Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 1st Febjruary 2018 Written Episode Update bike break fails

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 1st February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pelu heard tikka malkhans plan, tikka says don’t worry he anyways can’t speak,Vibhu says bhabhiji here’s the Temple make your wish, anguri says dear god I’m here for very far and also I have lied to my husband, Vibhu thinks god for some time please keep her away from her husbands thoughts,anguri says god you know everything I love my husband a lot, Vibhu says oh no, anguri asks what’s wrong, Vibhu says ant bite, anguri says shall we visit a doctor, Vibhu says I’m fine you can make a wish, anguri says my husband is in danger and keep your blessings on him.

Anguri thanks Vibhuti and says I’m so lucky to have you as my neighbour, now let’s go home, Vibhu says let’s see have a talk, anguri says Tiwari must be worried, Vibhu says oh this man, don’t worry we will reach

in time, anguri says I have to cook too, Vibhu says when will we come back again and look at the view it’s beautiful, anguri says we will with Tiwari and Anita, Vibhu says let’s take a picture, anguri says okay,Vibhu says now blow me a flying kiss, anguri says okay and does so, Vibhu blushes, anguri ask what’s wrong, Vibhu says nothing and clicks pic and says now wink at me, and clicks her pictures,Vibhu says now say I love you, anguri says, Vibhu says I love you too, anguri says sorry, Vibhu says nothing and makes her repeat it and then asks her to act as if she is hugging the camera,anguri says cmon click the pic,why are you blushing, Vibhu says once again please,anguri acts and Vibhu clicks picture, anguri says show me te pictures.

Tikka gets the man home,and calls Tiwari,no one answers,look kuber Singh is here, he says its Kunal, tikka says doesn’t matter you are rich person so I shall call you that, Kunal says why are you shouting ring the bell,Malkhan disguised opens the door,on hearing door bell, Kunal gets a shock from bell.

Tikka says bhaiya you took so long, malkhan says I was changing clothe,tikka says this is Tiwari don’t take him for anyone else, konal says why will I,malkhan says don’t even dare to i am Tiwari, Kunal says for formality sake show me ID sake, malkhan says here you go, tikka says bhaiya you look so smart in it,tikka says let’s go in before we get caught, Kunal asks what do you mean,malkhan says he meant we may catch cold.

Tiwari shows anu the place,anu says beautiful the farmhouse will look perfect and I’m thinking what will Vibhu do here, Tiwari as usual nothing, anu says I Meant it’s jungle he can do so many things, Tiwari says yes he can breed sheeps, anu says you never can think romantic I meant he will get widen logs, Tiwari says then you will make him cook,anu says bonfire and then bird watching, Tiwari says nice like crows eagles, anu says no use anyways where’s your friend, Tiwari says let me make a call and thinks there isn’t any such friend and I have to pull this act and stay here with her more time, anu asks where are you lost, Tiwari says Range problem I can’t get him, anu says let’s go then, Tiwari says oh no let’s go check the falls near by, anu says okay.

Tiwari and anu leaves and the man fails the bikes break and calls his boss to inform that Work is done. Vibhu says bhabhiji the thing is the bike is old and so the headlights aren’t working, anguri says how are you riding then, Vibhu says you are working as the light for me,don’t worry.

Vibhu says tebghibgs is the breaks are failed too and don’t worry you are in safe hands, anguri asks how did this happen, Vibhu says it’s tikkas old bike and so all is ruining but I’m here, anguri says what will we do now, how will Tiwari survive if something happens to me, scared Vibhu says what will I do without you, anguri says even you will finish with me.

Anu says Tiwari fast we are late, Tiwari says it’s Scooty and not bike, Tiwari says oh no I forgot hanky in hills, anu says it’s just a hanky, Tiwari says ama gave me, anu says okay let’s go,Tiwari says oh no, anu asks why are you shouting, Tiwari says break failed, anu shouts and says try, Tiwari says don’t worry if we don’t live together we shall die together, anu says shut up I don’t want to die now.

Happu with Pelu,happu says I’m on duty and in tension and I want 5 lakhs and no one is there to help me, there is no humanity I tell you,and thinks shall I ask Pelu for help let’s give it a try,and says Pelu can you please help me with some money, Pelu gives him sarcastic look and gives a note, which reads, I can help you I have a big secrete , and gives a note telling about malkhan and tikka secrete.

Happu says thank you and kisses his cheek and leaves.saxena walks to Pelu and says I need help can you hit me past 2 days no one has hit me, hit me hard ruthlessly, Pelu gives him the note telling about secret, Saxena says thank you and leaves.

Tikka says Kunal it’s 3 hours since he is signing when will this end, Kunal says not my fault this Tiwari is taking his own time to sign every paper,happu enters,and says these two are frauds, malkhan says happu uncle how come you here, happu says I shall slap you I’m not your uncle, tikka says uncle cmon let’s fix it, Kunal asks what all is this, malkhan says he is upset and we give him bribes to fix his mood, Kunal says okay.

Tikka says how much you need, happu says 8.


Update Credit to: Tanaya

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