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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 28th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, anita gives anguri coffee n asks why is she so upsetanguri says ladu ke bhaiya, vibhuti comes n asks what did he do, did he left u, anita says vibhu keep quite, anguri says ladu ke bhaiya with air hostess, he was chatting with her, vibhuti says it means he has fallen for her, anita says vibhu don’t panic her, vibhuti says thats true darling n i cant see any lady going through betrayal, anita gives him cold look, vibhuti says sorry, anguri says there must be misunderstanding he cant do this to me, anita says u come with me relax, calm down come, both leave, vibhuti says now i have a plan to spoil tiwaris image.
Early morning, pammy says hi handsome to vibhuti, vibhuti says u have nothing to get from me, try tiwari he is very interesting man, pammy says

why are u praising him so much, vibhuti says bcoz u are just his type, pammy says but he is married, vibhuti says actually he is modern man n his wife is a village girl u see n when he will get a modern girl like u, he will get what he deserves bye.
Pammy says i will have fun playing with these two, anguri buying vegetables, anita joins them, pammy comes out n men start wandering around her,happu singh wishes her good morning, pammy says a very good morning, tiwari sees pammy with happu singh n says this happu singh also couldn’t escape her charm, anguri says see look at hapu singh how could he do this, anita says thank god our husbands aren’t like him, vibhuti sees this n says tiwari now i will spoil ur image in front of bhabhiji,, anita says my vibhu is very loyal, tiwari sees this n says soon i will change this image bhabhiji.
Anita gets a call from pammy n she says i want to talk to vibhu, anita says only i can call him vibhu he is my husband, pammy says oh did u buy all his rights, anita says yes i did, vibhuti comes n asks whom are u fighting to, anita says some girl arguing with me over calling u vibhu, vibhuti says let me see, vibhuti says hello who is this, pammy says its me pammy, vibhu says oh hi didi, anita says who didi, vibhu says its new neighbour pammy didi, pammy says looks like u have no courage anyways plz come home i need to talk to u abt tiwari, i like him a lot n i want him to marry me, vibhuti says wow didi very good decision, i am proud of u, i am coming, anita asks vibhu what were u talking, vibhu says she has fallen in love with a guy n wants my opinion abt it, anita says do u know that guy, vibhu says anita are u not trusting me, anita says bcoz she called u vibhu, vibhu says she is my sister she can, anita says no she cant, vibhu says ok i will tell her not to call me vibhu, anita says good for u n leaves.
Happu singh on call asking for bribe, he standing beside pammys home, malkha tika going to pammys house, happu singh stops them n asks where are u going, malkha says checking does pammy madam wants anything, vibhuti joins n says happu singh since she is here u are around her house, happu singh says she is a lonely girl i am just providing security, vibhuti says u aren’t u jsut want to flirt with her, pammy comes out n says watchman why this noise, happu singh says i am police n not watchman, pammy says so sorry n hi vibhu come i need to talk, vibhu says yes speak, pammy says its private come in n pulls him in, tiwari sees this n says wow now see what i do, tika asks happu singh why did she take him in, happu singh do i look like her assistant.crow shits on tika malkha n happu singh.
Anita on call says vibhu is so scared of me, he cant even dare to even think of cheating me, tiwari comes n says u are wrong bhabhiji, anita says what do u mean, tiwari says what do i tell, anita says what, tiwari says just tell me do u love vibhutiji, anita says i love him a lot, tiwari says but he doesn’t love u at all, its a bitter truth i know, anita says who dared to, tiwari says pammy leone.
Paamy siting very close to vibhuti,vbhuti says plz don’t call me vibhu, vibhu says only anita can call me vibhu, pammy says cant ur sister call u vibhu, n says i am in love with tiwari n to celebrate this feeling i want to dance with u, vibhu says dance with tiwari, pammy says he is gonna be my future husband n i can dance with him anythime n u n me will dance on brother sister songs, vibhu n pammy start dancing, pammy looks at hidden camera n says to herself, the camera will record only dance without music n then who will know what dance we were doing.

Precap:tiwari says bhabhiji trust vibhuti a lot n i will next time i will come with proofs.
pammy shows vibhu n tiwari, her n vibhus dance video, tiwari says i will show this video to bhabhiji, pammy says why in rush i have one more video.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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