Randhir was standing shocked their ,he could not believe in what parth said (though he acted as if ne did’nt care but still his face could tel it clearly
Rd-what nonsence parth!
Path-Yes randhir dead, actually yes alive but more dead than alive.
Rd- what do u mean say it clearly
Parth- Randhir she is brain dead lying there ,doc says she wont recover if she does’nt get you but even if she recovers their r chances that she will forget everything
Rd- How is this possible, tell me everything.
Parth-it is randhir,ill tell you everything,that day when u n sanyu broke up she was all broken she was about ot come to you to tell you the truth of the accident she wasdriving in hurry as got hit by a truck.
Rd-what accident truth??
parth-that it was me who pressed the button not her,you didnt even think about it once and assumed that she pressed it
Rd – where is sanyu now??
parth-in hospital come
So how was it plzz do comment n yes in this story i will make sanyu forget Rd but not the engineering and then rd will amke sanyu fal for him all over again atleast this way we will be able to enjoy everthing that happened in season 1 coz lots of similarities will be there

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  6. Thnxxx everyone n glad u all liked it ya ill make it bigger than this today i could not coz i had an exam.

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    of course it was fab ! plz do continue …. ?

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