Bhootu 7th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Daadi and Mohini Mislead Anandita and Make her Believe Vikram Killed Subodh

Bhootu 7th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pihu shows Shona a new dress and asks how is it. Shona yells not to disturb h er, what is it for. Pihu says she has to meet her mamma tomorrow. Shona throws dress and warns her to go back to her mamma. Pihu says she will go back, but mamma cannot see her at all, so Shona should not lose opportunity of meeting her mother and insists to meet her mother tomorrow.

Anandita gets a call where Subodh’s voice over says he is in trouble abnd she should save him. She gets tensed and asks where is he, who kidnapped him. Subodh says his younger brother Vikram. Anandita panics and walks to Vikram’s room to find some clue. She sees Vikram sound asleep and searches room. She finds car keys and walks out thinking she may find clue in car. She gets into car and finds Subodh’s spectacles. Mohini and Daadi watch hiding and smirk, revealing they called with Subodh’s voice.

Gopal comes to Pihu and insists to accompany him. Pihu says she is busy. He plays stone hiding game with her and says if he wins, she has to accompany him. Pihu agrees. He wins and takes her along to Avni’s house. Avni waits for Shona eagerly. Maid says looks like she got emotionally attached to the girl in just 2 meetings. Avni says yes, she does not know how they are related, but she feels deeply connected to the girl. Pihu says Shona and Avni are mother and daughter. Avni says Shona came to ask for charity and when she alleged her as thief, she just looked at her with teary eyes, she is a good girl and hopes she comes.

Anandita walks towards door. Daadi asks where is she going. Anandita says to police station to ask about Subodh. Daadi asks her to have medicine and go and gives medicine to change her mental state. Anandita taes medicines and leaves home.

Avni eagerly waits for Shona. Pihu eagerly looks at door and hopes Shona will come. Shona enters wearing Pihu’s given pink frock. Avni gets happy.

Precap: Anandita finds Subodh’s shirt and blood stained knife in godown and walks angrily to kill Vikram.

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