Bhagya Lakshmi 22nd July 2015 Written Episode Update


Bhagya Lakshmi 22nd July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pavitra insults Vasundhara and asks her get out of her room. Bhoomi signals her to go. Vasundhara leaves sadly. Pavitra asks Bhoomi also to leave.

Bhoomi goes to Vasundhara’s room and Vasundhara asks why did she bring Pavitra here. Bhoomi says she cannot let her in jail and promises she will set things right and will not let family shatter.

Bhoomi hears Pavitra shouting and goes down. She sees her throwing plates on ugly Suman and telling she did not let her into kitchen. Ugly tries to shout, but gets afraid and hides behind Inder. Whole family gathers. Pavitra then throws plate again on ugly, but it falls on Bhoomi injuring her. Bhoomi calms down Pavitra and asks her to go in while she brings her food. Pavitra praises Bhoomi that everyone should be gentle like her. Everyone leaves except Ansh. Bhoomi brings her food and she says she cannot have veg food daily and needs tangdi kabab. Bhoomi agrees.

Ansh takes bhoomi to their room to nurse her wound. He says he does not know what she is up to, but he trusts her. she smiles. She then changes her clothes and he changes to night dress. They talk a bit and then go to sleep.

Surbhi sees a girl giving flying kiss to Varun and fumes. She in their room yells at Varun to go that girl. He laughs and says he is so smart that girls are his fans. He asks her not to tell his family what happened at bhopal. She says but Bhoomi. He says he knows she is worried about bhoomi, but she should not tell anything about Pavitra. She thinks if she does not, she will get stomachache.

In the morning, Bhoomi and family performs pooja and get disturbed by loud music. Bhoomi runs into pavitra’s room followed by ugly and others and see pavitra dancing sensuously on a bhojpuri song in front of producer. She sees them all and shouts how dare they are to enter her room without her permission. Inder switches off music and says she cannot do all this in their house. She shouts at him and says if he does not go out, she will file s*xual harassment case against him.

Precap: Kaveri calls Vasundhara and tells she has many more surprises for her. She then calls Pavitra and says she spoke to Vasundhara. Pavitra says soon she will make Vasundhara rub her nose on her feet.

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