Baazigar 26th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Baazigar 26th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sahil telling Aarav that Aru was cheating. Aarav says you know the one who cheats get punished, come we will give her punishment. Aru gets shocked. Aarav goes to Aru and takes a stick. He says when I did small mistake, Kailash used to beat me with this stick so much that my skin used to bleed, you are my better half, you will get same punishment now. He drags her out and asks her not to move. He goes to room and shuts the door. She worries that Sahil is inside, will Aarav beat Sahil.

Siddhant tries to get himself freed. Aarav asks Sahil to do what he says, I will give you chocolates. He tells something to Sahil. Sahil smiles. Aru asks Aarav to open the door. Sahil screams and says I m getting hurt. Aarav beats on bed and Sahil jumps and screams. Aru says leave Sahil. Aarav and Sahil act and Aru thinks Sahil is getting punished. Aru tells Padma that Aarav is beating Sahil inside. Padma asks is Aarav beating a kid, and asks him to open the door. Siddhant gets free of the handcuff.

Sahil and Aarav laugh, while Aru and Padma get worried. Sahil plays with Aarav and screams saying Aarav don’t beat me. Aarav signs Sahil to scream more. Aru takes a vase and goes to break the door. Aarav gets a call and says fine, I will just come. He opens the door and Aru thows the vase. Sahil screams. Sahil comes and hugs Aarav. Aarav asks why are you angry, we were playing. Sahil says she always comes to spoil our game, I hate her. Aarav says I hate her too. They go. Padma says Aru, Aarav was just playing with Sahil and you blamed him.

Somit sees Siddhant gone. inspector says we can’t underestimate Siddhant, go and find him. Aarav asks lawyer are you saying this to me now. lawyer says I made fake will, but I want real will in which he named everything to Arundhati, its original will, if you give that to me soon, I can take work ahead. Aarav gets thinking.

Aru cooks food and thinks of Aarav and her love. She cries and says I know I m stuck with a devil, but I will go out, Aarav can try a lot, but truth and goodness always wins, I have to save Sahil from you. She gets Siddhant’s call. She asks him where is he and how. Siddhant says I m fine, how are you and Sahil. She says I m fine, and thinks not to give him tension about Sahil. She says Sahil is fine. He says thank God, till you both are there with Aarav, you are not safe, we have to get Aarav punished, we have less time. He gets handcuffs broken by a man.

He says I can’t see you and Sahil in problem, I will free both of you, this is my promise to you, I have to find more proof, take care. She says don’t worry of Sahil, I promise nothing will happen to her. She hears Aarav and ends call. She goes to see. Aarav asks Parul and Padma did Kailash say anything about his will to you. They both say no. He says who will know of it, to whom did Kailash leave that will, maybe one person will know of it. He sees Aru. Aru goes. He goes to Aru and she tells him she won’t say anything of that will, if he troubles her and Sahil, then he won’t get that will, I have more proof against you, just few moments and your game will end, your time starts now.

He holds her hand and kisses. He leaves. Siddhant asks some people and is finding something. Aarav spends time with Sahil. Aru says why is Aarav not reacting, his silence is very dangerous, I hope Siddhant gets clue against Aarav.

Siddhant goes to that man and asks about person who has this snake poison. The man says it has risk, I can’t advice you to go there, it has danger to your life. Siddhant says I don’t care for my life, its about a girl and boy’s lives.

Aru sees pesticide bottle and asks Padma for whom is she taking milk. Padma says Aarav asked for milk for Sahil. She gives milk to Aarav and goes. Aarav asks Sahil to drink milk. Sahil refuses. Aarav asks him to drink it, he will get energy. Aru says Sahil won’t drink this milk. Sahil takes the milk.

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  1. Haripriyacivil

    Its peaks for craziness

  2. mayurimalhotra

    End this track…we know vatshal and ishita are very good actors but due to such a bad storyline no one is watching this show…plz writers aarav ‘s evilness is unbearable now..change the track..plz show their lovestory somehow..

  3. The promos of the show were really nice but dont know what happened to writers after that.this is peak time to stop all this drama and show some positivity else no one can save this show

  4. Perminder Virk

    Its a evil show and tlhe needs to be punished.
    What will s change in story line do.
    Did I hear lovestory oh please don’t go there.
    Its punishment time now.
    Using a child now is crazy and bad.

  5. mujhe pata thaa! guys they r ending the serial on 23rd september tenetatively due to poor ratings

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