Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 25th September 2015 Written Episode Update


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 25th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, anguri says vibhutiji enough u are a well educated person don’t do this, I am sorry, vibhuti says don’t bhabhiji, anita says vibhu even I am sorry, vibhuti says even u don’t have to do this anita, tiwariji needs to say sorry that to on his knees, tiwari gets on his knees n says I am sorry plz stop torchuring bhabhji, vibhuti says ok that’s enough, tika n malka fall on vibhutis loads n all rwlise he has been carrying empty tanks, anguri n anita get upset n leave.
Tiwari goes to anita to gist a perfume, and says whne bhabhiji will use this she will be more pleasing but how will I give it to her, she shdnt take it wrong, let me do one thing, I will keep it here at door n run away, tiwari abt to ring bell n run, vibhuti opens door n says oh u leave,

tiwari says I am here, vibhuti says we have no change leave, tiwari says I am not here to beg, vibhuti looks at the perfume bottle n picks it up n says who must have left it here, is it urs, tiwari says no not me,anita comes out n vibhuti says anu darling remember u wanted a perfume look I got u one, anita says oh wow, vibhu I was looking for this one, tiwari says bhabhiji he cannot afford it, vibhuti says no one asked u leave, tiwari gets angry n leaves, anita says vibhu it’s the perfume u love too shall I use it, vibhuti says yes sure, anita sprays some perfume, vibhuti says anu u smelling so nice, anita says vibhu plz someone may watch us, anita sees tiwari hiding near compound n gets shocked, tiwari says I was picking my coins, anita says vibhu lets go in n leaves, vibhuti says coming baby, tiwari bangs his head.
Malkha talking on phone with girls, and says tika just got jalebis for u n u put him in jail that’s bad, an air hostess says excuse me n asks him for address, malkha goes shut looking at her beauty, malkha says I will drop u come, happu singh says wait n says don’t u have work , fooling around with girls n slaps him,happu singh introduces himself n says I am police here, the lady says I am pammy leone, happu singh says are u her sister u know her, pammy says shutup plz tell me where is bunglow number 44, happu singh says come I shall drop u, pammy gets irritated n leaves.
Anita sees pammy walking n malkha, tila n pelu following her, n says these men , anita sees vibhu starring at her, vibhuti starts running towards her,anita gets shocked n says even vibhu, but vibhuti rushes back to anguri n helps her pick heavy vegetable bags, anita smiles looking at vibhuti being so helpful n says oh my sweet vibhu.
Anguri on terrace, tiwari goes to her, anguri says where were u, tiwari asks why asking so suspiciously, anguri says bcoz now I met anitaji, tiwari asks so, anguri says she said vibhutiji is very loyal n doesn’t look at any girls, tiwari says no he is very unloyal, anguri says that new girl pammy, all men are behind her but vibhutiji didn’t even look at her, tiwari says so u are doubting on me, anguri says yes, tiwari says anguri I am always behind one lady n thats u my beautiful wife, anguri smiles n runs away.
Tiwari says I have to find out this vibhutis loyalty n show bhabhiji his true face. Pammy gives visit to tiwari, tiwari shocked to see that pammy didn’t get affect by the door bell current, pammy says this is bcoz I am current by myself, tiwari says so nice to see u plz come in, tiwari says good to know u are our new neighbor, and do u know we have a very handsome neighbor vibhuti didn’t u meet him, pammy says I thought I shd talk to u first, tiwari says no go to him he is such a charming handsome diamond person, pammy says I am here to see u so plz talk abt urself, tiwari says I am a small person, vibhutiji is very charming n rich u see, pammy says but I found u very charming, anguri sees them n comes out, tiwari says this is my, pammy says ur sister.tiwari says no she is my wife, pammy says oh I am pammy, u can call me pamo, anguri says oh I am anguri n u cannot call me angu,tiwari says anguri don’t speak in this tone, anguri gets angry n leaves,pammy asks why is she angry, tiwari says forget her u keep interest in vibhutiji, pammy says sure I will n leaves.

Precap: vibhuti decides to prove tiwari unloyal n show it to anguri.
Pammy calls vibhuti n says plz come home I need to talk to u I am so impressed with tiwari n would love to marry him.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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