Mayavi Maling 12th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Angad revives Trishanku

Mayavi Maling 12th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Haran staying silent. Pranali gets sad and leaves. Arak teases Adhivan, who lifts up Garima. He removes the blind fold and gets shocked seeing her. He gets her down and says it was Arak’s mischief. She smiles. She says I have doubted on Angad, so I came to apologize. He asks her to forget it, he is sorry to lift her. He beats Arak. She laughs and thanks Arak. She goes. Adhivan gets puzzled and asks what did she say, why did she thank you. Arak dances and teases Adhivan.

Mandhari says it will be imp to apply black dot to Pranali. Vaidehi and Mandhari get shocked seeing Pranali in guard’s disguise. Vaidehi scolds Pranali. Pranali lies to her. Vaidehi asks where were you going. Mandhari asks did you come back, its the clothes of prison guards. Pranali says I went to meet Haran. Vaidehi gets shocked.

Eshwarya goes to sleep. She senses something and goes out. She doesn’t see any guard. She sees Chegu and says where is he going out at this time. Vaidehi asks why did you go to meet Haran. Mandhari asks Pranali to share the matter, her parents will get her married to one she wants. Vaidehi says Pranali will just marry Angad. She asks Pranali why did she go there. She asks Mandhari to leave. Mandhari taunts and leaves. Pranali says Haran is not bad, I went to help him, but Haran also doubted on me. Vaidehi asks servants to wait there. She asks them to make Pranali very beautiful. Eshwarya stops Chegu. He says I m leaving. She asks why. He says I m tribe chief, I have to manage my tribe, I should leave. She asks him to stay back. He asks her what she feels for him, if her heart is stopping him. She gets shy. Mandhari comes to Angad and tells him about Pranali, she is going to step back from marriage. He gets shocked. He holds her and asks did you wish this. She says yes, I wanted this. He says then come, we will run away to Mahapuram, you will become my queen. She says this will happen. She hugs him. She dreams this. A boy listens to her dream and asks her to have sweets. She goes.

Chegu says Garima called me your special friend. He stops her and asks her to express her feelings. He holds her hand and says you want to stop me here. She asks do I need to say this now, you always ask me not to ask questions. He laughs and says you are smart. Adhivan sees them together. Chegu says your dad will not leave me for this. She asks why. Chegu takes her in arms and flies off. Adhivan gets shocked. Angad hides from the guards and goes to jungle. He uses his powers and gets some box from the cold lake. He gets his blue wings. He flies with the box and gets it to Trishanku’s room. He uses his powers and keeps his hands on the ice box. The ice melts. Trishanku wakes up and sits. He laughs. Angad smiles.

Angad and Pranali sit for marriage. Trishanku comes there. Angad goes to him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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