Bhardavi Heaven-episode 9


The chief queen Kaushalya welcomes them followed by other 2 queens-Kaikeyi and Sumitra.They welcome the 4 pairs.The 4 take blessing of elders and do their grahapravesh together.Manthara is more happy seeing Mandavi.Its time for rituals.The pairs have to find ring in milk bowl.Bhardavi follows after siam.When they are finding,their hands touched,they feel akward and freed it.Again it touched.They look at each-other with their eyes down.Finally Mandavi wins.All are happy.At night,Mandavi asks-Kaikeyinandan,why you lost.Bharat says-Because you win.She says-you did so to make me win.Bharat agrees with a smile.That night 4 sisters have to stay with their mother in laws.Kaikeyi takes Sita whereas Kaushalya takes Mandavi.Kaushalya says-Bharat is more attached to me as Ram to Kaikeyi.Bharat is sweetest of all the brothers,quiet and simple.Mandavi thinks-Its seems he is a shadow of her.She is just like ma Sunaina,sweetest queen of king.They sleep.
Next day,Kaikeyi is distributing jwellery among 4.She chooses the most precious for Sita.Manthara says-Mandavi has right over this and not Sita.She doesn’t listens.Kaikeyi asks Mandavi-do you have any problem,if I give the jewels to Sita.She replies-mata,Sita didi is elder,she has the real right over this.From childhood,we 4 shared everything so if we will need,we will ask to her.The love we are getting from you all is sufficient for us.Kaushalya praises her.She says- you are great Mandavi,now I am relaxed that the unity of the family willnever be broken.Mithila daughters are really great,now we all will live together.
Its lunh time.The sisters have cook food for inlaws.They are tensed.Everyone eats.All praises the food.Mandavi is tensed.Sumitra asks-What happened.She says-we trieed to cook well like Sita didi but.Kaushalya says-The food is nice,we are lucky,we god bahus having different 4 will increase the beauty of Ayodhya.They smile.
The pairs remove marraige band from each-other’s hand.They are happy as they can share the room now.

Credit to: Aman

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