Bhootu 12th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Daadi Tricks and gets Anandita’s signatures on Divorce papers

Bhootu 12th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pihu tells Gopal that he was right that with time everything changes, Sona and her mother are friends now. Gopal seriously says with closeness at one side, there will be differences on other side. Pihu stands confused. Daadi shows divorce papers to Mohini and says before her and Vikram’s wedding, she will get Vikram and Anandita divorced. Anandita serves food to Vikram. Vikram thinks when will Anandita stop her weirdness. He chokes and coughs and falls on floor gasping for air. Anandita silently stands. Pihu sees that and asks her to help Vikram chachu, but Anandita cannot hear. Anandita silently walks to Vikram and massages his back. He calms down. Daadi walks in and asks what happened. Vikram says choked with food, but is fine now.

Shona/Pihu while walking to school sees her old

orphanage friends playing marbles on road and plays marbles with them. Avanti passes by in her car and stops seeing Pihu. Pihu introduces her friends. Avanti asks if she can also play marbles. Shona/Pihu says if she loses, their friendship will end. Avanti agrees and plays, but loses, asks if she their friendship ends here. Shona says no, she was just joking. Shona’s friend say Avanti is very good, if they can befriend her. Avanti agrees. They ask if they can see her car. She says okay. They touch car excitedly. Shona angrily pushes them and says Avanti is only her friend. Avanti says she was their friends before me, friendship means loving and caring. Shona continues her anger.

Anandita cries holding Subodh’s photo. Daadi walks in and says she can share her sorrows with her, she is transferring Subodh’s whole property in Anandita’s name and asks her to sign property papers. Anandita does. Daadi laughs and informs Mohini that she took signtures on divorce papers from Anandita and will take sign from Vikram soon.

Shona plays with mobile and says Avanti gifted it. Pihu gets excited seeing it. Shona says she likes this gift so much. Avanti calls her and asks if she really liked it. Shona sends Pihu away and asks Avanti who are else in her family. Avanti says only her and her husband who is always busy in his business. Shona asks what about her children. Avanti emotionally says she does not have and disconnects call. Shona gets emotional.

Mohini gets mangalsutra and asks Vikram how is it. Anandita walks in and shows shagun thali bought for Vikram and Mohini’s wedding. Mohini drops mangalsutra. Anandita picks it and returns it to Mohini. Mohini asks if she can wear it and show. Anandita nods yes. Mohini asks Vikram to fix mangalsutra. Vikram is about to when Pihu sees that and asks Gopal to help. Pihu pushes Anandita who slips and shouts. Vikram runs to her help leaving Mohini’s mangalsutra.

After sometime, Daadi takes divorce papers to Vikram and asks him to sign some legal papers. He is about to sign when Anandita in sleep calls Vikram. Vikram rushes to her and seeing her condition happily says medications are working and Anandita is getting back her memory. Daadi and Mohini get tensed.

Precap: No precap. Promo of Jeet Gaye To Piya Morey serial in Bhootu’s place is shown.

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