Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 26th August 2016 Written Episode Update


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 26th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Tiwari reaches home drunk n starts crying, anguri asks why are u crying, Tiwari says all my hopes are in vein,this shdnt be happening, anguri says what are u saying, why are u crying, Tiwari says bhabhiji was having romantic time with darling kabadi,anguri says are u mad she will never do it, Tiwari says I have seen it myself, how can she ignore good men n go to that kabadi,anguri says I think this is bcoz of Vibhuti being jobless, what will happen now,Tiwari says u n me will manage things now, anguri says but Anita shdnt have ditched Vibhuti.

Next morning, Vibhuti at tea stall says there’s nothing like love, life sucks, Tiwari walks to him n stares at him, Vibhuti says what u want, Tiwari says do u have idea what’s going in ur house, useless man in ur house,ur brother

is having fun with ur wife n the reason is u,Vibhuti says I know everything, Tiwari says why don’t u tell bhabhiji that she is wrong, Vibhuti says its Anita’s decision n leaves, Tiwari says I will not spare that darling kabadi, tika n Malkha join Tiwari n ask why are u so tensed,Tiwari checks their body n asks u have to hit someone will u,tika asks who,Tiwari says darling kabadi,here is 1500.

Anita says Vibhuti thinks he is very smart but I will show who is smart, darling comes to Anita, Anita says darling come sit on sofa, n says I’m gonna tell u an imp decision n it is tonight u n me will runaway to Agra, darling says what are u saying, Anita says forget Vibhuti we will have fun in Agra,darling says but he is my brother, this is wrong, Anita says my life my rules, I don’t like Vibhuti he is useless, I like u n want to stay with u,darling says what I have to do, Anita says meet me at tea stall at 11 pm, Vibhuti thinks god why is she doing this, Anita says we will marry in Agra , darling picks his bag n leaves.

Darling is caught by tika n Malkha n start hitting him under blanket, Tiwari joins them, they run away,darling removes blanket n says oh no who was it. Vibhuti comes to tea stall n says god they hit me so much my whole body is aching, Tiwari comes to Vibhuti, n says u coward, u know with help of tika n Malkha I hit ur brother now he will learn a lesson, but why u look like being hit, Vibhuti says we are twins u hit him I get pain, Tiwari says n if I hit u will he have pain, Vibhuti says yes, Tiwari hits him, Vibhuti walks away.

Gulfamkali in pelus auto,she sees Tiwari n stops him n says hello honey, Tiwari says u here,what u want, gufamkali says last night I’m missing it, Tiwari says look I was upset plz let it go now,I’m a married man, Gulfamkali says u know I have recorded us last night look, Tiwari says why did u do it, Gulfamkali says I didn’t safena did,Tiwari says I know u always do this to men n blackmail them, Gulfamkali says if u know now give me 5000, Tiwari says here I have 3000 now plz delete this video n leaves.

Anita calls Meenal n says I’m near tea stall, it’s gonna be fun, vibhu would here anytime in kabadi getup bye now. Darling come to Anita, Anita says hi darling now take me away I can’t take this jobless man, we will have fun in basement, darling says Anita I’m Vibhuti plz stop, Anita says u are my darling. Vibhuti says Anu I did this to earn money but u broke my heart, Anita says shut up Vibhuti I had seen u hiding ur lungi near window n so even I played a game,what was need to be kabadi,Vibhuti tells abt his business with Prem n says I did this for u baby, Anita says oh my baby, u did this for me I love u, Tiwari n anguri comes from behind n kicks darlings ass, anguri says u shdnt have ditched Vibhuti, Vibhuti says I’m Vibhuti n not darling,Tiwari ask why this drama, Vibhuti says I was testing bhabhi n Anita loyalty, happu Singh comes there n says u have stolen a police men’s duty n so u are under arrest.

Pre cap : Anita says Vibhu look at big company has peon job. Panditji tell anguri that Tiwari has no good signs In his cards.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Alister La Frenais

    I am a new viewer to & TV and I find the programs shown of good quality writing and superb. I enjoy this comedy. I wish this would be shown 7 days a week as I miss the pleasure of watching the antics of Tiwari and Vibhuti. The two actresses are really beautiful and compliment the program.

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