bhabi plz give ur sister hand (Part 52)


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Swasan and Ragini still looking each other with shocked expression.
In nick of time trio rushes to laksh’s room.
He about to take medicine Ragini jerk his hand. As a result medicine fall from his hands.
The person stamped own leg and move away.
Sanskar : bhai , are you okay?
Laksh : ha , what happen to me.
Sanskar about to say something but stopped by swara.
Swara : nothing jiju,these medicines are expire that’s why he did that.
Laksh: but Ragini bought it one two days before only.
Ragini: vo I forget to check level.
Laksh: all are behaving strange. Okay you can go I need to sleep.
He felt strange but choose to ignore it.
Swasan went from there.

Swasan room
Sanskar lie down on couch whereas swara still standing near bed and thinking something deeply.
Sanskar notice it, he called her name one or two times but she didn’t respond him.
He went near her and places his hand on her shoulder.
By sudden act,she become afraid and jump from her place.
Sanskar: swara, relax its me.
By listening familiar, she looked toward him and passes angrily glare.
Swara: What are you doing here?
Sanskar: what was you thinking so deeply?
Swara: vo nothing, I just thinking if we didn’t reach at time then what may happen today?
Sanskar: you’re right ,now she is crossing her limits.

Both swasan coming down happy, suddenly their gaze fell on Alia.
She was happily watching something.
They see toward that direction. There laksh was about to take his medicine.
Both understand there is something wrong in those medicine. Ragini also noticed all these things.
Trio rushes in his room and throw medicine from his hand.

Swara : yeah now she must have doubt on us. She will be more careful in next plan.
Sanskar: as much I know her ,she must be throwing things due to frustration . for somedays she will not make any other plan. So don’t take tension.
Swara: you know her so well.
By saying it,she lie down on bed and covered herself.
Sanskar: now what happen. Instead of becoming happy she became angry. It’s really complicated to understand girl. And it is impossible to understand your wife.
He confusedly sees toward her to understand reason of her sudden act but not getting anything he went to couch and lie down.

Alia’s room
As sanskar said,she madly throwing things here and there.
Alia ; ohh that means you all know everything. This time won but next time I will surely success in my plans. now I will also play my moves smarter than you all.But now I need to some rest. I will think further later.
She changes her dress and dressed in sanskar’s shirt. She fall asleep hugging his pics.

Aditya’s room
Someone entered inside his room.
Aditya: what happen Kayu, do you need anything?
Kaira looked here and there.
Kaira: nothing vo I just come to see you.
Adi: anything special.

Kayu: no I thought someone is here.
Adi: but no one is here.
Kayu: but I listen someone’s voice.
She again started to looked here and there.
Adi held kaira’s hand, she felt like current passing through it.
Adi; Kayu it must be your hallucination.
Kaira: no I am sure I listen someone…
Adi : how can it possible, I am here itself.
Kayu: kk it may be my imagination.
She began to go but again turned toward him.
Kayu: are you sure that was my imagination? You’re not hiding anything from me na.
Adi : just trust me
Kayu: kk bye, good night
Kayu went from there but still thinking about adi.
Kaira ;( monologue) I am sure, I had listen some voice but why he is denying it. Is he really hiding something from me? But what,I need to find out. Once it all sought out I will propose you, I know your answer but still I wanna take a chance.

She went in her room and fall asleep thinking about adi.
Adi take deep breath and help that person to escaping from there. After that he also fall asleep.
Next mrng
Sunlight peeking in their room which cause Sanskar to open his eyes. Soon he fully open his eyes his gaze fall on swara. He started to admire his princess who is still sleeping hugging niaksh. He literally feel jealous of him.
Sanskar ( monologue) I wish instead of Niaksh you were hugging me. I really love you my princess ,I know you also love me. But you don’t want accept me in your life. I don’t know when that day will come when you will accept me whole heartily.

His trances broken by some mumbling sound.
Swara; ( still sleepy) why this sunlight always disturb my beauty sleep.
Sanskar smiles listening it, he close the curtain. Swara smiles in sleep. She again sleep peacefully.
He went near her and kneel down there.
Sanskar: princess no one will disturb you ever.
He kissed her forehead and went from there thinking something.
After doing something, he entered there with tray in his hands.
Sanskar : Niaksh, swara wake up.
Niaksh:no I wanna sleep more.
Swara: even I wanna sleep more.
He keep tray on side table.
Sanskar: no you both wake up or I will wake you in my way.
Swara: don’t worry Niaksh, he can’t do anything to us.
Sanskar: you better know me,what could I do ?
Swara remember something and wake immediately.
Niaksh: offo Masi,why you afraid by him. If you both can handle devil then he is only frnd.
Niaksh also awake by now.
Sanskar: good mrng guys.
Niaksh: good mrng

He kisses both of their cheeks and went in raglak room.
Swara; why you wake me so early.
Sanskar: shona ( she looked toward him) I mean Swara I make your fav coffee
Swara: but what need to do these things?
Sanskar: I just thought to make you feel happy.
Swara felt happy listening him,he did all things just for making her happy.
She take coffee mug from tray and started drinking it.
He trying to figure out her reaction,she started makes faces.
Sanskar: this is so bad, sry I thought to do something for you but I end up in spoiling your mood. You don’t need to drink it, I will tell any …
Swara ;( cuts him) oye Mr kidnapper how much you speak. Can’t you wait for some more time ,as usual always in hurry.
Sanskar became confuse + happy at same time.
Swara: I can’t able to believe you can make such amazing coffee. So from today you will only make coffee for me. Now I only awake after drinking your hand made coffee
Sanskar: if I say no then

Swara: then I also know make you agree in my way.
Both started to laugh remembering their old days.
Swara ; now I can’t laugh more. I am sure if I will been smile little bit I will die next moment.
He stopped laughing and hugged her tightly.
She don’t able to understand reason of his sudden reaction. She tried to parted from him but he tightly holding her in his embrace. She stop struggling feeling his tears on her bare back. She also hug him to assure everything is fine.
Swara ; hey what happen, I was just joking.
Sanskar: no I know you want to leave me. You want to punish me. You can give me any punishment but pls don’t separate me from your self. This time I don’t have any courage to live without you.
Swara: sanskar I didn’t know you became so weak. You’re really crying baby.
Sanskar: you can think anything but promise me you will never go away from me.
Swara: sanskar leave all these na.

He parted himself from her and cupped her face.
Sanskar: why are you not promising me? Are you really planning to leave me?
Swara: no sanskar, it’s not like that but we can’t trust our destiny.
Sanskar: but I trust my destiny . only due to it you returned back in my life. I will never let you go far away from me. You are bound to me not only in this life but for next 7 lives.
Swara: ( monologue) you can’t even imagine sanskar how much I am feeling happy by listening your words but I know we are not destined to be together. One day I have to leave you. I promised bhai I will always respect our marriage but I can’t able live my life along with you. I want to forget everything but I don’t know why I still don’t able to forgive your mistakes. I hope one day you do something like that I can’t able to resist myself to forgiving you. I just hope…
Her trances broken by sanskar voice.
Sanskar: where atw you lost?
Swara: nowhere ,okay forget all that see due to you my coffee became cold.
Sanskar playfully hit her shoulder.
Sanskar; kk you freshen up, I will prepare fresh coffee.
She nodded in yes and went for freshen up.

Kaira’s room
She roaming here there and cursing someone very badly.
“ why that blo*dy girl entered in our life. When she will go away from our life. God pls call her near you na or send her to some good mental asylum. So I can propose my love. Oh I understand you don’t want to see me happy na then for swara send her away. See na she is creating trouble in my best frnd life. She want to snatch her love. If also not for her then think about Niaksh na. See I had given you so much reason pls think something about this matter. Kindly try to solve everything before it become late.
As usual she went to Adi’s room to disturb his mrng sleep.
She entered inside his and smiles seeing him. He was cutely sleeping like child.
She went near him and kissed his forehead. Realizing what she had done ,she ran away from there.
Adi open his eyes and touched his forehead.
Adi; what was that, was really someone kissed me? No this must be my dream. Adi stop dreaming weird dreams or else you will become mad.

Alia’s room
As usual she was busy in writing sanskar’s name on wall. She madly kissing his photo.
Alia: ( to sanskar’s pic) again failure, I need to make some strong plan. But before killing laksh I need to separate both of you. Day by day that girl is going close to you na. But you don’t worry I am going to make you hate her like before. If you can’t hate her then she have to hate you.
Someone knocked on her door, she become frightened by sudden knocking. She didn’t able to understand what should she do next?

Precap; alia’s first plan to separate swasan.

To be continued….

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