Lajwanti 13th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Lajwanti 13th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Peshavar tenthouse
As lajo alights a diya in front of lord ram, jamaal comes in just then, and brushes off the matchstik trying to alight it. she lights up yet again, and he says that he would douse it every time she alights one. she says that she wont be able to be deterred by his atrocities, as the diya reinforces her belief that the lord ram of lahore, her sunder shall come to free her. he says that her daredevilry, he has taken to his heart. Lajo taunts him if he even has one, as he is a coward, and then insults him calling him names. he angrily holds her and tries to force himself, when his wife comes in yet again, and he is frustrated to see her. lajo is tensed too. he asks if she is spying on him, and why the restlessness. she says that she couldnt wait, as the news is like that. She then asks lajo to get lost, as its between a married couple. lajo walks past him, and then comes to the wife, and thanks her for having saved her. She walks out. His wife then tells him that she is completely fertile now, for maternity. he is happy and says that maybe aisha is lucky for them, as she brought this good news too. She asks if he would come in her tent tonight then. he says that he shall awaits tonight. she shys away and leaves. he eyes her tensedly.

Scene 2:
Location: Peshavar Jail
Sunder eyes the bangle overwhelmingly, when yakub comes in and eyes him viciously. he tells him happily, that his time for freedom has come. sunder asks about kausar. Yakub says that she isnt needed for his freedom. Sunder says that she was to get lajo’s news through the pigeon, and he shall wait till then, for his freedom. yakub says that he cant wait, and slams his head against the walls, and knocks him unconscious. As sunder is almost unconscious, he is stealthily and secretively, hanged to death, in his unconscious state, by yakub, saying that now there shall be no chances of him being free, as this time around, the lord wont be able to save him too. sunder is hung, while they all leave, as he struggles and then his legs stand still.

Scene 3:
Location: Peshavar tenthouse
kausar follows the pigeon’s trail, excited that it would lead him to lajo. meanwhile, the pigeon that hovers over jamaal’s kabeela, is shot by jamaal, who says that now no one, neither her pigeon, nor her baraati shall save lajo at all. Kausar is apalled as the pigeon comes dead, on the ground. meanwhile, he then enters, and again finds lajo trying to alight the diya. lajo says that she shall never let it douse, as till its alight, their love shall survive too. he says that their love shall survive only when sunder is alive. lajo is shocked at his betrayal, that he made her speak her name as aisha. He tells how he killed the pigeon and got sunder killed too. She is shocked as she finds the diya dwindling away and finally dousing. lajo prays to the lord that this cant be, as he cant do this. she says that she cant live now, and begs him to kill her, and keeps finding some weapon or the other. He ties her saying that he shall not kill her, nor shall she let her do it herself too, as he owns every blood drop. she says that her life belonged to sunder, and shall always. He says that even the lord is gracious on him, his wife shall give him an heir, while sunder is out of his way. he says that she is his aisha. She says that she is baraati’s lajo, till her dying breath. he refrains, and then leaves in disgust, while she is apalled. lajo is frustrated thinking that its a tough examination, that she cant even die on her own will. As she is asleep, she wakes hearing the ardaas, and is overwhelmed. lajo eyes that the diya is still alight, and considers it as god’s signal, to tell her that her baraati is still alive, and her faith and her love is alive too, and that this love story that has started shall continue. She begs the diya to stay alight, as it being alight, is the indication of her sunder’s lifeline.

Scene 4:
Location: Peshavar jail
kausar arrives, and finds sunder hung like this, and desperately gets him down but finds him dead, not moving at all. She eyes the bangle and thinks that he always believed that his lajo was alive, and she took a little long to come. yakub comes and evilly comments that this forlorn lover went to the lord. when she finds him smirking evilly, she understands that he didnt commit suicide, but a murder, thats done by him. he asks if he has any evidence of it, and the whole world shall say that he died a lover’s death, and their love story shall not fulfill now. kausar says that it didnt happen, because yakub and Mariam’s couldnt consummate. she eyes the wall, painted with Baraatiji Ki lajo, and tells him that he shall face their curse and ire. Yakub says that he came as a dead man, and shall go as one. the constable asks whats to be done. Yakub asks him to be thrown on the streets, to be eaten by birds. kausar asks not to anyone dare to touch his body, as he wont be buried, but burnt according to hindu rituals. yakub reminds her the rituals, and she says that she shall do it as per his customs. He allows her this much, sarcastically, and then leaves. she is apalled.

Scene 5:
Location: In the crematorium
kausar gets sunder on the pile of logs, to be burnt as per hindu rituals. the priest chants some, and then asks her if she is certain that she wishes to do the rights, as he can do them too. She says that she wants to, as she wants this holy task, to relieve some of the high evils of her brother. The priest explains her the rituals and she performs them. he comments on her gallantry and her humanitarianism. she says that partition has caused this humanity to disappear in people, and hopes that one day, this love and humanity shall bring the warring countries back together. they are then ready to set the funeral pyre afire, and just then a log slips, and when she picks it up, and is about to put it back, kausar notices movement in sunder’s face, as he somehow opens his eyes, dreamily and is shocked to see it. the priest is shocked, as she hurriedly removes the log, and says that this is miraculous, and god’s pious soul, he is, to have survived. He says that some force is behind this. kausar says that this force is love, and that the whole world is bent on making these lovers’ meet. the screen freezes on lajo and sunder’s tensed faces.

Precap: kausar asks him to come along, as now they can save lajo’s together, since the whole world is bent on making them unite. he is boggled and asks dizzily, who lajo. she is shocked, and rewminds him, that its his wife. he says that he doesnt remember anything. she is apalled. Meanwhile, jamaal comes and tells lajo, as she is tied, that the whole world is working towards uniting them. He says that now he shall do what even Raavan didnt do with Sita and caresses her face. he then tells her that he shall marry her, and then she shall give him the heir that he needs. She is apalled to hear this.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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      Peshavar is a place in currebnt pakistan…the jail is where yakub kept sunder captive, and the tenthouse, belongs to jamaal’s kabila

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