Mayavi Maling 7th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Angad frames Madhumali

Mayavi Maling 7th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Chegu saying this time, that mum and son won’t get saved, I m not tired, I can use my powers. Angad comes and says sorry Maharaj, I have come here to meet you. He sees Chegu. Chegu thinks you won’t get saved now. He attacks Angad. Maharaj asks him to stop. Angad runs out and gets saved. He stops himself from using the powers. His guards come. Angad thinks no, I won’t miss my goals, I have to control my anger. He says I m not scared of your Agnishakti, you can use it, I will see how it harms me. Chegu takes the sword and steps ahead. Angad laughs and comes for the fight. They have a sword fight. Madhumali looks on. Adhivan gets his sword. Angad asks him not to pretend. He fights with Chegu and insults Chegu. Chegu throws the sword and uses Agnishakti on Angad. Angad runs away and gets Madhumali in front. Chegu blows fire. She uses her powers to stop him. They all get shocked. She looks at Angad. He hits her neck.

She faints down. He says you were doubting on me, I m not a Daavav Vanshi, she is the one having black magic powers. Antara looks at Chegu. They all look on. Chegu captures Madhumali in fire ring. Madhuamli gets conscious and thinks of Angad’s attack. Maharaj comes in the Sabha. Everyone gets seated. Madhumali reminds that she is queen of Mahapuram. Maharaj says Maling is famous for its justice. She says such behavior with a queen doesn’t suit you. He says justice and rules are same for everyone. She says having powers isn’t any crime, even the tribals are done a crime then. He says you have misused your powers. She denies it. Angad looks at her and says she has used her powers since the start, I was the one who got hurt, she thought I m a Daanav vanshi.

She shouts you are a Daanav Vanshi, say the truth Angad. He says liars always shout. He says she always taught me wrong, I just did that she told me, I used to think I m doing this being hypnotized by her, then I learnt her truth, she always wanted to fail the Dev vanshis, she has pleased Marekasur and gained dark powers, she planned to get your throne. They all get shocked. Angad says she would have ended Dev vanshi’s existence, she didn’t spare even Trishanku. They get shocked. Madhumali says its a wrong blame on me. Angad says then I will show them. He gets Trishanku there. They all get shocked seeing him. Angad says my dad is alive, but I had to do a lot, just see what I do, I will take help to end my mum’s black powers. She gets angry.

She says whoever has seen me getting insulted and enjoyed, will be insulted the same way, I swear. Maharaj says you have done a big crime, you are dangerous for everyone, you will be imprisoned for lifetime. Angad says I respect your decision, it will be an example for coming time, I want her to get death punishment, as she is culprit towards Mahapuram too. They all get shocked.

Angad stands against Madhumali. Madhumali is put in the lake. She screams. Angad sees Pranali…

Update Credit to: Amena

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