Bigg Boss 10 24th December 2016 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 10 24th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Weekend Ka Vaar
Salman welcomes everyone to weekend episode. Salman says this is Christmas weekend and we hope you are having fun, even inmates got to meet their family members, wishing you merry christmas, this week ended emotionally. Family members coming to house is shown, then how Bani couldnt meet Gauahar because how Manu and Swami couldnt nominate themselves. Salman says Swami and Manu to nominate themselves, let me show you what happened.

In Bigg Boss House:
Bani is weeping in garden. Manveer says to Manu that nominate yourself, let her to what she wants to do, its her choice if she save some points for Lopa or not, you just do what you can. Manu says yes. Manu says to Gaurav that i am nominating myself, she can meet her friend. Manu says to Swami you are going to get nominated

anyway, if you stay in house then it would be after doing good and if you go home then after doing something good for someone, Swami says call Priyanka, she is Bani’s friend. Priyanka comes and asks Swamit to nominate yourself, we will get nominated anyway. Swami says to Bani that you are daughter’s sister, i want you to keep that heart. Manu says me and Swami nominating ourselves so that Lopa and Bani can meet their families, all clap for them, Bani hugs Manu, battery is charged to 100%. Lopa comes there too.
Bigg boss calls Bani in activity area. Bani goes in there. Bigg boss gives her 4options:
1st option: meet Gauahar for 2mins, will use 43% battery
2nd option: meet Gauahar for 10minutes, will use 54% battery
3rd option: Get Gauahar’s message, will use 17% battery
4th option: Talk to Gauahar on phone, will use 28% battery

Bani says Big boss i want to meet her for 10mins using 54%battery. Bani comes to garden and knocks on gate waiting for Gauhar. Gauhar comes in house through confession room. She runs and hugs Bani, they both tightly hug each other, Bani oh God, Gauhar says leave me, i will fall down, all are smiling. Bani picks her and makes her sit, Bani ask inmates to come, Gauhar goes to them and meet them, Gauhar says to Lopa that you are doing good, she hugs Gaurav and thanks him, Bani hugs her from behind, Gauahar says to Manveer that you are my favorite, she thanks Manu and Swami to let her in, be happy. Bani takes her away. Bani says i made paratha for you. Gauhar says to Bani that dont give up, you are doing good, you are doing everything, all are proud of you, you have so many fans, dont give up, hugs Bani. Gauhar says to inmates that you will miss these days, Bani says she has gone mad, Gauhar says say everything on face, dont backbite about it, she did wrong Mona saying things behind your back but she said sorry Mona, she is girl too, Gauhar kisses her cheek. Bani and Gauhar comes in bedroom, Bani shows her bed, she gives rose to Bani, Gauhar says nothing waiting for you outside, Bani gives red cloth to her and says give it to him/her. Gauhar says i know but live here alone, this is once in a lifetime opportunity, it doesnt look good when you are low, dont you miss me, Gauhar says i miss you too, she hugs her and says live here, die here, kill badness with goodness, dont say wrong but say something. Bigg boss says Bani your time has finished. Bani hugs her and says i love you Bigg boss. Bani says what will happen after last week here? Gauhar says you will win, Bigg boss calls Gauhar in confession room. Gauhar says to inmates that i have to leave, Gauhar says to Mona that dont be sad, you are doing great. Gauhar says to Gaurav that be with Bani, i understand that she is.. do tasks, Swami let them do tasks. Gauhar weeps, Bani pecks her cheek and gos in confession room. Gauhar says Bigg boss i love you, Bigg boss asks how are you Gauhar? Gauhar laughs says ayyiii, how are you? he says great, how are you doing? Gauhar says i always said in my journey that you made us learn to live, i have learned a lot from here, this show made my life, thank you for everything.
Bani is weeping, Priyanka hugs her and says you must be, i made dress for Gauhar, she should know good girls are inside, she tries to hug Bani but Bani says i want to retain Gauhar’s smell in my shirt, she sniffs her shirt, Priyanka says so sweet.

Lopa is in activity area, her options are:
1st option: meet her sister for 2mins, will use 41% battery
2nd option: meet her sister for 10minutes, will use 51% battery
3rd option: Get her sister’s message, will use 16% battery
4th option: Talk to her sister on phone, will use 26% battery
Lopa says how can i take 51%option because battery is only 46%, i cant take it. Lopa says i will meet her for two minutes. Lopa is excited to see her sister on Tv. She runs and goes in confession room. Lopa runs and they both scream and hug each other, Lopa cries and shivers, sister says make will go worst, Lopa says you were making funny faces, Lopa says lets talk in hindi, how are you, how is papa? sister says dont cry, all want to see you laugh, if you cry then we all cry, dont cry, be strong and be positive, father has given message that dont talk to Swami rudely, he is elder, Lopa says i tolerated him so much but i cant, sister says ignore him, you are younger and should respect, i want you to win, Lopa says i just want to win hearts, Bigg boss says Lopa your time is finished, Lopa says bigg boss please 5minutes, bigg boss says no rule breaking, Lopa kisses her sister’s cheek and cries, she says i love you, sister leaves.

On stage, sometime we think there is no humanity but then all humanity is shown. It was 10th week of bigg boss, all liked family coming in last two days but what happened before two days back, you people didnt see anything, as we can show you limited content only and edit other things but we have seen unedited version, you cant even imagine what kind of language was used, to which extent swears were used, to which extent they attacked each others family, to which extent they stooped low, it is sad to know that on colors show which i am part of had to see these kind of things in our house.
Clip plays, Swami comments that Manu has live-in relation with Piku oneside and other here, Manu curses him and is about to attack him, how Swami ask him to attack him, how Priyanka said to Mona that you wont be able to enter house, Lopa shouts on Swami to stop saying rubbish. Then how in hostel task, Swami and Priyanka angered Rohan, how Swami kicked door of washroom, how Bigg boss got angry on Swami, clip ends.

Salman says i am shocked, i dont know how to react to them, you people to had to listen such words because of these people, the things which never happened before in this house, it happened but like 1000times more, personal attacks, cheap comments, frustrated acts, being host of this house, i dont want these people in house because this is not class, this is India, talking likes this on TV, its really sad, i dont blame people who turned off Tv seeing show, i dont blame people who asked their kids to not watch this show, i didnt see animals fighting like this, i will show unedited version today so please all kids leave, kids from audience leave. Salman says let me show what really happened in house, we regret this, colors, bigg boss and your host Salman apologize to you, we want to show people are like this, lets clean this house today.
Call is connected to house, inmates greet him, Swami greets him. Priyanka is already emotional, Salman doesnt greet them, Salman asks Manveer to get a cloth from the store room and seal Swami Om’s mouth to spare everyone from a verbal torture. Salman asks if cloth is clean? Manveer says yes, Salman says it would be good if it was dirty, seal Swami’s mouth with it, Manveer is stunned, Swami says i knew it, Salman says seal his mouth, Manveer says sorry Swami, he ties cloth on his mouth, Salman says he will sit like this today. Salman asks how was man of week? for me it is one man, Appreciating Manu’s efforts for maintaining some peace and harmony inside the house, Salman gives him the title of ‘Man of the Week’, all clap. He says that after having suffered an emotional upheaval following his mother’s death, Manu rightfully handled every situation and held the house together, Salman claps for him, Salman says death is worst feeling ever, most hard part is when your mother dies and you have to come out of it, i have seen many people not able to come out of it, Manu life goes on, you have to live, you have to make your mother proud, you have to start your family in hope that you will get daughter as return of your mother, distracting yourself with work is great thing to do in this situation, which you did, most people couldnt bear it, like Jason he couldnt handle it and left but you are handling everything so nicely that few are not able to fathom this fact, they brought the entire house down because of few people’s unjust behavior hinting towards Priyanka and Swami Om., if this goes on then i dont want to be part of this show, the are bringing down their families, our culture, our nation, its your family problem what your family thinks about you, they must know your reality but keep your personality personal, showing that personality in cameras, its not good, even cat covers her poop. Salman says to Manu that you became battery in a task and you got partner whom you couldnt trust but you did great in that task too, your sacrifices made these inmates meet their families, how did you like it? Manu says it was great, Manveer’s father was like my mother, i felt that my mother could have come too. I told Manveer that what i will do with my life now? i didnt know anything but you said that i will have daughter which will be shadow of my mother and now i am sorted, i know i have things to do in life, i came back here because i thought i would become fine here and i did, people are presenting themselves here, we will just say to them that they are ill and get well soon, Salman smiles and claps for him. Salman says you met your father personally, hugging him, after so many years, he came here in flight to meet you, Manveer says father became star, Salman says his son is star too, Manveer says i got everything, i have made place in hearts, Salman says i think father has problem with your beard, dont grow it again, all laugh.
Moving on to the selection of the Khalnayak for the week, Salman states that he has already pre-empted the answer but wants to hear it from everyone. One after the other, the housemates take Priyanka’s name and she is asked to grace the Khanayak Kursi(villain chair). Salman says when i think few people cant stoop more low then they do something to prove me wrong, i think they are lowering India’s level, i am sure most of the people must have turned their TVs off seeing all that. Salman asks Manu that Swami becomes ghost something else, what is that? Manu says i think he is mentally not stable, he goes to madness, he cant take responsibility, when hostel task started, they both started acting like that we cant even move in house, like they were asked that we cant even drink water, Swami says he is wrong, i asked him to let me do task till evening, Salman says your mouth is covered so you dont speak, Swami says he is lying, Swami says camera showed everything, Salman says should i show you what you did? Priyanka says i asked them to have patience, you will get chance to exchange letters, Salman says the one i am talking to will only talk. Salman asks Manveer that Swami said to Bigg boss that he is doing things because he is helpless, what is is helplessness? he is old, he is ill but breaking property of house and threatening people, what is helplessness of his? Manver says he doesnt know what entertainment is, i dont think he has any follower, Salman says you are correct, even if people are of his type, they must not be following him now, i give him importance every week, you people tried to make him entertaining but he will show his reality, Manveer says we did so much for him but he cant change, Salman says you all took care of him but he doesnt understand it, i think our psychiatrist can live his whole life. Salman asks Gaurav, Gaurav says he just see winner or loser, he wants to win or follow winner, i think he has hyper energy in game, he doesnt want to loose then he do everything to pressure people, i think psychiatrist can tell us what problem he has. Salman says we go to doctor when we have pain but brain doesnt get pained when not fine, Swami is on other level, he is cursing, attacking families, he did everything in this lovable task? Swami says i asked them to make it entertaining, Salman says all inmates were so excited when this task started, Manveer’s poetry was so quirky, all laugh. Salman asks Swami do you ever realize how your daughter manipulate you? you know it? Swami says i love her a lot, she is my weakness, i get helpless, Salman says you stood by her in every wrong thing, you cant scold her? you will your daughter do anything? Priyanka says he is not my father, excuse me Sir, he is not related me, he is nothing for me, nobody is nothing to me, Salman says talk in hindi, Priyanka says i have told everyone, no one is father here, these people are nothing for me, the way they treat me, if someone slap me then i will get scared? i get pained too, they are using me, i was physically assaulted but where was Bigg boss then? Salman says Priyanka you are most aggressive in this house, you have used most swears, abuses in this house, you have stooped most low, you have showed most aggression, they dont want to talk to you, Priyanka says i will do it more, i went to secret room and told Bigg boss that i dont want to continue, i dont have script, i cant answer like you, i have language problem, i say anything in hindi, am ill and when people ask me if i am not ill then i will get angry, Salman says Lopa is captain of house and she asked you, Priyanka says there should be respecting way to task, Salman says you talk about respect? Priyanka says if she doesnt have it then i dont have it too, Swami says no one talk about mistakes others do, Salman says tell me there should be way to stoop low, Swami says i tried to change myself, i was silent in this week, Salman says you were silent? Swami says i didnt say anything to anyone, Salman says you were breaking things, you were called by Bigg boss but you didnt go, Swami says i always go when he ask. Salman says to Priyanka that you said to Swami that we have stooped low but we should have way with it, Priyanka says i said if inmates think i am low then be it, i didnt want to come from secret room then why did you bring me back? just so this girl can call me dirt? sl**, *****, Swami says she called her*****, then you didnt warn her? they warn me that Salman would scold me, they threaten me with your name, if this continues then i dont want to be part of show, i dont want to be here to be insulted. Salman says you had option to leave before going in secret room but still you went in secret room, Priyanka says i yelled that i dont want to part of show anymore, i shouted that i want to go home, i did mistake by getting trapped in bigg boss words, i want to go now, give me guarantee, give me eviction, Salman says you wanna go now? Salman says sit down quietly. Salman says you cant use this tone of your with me, Priyanka blasts and shouts that i dont wanna stay here, she leaves villain chair too, Salman says i want to show people stuff undited about Priyanka Jagga Muse, Salman says dont do this drama with me, Salman takes off his coat and pulls up his sleeves. clip plays, Priyanka’s worst words are shown, how she said to Mona that your bums are showing, her curses are shown, how Lopa asked her to not curse, how Priyanka said that i wont care about dead or alive people, how she commented about Manu’s dead mother, how she called Swami that he doesnt deserve in any woman’s womb, her curses are beeped, she said for Lopa, how Lopa said same to you, Lopa gets agitated seeing clip played again, she cries, Manu hugs her and asks her to calm down, clips continues to play, how Priyanka said Lopa’s mother didnt tell her about women problems, how she has internal bleeding, how she said she has bigger standard than this show, clip ends. Salman says this show doesnt deserve you, Salman throws his coat away and says to Priyanka that please leave my home, Priyanka goes to pack her stuff. The housemates are unable to contain their happiness and they give Salman a standing ovation and salute his decision. Salman announces, “ If Priyanka ever comes on this show or any other show on COLORS, I will never work with the channel again.” Lopa thanks Salman, Salman says to Lopa that you gave human reaction but it was not needed, Lopa says i tried to hold for so much time, Salman says i totally understand you but this is not the way to handle these people, its sad, i am so shocked, he signs off from show.

In house:
Lopa says i have so much respect for Salman. Manu says its win. Swami comes to Priyanka and ask her to say sorry to Bigg boss, she says for what? Swami says i told you control some, i wanted you to win, Priyanka says you are mad. Lopa says to Gaurav that persona deserves it, nobody say goodbye to her. Priyanka packs her stuff, Lopa says get out of this house, you filthy woman, Priyanka leaves house, nobody says bye to her. All cheer after she left, Lopa says its first time we are happy that someone left. Manu says i got return of my patience. Lopa says i love you Bigg boss, thank you for justice, Mona says dont bring filthy ladies, thank you Salman and Bigg boss. Swami brings luggage to door too. Gaurav says this happened before in show? this is historical, Lopa says it was great when he said get out of my house, Bani says he said get out of my home. Manveer asks Swami to keep things in store room, Manu says he wont listen. Bani says to Gaurav that she had problem too, i didnt have problem with her, Gaurav says we didnt have any fight with her. Manu says to Niti that she is ill mentally, Mona says Salman did great, great. swami says if you want to throw us out then dont insult me, i had good week, Priyanka doesnt listen anyone, she used to curse me, why did you punish me? this is wrong, i dont have anything against these people, these people know that i am winner.

On stage, Salman says this wont happen on my show again. Salman says these people postponed my marriage more, all laugh. Salman says MONA, BANI and GAURAV are nominated, tomorrow one will be evicted, all of them are strong, he signs off from show.

PRECAP- Sonakshi and Manish Paul comes on stage. Salman asks Mansih to read his lips. Sonakshi is made to sit on slap chair, Salman asks who is no. 1 Khan of industry, Sonakshi thinks, Manish laughs.

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. bhavana

    Heights of stupidity..Rohan & Baba’s fight…but salman wants as usual opinion of M2….not a word with ROHAN….don’t even count as Housemate….

    comedy is asking M2 opinion where as Manveer is the one who said to manu not to get involved in baba and rohan’s fight…

    This much unfairness towards
    Rohan…never ever got justice to Rohan…demotivating or Cornered him is the only agenda….

    BB is scared that ROHAN is the one who can beat Bani in voting bcoz of his strong fan base….They r promoting lopa a lot as her fan base is from BB show only….

    don’t know their evil plans for eviction of ROHAN….Highy favoritism…biased show…no rules…no value of public votes…

    Love u ROHAN really feeling bad for you….

    scripted show…winner Bani
    2nd – Manveer to justify the concept commoners vs celebs
    3rd – lopa

    keep on promoting ur fixed winners…..thats y ur TRP goes down day by day…

    • Riya

      Omg…agree with u…as usual bigg boss gonna ignore d fact that bani actually supported priyanka…itna sab kuch hone k baad v boli usne mere saath to kuch bura nhi kiya…agar koi aur bolta to shayad wknd ka vaar me salman uski class lete…bt scripted winner ne bola to ignore kar diya. N those who r still defendind bani in this shud go for a mental checkup. Humanity naam ki v cheej hoti hai yaar. Neways i want lopa or rohan or even manveer 2 win bt they r probably gonna end up as runnerup.

    • Riya

      Omg…agree with u…bigg bos totally ignored d fact that bani ne itna sab kuch hone k baad v priyanka ko boycott karne se mana kar diya aur bola ki usne to mere saath kuch bura nhi kiya. Agar uski jagah koi aur bolta toh weeknd k vaar ne salman jarur uski class lete jaise swami ka liya bt scripted winner ne bola hai toh ignore kar diya. Those people who r still defending bani in this shud take a mental checkup. Humanity naam ki v cheej hoti hai yaar. I want lopa or rohan or even manveer 2 win bt they r probably gonna end up as runnerup. N that immature n selfish bani gonna win jst bcoz of het blind fans.

      • Kalpana

        Ur rt Riya Bani is a highly diplomatic girl. She instigate Priyanka not allow to touch her kids by Lopa n now she is showing as a broadminded. Indeed a selfish n chupa rust am…. Lol

  2. Godbless

    Salman did good by doing this… now it’ll be fun to watch biggboss…

    at the end Salman said that Bani and Gourav’s friendship is going to be end… that’s mean one of them will be evict tomorrow???😓😓😓😓😓😓😓😓

  3. ditya

    amazing…. amzingggg
    I can’t control my emotions…how happy I am right now…..proud of salman sir….u r truly best human being….love the way u handle this situation….really happy for housemates…..waiting eagerly for tmtw’s eps….
    Merry Christmas to all bb fan n my all fantastic frnds simran, kp,Shriya,good girl,kiddo, anu, ria

    • kp

      Hello ditya v marry christmas to you also my peerless friend and you are right i am also v happy now i think every one will be happy in the house good job by salman sir

      • Ria

        Gd mrng and merry Christmas to kp ditya preeti shriya simran and all bb fans. Achcha hua priyanka chali gayi. Kitni himmat hai ki voh salman khan ke opor chillayi. Love you rohan

    • ShriyaT


      |Registered Member

      Hiee ditya, kp, simran, goodgirl, preeti, ria, anu!!! Merry Christmas everyone🎉🎊
      Really happy that priyanka is thrown out😀😀

  4. Magic

    Lopa thinks Priyanka is thrown out of the house because of her. Salman threw her out because she insulted him.

  5. ayaan

    The best episode of this season…. Or rather among all seasons….. The unedited part was shocking beyond words…. I can’t understand how can a person stoop so low….. Ab bas om k jaane ka wait krna h….

    This kamini kutti bani…. She still saying she didnt have a problem with her???? STILL supporting that *****???? This clearly shows her cheap mentatility… Kamse kam yaha to baaki ghr ko or leave it, PURRE INDIA ko support kr skti thi…. “Vo mere saath achi thi….” Nonsense…. Really REALLY dont want her to win this season….

    Hats off to u lopa…. You are the most mature girl of this season…. I dont know k bani k fans kya soch rhe honge after this much melodrama but i really feel ki agar unme humanity hogi to vo jaruur kahenge ki yes, bani was really REALLY wrong in this…

    • Simple

      I m not a blind supporter of bani but agree aaj priyanka ka behaviour dekh kr bani ko ye comment nhi krna chahiye kyunki priyanka ne jo bola wo humne nhi dekha but surely jo dekhte hai wahi itna bura hota hai so this comment of bani was wrong pr kal jb bani priyanka k pass gyee thi usne point out kiya tha k aap wo line kal rat se cross kr rhe ho jo galat hai aur lopa jb cheekhti hui confession room ka drwaza bja rhi thi jb bhi bani hi pehle aee thi usko pkdne pr jb wo cntrl nhi hui or sab a gye tab bsni hatt gyee kuch cheezo mein bani ajeeb zarur hai but kuch cheezo mein mature hai shyad wo dekhna nhi chahte log jese lopa ko wajh bewajh nhi nominate krty na uske bare mein bat keeti jb k lopa khud bat kety hai bani ki aur immature bhi hai lopa although priyanka bohut galat hai or keechad keh lo pr aap is keechad mein pather dalo hi nhi na

    • hrithik ka Fan

      Oh common where were u when nitibha manveer were supporting that baba then u didn’t tell salman should ask nitibha manveer and others why didn’t they boycott baba….and bani didn’t say priyanka did right …she just said that I don’t have personal problem with priyanka that’s it…and did u see lopa saying to baba why u said this to bani’s mother…no…but bani told priyanka clearly u crossed ur limits don’t do that…..that’s the difference between lopa and bani …lopa does everything for camera while bani does what her heart says…… don’t be a hypocrite. …

  6. Henny

    On first note I was not able to figure out why lopa was shouting about her achievement of Miss United Continents and how she represented her country and all.
    But now I got to know that it was because Priyanka made a very foul comment on her achievement. Definitely nobody can take that.
    Good decision Salman n Bigg Boss.
    Now next week I’m Swami plzz !

  7. mahima yadav

    Agree BHAVNA , i respect salman khan but he always praise manu n manveer , fights ko ignore karna to rohan ne hi sikhaya h , jb priyanka ne rohan pr spit kari thi to bhi salman khan ne kch ni bola, aur jb hina ne bola to bolte h ki wo sirf awaz nikal rahi thi , aaj ke pure episode me rohan se kch ni pucha , totally unfair with rohan

    • ayaan

      Plz i tell u, go and watch last 15 minutes of the show… Wont take much net balance and it will be really worth it….

  8. sona

    i feel bad for ROHAN sir
    heis playing very well but no one is praising him
    salman sais alwayz doing injustice with rohan and always in favor of m2 ,i dont know y?

  9. Raj

    Salaman was baised,i know priyanka did bad but she was depressed.If big boss wanted to evict priyanka then she should be evicted by votes not just because of insulting salman.Salman dont own the show,he is so proud and arogant and thiks every one is his slave.Hate u salman khan.
    By the way i am not priyanka’ fan but fair thing is fair.

  10. Naina

    Priyanka got evicted, that is good. Not sure why Manu was given so much praise. He is still using Mona to avoid eviction. Manveer played really well so far. Gaurave has never lost hi cool so far except with bani. He has been pretty much handling situation well. Looks like this year s wiinner will be from commoners, most likely manveer.

  11. Sam

    Lopa played the victim card. She and Manu made fun of bani so and b*t*hed about her. So what’s the big deal if someone said something about her.
    Lopa fans say that bani is crying and playing the victim card. What is Lopa doing now???

    • ayaan

      Have u seen today’s whole episode??? Specially the unedited part? If not go watch it…. Youll know …. Why lopa cried

  12. nirali

    mahima ap k sath me agree karti hu rohan ko bhout kam imp dete h as if vo exist hi nai karta yea manu manevr or babab babab ko hi imp milti h or bani low feel kar rak thi tab usko imp mil rai thi motivate kia tha bt jab rohan pe inna kuc hua salman ne zikar tak nai kia …yea galat h i mean inna biased nai hona chaiye rohan manver se kafi zyada matured h or sensible bhi h fir manu mamver hi laga rehta h had h i meam me against nai hu m2 k liye bt jo sai h vo b hona chaiye na …
    love lopa n rohan .. ap logo ne already dil jet liya h sabka

  13. Simple

    This week no eviction ye sab agle week k liye bhi nominate hain aur mannu aur om ko unka sacrifice dekhte huye muaf kr diya gya nomination se

  14. anneth

    There r heroes villian n ego.but fairness non so far.priyanka was vulgar but she’s not alone there is swami too.but the differences bet these 2 is that swami bow down to Salman n not as long as u r a worship Salman well u r still in the good book no matter what.

  15. anneth

    Worship Salman khan n u will b wipe clean of ur faults no matter how big they r.way to go swami.for god sake swami pee in front of females isn’t that degrading enough.

    • ayaa

      Don’t say anything about salman…. It was not salman’s decision…. Go watch the episode properly… He said ki “chalo aaj ghr ko gandgi se saaf hi krdete h” which means the makers must have decided to throw her out earlier….

  16. Pari

    I m very happy….priyanka has throwed from the house becoz of her wilthy behaviour she is not having minimum common sense……thank u big boss

  17. kp

    Hello simran ditya shriya aakashi preeti anu s riya gd girl and all marry christmas to all
    salman did right thing v happy and first time i hear bigg boss said hum bhi bahut achhe when gauher ask to bb warna hum log sirf yahi sunte aa rahe hai ki bigg boss chahte hai aaj pata chala bigg boss kya chahte hai hahahahaha

    sat sri akaal simran mainu tussi bahuta khujha simrana kiyuki bahuta vada groupa d gala laga haha i am not well versed in punjabi but for you and i hope you will understand what i mean to say

  18. priya

    Heights of partiality…. om nd rohan had fight bt questions wr asking fr m2…. wtf… BB wants m2 nd bani as winner so dy r ignoring rohan’s feeling, hardwork,goodness… even rohan control hz anger frm beginning whn dat so called baap beti insulted hz family bt n dr eyes only manu controlled hz anger… bt audience cn c d truth

  19. shaina

    U did a great job sallu…..mrs priyanka jagga get lost n never show ur face again…

    But i heard that priynka ar uske bhai n koi vdo start kiya h against salman n big boss ar usme wo unke upar blames lga ri h she so mad woman bahar ja kr bhi n smjhi

  20. Riya

    Thnk god…priynka is out…salman did the right thing. See bani fans thats call taking the right stand. Itna sab hone k baad v bani ne priynka ko boycott karne se mana karna jst bcoz she did nothing wrong to her jst shows her mentality. Salman should question her too..khalnayak seat pe bithake😂

    • hrithik ka Fan

      Oh common where were u when nitibha manveer were supporting that baba then u didn’t tell salman should ask nitibha manveer and others why didn’t they boycott baba….and bani didn’t say priyanka did right …she just said that I don’t have personal problem with priyanka that’s it…and did u see lopa saying to baba why u said this to bani’s mother…no…but bani told priyanka clearly u crossed ur limits don’t do that…..that’s the difference between lopa and bani …lopa does everything for camera while bani does what her heart says…… don’t be a hypocrite. …

  21. prettypreeti

    Hello oooo gm and merry Christmas to all my sweet sissies and bros specially to JJ bhai kp bhai simu di diti di sona didi aki di shriyo ria anu di.sbse pehle mai aapko btata hoon ki Maine Santa se Xmas gift kya manga ki mai hmesha aapke sath rho.

  22. Sj

    Hey m new here, this is my 1st comment over here. I just want to say that I am happy cz jagga kicked out of house due to her behavior with inmates. Bt I think whatever happened in epi. Abt jagga (kicking incident) was pre planned by bb n whole part is shown like that as she insulted Salman Khan, showed attitude hence she got kicked from house by Salman Khan.from my point of view,when bb selects a person for his show the motive is to show his/her real image; acc to that whatever jagga did was her nature so Even if you warn her again n again the nature of the person will remain the same. And if bb really wants that jagga to be evicted then bb should nominate her ,nweekly eviction she’ll evicted acc to bb only (as bb doesn’t consider audience’s votes.) This would have been fair decision.
    M nt a jagga fan .
    M Bani❤ fan💪

  23. Aakashi88

    Yaar mein kal itni kudi itni koodi ki mere flat ke niche vaale logon ko laga ki mere ghar bhukam aa gaya hai…i was sooo happy to see priyanka out of the house….yaar sometimes i think ki yeh sneha jo hai wo priyanka jagga hi hai…becoz wen she was out of the house the comments started coming and wen she came back…..tge comments stopped..i know its stupid but it was just a thought..

    MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYBODY…i think our gift from santa was priyanka jagga getting out of the house…….thank you sooooo much santa……btw hi kp..simran..shriyat..preeti…ria….sss…magic …gud girl…..and everybody who loves to see priyanka out of the house..

    Guys…i was not able to control my laughter wen salman asked manu”kya swami ke fan ghar ke bahar honge?” Immediately i remembered sneha and i am like”haan haan swami ki fan toh ek icchadaari naagin hai…das das roop hai uske”

    Anyway…yaar gauhar and bani are soooo adorable…yaarr dx..tu comment likne ke liye kya lega???2000 ke note bhi de denge bas ek apna opinion toh daal yahan pe…

    I swear….iss swami ka mooh hamesha ke liye band kiya jaana chahiye…btw guys


  24. Priya9876


    |Registered Member

    next task kuch aisa hona chaiye jisme baba kaa muh puri tarh se band karwakar kiya jaye….
    Tavi gharwalon ko iss baar luxary budget mil payega…lol….

    i dont think soo koi aisa hoga jo BABA ko Vote karega….
    sooo coming saturday Baba ko v nikalo….plzzz

  25. anu s

    hi kp simran preetypreeti goodgirl shriya ditya hkf akashi88 merry christmas to u all.

    jagga kick out hogayi isse badi gift kya ho sakti hai christmas mei. feeling so happy. koi iss swami ko bhi isi tarah se kick out karde toh aur majja aa jata.

    bani ke baat sunkar thodi disappoint hogayi. jo bhi ho itna sabkuch hone ke baad bhi usse jagga ka side lena nahi chaiye tha per uski bhi koi galti nahi hai uska jagga ke saath koi personal problem toh nahi hai. pher bhi jabb salman ne khud usse ghar se nikaldiya tab toh uske side nahi leti. bahut dil dukha diya bani.
    but gauhar aur bani ka milan and lopa aur ki uski sister ka milna bahut accha laga aankh bhar aayi
    aaj lopa ko dekhkar bada dukh hua jab woh rorayi thi tab mujhe bhi rona aagaya. ek ladki dusri ladki ko ye sab kaise bol sakti hai yaar.
    salman jab deko tab manu manveer ke mala japta rahta hai yaar ghar aur logg bhi hai today he was ignoring all others specially rohan. felt bad for him.

    and simran aap ka exam kaisa gaya ?

    • ditya

      totally agree with u anu….mana ki manu ne bahot calmly sb kuch handle kia….bt aapne(salman) rohan ko nhi dkha….poore task me dono din baba ne rohan ko kitna target kia….fir b usne kuch ganda response nhi diya….iss baat pe toh kuch b discuss nhi kia kisine….
      really disappointing

  26. Anna

    Some people are saying there is an eviction and some people are saying there isn’t an eviction?
    i really don’t want bani or gaurav to get out…salman sir should also eject that baba

  27. sss...

    Mannu is front leader of m3 and he fights from front not from back like bani. However its great to see lopa, rohan with m3 in group discussion. Priyanka was thrown out, one of bani supporter. Hope gaurav will evict first.

  28. ditya

    totally agree with u anu….mana ki manu ne bahot calmly sb kuch handle kia….bt aapne(salman) rohan ko nhi dkha….poore task me dono din baba ne rohan ko kitna target kia….fir b usne kuch ganda response nhi diya….iss baat pe toh kuch b discuss nhi kia kisine….
    really disappointing

  29. Love u ROHAN

    WKW Theme – Ignore Rohan
    Bash Gaurav
    Praise M2
    Support Lopa
    Waste 15 -20 mins on om…..

    whatever happens in the weekdays,but this format is fixed for Weekend…

    Love u ROHAN…im really praying a lot ur dedication n sincerity should get noticed thru votes

  30. ShriyaT


    |Registered Member

    Actually i m not supporting priyanka but i read that her brother confirmed it that priyanka was so harsh as she suffered MISCARRIAGE😢😢…that is so bad..atleast for humanity i m feeling bad for her…

  31. St

    Too happy 4 bani,,,,finally she met besty gauhar …..wao…..

    Hope shez gonna b DA winner…….

    Bani rokzz!!!!!!

  32. unknown

    Magic tragic zyada stupid mind use kerne ki zrorat nahi , Salman sir Ne gher me call connect krne se pehle he boldia tha k ayain ghr Ko saf kerte hn to means priyanka Ko eliminate kerte hn

  33. revealer

    Sam tumhe koi bole k tmne soker achieve kia hai life mai Jo b achieve Kia to kese lagega. Jb pata na ho to mt bolo smji , to yh pryanka Ne lopa Ko bola jbi lopa Ne jwab mai usay abuse Kia smj ai

  34. revealer

    r tumhari bani ji support ker rahi ti priyanka Ko , ab bi boycott krti na selfish, priyanka is so sweet to me

  35. revealer

    Manveer k apna koi dimag nahi, Manu jab hota hai to yh acha insan ban jta hai jab Manu bhar Ta apni mother k expire hone ki wja se to manveer ka asal chehera smne aya tha mtlb Manu k jb dubra aya to phr manveer sahi khela mtlb Manu acha insan hai Jo manveer Ko apna rung main rang leta hai , manveer ke bapu kuch r he bolgye k Manu se hoshyar rehna , jb bi manveer Ko zrorat pari to Manu khara Hua hai , mtlb manu achha insan hai , manveer Ko to achai burai ki pehchan nahi , yh to tb he pata chala Ta jb Manu ghr se gya tha kuch din k lye tb manveer ka parda fash hogya ta

Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.

Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.