Beyhadh when love turns into obsession (episode 4)


The episode starts with Arjun puncturing a tyre of a car. It’s Maya’s car. At the end of the college Maya comes there and driver informs her about the same. Maya starts scolding him. Just then Arjun arrives there on his bike and offers for the lift, Maya ignores him.

Maya: Call some other car asap!
Driver: Sorry mam! but the others are on leave,only I m there.
Maya(angrily): What! who gave them leave?
Arjun: I can drop u if u don’t mind.
Maya(to driver): Tell him that I don’t talk to fools.
Arjun: Its too late already! think again and then answer.
Driver: U should accept his offer we have no choice.

Maya gets ready hesitantly. Arjun smiles. She sits at the back and Arjun starts riding speedily. She asks him to go slow but he says that they are getting late and advice’s her to hold him. Maya holds him nervously. He smiles. Arjun starts singing the song ” mere sapnon ki rani kb aayegi tu…” loudly. Maya gets irritated and asks him to stop singing. Arjun replies that he has this habit of singing when he feels hungry. Arjun says he needs to eat something and stops the bike near a small roadside shop.

Arjun: He makes very good pani-puri. Do u want to try?
Maya: No thanks.
Arjun(while eating): Yummmieee!!!
Arjun finishes his pani-puri.
Maya: Shall we move now?
Arjun:No.He makes very good lassi too.
Arjun orders a glass of lassi. Maya walks away angrily. Some men notice Maya and start misbehaving with her. Arjun too notices Maya missing and goes searching her.He sees the men and stops them. They engage in a fight. Maya thinks to help Arjun. She picks up a wooden stick and attacks the man with whom Arjun is fighting. At the same time Arjun too knocks down the man and stick hits him. Arjun falls unconscious.

Maya gets panic. She starts waking him up madly and shouts for help. Arjun wakes up after a while and laughs madly. Maya fumes and asks him to drop her home. Both of them go to the bike. Arjun asks her to wait for a while and goes to finish his lasso. He comes back and says he is ready. Maya starts laughing and says now u r ready. Arjun looks into the bike’s mirror and sees moustache formed due to the lassi. He smiles too and says to Maya that she looks beautiful while smiling. Maya returns to her normal self. They both leave.

On their way they start fighting and blame each other for all that happened.They reach Maya’s home.While leaving Arjun asks Maya about her contact his usual flirting way.Maya says she will never tell him. Maya smiles while watching Arjun leaving.

Precap: In the class Maya tells Arjun that she knows that he only punctured her car. Arjun is shocked.

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  1. Great piece of work. Congrats

  2. Jasminerahul

    arjun punctured maya’s car’s tyre n offered her lift.he cant stop flirting.naughty guy.goon attack scene was nice with both helping each other.precap is shocking

    1. ARK

      Thanks for ur support and sorry for the late update.

    2. ARK

      Hey dear!
      Have posted the episode 5 of my ff beyhadh when love turns into obsession.

  3. Hey!
    It’s great to see your post after such a long time!
    Well, how had your Diwali been?
    Coming to the episode, it was fabulous!
    Loved each and every part of it!
    Hmmmm…seems like Maya has started falling for Arjun! Yaaaaaay!
    Please do try to post really soon!
    Take care!

    1. ARK

      Thanks for waiting for such a long time.

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