Santoshi Maa 4th December 2015 Written Episode Update

Santoshi Maa 4th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Daksha taking care of her child. She says she is very tired and her husband asks why does she work so much. Daksha says I m eldest bahu and have all responsibility on me. She asks her to massage her neck, she will be glad to get compensation for Vinayak’s death. Madhvi asks her husband what will she do to get compensation. He asks her to keep Santoshi well tomorrow, then he will manage.

Its morning, Daksha and Madhvi pamper Santoshi. She makes Santoshi dress well and feed her milk-roti. Santoshi asks her to call Bitto and Guddu. They ask her to look happy for some time. The relief fund officer come and they get glad. Janardhan Tau and Seeshnath greet him, and ask for compensation. They get glad hearing 3 lakhs. Daksha asks won’t they get 5 lakhs. The man says govt. has given 3 lakhs, take this. He stops seeing Dadi there. Janardhan says she is our Amma. The man says it means she is Vinayak’s mother, she is elder and she will get this compensation. They get angry. The man gives the money for Santoshi’s upbringing and asks her to call him if there is any problem. The man leaves.

Dadi says she will keep money safe. Dadi says I m sure you will take this money, I have to take care of Santoshi. Chacha gets angry. They all treat Santoshi badly. Madhvi asks Santoshi to get wood from jungle, they have to boil water. Dadi says Santoshi won’t go anywhere. Daksha tells Santoshi that she will throw Dadi’s medicines, then Santoshi will be responsible. Madhvi asks her not to throw medicine, they have to give money. Daksha drops the medicine. Santoshi cries and says don’t throw medicine, I will go and get woods. Santoshi runs to jungle. Dadi cries and asks them not to torture this girl.

Santoshi collects the wood in the jungle. She keeps the wood on the rope to tie it. Paulmi sends a rat to make the rope away. The rat takes the rope, while a snake come there in jungle. Santoshi Mata looks on. Santoshi thinks where did her rope go and looks on. Paulmi smiles. Mata asks Naagraaj not to scare the girl, but help the girl. The snake becomes the rope to carry the wood sticks. Santoshi sees the rope again, and says I sometimes don’t see it. She ties the rope and takes the wood. Its heavy for her and she thinks how to lift it, Chachi will throw Dadi’s medicines if I don’t go soon.

Mata goes to her in human form. Paulmi gets angry. Mata offers to drop Santoshi home and says she stays away, but when anyone calls her, I come. She says she has one cow and talks to her. Santoshi talks to her. Madhvi says Santoshi did not come till now. Her husband asks about money. Daksha says we did not get money, we will find it. Mata brings the wood to home and helps Santoshi. Santoshi thanks her and says she will pray to Santoshi Maa for her. Mata smiles. She disappears. Santoshi thinks where did that Kaki go. Paulmi says Devi Santoshi helped Santoshi, but when the wood is wet, it will cause fire in family, then Santoshi will bear the anger. Santoshi says she got much wood, now will they give medicine to Dadi.

Paulmi puts water on the wood. Santoshi brings Daksha and Madhvi to show wood. They get angry seeing the wood wet. Daksha says its no use for us and beats Santoshi. Mata gets the wound marks on her hand. Narad asks Mata about the pain Santoshi is getting. Mata says true devotion will make her pain less. Chacha asks Santoshi not to cry and consoles her. He says he will take her out. He takes her with him and they leave. Dadi gets glad. Chacha brings her away and says he will get a toy for her from the same, road is not good, so he can’t take her. He makes her sit at the side of the road and says I will just come. He leaves her there and smiles.

Devi Parvati tells Brahmadev that Devi Paulmi is saying Santoshi Mata has spoiled her work. Brahmadev says Paulmi is right, Devi Santoshi can’t go to help her devotee when the devotee does not call her. Paulmi smiles. Santoshi cries seeing a bull after her and calls out Dadi. Mata looks on. Santoshi runs to save herself.

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