Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 12th July 2018 Written Episode Update : The person in yellow raincoat and black hat.

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 12th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Angoori says get lost you tube light what you thought i will apologise to you go away,Anu gets upset and leaves,Tiwari and Vibhu beg Angoori to stop it and not do it,Tiwari say stop it or i will,Angoori says dare you raise your voice i will lodge a complaint againt you,Vibhu says i support you,Angoori says shall i throw chappal.

Vibhu thinking who that yellow raincoat black hat mah would be and sees boy walking in it,Tilu says no one will recognise us,tika says but our face,Malkan says we will hide it with cap,Vibhu says may be its one of them.
Tiwari walks in raincoat and hat and says you two wear this iits arrangement you need to wear so not get wet in rain,Anu asks why, Tiwari says cheetah visit.Anu says thank you so much,Tiwari says hheres a gun too,Anu says how could you think

of it,That i will hunt a animal,Tiwari says its not real calm down it’s just to play with that cub,Anu says God you are adventurous too,no one could think of it,i mean lazy man like you.

HHapu and commissioner in raincoat and hat too,looking for a smuggler, Angoori passing by,Hapu says hi,Angoori says you eve teasing a woman,Hapu says i just greeted you,i didnt eve tease you, Commissioner says yes he didnt,Angoori says i saw you stealing my pickle jar and socks too, Commissioner says you could jailed for fake accusations,Angoori says you blaming an innocent lady,and scaring her,and you fraud officer,Vibhu sees Angoori talking to them from behind and remembers the future and runs in fear and pushes them and says please leave her dont do this, Commissioner says she is insulting us we did nothing,Angoori says dare you say a word,Vibhu says bhabhiji please get inside.

Vibhu asks bhabhiji whats wrong, Angoori say why do you bother you useless,dont teach me,Tiwrai walks in raincoat hat and with gun,Vibhu stands ahead of her to protect her and says leave it Tiwari, Tiwari says wwhats wrong with you,Vibhu says why this gun,Tiwari says self defence and why do you care,Angoori says shutup you Vibhuti get out,Vibhu runs away.

Vibhu gets home and sees Anu in raincoat and hat,and ask why are you wearing this, it’s not raining too,Anu says im just getting ready for rains,Vibhu says god its so scary and thinks i wont let any yellow raincoat reach bhabhiji,Anu says go get coffee,Anu gets call from Tiwari and they discuss about seeing Cheetah and Vibhu unaware just hears we will meet tonight and finish the business.

Tika Tilu malkan reach bar,and point gun on Gulfamkali,Tika says just go get money we want Nothing else, Gulfamkali hands them a box and fools them,and points gun at them,Tilu says iits fake gun we were just playing around,Gulfamkali says fools this one isnt fake but.

Gulfamkali says i will shoot all the bullets into you,never mess with me,boys says sorry. boys say god look at that insult,Tilu says i know one place where we can steal,Tika says not Angoori bhabhi,Tilu says please thats my salary,

Vibhu sees its raining and says god i hooe Anu isnt gonna shoot bhabhiji tonight.Tiwrai wakes up checks Angoori is sleeping and calls Anu.

Pre cap: Vibhu says to Phakir i will never trust a baba, he says that tree never lies.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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