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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 13th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with that guy entering the balcony and he then enters the bedroom and tells that this tiwari has no right to sleep beside my sister. He pulls tiwari from the bed.
In the morning tiwari is sleeping on the road and people are staring at him. Tika and malkhan are coming and they say to each other who is this and this must be a dead body of someone. Tika tells nowadays people are being killed in kanpur and left on the road. Malkhan says they should raise their voices against this. The people behind go away. Tika says so brothers we must raise our voices. Tika looks behind abd then they get up and go away singing.
Anita comes out from her house and then she sees this person sleeping with blanket. She says who is this guy sleeping here in the middle of the road

and he must be a drunkard and who is this? Then anita kicks that man and says get up who are you? Tiwari removes blanket from head and says wow anita today you are at my room? Anita says what? Tiwari says yes how come did she come in his bedroom? Anita tells this is not his bedroom and tiwari says is it a joke and he wears his spectacles and then shouts and says how did he come here? Anita says he must be drunk and so he came here and she is ashamed of him and anita goes. Tiwari says what the hell and he has not drunk and why did she say this? Tiwari rings the bell of his door. Anguri comes running and says she has a surprise and tiwari says isnt she cared about him? Anguri says no. Then tiwari looks at her angrily. Anguri then calls putan and says he is the surprise. Tiwari smirks. Putan comes and hugs his siter and then hugs tiwari. He pulls his gold chain and wears it. Tiwari says what are you doing and mom has given me. Putan says now it is mine. Anguri says wow it suits you keep it. Tiwari is angry.
At anitas home, tiwari comes. Anita is reading news. Tiwari says good morning. Anita says whats good and tells him she just read in the newspaper that a brother in law killed his sisters husband. Tiwari screams and says what? Anita says yes but what happened? Tiwari says he just remembered about his brother in law. Vibhu comes and says tiwari is a bad man. Tiwari says shut up. Vibhu says yes and he has trapped a beautiful woman. Tiwari says shut up and even you have done the same. Then tiwari tells that today putan had only kept me out in the morning. Anita says what and starts laughing uncontrollably and vibhu asks what happened? Anita tells everything and they both laugh. Then anita tells tiwari that this is the relation between brother in laws and my brother had also blackened the face of vibhuti. Tiwari starts laughing. Vibhu says that enough anita. They still laugh.
At home in the frontyard putan is playing cards with tika and malkha. Tika and mallhan says their money is over. Putan says take loan from him and he will give 300rs in return of 100rs. They say ok. Anguri comes with samosas and says what are you playing and this is bad. Putan tells dont worry it is just an indoor game. Anguri then says ok. Then vibhu comes and introduces himself to putan. Anguri says this is my neighbour. Putan says oh that who lives being dependent on his wife. Anguri says yeah right. Tika malkhan anguri and putan laugh at vibhu. Vibhu says shut up and who told u this? Putan says it must not have been told to him but its written on his face. Everyone laugh again. Vibhu is embarrased. Anguri says he is a child its ok. Vibhu says he is not at all child. Putan says then adopt me. Again everyone laugh. Anguri says its ok vibhu it is a joke. Vibhu says this is not a joke and its disrespectfullness. Vibhu goes. Everyone again laugh.
At home anguri comes at anitas house. Vibhu stops her and says wow she has come so whats up? Anguri calls anita. Then she tells them her brother putan has come and so she wants to invite them for a dinner tonight to celebrate it. Anita says ofcourse they will come. Anguri goes. Vibhu tells anita what an indisciplined and useless boy that putan is and he does not respect others. Vibhu then tells anita that putan is a local goon and is not good and sometimes he feels how was he born to anguris father. Anita says that enough and we weel meet them.
At anguris house. Anita and vibhu come. Tiwari opens the door. They come in. Anguri comes out to welcome them. Anguru says this is my brother and she tells putan that this is anita my friend and neighbour. Putan takes her blessing. Anita asks why is the need? Putan tells you are sisters friend so you become my sister too. Anita says oh wow you are so good and a good mannered boy. Then tiwari and vibhu look at each other and say he is not at all a good person. Putan asks anita she is so fair and even fair then anguri and how is that so? Anita tells she has been fair since she was born. Putan tells then why did you marry such a useless man vibhuti. Vibhu looks at tiwari then he feels angry.

Precap: anguri show new bagles to anita sayibg putan gave her. Anita is shocked and acts as they are good then goes home.
She tells tiwari that they are hers and putan has robbed it from her and given to anguri. Tiwari tells he will not take it from anguri at any cost. He goes

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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