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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 4th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with vibhuti coming down in the morning. Anita gives him hot samosa. Vibhu gets shocked and tells her that how come did she bring this. She tells she made it. Vibhu is shocked and tells her how did she make it. Anita tells him that she is very happy today and tells him that she wants to romance with him today. Vibhu tells her that why is she working for him. She tells that ok then u only work and tells him to ho and make coffee. He goes in the kitchen. Anita takes the phone and sends a message to sheila to come and meet him in once or else their relationship is over. A message is received saying that he is already jobless and ok she will come as she is in love with him. Anita says that today she will meet thata witch.
At anguris house, tiwari comes in the room

and asks anguri did she make the breakfast?. She says she doesnt know. He asks her what doesnt know. She again says doesnt know and continues to say that. He tells her why is she doing this. Then she tells him to go and bath and she swares him on her. He goes angriky into the bathroom. Then she calls laddo and he comes. She tells him to send a message to that woman that meet me in an hour or else their relation will be broken. And before coming knock the door 3 times. Saxena receives the message and thinks that tiwari will break the relation and he says i like it and goes at tiwaris house. He knocks the door 3 times. Anguri is standing behind the door with a stick. Saxena says from outside in a girls voice that darling please open the door and that he wants to romance you. Anguri gets angry and thinks this girl is a b*t*h and she will hit her. She opens the door saxena comes in and she hits saxena without looking at him. Saxena says i like it. Then anguri sees that it is saxena. She stops. Tiwari comes by then. Tiwari asks what happened. Anguri says she misunderstood saxena for the woman named ‘s*xy’ in his mobile. Tiwari says who?. Then he tells her that he has named saxena in a short form as saxe. He tells her that he saves all numebrs in a shor form. Then anguri understands. Tiwari gets to know that anguri used to message saxena. Tiwari is angry. Saxena says that now that misunderstanding has been cleared. He just wants that the exciting intimate messages that he used to receive from his mobile shall not stop. Saxena then tells i love u baby to tiwari. Tiwari slaps him. Saxena says i like it. He then goes away walking like a woman. Tiwari looks angrily at anguri. Anguri goes away. Tiwari then shouts.
At vibhutis house, vibhu is going for his job as a client has called. Anuta tells him to make an insurance of his legs too. He says why. She tells him that his truth will be revealed today. He says what and that he has to go as he has got a client after many days. She tells leave that client and wait here. The door bell rings. Anita says that his wrath has come. Sheila enters. She hugs vibhu and says she was missing him from a lot of time. Anita sees and gets angry. Vibhu tells why is she sticking to him. She tells that she is his girlfriend.
Then vibhu tells anita that sheila is lying and do not believe her. Anita tells that she is going to kill him. Vibhuti falls at her legs. Sheila says she is not lying and that because of anita she could not marry vibhuti. Anita is shocoked and angry. Vibhu says sheil is lying. Sheila says no and says that he also loves her and he is lying. Then vibhus friend prem enters. Prem comes laughing and asks what happened. Then prem goes to sheila and hugs her and tells her that now stop acting and says leave vibhu. Then they both laugh. Vibhu asks what is this. Prem and sheila tell them that they both were just acting and sheila is not vibhus girlfriend. Prem tells that when love messages were received by sheila from vibhus mobile then prem and sheila knew that though vibhu is jobless he cant send such messages to anyone. Then prem tells that he knew these messages were sent from anita and so they sent those messages and were acting. They laugh. Vibhuti cries n anita apologizea to him n consoles him. At night,vibhuti says thaf anita has hurt me a lot n thats why i wont talk to her. Anita comes to him n apologizes n says she eont fo this again. He pays no heed to her apologies. Angoori also on the other hand apologizes n tries to convince miffes tiwari. They both sing song n then finally after lot of time convince tiwari n vibhuti respectively. The episode ends with anita n vibhuti on bed with blanket above them being cosy n tiwari taking angoori upstairs for romancing.

Precap:- Saxena tells angoori about some superstitious thing n says he has book in which there is a mantra by which they can get deaf people’s soul back. Vibhuti says if it is so then he should get grandfather’s soul back n he’ll get 100 Rs/- as a reward. Vibhuti-anita n tiwari-angoori along with saxena sit for the mantra.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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