Vighnaharta Ganesh 12th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Shumbh goes to take the goddesses captive.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 12th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with shumbh sitting on the throne, he says from now this will be called the shumbh asan and not indrasan! I am the king of demons and the king of gods as well. All demons say devraj shumbh ki jai! Devraj shumbh ki jai. The demons sit down and shumbh says my demons, now we will live in devlok and we will also put these cheap gods to some work, if they don’t do what we say then they shall meet death. All gods are tied to pillar by some demonic spells. Indra dev and the gods struggle to get out of the ties.
There ganesh and kartikeya go back to rishi markande. Markande says ganesh ji? This is your vinayaki avatar, I am so grateful to have gotten the darshan of your vinayaki avatar. Kartikeya says from now I declare that whoever will pray to ganesh’s vinayaki avatar, they

will be free from all problems in life and vianyaki’s blessing will keep them protected from everything. Vinayaki says brother I am obliged, now we should go to devlok to stop shumbh from doing anything wrong.
There nishumbh says to shumbh, brother shumbh, look at indra dev, he seems so angry but he was so happy and enjoyed the company of our women when they danced in front of him. nishumbh says he enjoyed our demonesses so don’t you think we have the right to enjoy the women of these gods as well? Shumbh and all demons laugh and shumbh says you are right nishumbh, send our demon soldiers and bring all the wives of these gods here, we will have the happiness of a lifetime with them. Indra dev, suryadev and all gods get angry and say you evil demons, you dare do anything like that, we will not leave you, you will not be spared demons, you will be punished for your adharm. Shumbh says you enjoyed our women then why cant we? This is adharma devraj, what we will do is dharma and justice. Suddenly devi sachi comes, indra dev says why did you come here devi sachi? No. suryadev says you demon, if you touch any woman, you will be punished.
Shumbh says see devraj’s wife has come here herself. Indra dev is angry and says don’t take her name you demon. Shumbh says come here devi! Devi sachi says swami don’t be worried, these demons cannot touch us or do anything to us. Shumbh is shocked. Devi sachi says these demons will never learn their lessons, don’t you know you evil shumbh? So many demons have been killed for their adharmi behavior, they were punished by mata mahashakti! And you can do nothing to us because I believe in mata mahashakti, she will not let anything happen to us. Shumbh says you think you are too smart but look here, your gods are captive and now I am the king of swarg lok and king of demons too, you answer to me now, no one can save you from us. Devi sachi says your words are futile shumbh, try and touch me and try if you can to stop me, nothing can harm us as mahashakti protects us. Mhaishasura is a great example of you demons, he was killed by mahashakti for his iniquity, stop me if you can. Devi sachi goes. Shumbh and all demons get up in anger and shumbh says now I will see who stops me, come on brothers we will go and pull these goddesses here to my court and make them my servants. The demons go. indra dev says we have to do something to protect our wives and the people of swarg lok, lets pray to mata mahashakti, indra dev and all gods pray to mata mahashakti.

Precap: the goddesses are praying to mata mahashakti, devi sachi comes. ganesh comes to swarg lok.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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