Lopa says we didnt pluck Manveer’s flowers. Swami tries to attack again but Manu pushes him away and says are you mad? Manu holds Swami’s hand, Gaurav says why you are dojng this? Swami says i am Swami Om, you are son of an insect, Gaurav shouts that dont you dare say anything about my father, Swami says i will listen to Manu but not you, Gaurav says let lost. Manveer says to Rohan that i didnt touch you, you were stepping on my flowers. Lopa says flowers plucked by Swami shoulf be counted. Rohan gets angry on Swami and pushes Swami away hard, he throws away his mic and says you mad man, Lopa comes infront of Rohan and stops him, Swami says this man has hit me, hit me Rohan, if you have guts, Manu says Rohhan shouldnt have done it, Lopa asks Rohan to calm down, Gaurav says take him away, Manu says what should i more? Swami is screaming and asks Rohan to come, Swami pushes Rohan away. Lopa says why you are behind him? Manveer takes Swami away from Rohan. Bani is counting flowers and says i snatched these flowers from Swami’s hand, Swami says she took it from ground, Manu says this Bani’s decision to count them or not, Swami shouts, Bani says shut up, i am doing my work. Manveer wins, Manu puts him on his shoulders, Manveer laughs and says leave me, you are hurt, Mona dances. Lopas sk Rohan to congratulate him. Rohan hugs Manveer, Lopa congratulates him. Bigg boss says Manveer is new captain. Manveer is happy. Niti says we are saved from punishment now.

Lopa is bandaging Rohan’s wounds.
Swami says in camera that Rohan and Gaurav physically asualted me. he hit me from behind. Manveer sprinkles appy fizz. Swami says it was fair, Manveer says Rohan had everything in mind. Manu says i am so happy.
Gaurav says to Rohan that i am worried about rules being broken and then swearing and all, Bani says he is going beyond, Manveer says i pushed him away too. Swami says in camera that Gaurav dog and Rohan dog have hurt me. Manveer brings Swami in garden and says i am talking to you as my father, say everything in camera at once, i would wash your sins but dont say anything, i will go to jail instead of you, Swami cries and says what will happen to me? i cant listen from my ear.
Gaurav says to Bani that he crazy.

Manveer, Manu, niti and Mona are happy. Manveer says in camera that i am captain of Bigg boss house, and says thank you Bigg boss and everyone.

Rohan says i was in control, he will be scared next time, Manu and Manver have scared him thats why he is loyal to them, Lopa says he is not loyal to anyone, Rohan says he should not get immunity.
Swami says Rohan is at mistake, Manveer says just stay silent, Swami says he was at mistake.

Bigg boss says that if inmate have problem with other inmate than use words against them but the way Rohan took to handle situation was totally inappropriate and punishable. He gives Rohan a harsh punishment by nominating him for the entire season, Rohan says all push others here. Swami cries and says send doctor. Rohan says everyone is pushing but its allowed and i did so you punished me Bigg boss?
Rohan shouts that i dont want to play this game, just evict, it doesnt matter, he throws away mic and blanket and says i dont care. Everyone is breaking rules but i am punished, i dont care about nominations, i didnt hit anyone. Lopa says why bigg boss didnt speak up yesterday ? Rohan goes in washroom. Lopa says Bigg boss is unfair, Gaurav says nobody has authority over Bigg boss, Bani says i agree with her that its unfair. Manver asks Lopa to calm Rodhan down.

Doctor comes to check Swami.
Rohan is still is in washroom. Lopa is outside washroom and asks her to come out, Rohan asks her to leave, Lopa says you are not going anywhere, Rohan tells Bigg Boss that he will either stay inside the washroom for the rest of the season or will leave the house.
Manu says Rohan pushed Swami really hard.
Lopa asks Rohan to come out, Rohan shouts that i got hurt, i dont want anything now, he shouts nonsense, i wont come out of here, i want to leave this show.
Niti says his push’s intensity was great, Manu says people would have beat Bigg boss if he ignored it.
Gaurav comes to washroom and says Rohan this is just game, Rohan says i wont come out of washroom, i didnt come here to bear all this.
Niti says they dont take losing very well. She calls bigg boss unfair.

Manver is in confession room with Swami. Bigg boss says Swami is fine as per doctor but for full check-up, we are taking Swami outside house. Manveer says okay, Swami leaves house. Manveer comes in house and tells Manu that they have taken him for check-up.

Bigg boss asks Rohan come to confession room. Rohan says i want to talk to my dad and lawyer, only then i will come out. Gaurav asks Rohan to come out first, you can comeback from confession room, Rohan says everyone is pushing people around, what wrong did i do?
Manveer says to Mona that they play immature. That Lopa says she is fair but she keep stopping us and that Gaurav is getting footage. Mona says he is weird.
Bigg boss calls Gaurav and Lopa in confession room. Manu says to Mona that Lopa will change her tone now.
Lopa and Gaurav are in confession room, Bigg boss says Rohan’s behavior is wrong, he has locked himself in washroom, its against rules and also unsafe, we hope you both try to bring him out. Gaurav says he wants to leave bigg boss house, Bigg boss says ask Rohan to come in confession room.
Gaurav and Lopa comes to washroom and says to Rohan that you have to go to confession room even if you want to talk to your dad. Rohan comes out and goes to confession room.

Rohan says to Bigg boss that as per rules, the one who does violence is expelled from show so expel me, i was hurt yesterday, Swami hit me but no one took action, i am alleged today, i remember that he was pushed by me, i remember Manu and Manveer push him like this daily, you cant allege me, Bigg boss says we didnt say you did violence, we just said that its not acceptable, Rohan says its shown that i have hit older person who is innocent and i am goon, you are targeting me only, its unfair, Bigg boss says this is fair decision, its not about you, we have responsibility towards fans too, Rohan says i wont live with this allegation that i did violence so call my dad and lawyer. Bigg boss says you cant talk to anyone till you are in this house, Rohan says i will pay fine, i was happy to come in Bigg bos, i left my number one show, i left movie which was offered to me for all this? Bigg boss says you want to leave now? Rohan says i cant be insulted here, i am sorry, i respect work but i cant, he takes off mic and says make me talk to lawyer, Rohan starts leaving, Bigg boss says dont take haste decisions, sit down, Rohan says sorry and leaves.

Rohan comes to restroom, Lopa doesnt allow him to go in washroom, he says i dont want to play, Lopa says lets go in bedroom and talk, Rohan says i dont want to give ant footage, Lopa sys dont go in washroom, Gaurav says if you stay in bed without mic then whats wrong? Rohan says i want my image to be seen, Lopa says what if anything happens to you inside? Manveer says come out, Rohan says if person is bearing and not saying anything then you start being unfair? i want to talk to my dad, he asks Lopa to leave, Lopa says dont lock it, i am telling you, Rohan locks it, Lopa says you loser, open it, Lopa says i am sitting outside then.

Rohan is in washroom and says Lopa you go and eat food, Lopa says i dont want to go, Rohan says i played game passionatly and what i am getting in return? i am feeling good sitting on toilet, i am feeling powerful, i will stay here for 30days, Lopa says you will eat inside too? Rohan says i wont eat or drink anything. Gaurav says to Lopa that you both are fool to stay here, come and have food, Lopa says i wont eat anything, she hints him that Rohan will come out if she says this. Gaurav says Lopa is not eating food Rohan. Rohan says you go Lopa. Lopa says i am hungry, come out soon, Rohan says dont do it, Lopa says lets see how much you care for me.

Manu says what kind of friends are they? Gaurav doesnt get food, why Bani is not giving him food? They joke about Gaurav eating in pan. Manu says send Gaurav to home, he cant do household work, his friends are not giving him food too, Manveer laughs, Manu says he cant do anything, Manveer says he puts utensils like crowns. Manveer says if Mona gives him roti then he will faint of happiness.

Bigg boss says sometime back Rohan locked himself in washroom, we called him to confession room and tried to make him understand but Rohan is stubborn and saying that we are unfair and wants to leave show and has locked himself in washroom again, we want to tell Rohan that if you want to leave show then as per contract you will have to bear punishment and it will tarnish his image too, so we suggest him not to take haste decision, we are giving you some more time to take decision, if Rohan doesnt come out of washroom then for his safety, Bigg boss will have to take strict decisions.

PRECAP- Swami says to Lopa that dont know what kind of girl are you, Lopa shouts that i will cut you if you say this, Swami says attack me. Lopa says you are forcing me, people like cant even stand beside me. Rohan charges at Swami, Lopa stops him, Rohan says i want to leave show, i will hit him and leave then, it doesnt matter.
There is will be court task for Gaurav and Swami. they are standing in witness boxes. Manveer says Gaurav is alleged that he doesnt take stand and Swami is alleged that he destroys every task, fights and make filthy comments. Rohan says Swami should be out of house so that he can be treated for mental condition. Manu says Gaurav is clever, manipulative and thinks before taking action so its crime to calculate his attacks which he did yesterday. Manu says to Bani that you pushed Swami earlier too, Bani says if donkey comes in wrapping of Swami and tell you that i hope your mother die, Rohan says he deserves to be pushed away. Manu shouts on Bani that you were sleeping when it was about my mother, Bani says what did you just say?she throws things away and gets angry.

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. jeni

    Hey guys I’m silent reader ..this is just so unfair done yo rohan…I guess he’s right this tym …..what do you ppl think…. You all plz share your opinion took…

  2. Love u ROHAN

    Manveer -genuine heart my fo*t…….commenting that Rohan needs to be at the door not in Toilet….Bani banged the door …BB opened the door for her . as he is not dumb like you…he want to leave at any cost ….he has not locked himself for to grab footage like you….gunda/chamcha u r like a sincere gunda who follows the leader blindly…..

    M2 – b*t*hing aunties, having beard does not indicate manliness….have some shame

    Rohan was targeted by so many times..still he remains silent…but there is a limit for everything…being a rich kid he have ever never given show offs…he always down to earth….never created fight for food ,household chores…..

    every one knows that how cheapo bigg boss promote you guys … make u winners….he is not a road side guy like you all…

    Manveer bhaiyya he is not neither alcholic nor gone to rehabilitatiom centre like u…thats y ur father forgiven after 8 yrs….now dnt give build up as u r a super kid….where as ROHAN is the one being rich still he faced many struggles to achieve something …….

    #ROHAN u r really intelligent and matured guy knows clearly that BB is always unfair towards you…..but fans r so proud of you..if you slap M2 n om issues…

    #proud to be a ROHANMEHRA…we always support….u r the one who really gave value to parents/family…not done acting just to seek attention or to grab footage

    • Real Bigg boss

      Manveer ran away from his wedding thats why his dad stopped talking to him.
      And i don’t hate m2 to be honest

      I think sari galti iss baba ki hi hai

  3. aparajita

    today manu manveer niti and mona showed their true face
    highly dissappointed with them
    lopa is true frnd liked the way’ she supported rohan
    big boss is highly unfair this year
    jis insan ko punish krna chahie usko to kuch kehte nai rohan ka halka push dandniye hai

    when swami pees in public strips in public its not dandniye
    highly double standars
    #support rohan

  4. sathy

    Whatever Rohan done its completed right and big boss did wrong with him.yesterday om say whatever he want against big boss but big boss didn’t take any step against him.then why’s two time injustice with him

  5. sathy

    Whatever Rohan done its completed right and big boss did wrong with him.yesterday om say whatever he want against big boss but big boss didn’t take any step against him.then why’s two time injustice with him.don’t worry we’re with you.

  6. nim

    this is wat manu and manveer is about, i hope all manveer fans and manu fans saw todays episode. each time these idiots support om and encourage him and then stand away when he does somethng . Salman said to boycott om and manveer was the first person to speak to him. After manveer wins he again supports om by sayin he will help him and not put him in jail. this is dual standard. when someone insults them they want rest of the housemates to take stand and when someone else gets insulted they stand back and watch the whole thng

    • Simple

      Han yar jese bani se puch rha hai jb meri ma ko bola tune stand kyun nhi liya bhaee usne apni ma k liye liya tu apni ma ka le leta tune to khud koi stand nhi liya or ab bhi tum swami ka sath de rhe ho k bacho jesa masoom hai my foot these commoners are so cheap and low class wat india they represent rohan theek hain bilkul aur jo bb se bola wo bhi billul sahi bola bb ka biased behaviour dikh rha hai aur mujhe to saturday episode se bhi koi umeed nhi salman a kr manu manveer ka ho chant krega i wish ab ye expose ho hu jaein aaj to kamal ye hua k lopa changed her side which is gud but feeling sorry for rohan aur manveer mannu k to captain bnte hi tewar bhi badal gye ye bhi to om k hi chele hain or uska natak dekho awaz nhi a rhi jb hi trick krni thi ahista se kan mein koi bat kehte tb hi phsta budha itte dhakke jute to ye hawalat mein roz khata hoga criminal

  7. Sameera

    I felt so bad for Rohan 😞
    BB is actually being unfair… Because when Rohan got hurt, he didn’t say anything, now he is punishing the poor guy 😞
    Agar mai BB k ghar mai hoti, to bohut pehle om ko thappad marke beghar ho jati 😑😑😑😑
    Insan kitna tolerate kare yaar iski harkato ko? 😑
    Manu and nitibha are ANNOYING 😠😠😠
    And I don’t understand why does manveer has to protect that dhongi baba always 😠
    Big boss πŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘Ž

    • Real Bigg boss

      Yaar manu and manveer provoke nahi karte vo usse sambhal ke rakhte hai taki vi zyada nautanki na kare…..but yeh baba kisi ka nahi hai

      Remember they said khana mat do and all

      And baba and Gaurav will go to jail so jail toh vo budha jayega hi

  8. Real Bigg boss

    I can’t believe what bigg boss do today
    Bhai i know rohan ki galti hai usse marna nahi chahiye tha
    But he can also not ignore the fact that baba always provokes other contestants to hit him
    Rohan ko kitni baar chot lagi hai
    Kal baba ke vajah se bhi usse chot lagi
    But uss time bigg boss ko koi problem nahi hui

    Infact its funny how bigg boss is contradicting himself
    Unhone swami ko warning di thi and bola tha sudharne ko uss warning ke baad bhi rohan ko kal usne dhakka diya
    But bb said nothing
    This is soo wrong
    Just because rohan ro ro ke drama nahi karta
    Usko ignore kar do

    And this baba
    Oh my god
    Yeh kasam se bahar niklega tih maine mooh thodh dena hai iska

    And yaar baba ko tih kuch bola hi nahi bigg boss ne
    Bhai he was bot suppose to enter the task
    But still vo aya
    Usse bhi tih datto

    You know iss baba ki problem kya hai
    Like rahul dev said
    Yeh khud toh captain bann nahi sakta
    Isliye yeh dusro ke task me ghusta hai

    Taki last me ehsaan laad sake ki maine banaya tumhe captain
    He wants to be the king maker

    Yaad hai rohan ko kaise bolta tha
    And haan
    Ajj bhi isne yahi kiya
    Yeh task me isiliye ghusa
    Taki jab manveer jeet jaye tih usse bil sake

    Tum meri vajah se bane ho captain

    And yeh jab zarurat hotu hai tih budha ban jata hai and jab zarurat hoti hai tih jawan

    Bhai jab itni jawani hai toh kyu nahi ghar ke kaam karta uss time kyu apni age ka rona rota hai

    He is such a disgusting man

  9. Mahi

    Ya u r absolutely right Jeni.. Bahut galat decision liya gaya h rohan k saat… Bigboss ko itna galat laga tha rohan K bardhaavse tho warn krdena chahiye tha but ingone tho pure season k liye nominate kr diya.. Aur uss om ne jo b galthi ki uske liye ek baar b bigboss ne kuch b ni bola… So sad.. Aur uske upar manveer aur manu ko rohan galat lgta h..

  10. vinamk

    Looks like bigg boss has gone mad like Om…. Rohan being very calm all these days …. just raised today and he is punished severely… last time also Rohan was punished not being captain whole season and now punished for whole season…. b……dy bigg boss my foot….. u r mad …..I like all the celebritis. …

    All the time you show what celebrity has told abt commoners….. why don’t you shoe what comners b*t*h…. dongy bigg boss and dhongy baba….

  11. Shikha

    Rohan ek no. Ka gawar hai
    Swami om ne theek kiya
    Rohan deserved it

    Swami sabse sahi khelta hai
    Best player
    Swami ek baba hai aur hame sabhi baba ki respect karni chahiye
    .rohan ko kuch nahi aata
    Haar ke bahane kar raha hai

    Baba se mafi mangni chahiye rohan ko
    Batmeez ladhka

    Vo young hai
    .thodha dhakka and gali kha bhi li baba se toh kya hogya
    Ashirwad samjh ke lele

    Vaise bhi baba ki sewa karne se punya hi milega usse

    • Shah

      Shikha teri maan mar jaye
      Tu insect ki olaad
      Tera tu DNA he kharab hy
      Gadhy ki olaad
      Aur b boot kuch kehna baqi hy

      Ye sab us dhongi k ashirwad hain tu v le le

    • Prettypreeti


      |Registered Member

      Miss shikha.i think sbke alag point of views hai shayad aapke bhi hai but the things which baba is doing on nationam tv they r just …………. I just want 2 say use kon kahega ki woh baba hai….urja shakti wala dhongii..

    • St

      Swami best player Hai…..hahaha …..r u kdng…..hahaha….

      Swami ne Jo Jo bola Hai ma ,,baap k bare nai shahwd tumne sahi lag raha kya?????omg don’t u hv any respect 4 parents…..

      AGR kabhi swami se Milne ka moka mila to ea sab ashirwad Lena mat bhulna……

  12. Vanya

    Manveer and manu protect that baba for their support. Especially Manu. Manu is dirty character. For footage he uses his dead mother.

  13. anil

    huh.making a hero out of a big zero.guess who.its manveer.what a shame big boss.he is mostly the favorite contestant to all the guests on the u think we all are fools,the biggest chamcha is made a hero.

  14. lopa's fan

    Why bigg boss doesn’t punish dhongi om ? Om should also be punished for whatever he is doing , om is spoiling the environment of house

    • Shah

      Yes. If bb forgot about in 73 days what om did with everyone especially with rohan. Even he wanted to hit rohan with handle and then he kept sticks in his hands to damage rohan face. What kada action did bb took against om !!!!!! ????
      Shouldn’t om get punishment this week what he did during the luxury iglu task !!!! ????? bb can’t see how om pulled rohan it could damage his neck !!! Isnt that phisical ???? Bb even didnt bother to say anything about that bb forgot what he said if om do anything physical then he would b out . He should b f***ing out yesterday. in captaincy task even no other inmates can physically interfere in that task but f**k budha did . And no action against him .
      Poor rohan he is a child he even didn’t get his moustache properly and what you expect from him after doing this all since day one still hes playing maturely .. that all fault was bb action give reaction . Bb wanted masala and let it go on and left it on them so it definitely can happen. Bb gave unfair decision he should punished both if he wanted to show hes b, not only rohan. .. when mandana hit with her leg did she get punishment for whole season ????
      Our sympathies with rohan he did his best but bb wanted to make om manu and manveer the best . My foot πŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘žπŸ‘žπŸ‘ž

      How its difficult to become a celebrity how much they did their efforts to get this position and bb wants to destroy buy these jangli ppl in only few week. Even sallu bhai forgot how he worked hard and got this fame and he comes every weekend and bash to celeb even they did nothing . No celeb No celeb go to bb next season.

      Nxt season must b in between om m3 bb and sallu bhai

      • Shah

        Oh bb is worried about janta, janta is with rohan caz u r coward.!!!!
        om broke bb property and what punishment he got jus nail a board from 4 corners and paint . That means nxt anyone can break property and fix board on and paint that. If he gave kada punishment then no one break property again.

        Rohan just pushed not slapped ( unfortunately should slap) bb could punish him say sorry hug him and make food for him for a week.

        Om gets light punishment and rohan kadi . Manveer pushed rohan face by his elbow bb did nothing and bashed rohan . Wao bb πŸ‘žπŸ‘žπŸ‘žπŸ‘ž

      • Lipika Tasnim

        Bigg Boss, you are as wrong as Om, Manu and Nithiba. They take steps according to their convenience, so did you. To brighten your image, you can’t put at stake of so many celebrities image and carrier.
        Om is a dirty person.
        Manu is shrewd.
        Mona and Nithiba are opportunist

  15. Zai


    |Registered Member

    Feeling bad for Rohan… bigg boss is so unfair this year. He doesn’t deserve any punishment. It was only a push and if you had to punish for pushing, then punish all the inmates. Everyone did push someone why only Rohan?
    Bigg boss said that there is some responsibility towards audience right? Go and see, everyone is with Rohan. He is trending on Twitter with everyone tweeting and supporting him.
    How much can someone bear?

    Loss the little respect i had for Manveer, Manu, Mona and Nitibha. They are showing their true colours. If you don’t want to support Rohan at least do not backb*t*h about him. They said he is doing so for footage??? Like really?
    They backb*t*h about everyone today: Rohan, Lopa, bani and Gaurav.

    Wants Rohan to stay strong and prays that he wins. He truly deserve it.
    But there seems no hope due to biased and unfair bigg boss

  16. mahima yadav

    Sare commoners stand ki baat karte h jb bani ki mom ke bare me us om ne bola tha to manveer nitibha n mona ne kon sa stand liya tha
    U know gys rohan mehra is trending on twitter n google both
    Manveer n manu both r playing game manu ko pata h wo show to jeetne wala ni h isliyeee ab innocent banne ki nautanki kar raha n apne beeching talent dikha raha taki colors wale use kisi other show me le le

  17. Tanha

    I would say Rohan should say that Ok Big Boss , u nominate me for the rest of the show, my fan will prove u wrong, U gave me more energy now. I will play and I will win the show. My fan will keep me in ur show. Thank You for nominating me BIG BOSS. I support Rohan that when Mannu and Manveer pushes that old dramatic,nasty crooked,charracterless man name OM than no one take any action. that’s absolutely true. I am watching Big boss since itas first show, so I m a big fan of Big boss. But I think Big boss is also allowed to make some mistake.

  18. Tanha

    Rohan buddy u need to fight back.Come on this is just a game show, Than old Om guy he wants to kick u out from the show, that’s his dirty village politics.Dont give up. Big boss is about your patiebce level, ur inner personality, so say sorry to Big boss and play smart. I WISH I COULD SEND MY MESSAGES TO ROHAN THRU BIG BOSS. HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.

  19. Jaanvi

    Really very very proud of Rohan…
    In the whole season he proved to be more mature then anyone else… Want to see him as winner…
    Hate Manu Manveer and Nitibha.. Nd Mona is the dumbest one..

  20. Naina

    Manveer, Manu and Mona instigate the fight. Try to look good, and b*t*h abut others when nothing else to do. Swami needs to be expelled immediately . He is very dangerous. Only lopa , Rohan and Gaurav are decent players.

  21. Aakashi88

    simran di ab toh ghar mein jwala mukhi phat gaya hoga….yaar rohan ne jo kiya wo bilkul sahi tha…aise aadmi ko toh aise hi treat karna chahiye…rohan pls dont leave the show..hum sab aapko bahut votes denge…ur amzing man..

    • simran

      ya bas fat te fat te reh gya jab Maine dhongi ko cameras k samne rote dekha meri hasi chhut gayi .just for dhongi :- HAN HASI BAS GAYE , HAN HASI BAN GAYE

  22. kaya

    Mjhe manveer bhut pasnd h BT aj Jo manveer ne kiya WO bilkul thik nhi tha ,rohan k sth bhut hi unfair hua h punishment to us ksmine om ko milni chye thi BT Ronan ko mili WO admi itna kch ganda krta or bolta h fir bhi use rkhe hue h.

    • Shah

      Manveer changed after getting power. Double faced gay . It’s the time which shows who have insaniyat. They talk about bani gaurav insaniyat. If m3 r real ppl with insaniyat then not depends on others that other ppl do insaniyat then we do. If u r real then insaniyat won’t wait it comes automatically any way anytime.

      That dhongi selfish theif shameless om all words r very low in front of him . He even did spare bb from abusing and threat about court case.

    • Shah

      om and manveer in confession room bb told manveer that doctor said om theek hain just mazed checking k lye bar Le ja re go and tell all inmates. But when manveer came out he said only wo legye check up k lye but he didn’t say om is ok . To get sympathy for om and showing rohan is goon did wrong ???

      Manveer knows om is dhongi always says he has temperature when there is task or when he’s going to get punishment . But he is using om show care with him and come on to good book list .

  23. Reema Sharma

    Disgusting how big boss could so unfair….. When om is doing mistake… He is not getting any punishment…. But when rohan did it then such a big one….. My fav. Content is not rohan but then also…. I haven’t think evr that bigboss will do…. One time nomination was fine but…. Untill these show will run he will nominate really…
    How could manveer and manu doing things really both are disgusting… My best wishes are with you rohan…. But one think so many times manu…and manveer also banee push that om…. But no one get punished ….bigboss should do something good for rohan…. I wish he will…

  24. kp

    Hello to simran ditya shriya aakashi preeti riya anu hkf simple swastika shazna and all the bb fans

    i feeling said for rohan but plz rohan don’t do that this baba has gone bonker’s he himself don’t know what is he doing

    and this manu is v clever person when baba and gaurav were fighting he said to everyone stay away he want to make fight only and bhai why are you fighting with bani

    and aakashi and dgnerationX read shika’s comment bahut punya milega hahahaha another sneha with urja shakti haha

    • pari

      Koi mujhe batayega real meaning of bonker’s hindi me plsssss bcz mai 5th standard me hoon aur baba ko hate karti hoon mujhe ye site milti hi nahi net pe ye baba bohot gande hai rohan bhayiya achhe hai aur gaurav uncle bhi achhe hai
      and kp ji hindi me likhiya plsssss kyuki aapka comment bohot funny hota hai mujhe maza aata hai urja shakti wali baat padhkar hehehe

      • Prettypreeti


        |Registered Member

        Hey sweet angle pari just in 5th and gaurav uncle haaa haa.funny.i m preeti i mean aapke liye preeti di.hello.ok bonker ka mtlb crazy mad pagal hota hai aur woh buddha baba toh paglate gya hai naa.
        Kp bhai nanhi pari ko bhi aapkd comments aache lgte hai..

  25. Bhavana

    if u r really a Rohan…never ever says that he needs say sorry ro cheapo bigg boss….

    BB needs to say sorry…its just a game…nit more than self respect…..sranding against wrong is a gud thing….he face a lot of humiliation by cheap commoners but never done drama….still they r punishing for whom? for a mental guy like om ….

    self respect is more imp than bb biased trophy…Rohan im so proud of you…..bhaad mein jaaye patience ….fight back more…ur fans ara supporting a lot on social media…u r trending in twitter sincw 24 yrs….

    is Biggboss a really great show…mona,nitibha r staying in that house 75 days…y?…just for love angles for M2…..lokesh is only one girl who is most deserving in BB….manveer is alcoholic and has gone to rehabilitation centre…check in voot videos…he only specfied….3 mins video is there….he told that to nitibha…

    #Proud to be a ROHAN MEHRA fan….bang on points u raised in confession room…im so happy….one more thing how he handled to bb in confession being hurt…u simply sorry BB i can’t…no shouting nothing….that shows ur upbringing……

    Rohan is the only most decent and genuine guy in the house…he is not playing game …he just be himself…no faking for footage…

  26. ravin

    what an episode…rohan u are absolutely right..he is the youngest male contestant but the strongest…u r gaining more respect day by day..and what bb said ki he did what the janta expected from him..damn.what does he knw about peoples mandate..people wanted jagga and om to be evicted but trp ki wjh se abhi tk ek gandagi ko rkha hua h..and he has also shown the true colours…

    manveer:bhaisahib ap to bde clean heart the..ab kya ho gya …power milte hi okat badal li.huh..and kya bola rha tha ki tre sare pichhle pap dhulwa dunga mai ..mai jasa khta hu wsa kr..hahaha..kya bhagwan h tu..stupid moron he is..these only things will decide ki winner kon bnega..tu to bnne se rha..

    manu: and manveer mardangj wali batein krte h and khte h celebs ko evict krdo ye nhi jhel khte to h ye marad h but gun aurto wale h..b*t*hing all the tym..ladies bhi itna nhi krti…

    om: ji khlane ke layak to tu h nhi. and om jsa pavitra nam rkha hua h apna..jbki gandgi ki dukan h…

    mona and nitibha: alongwith manveer and mona…baba ke jooto ko chatne wale chamche h..tbhj to bokte nhi h usko kchh bhi

    lopa : u r a grt friend …salute u

    gaurav and bani: they need to be morr vocal on their support..jse bani silently support kr rhi thi..

    rohan: the real hero.luv u

  27. Godbless

    if I was there in Rohan’s place, then I would slap Om more….. what Rohan did that was all right .. biggboss is really doing unfair with Rohan….(Rohan isn’t my favorite contestant) , Lopa showed good friendship..πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘.. even 1st time I thought Gourav was doing good job…

    it happened very bad that Rohan got punishments of nominate for whole season…😒😒😒😒😒😒

    Mannu is the worst person after Om and Priyanka of this season… all time backbite,i was wonder that he is supporting Om… he always does backbite about all even about his friends Mona, Manveer, Nitibha..😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈

    congratulations Manveer for being captain…πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  28. Yashu

    Bigg boss is very unfair towards Rohan Mehra. Whatever Swami om do it’s not punishable but if Rohan did they give punishment it’s really unfair bigg boss

  29. Sarayu

    No one is really going to care about the commoners once there out of the house neither the housemates nor the public

    • Avi

      And that is exactly why they are putting so much of effort to stay in the house. 3/4th of the episode is dedicated to them for a reason

  30. Manisha Krishna

    I was a silent reader but not anymore. I love Rohan Mehra and he is the winner come what may. He won our hearts and that’s bigger than bb trophy.
    The way he said I don’t care about the nomination is whistle worthy. He is feeling bad because bb wants to show his footage and not eliminate him but malign his reputation to promote m3.
    If he was so wrong he should have been thrown out but because he is popular they want him inside the house and suffer.
    Bb supports spineless b*t*hy people like m3 nitibha and swami.
    Rohan is epitome of decency, how can anybody find fault with him yaar. He was hurt and he has a right to behave like that. Lemon Salman ayega aur puri paasa palat dega.
    All the Rohan Mehra fans, be strong and don’t get into Salman’ s talks and justifications coz he really doesn’t mean them. They are scripted not the show.

  31. Priya

    how bb can do this with rohan.
    he is really nice and decent guy.
    he is playing fair from starting.
    why why why
    just for pushing that swami
    omg unbelievable
    bb are u blind are u dumb
    where were u when he was out of game after it interfered in game, and hurt him, when was destroying his flower, when he was fighting with him all the during game, when he undress himself, when he abuse him all the time, when in front of camera he say him

  32. Lipika Tasnim

    Bigg Boss is being unfair to celebrities. Is it because commoners are majority in strength? Sorry Bigg Boss, we lost respect for you. I think Bigg Boss show was more interesting with celebrities only.
    I am not an Indian

  33. Prettypreeti


    |Registered Member

    Hi alll bbians.Gm simu di,kp bhai,aaki di,shriyo,anu,sona di,diti di,ria,jj bhai and ever1 here.
    Ohhhh rohan my sweeto i was litteraly feeling bad for him.bigg boss kya krte ho aap.when manu and manveer were talking bout gaurav,gaurav ko dekh kr mujhe bhi hasi aayi but they two always do same…….
    Manveer keh rha tha babe ko mai tujhe jail nhi bejhonga aur ab baba in jail………he deserve to stay therr permanent. Pta nhi buddhe ko nikalte kyun hai…..

  34. Prettypreeti


    |Registered Member

    And 2 things more-i liked when lopa was waiting for rohan..true friendship .i even like bani taking standdd..l
    Manveer gurjar aaj naraash kr dia bhai.i like u but yesterday the bad biting about rohan….not cool.pls be as u were

  35. anu s

    hi simran kp ditya shriya good girl preeti hkf aakshi88

    arre yaar ye bb ke ghar mei ho kya raha hai. jab nomination hota hai toh dhoongi ko save kiya jata jata hai , jab woh voilence kare toh warning diya jata hai woh kisi aur gharwalo ke family ke baare mei anab sanab bole toh usse ignore kiya jata hain and agar rohan usse thoda dhakka de toh usse punish kiya jata hai. ye bb ka dimaag toh sahi hai na. dhoongi ke saath bb ka bhi mental check up karwana chaiye.
    hamesh hi rohan ko hi target kiya jata hai phele capteincy mei rokk lagadiya aur abb pura season nominate kardiya.
    aaj sabb ke asli chere dekne ko mili specially manveer manu mona and nitibha.
    loved the way how lopa bani and gaurav supported rohan
    ye manu aur manveer ko aur koi kaam nahi hai kya jab deko dusro ke baat karte hain. khud toh stand stand karte rehete hai aaj kaha gayi inki stand. sabse bade dual face wale logg hai ye manu aur manveer
    ye mona jabb deko roti reheti hai aur ye niti sirf dusro ko use karr ke show mei rehena chati hai.

  36. anu s

    aur ek baat sabke samne toh ye manu manveer swami ko ignore karne ki usse daatne ki acting karte hai aur baad mei jaake usse support karte hai shame on u both.
    i think they both do it for footage and use dhoongi as per sitution. jabb tak kaam ka hai tabb use aur support karo baad mei gharwalo ko dekhkane ke liye aur footage ke liye dhoongi ke saath ladai karne ki acting karlo.

  37. LOVE


  38. Bigboss fan

    Big boss makers have gone mad.
    It was really funny when big boss said ki janta ko b decision sahi lagna chahiye as if big boss cares about janta.
    Rohan plz.dont leave d show. Nobody is going to put allegations on u for this dhongi om. Stay in d house and play well. You are a hero.
    Prince of india

      • Bigboss fan

        Exactly .But if we think otherwise this decision is going in favor of rohan as rohan is trending.All the silent readers or rohan’s lover are also supporting him. Kash koi rohan ko ye btaye ki everyone is admiring him anf he does not have to feel demoralized.

  39. simran

    shubh prabhat mere priye sathiyo kp , ditya , preeti , shriya , ditya , gud girl ,riya aur anya bigg boss k parshansko .
    m bhut dukhi this jab Maine priye Rohan ko rote huye dekha . m gusse se labalab hi chuki thi jab maine manveer ,manu aur nitibha (Ku ki Mona toh kuch bolti hi nhi hai matar sunti hai)ko priye rohan k bare m bure shabdon ka istemal kr reha the . simran unki in harkaton ka kado shabdon m ninda karti hai.
    meri hothon m ek badi se hasi chuth gyi jab maine dushat dhongi ko ro ro kr bigg boss ki guhar lagate dekha .
    m aasha krti hon k rohan is karyakram ko chod kr hame nirash nhi karenge unhe apne aap ko majboot karna padega
    aapki priye skhi

    • Prettypreeti


      |Registered Member

      Priye sakhi simran,
      Maine kl tume patar likha tha pr tumne mujhe jawab nhi diya shayad tum vyasat thi.lekin aaj tumhara yeh sandesh padh kr mai bhavuk ho gyi. Mai hmare cutie pie rohan ke sath hoon.tumhe shayad pta chl hi gya hoga ki buddha bahar aa rha hai syada aa gya toh thappad yudh shoru kare…jaldi btana kaha mile…tumhare patar ke intezaar mei…
      Tumhari priye sakhi,

      • simran

        priye sakhi preeti
        mujhe kshma kr dena m tumahra purv patar ka utter nhi de payi . mujhe apni galti pr ghed hai . han tumne sahi pakda k m vayvast thi . kya Maine Galt pad liya k dhongi bahr aa rha ? aapne ye jankari kahan se prapat ki? aap kya mere sath baant sakti hai ye jankari . m aapki aabhari hugi . ye shabdon ko pad kar meri aakhon ek ajab si chamak aa gyi
        m ye chamak priye rohan ki sundar sundar aakhon m bhi dekhna pasand krungi . sakhi jahan tak baat hai thappad yudh k mujhe nhi lagta k hum ise mukkamal kr payenge . Ku ki jab tak hun bigg boss k set tak pahunch payenge tab tak dhongi apni urja shakti se apni dhoti utha kr bhag niklega . m aasha krti hoon ki bigg boss k pashchat m is dhongi purush k kabhi darshan na krun
        tumahri sakhi

      • kp

        Hahaha gajab hindi ka prayog (use) lakin ek baat smajh mei nahi aati mujhe phir tum dono hindi sub mei pass kyu nahi huyi kabhi hahahaha

    • ShriyaT


      |Registered Member

      Hi simran,kp,ditya,preeti,sona,ria,anu n all….really manu manveer mona ne bbi galat kia rohan ko ignore karke…isse pehle bhi rohan ko swami ne kitna bola tha…sab ek baar me nikal aya to kya isme sirf rohan ki galti hai? Swami ne jo kiya use to koi dekh hi nahi raha!!

    • Prettypreeti


      |Registered Member

      Priye kp bji,
      Mai aur simran di hindi me toppers hai but haan niche se nhi…dhanyavaad hm dono ki shudh hindi ki tareef krne ke aapke abari vichlit ho gya hai simi di aapne mujhe jawaab bhai aapki hindi kaisi hai.
      Dher saara pyaar,
      Aapki priye sakgi,

      • simran

        priye sakhi preeti.
        sahi pakde hai k hun hindi m antar-rashtriya satar ki swarn padika hai . hum dono sakhian Hindi k satar ki miss Hindi ban chuke hai . kp m aasha krti hoon k aap ab ache se samjh chuke honge k hum kitni pahunchi huyi ladkiya hai .
        priye sakhi mujhe lagta hai k aap se kisi prakar ki galti hui hai . aapko vichlit hone ki koi aavashyakta nhi hai . kuki maine kab ka aapke patar k uttar de diya hai
        aapki sakhi

      • kp

        Hello preeti my hindi isn’t good as much as you both actually your comments are so funny thats why i also wrote funny comment but in reality you both (simran and preeti) are excellent students and impeccable commentater’s of hindi i like you both and your’s comments very much plz keep commenting in this hindi and you won’t believe i didn’t even understand some word of simran like kshma, ghed hahahahaha i think she wanted to write shama (forgive) , khed ( regret)

      • pari

        Simran didi and preeti didi and kp aap bohot achhe ho aapas mai bura bhi nahi mante mazak ka lekin simran didi mujhe kp aur aapke coment pasand hai aapki hindi achi hai par simran didi mujhe english kam aati hai pata nahi kp itne muskil word ka use kyo karte hai mujhe ab impeccable ka meaning nahi pata plsss bata do

    • Prettypreeti


      |Registered Member

      Priye simran di, kp bhai avem,shriya,
      kp bhai vaise aapko kaise pta chala ki hum dono hindi me fail hoti hai.kya aap hmpr nazar rkte hai.koi gupt khabri hmare picche hai.
      Simran di mujhe yeh btakr khushi hogi ki us dhongi baba ke kaan me bhut dard ho rhi thi isliye veh bahar aa gya hai.yeh khabar mujhe is madhyam se prapat hoyi aur ab aapko yeh madhyam bejh rhi hoon.aasha krti hoon ki ab hmara thappad yudh bina kise vigan ke jldi shoru hoo.
      Shriyo tume pranap.kaisi hain aap.
      Mere priye sathiyo ab aapse aagya leti hoon.jldj jabbab bejhna.
      Patar ke intezaar me,

      • simran

        priye preeti
        mere paas aapke liye ek dukhad jankari hai k wo wapas fir se aa gya hai . wo fir apne gharwalon k sath yudh karta hua dikhai de rha hai aur priye sakhi kya aapne mere sare purav patar pad liye hai ? agr pad liye hai toh mere liye atayant parsannta ki baat hai
        agr nhi toh aap mere purav comment uper k satar pr pad sakte hai
        aur han kp apne sahi pakda hai k kshama ka arth (forgive )hai aur ghed ka arth (regret ) hai .
        priye sakhi preeti m aapse kahna chahti hoon k bigg boss k gharwalo se zayda hum biggboss k noymo ki palana kr rha hai . hame bhi biggboss k ghar m parwesh karna chahiye shayad bigg boss ki lok priyata aur bad jaye hamare pagalpan ki wajah se (hehehahaha)
        apki priye sakhi

    • Prettypreeti


      |Registered Member

      Mere priye sathiyon,
      Sbse pehle simran di aapko jaad hi hoga hm dono ne hindi me padam bhibhusan ke sath nobel proze hasil kiya bhai aapko jalan toh nhi ho rhi…mai manti hoon simran di se kuch galatiyaan hoyi pr kp bhai unki shudh hindi ko shabdo se nhi bavnaoon se padhe and kp bhai aap bhi aache hai hindi meiii…aur hm aapki baat mankr hindi ka prayog hi krenge.dhanyavaad
      Hmari priye choti dulari pari beta impaccable katlb hai ati utam bhut aachi .kp bhai kripya itne mushkil angreji sabdoon ka prayog na kre yaha pr logon ko mushkil aati hai.mai nivedan krti hoon aapse….pari dhantavad aapko bhi
      Priye godbless dhanyavaad hmari hindi ki tareef ke liye…ati abaari aapke.
      Chaliye hm aapke patroon ke intezaar me.
      Dher saara pyaar,
      Aap sb ki pyaari preeti.

    • Prettypreeti


      |Registered Member

      Priye kp bhai and simran di,
      Kp bhai aapko bura toh nhi lg rha agar lg rha hai toh dil se shama mangti hoon.maff kr dena….
      Simran di mai bb ko patar likhongi aur prathana krongi ki veh hme iss ghar me bulaye aur asha krongi ki woh.sun le.mujhe bs yeh jannana hai ki pata kya hai.kya mai likho priye ek aank wale bigg boss,bigg boss ka ghar,lonawala…ya kuch aur.
      Aapki preeti

      • kp

        Arey yaar preeti i am highly positive boy so, don’t worry mai bura aur wo bhi tumhara kabhi nahi maan sakta plz don’t say sorry my friend and yeah spd smith ne shatak banaya hai lekin tumhe kaise pata kya tum bhi cricket dekhti ho

      • simran

        priye preeti
        mujhe yeh jaan kr ati parsannta ho rhi hai k sabhi ko hamare patar pasannta de rhe hai . aur ek nanhi pari ko bhi hamare patar parsannta pardan kr rhe hai .
        priye sakhi jab rohan ne dhongi ko dhakka mara tha toh un dono k beech m kuch batein hui thi jo k niman likhit hai
        Rohan : abcd pad li bhut achi batein kr li bhut ab karunga tere sath gandi baat .gandi gandi gandi gandi baat
        Dhongi : maar dala mujhe maar dala ….
        Rohan : itna tumko m marung tum pagal ho jaoge dekh Lena … dekh lena
        Dhongi : m hoon lagta hai bigg boss hai . main na hoon toh na bigg boss hai . ho ske toh rakhna tum confession room mein . ho ache ya bure haalat mere ……saath tere ….sath tere(bigg boss ko)
        rohon : tu hi ye mujhko bta de Maru ya na . apne toh dil ka pata de marun ya na
        Dhongi : bigg boss ka nya pasa . fir de gya jhansa teri aisi ko ho tesi zindagi . tiaun tang tiyanu tiyanu ……tiyanu.
        uske pashchan rohan ne dhongi ko dhakka mar diya aur WO camara ke robru hokar apne nakli aansun rone laga
        ( m is baat se achi trah robru hun k maine unginat galtiyan ki hai . kirpya mujhe kshma kr dena yeh mera pratham pryatan hai )
        aapki sakhi

    • Prettypreeti


      |Registered Member

      Priye kp bhai tatha anu,
      Ji bilkil kp bhai sahi pakde hai mai bhi cricket dekhti hoon….aur bhut shonk se drkhti hoon.
      Hmari pyari anu hme utsahit krne ke liye sukriya….
      Kp bhai mai khush ho ki aapko bura nhi lga aur aap sakaratmak ladhke ho.
      Aapki preeti

      • simran

        priye sakhi preeti aapke patar ka uttar anu s ki tippani k upper diya hai maine kisme un hone hamari parshansa karte hue likha hai (keep it up )

    • Prettypreeti


      |Registered Member

      Priye sakhi simran,
      Mai bhi khushi ke mare uble kha rhi hoon.bhut khush hoon ki sbhi hmare sath hain.tumhara rohan tha varisth buddhe swami ke vichar takrar ko padh kr mere mann me bhi kuch aisa hi aaya.tum logon ke samne prastuth krti hoon.
      Rohan:dishkyaon dom dom dom.aaj tu gya buddhe
      Baba:(mann me)touch me touch me touch meee..agar yeh touch krega toh footage milegi..
      Rohan:aa dekhe jara kisme kitna hai dum…
      Buddha:manma emotional jagge re..
      Rohan:ek do teen kitne khane jhapad bhol jldi..
      Baba:chanta lga jhor se…
      Manu:(khush hokr)ladho aur ladho.woh ghata hain aaj ki party meri taraf se..
      Bigg boss:sakha milege barabar milegi.
      Lopa:yeh kya hoya,kaise hoya,kyun hoya
      Buddha:aaj din shaerana shaerana lg
      Rohan:aisa kya gunna kiya ki lut gye bigg boss ki nainsaffi mei.
      (Ab aap sbko pta hi hai voh buddha ghar se bahar ilaaj ke liye ja rha hai)
      Buddha:mai vapis aaonga tum sbko rolaonga..
      Bsss aaj itna hi..
      Subh ratri,

  40. Bigboss fan

    I think swami om ko india pakistan k border pr bhej dena chahiye. Coz om ki sb harkat pakistan ki tarah hi h. It will b gud to see pakistan vs. pakistan

  41. ex BB Fan

    Frankly speaking I was not at all in mood to comment this season but had to comment today. Idk what on earth is happening in bigg boss. Baba strangled Rohan in task nothing happened and Rohan just slapped Baba and Rohan gets punished for te whole season. Slapping is just on the face but strangling can even kill a person, in that case baba should be evicted. Height of double standard this season contestants besides baba are good but Bb makers have gone crazy just for the sKe of trp. Last two seasons of bigg boss highly unfair unlike season 1-8. Last season Bb evicted Suyyash, Kishwer and Diganana in an unfair manner and this season they evicted Karan and Rahul in a very unfair manner too. Watching this season bcause at least when it came to finals Bb was at least fair last season, if Rohan doesn’t go to finals or at least semis won’t watch Bb11 unless if the makers gain their sense back. More of a Lopa and Bani fan, followed by Rohan. No one will watch Bb if Rohan gets evicted because I saw a poll on tellychakkar where all 50 voted for Rohan and none for baba in Rohan vs swami poll.
    Gaurav finally did a good job after many days didn’t know what was wrong with him. Problem of Gaurav is he is always celeb favoring same problem of manveer always commoners favoring. Manu did most right things after his comeback but he shouldn’t have supported baba today but what he said wasn’t 100% wrong because in other seasons inmates did got slapped by others who even got punished so it would have been bit unfair if Rohan didn’t get punished but nominated for entire season is too harsh and not punishing baba for doing even cheaper things is worse. Agree with Rohan Bb always unfair to Rohan. If Salman talks about this this weekend ke vaar and supports Rohan I will say that yes salman is truly a good human. If he can evict Priyanka which Bb won’t have done why not baba. But it’s true baba is the talk of this season but for all the wrong things. Justice for rohan. Liked the way bani and Lopa and Gaurav supported Rohan.

  42. Mariem

    Oh god it’s too much big boss . aap kabhi bhi om ko kuch Kyu ni bolte ho .aur aap ko ghar ka rule tabhi kyu yaad ata jab rohan kuch karta hai.bani’manu’manveer in Sab be bhi to push kiya tha na and om Ji be bhi to kal Rohan ko hurt kya na tab aap Kahaa the tab apko rule yaad ni aya.disgusting.manveer and manu +nitibha and Mona aap log om ji ko surf isle support kre ki USNe man veer ko apne cheap acts se captain banaya.u all talk about stands to phir khud kise kele kyu ni lete.aapko bhi pasta chalna chaiye name ki stand Lena kya hot a and especially Mona waise to gaurau ko bohat taunt kar this phir Ab Ku ni leya stand.and m2 ko koi air kaam ni hai kya backbitting Karen keep alava.mujhe to salman se bhi koi expectation no hai who ayega celebrities ki bezti karega aur m2 Mei se kisi ko man of the week banadege.pata no usko kyu wo ni Dekta Jo mujhe dekhta hai.uff please vote for rohan his nomination is unfair.well I am new to this group lekin first time Mei bohat kuch boldia but kya kro its becoming worst now

  43. revealer

    Preety g ye “bigboss fan” Ko dekh lo pakistan Ko bich Mai laraha phr Mai bhi countries pr aun or India Ko bolun Kia?

    • Bigboss fan

      I m really sorry if i hurt u. I did not do that intentionally. I take my words back. I did not have idea that people from outside india are also following this website.
      Will take care not to comment about any country next time.

  44. ShriyaT


    |Registered Member

    I hate bigg boss
    Its unfair and does partiality…just for trp u r keepingthat stipid baba in ur show!!!
    that idiot swami should be thrown out by any way..aisa lagta hai ki maar daly saale ko!!
    Now i cant control swear words just kick out that swami from this WHOLE WORLD!!
    Rohan ki koi galti nahi thi fir bhi use punishment di par usse pehle jo bhi swami ne kiya wo bb ko dikhayi nahi diya!?? Totally bakwaas show…i will never ever see
    Bigg boss next seasons…
    I hope sqami ko uske papo ki saja mile varna bahar jab ayega ye swamj tab use jaake milke khoon kar dalungi uska…
    #supportROHAN MEHRA

      • Ria

        Bb ne bohot unfair kiya hai. Om ji ko punishment milna chahiye tha.rohan is correct. Or swami ji human ke naam pe kalank hai. Pata nhi kaha kaha se chale ate hai. Such a dirty man. I will support rohan mehra always. Proud to be rohan mehra’s fan

  45. nim

    this is the worst season of bigg boss. I don’t ever remember in the prior seasons contestants stooping low enuf to comment on families. Making personal remarks on each other is fine… but insulting parents on national tv . This is bullshit and Bigg boss says this is entertainment??? and cheating , hte first time where Bigg boss promotes cheatin in tasks, frm the first time tht Naveen cheatd to the last one where om cheated evn though thr was instruction tht NO one shud enter the flowr bed, but of course Bigg boss promotes cheaters so a blind guy was turned to OM as always and manveer won bcz of cheatin.the show ws so mch btter wen it was celebrities, i can’t believe these people call thmeselves commoners, b*t*hin , lying dhongis

  46. Mariem

    Hello everyone i am new in this group. I Think rohan Jo kiya thikh kya.what is bb doing om ji ko1word ni bola aur rohan ko whole season ke liye nominate kar diya.wah kya desicion Liya veer mera favourite contestant that but Ab ni hai woh aur manu’mona and nitibha baba ko kyu support kr rhi. aur hamesha celebs ke bare Mei backbiting kr rhi hote.waise to bohot stand ki baate krte hai to phir aaj kya hua tha.especially to Mona who to sabse zyada stand ke bare mei Baat krti hai.I don’t even have expectations from salman who ayega celebrities ki beziti karege air phirse m2 mei se kisi ko man of the week banadega.ufff guice please vote for rohan his nomination is unfair

  47. anshu

    Guys i m a silent reader its first time i m commenting but i always read everyone comment i like the comment of kp simaran and aakshi nd sorry if i forget someone name i think u all r a frnd and about yesterday episode now its conform the big boss r blind we all know rohan is right and one more thing rohan didn’t slap him he just push him but as i said bb is blind bcoz he didn’t see swami action i m not writing any actn bcoz that was countless. And i also fell bb has some personal problem with rohan wht u think guys

    • Prettypreeti


      |Registered Member

      Hey anshu.firstly a gi or boy.age.i want ur biography…im preeti..aap mere comment read nhi krte yeh baat dil pr lagi itni mehnat se mai comment likhti honn aur aap …just kidding.hello.and yesss we r pakke wale frnds

  48. poo

    Rohan is right n swami om was troubling him from soo long I think swami om should be punished n not rohan ,dis time bigg boss is unfair ,if rohan is punished den y not swami om ??since he was troubling rohan from soo long ,I cant understand y bigg boss is keeping this om ,he should b removd from d house long back ,m supporting rohan n bigg boss is totally unfair,plz suppor rohan peopls

  49. Shanaya

    I just looovvvvvveeee Lopa for how she stood by Rohan ❀️❀️❀️. Manu Manveer ki asli suraat ab bahar a rahi hai finally.And plzz first of all evict this blo*dy Nitibha,Manveer ki chamchi.

  50. Sam Barua

    Really, manu,manveer and Mona and niti showed their true face. Manu and manveer are double standards, they say something on face and something different on back. They are the real villains actually, who inaugurate the fire so that a little spark becomes a blast. So many things have happened and they have no headaches but to make prank about others.
    Manveer acts like, he had a big heart actually his mind is very narrow and he proved it today. he just does all this for getting votes.
    Mona is another actress, who only pretends to be foolish. She uses others and switches her places as per situation.As she did today, as manveer became captain she spranged with joy and got involved in backbiting, when manu was not ther she involved with celeb team. Hope she gets evicted this week.
    The stand taken by bani and gaurav for rohan and swami issue was impressive. And the way gaurav and lopa pacified rohan was also good to see. Liked the reunion of celeb team after breakage. Hope bani and gaurav gets saved this week.
    Do not know why Rohan is always targeted by swami. Felt bad for rohan that even though swami strangled him many times before in the past but still swami was not nominated. And now while rohan pushed swami for frustration, he is blamed for violence. Actually in this season, many times inmates have become physical on rohan but know steps were taken. In laundry task manu,in lockdown task manveer,swami on BB hostel task and lastly swami on toofaan task. Rohan is always targeted by commoners. Swami accuses all celebs for his life threat but in real ,swami is life threat for celebs, he might be evicted otherwise he could do anything to win which might have never happened before.
    He is totally unpredictable when madness gets him. Swami and his daughter both are same in all respect.

  51. revealer

    Thanks preety g it’s your courtesy by the way I feel the same , I respect people like you , that shows your upbringing πŸ‘ appreciate your thoughts, I don’t like and hate these type of people who always spread hatred among people by their cheap thoughts ,same as this so called man πŸ‘Ž “bigboss fan” did.

    • Bigboss fan

      Sir /madam
      I think u have not read my comment above. Its not that i dont respect people frm pakistan.
      I think you are taking it very personally. Plz. Read my comment above and accept my apologies.
      I actually am impressd that u did not say bad about india. So i am again saying sorry for hurting you.

  52. St

    BB has done unfair vth Rohan….

    Manu is such a cheap…pehle din se usko bani se prblm tha…….secret room me bhi uski burai hi Kar raha tha. …baad mei ghar pe ghuste hi bani ko PRAISE karne lag gaya ….double faced …..hamesha bani se jhagra karne ka bahana dundta rehta hai…..

    How dare he Qstn her…….
    How can he xpct anything from da one who he is always against of????…..manu ka motive hi Hai bani KO sab k samne girane ka……
    He didn’t deserve 2 b “man of DA week”( as he was titled last week)….
    He is tryn 2 gain sympathy in nm of his deceased mother…..such a**

    Bani u r gonna win…

  53. Areeba

    Guys please har kisi ka apna point of u hota h, Har Kisi ke point of u ko badalne ki kya zaroorat, ab Jin logo ko dongi baba pr itna yakin h then y r u becoming like baba n jagga, ri8 don’t say anything about anyone’s mother please….

    and please guys manveer ne swami oh sorry om ke koi bhi ghalat kaam me saath nhi diya h tabhi toh swami jail me daal diya jaega na, guys yaar socho ek ghar me alag alag log aate h ek family ki tarah rehne sabko pata hota h ki koi yahan A6a hoga toh koi bura phir bhi aate h, aur iski main ri8 humpar hota h ki hum kisko aur dekhna chahte h aur kisko nhi so don’t worry om will be out very soon…….
    and the house will also be swach……..

    waise guys ek baat toh maanni hogi ki rohan jo manu,manveer ko uksane ke liye krta tha vo uske upar ulta ho gya, om ne use provoke kiya aur usne josh me hosh kho diya….

    guys agar tumlogo ko yaad ko season 8 me jab ajaaz ne Ali ki shirt pakdi thi tab usse nikal diya gya tha, Jab ki Ali ne drama kiya tha,

    pr iss baar biggboss ne rohan ko nikala nhi , nominate kiya h kyuki he know difference between rohan nd om,aur nominate bhi sirf isliye kiya kyuki rules ke hisab se bhi chalna h na nhi toh phir sab dhakka denge……

    • Mariem

      Lekin rules sirf rohan ke liye kyu fir to sab ko punishment milni chaiye including manu manveer and bani kyonki unho ne bhi to push kya tha na.

  54. Sri

    When i saw ..rohan locked the bathroom dooor and he started cry.. While talking.. AT that time lopas recation is just gave Me the pain…. It Shows true frndship between them… Love u drs…i hate bigboss now

  55. anshu

    Hi prettypreeti i m girl i m doing my masters in computer and ya sorry i didn’t mentioned ur name its just didn’t remember name easly sorry if u fell bad about it

  56. revealer

    It’s okay big boss fan but please don’t drag my country in this , Pakistan is very nice country , wrong and cheap peoples are everywhere in this world, you can’t judge Islam and Pakistan according to some people who spread hatred only, what I believe that you can’t blame the whole tree after eating rotten fruit .

    • Bigboss fan

      Thnx revealer ji for accepting my apologies. One thing i would like to mention that i am multani and my grandparents came india at d time of partition so my roots are also from pakistan. Its just that smtime we pass sm comments without even feeling them or just say unintentionally.
      Thr above comment was like that only.
      And yes i m a fan of fawad khan and watch pakistani actors serials as well.
      So do not worry i dont hate pakistanis or islam.

  57. Swadarsh

    Hii guys.. Here the silent reader.. Today iam out busted.. Pehlee manu manveer nitibha Mona k liye Jo respect thi vo gaya the way the back bitted about lopa rohan gaurav.. Kaiki miss India said by manveer gujar to lopa.. Chalo tab bani ki mummy k bare mein swami comment karta hee to manu me stand thak nahi liye nor he uttered a word.. Then y he is expecting from bani wen he didn’t doo.. Iam not against bani but task k dauran wen swami interrupted bani ne bhi dhakka diya tha swami vo dhakke se door ja ghire than rohans push.. We Ronan pushed he stumbled it wen bani did he stumbled far away.. Celebrity are playing mature without fights ye biggboss k against heee.. He likes the people who fight he ignores the people who play smart maturely nd intelligently.. Biggboss is biased against rohan from the day 1.. Manu manveer push kare Sab theek hee.. Great biggboss.. Even salman will slam him i mean rohan…

  58. sweety

    shame on u bigboss… I won’t watch bigboss hereafter… Go to hell… Coming to Manu Nd manveer u guys r backbiting abt Rohan Nd enjoying the situation.. U r sayin tat Rohan doing AL this fr footage .. Rohan Dnt need tat footage he s already popular Nd having huge fans… U guys(b2) needs d f**k footage Nd u r ding tis…

    • Lipika Tasnim

      Today even I’m bound to say Manu’s behavior is not at all like he lost his dear dear mother. How can someone play such shrewd game after losing his mother, unless he is shrewd by nature. He cannot be a good person.

  59. Lipika Tasnim

    Whatever anyone says, commoners MANU, MANVEER, OM and NITHIVA are really cheap, so is that Vojpuri MONA. MANU is the leader of that cheap, nasty group.

  60. Afshan

    All is because of omjii ,inspite of nominating rohan for the whole season they would have nominated omjii he is the only person who again and again break the rules he is doing such ugly and silly things that force the inmates to take action rohan didn’t want to do that but omjii forced him BB plz remove omjii out of BB house if he would be in the house it would not be a family show and no one would watch bigg boss

    • Afshan

      Luv u rohan u r doing very good,but feeling sad for the action which Bigg boss did for nominating u for the whole season bigg boss plz don’t do like this

  61. hrithik ka Fan

    this manu is disgusting. …now I m feeling priyanka was better than this manu at least u can hate her…but what to do with manu…damn….confusing

  62. Bigboss fan

    Ye ho kya raha h bigboss me.
    Dont have words.
    Waise maza aya manu and manveer k sath jo hua. Om dhongi ne jail jane se deny kar diya.
    Manu and manveer were thinking that they will put om dhongi back in jail.this way they wanted to convey that they were right by dong task fairly and put him in jail back. but unka game ulta ho gya.
    Showing their true colors.

  63. Bigboss fan

    Feeling bad for Bani and Gaurav. Gaurav handled the sitution well by going to jail calmly and he was smiling.
    But i do not know why i have a strong feeling that by giving these kind of tasks bigboss might be upto showing the true colors of commonrs.
    Ultimately things are going positive for celebs.
    Anyways its my pov. Find positivity in negativity.
    Thoso who were liking commonrs are now hating thm and supporting rohan.

  64. I was bb fan.not now

    rohan is innocent…Bigg Boss forgot rohan was pushed was manu and manveer thrice..he was sleeping that time..what ninda…sorry salman..but you were wrong…u actually follow a script. And Bigg Boss house too have a script…they r plotting and showing commoners like hero..but actually they r vulgar and dont reserve to represent common people..they have more tantrums then celebs….its fixed..winner will be manu or manveer .inspire of the b*t*hing dirty game they are playing.last yr too it was rishabh who deserved to win and in season 8 was pritam who was deserving to win the show…but it is fix…aur hum iski kadi ninda karte h…commoners pura din celeb ki ek dusre ki b*t*hing karte h….celeb kuch bolte ni h..bolte h to Bigg Boss commoners to dikha dete me ladai karwane ke liye…celeb ko kabi ni dikhate commoners kya b*t*hing karte h unki…aur weekends par jo bhi call ati h celebs ki nooks nikalne ke liye aati h..i dont believe it ki commoners ki galti ginane ko koi call na kare…Bigg Boss is unfair and biased…and fixed…i was bb show fan..not anymore..its just preplanned another daily soap

  65. bb not fair

    Aray kuch v kehlo manveer Ko Salman khan ne guod lelia ha
    full support ha Salman ki manveer Ko aor use he jetaega, is show boycott kro
    Bb b unfair aor Salman b unfair ha bout jyada
    ye dono Baba ko v support Kr rhe Han
    aor ghtya commoner ko kaha se pakr lye
    Ye am admi aesa hota ha kya

    Sare gunda mawali lye manveer Manu Baba pakhandi pagal

    Nitiba Mona ko v rakhawa ha
    Kya ho rha ha mere smaj nahi araha

    Ye kese aam admi hai yeh aese log bb ko represent Krenge
    Nichle drje ka show bana dia ha

    Salman khan b ab such nahi bolta hr waqt manveer Salman khan se ye umeed nahi thi bhai

    Manveer Manu aor Baba ko ghndagi krna hindsa krna allow ha

    Bani ko push krna allow ha

    Rohan ko punish Kia to swami ko punish kyu nahi Kia

    Igloo task Mai bb rohan k sir fatne ka intezar tha kya apko

    Show ka kuch standard hota ha sara level he gir gya

  66. bb not fair

    Aj adalat wala episode bkwas ek dum

    Kal precap mai dikaya to aese jese rohan Ko justice milega pagal log

  67. bb not fair

    Salman khan hum log aap k fan Han

    but apko bigg boss house Mai sirf char log apne fan dikhte ha

    manveer Manu Baba bani

    inki ghaltia nazer andaz kyu kere ho

    especially manveer aor Baba ki

    Ab weekend pr injustice na kro bout umeed ha apse

    Bb ne to dil tor dia sirf rohan Ko punish. Kia unfair Baba ko b punish kero

  68. bb not fair

    Commoner my foot aesa ha am admi

    Aese gundey tuchey am admi Ko bulane se acha show he na krte is year

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.