Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 21st April 2017 Written Episode Update

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 21st April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with vibhu coming home. anita is standing angrily. Vibhu says what happened to you? anita says I heard you talking to anguri and you were saying her hand made food is the best in the world and it is so delicious. Vibhu says so? Shouldn’t I even appreciate someone? Anita says its not that, but you don’t think about someone else if they get hurt and don’t I make good food? Vibhu says good food? When have you ever made food that I can say its good food? Anita says don’t like vibhu. Vibhu says please, you have never made food and if you make good food even I will appreciate you. anita says fine then, I will make lunch today and invite Tiwari and anguri too.
In kitchen, anita is making food. Tiwari comes jogging and stops. He says Bhabhi ji I was finding you everywhere

and you were not there for jogging? Anita says Tiwari ji today I am going to make special lunch. Tiwari says wow that’s nice that you are making lunch and I would come to eat. Anita says obviously and you and anguri have to come today for lunch. Tiwari says yes bahbhi ji I am already excited and I would love to eat more at home. anita says I will pack a tiffin for you. happu comes and says wow anita you are making lunch? Anita says yes happu singh ji. Happu says wow it smells nice. Anita syas you come too for lunch happu singh. Happu says yes anita and I will come today. Tiwari and happu go excited.
At home in afternoon, everyone is ready at the table. Tiwari and happu say we are excited for food. Anita comes with the food and keeps on table. Vibhu says Tiwari pick the plate from the utensil. Tiwari says no you do it, vibhu says no you first. Anita says what is this come on someone. Happu says okay I will pick it, happu removes the plate. Tiwari sees food and says let me eat first I am neighbor, happu says okay come on eat. Tiwari takes food and eats. As he eats everyone see him and anita asks how is it? Tiwari’s expressions turn and thinks the food is so spicy and how do I tell anita? it is so spicy my tongue is burnt now. Tiwari says it is so nice wow I never tasted food like this before. Anita says thanks a lot. Happu says I will eat now and is excited, happu eats and his face turns red and has tears in eyes. Anita says what happened? You have tars? Happu says yes because the food is so nice that even my wife never made such food ever. Anguri takes and eats, she thinks its so spicy and then fakes smile and says wow its so nice really. Vibhu says I will eat now and looking at you all I think I should eat. Vibhu eats and he understand everyone’s pain, he suddenly starts crying from the spicy food. Anita says why are you crying? Vibhu says because I never made such good food and its so delicious. Anita goes in and says I will bring more everyone start eating now. Vibhu looks at Tiwari and says come on eat it so nice. Anita says today I will make dinner too and you all will come. Everyone is shocked.
In evening, vibhu is in lawn and says what the hell was that food? I will die if I eat it once again now. My stomach will burst and I have gas. Anita from inside says vibhu how is the smell? And wait only for 5 mins more. Vibhu says to himself damn that food and the smell too I never want to eat it. vibhu tells to anita then that its nice. Anguri and Tiwari come and Tiwari tells anguri to tell anita Tiwari couldn’t come to eat food. Anguri says you say yourself. Vibhu meets and says anguri tell anita vibhu has gas so he wont come to eat food. Anguri says you both I know and you don’t want toe at food because it was spicy. Vibhu says obviously it was and you know that, she doenst make good food how can we eat the same food again? I will die if I eat. Anguri says yes but we all love her and to keep her heart we have to eat otherwise her hard work will be a waste and she will feel sad. Vibhu says you are right and we have to eat food lets go in. anita is at the door and she comes out. Everyone is shocked. Vibhu says you heard everything? anita says yes I did. Vibhu says baby I am sorry really sorry. Anita says its okay and nothing to say sorry. You all ate my hand made food and you were going to eat again now, you wantd to keep my heart. Thank you for that but I have realized now that I am good at grooming only and vibhu is good at kitchen. Anita says you wont go hungry home, vibhu go take your kitchen, its all yours. Everyone laugh. Happu comes and says anita I cant come to eat food today as commissioner has put me on duty at jhaparkati so I am sorry. Everyone first look angrily and then laugh.

Precap: a rishi comes and Tiwari introduces him to anita vibhu. He says he was the rishi who married me and anguri and tied our knots. Rishi says yes I did but I came to tell that when I said those mantras, I by mistake said the funeral mantras and not marriage. Vibhu says which means they are not married yet? Rishi says no they are not.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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