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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 12th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with vibhu and anguri at lawn. Anguri says she wants to meet bipasha basu someday. Vibhu says yes they will and he knows bipasha and he will call them. At home anita says where do you know bipasha? Vibhu says I know her and she was my friend since childhood. Vibhu thinks what will he do to call bipasha and anguri wants to meet her. Saxena listens and says I will tell bipasha and karan that vibhu is living only for 4 days more and he is your fan so come and meet him.
Next day bipasha and karna singh grover come home. vibhu is shocked, anita and Tiwari are happy. Anita says wow you actually know her. Vibhu thinks now anguri will be impressed and I will tell everyone bipasha is my childhood friend. They welcome them at home. bipasha and karan say thank you. Anita

tells vibhu that go make some coffee for them and tells bipasha that he makes very good coffee. Vibhu says yes and tells anita lets go in together and make coffee and come on. Vibhu takes anita inside. Bipasha says that’s so sweet. Tiwari says so I do a business of undergraments and we make all types of undergarmnets those that are elastic and good in Kanpur. Karan says I live in Mumbai and that’s nice. Tiwari says I have some work with you over undergarments and lets talk later. Bipasha starts laughing.
In kitchen anita says will you force me to make coffee now? Vibhu says oh wow and how dare I do that? And I will only make coffee but you will stand here. Anita says do 1 thing and act like a stall guy and give me coffee as I ma customer. Vibhu gives anita as coffee and gives her flattering comments that she is hot. Anita says I will ask bipasha if you were romantic and flirting in school and college too. Vibhu says please don’t ask that and lets go.
Outside Tiwari tells bipasha that vibhu is a very characterless guy and you don’t know that as bipashs thinks vibhu is sweet. Bipasha tells karan that Tiwari is so rude. Vibhu and anita come with coffee. Anita gives them coffee, Tiwari says so what I was saying about undergarments? Vibhu pulls Tiwari out and says stay here and you are insulting them and karan wont do an undergarment advertisement for you and get lost. anguri comes. She says please introduce me to them. Vibhu says yes come in, Tiwari comes in too.
Vibhu introduces anguri to bipasha and karan. Anguri says I have brought dinner for you. Anita says dinner means night food and this is made now only. Anguri says no and this is yesterdays dinner and I made biryani and Tiwari liked it so he said if guests come give them this so I brought it here. Bipasha laughs, karan tells her in ears that don’t eat that. Tiwari is shocked and says are you dumb and keep that away. Vibhu and anita feel embarrassed. Anguri says I will tell a sher and do you want to listen? Karan says yes irshaad. Anguri says you know irshaad and he is the dough maker in our town. Tiwari says why do you keep their names remembered? Anguri says I even have his number and when you are not home I call him to make dough. Tiwari is angry. Bipasha laughs. Anguri tells the sher. It is meaningless. Karan says it was nice. Vibhu says yes and it had a deep meaning. Bipasha says vibhu you know how to make everyone happy. Vibhu says yes now I have a life of only 4 days and so I will keep everyone as much happy as I can. Outside people are fighting to come in. happu says stay out otherwise I will hit you with stick.
Vibhu comes out and says okay come on tika and malkhan and come in. tika malkhan come in. vibhu introduces them to bipasha and karan. Tika and malkhan ask karan that you have a wife like bipasha basu and even we both want to get married and when we propose a girl she hits us with slippers but give us tips from which we win their hearts. Tiwari says you wont win any girls heart. happu singh comes in and tells tika and malkhan that how much time do they want? Vibhu says these boys are very good, well mannered and extremely uneducated. Tika and malkhan say yes without knowing the meaning of what vibhu said and say thank you for praising us. Bipasha laughs. Vibhu then starts acting of falling unconscious and he falls unconscious. Vibhu anguri and anita say what happened? tiwari says I will bring water. Bipasha and karan say what happened and we thought he had only 4 days and we would make him happy till he is alive. Anita says 4 days? Karan said he did not tell you and he is only living for 4 days. Anita says he did not tell me. Anguri says for gods fakes get up. Vibhu gets up and says its sakes. Anita says you got up and I will take you to the best doctor. Vibhu says I have a gas problem and what to take me to a big doctor? Bipasha and karan say what and it’s a gas problem and saxena told us you are only living for 4 days so we cam here as he told us you are our big fan. Anita says fan? And you told me she is your childhood friend. Vibhu says its okay for a small lie but I did not tell saxean to lie to them. Vibhu calls saxena and saxena comes and says yes slap me I deserve it. vibhu slaps saxena 3 times. Karan and bipasha say its okay he is cute. Saxena says I like it. vibhu says see he likes it. then anita says lets dance on a song and they all dance. Tika malkhan saxena and happu go. Tika and malkhan say it was fun dancing with them.
Inside vibhu says you are Bengali and karan is Punjabi so what food do you order when you go to a hotel. Bipasha says I am a big foodie and we usually eat food that I love. Anita says how did and when did you fall in love? Bipasha says just look at karan and there are girls all around him and who wont fall in love with him and he is romantic. Everyone smile and anguri blushes. Vibhu then says yes he is romantic and I am too. Bipasha says that nice and they all laugh. Anita then asks who proposed first. Karan tells the story and says at 31st December I actually was the first to propose and we were shooting for our horror movie and at 12 it would be new year. So I planned it all out, and at night 12am as she was standing on the beach after the shoot, I proposed and for 10 minutes I was on my knees and I asked would she marry me? Bipasha says I gave a weird reply and said I am fat and why would you marry me? But the I said okay. Anita and vibhu say that’s romantic. Tiwari smiles. Anita says now you propose her again and lets see what she will say. Bipasha says I will say yes always and I wont ever say no as I love him. Karan proposes bipasha. She says yes. Anguri looks at Tiwari and blushes. Tiwari says sit quiet. Anita says vibhu you should do this to me and give me a solitaire diamond. Tiwari laughs and says jobless. Vibhu feels embarrassed. Episode ends.

Precap: next Saturday actor Shakti Kapoor and actor ranjith come. Anita and Shakti Kapoor dance on a song.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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