Beyhadh 4th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Beyhadh 4th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Saanjh shatters seeigg Arjun proposing Maya under water and their romance. Maya holding Arjun tells he looks smart and really is. He says really, thank you. She hugs him and tells did not expect all this from him. She then says let us go. He asks where. She says trust is the firs thing in any relationship and he should trust her. They both leave on oth holding each other. Saanjh feels more shattered.

Saanjh starts crying and angrily throws her dad’s locket and chain given for Arjun into water. She then jumps into water again and searches chain, but does not find it. She cries loudly shouting Arjun’s name. She kicks floor, cries loudly, vents her anger out. She reaches shore and walks reminiscing Arjun and her friendship, Arjun praising Maya’s intelligence

and her talent, etc. She shouts Arjun loudly repeatedly. She reminisces their childhood days where used to play in mud and Arjun used to break mud house. Saanjh walks to the hotel.

Arjun and Maya walk in front of god’s idol at a temple and Maya thanks god for giving her Arjun and thinks she does not need anything much now. Arjun thanks god for giving Maya to him and says he got everything now. Panditji sees them and says Arjun has a brighter future ahead. Arjun shows his hand and asks to describe his future. Panditji says his future is very bright and he will see lots of success and money. Arjun says with Maya, he has already achieved it. Panditji asks Maya to show her hand. Maya hesitate but agrees on Arjun’s insistence. Panditji asks Arjun to leave Maya right away as he will lose everything if she is with him, even his relationships. Arjun says he does not believe in all this. Panditji asks Maya to not drag Arjun in her darkness and let him go. Arjun says until Maya is with him, nothing will happen to him. Panditji leaves warning them again.

At hotel, manager tells her that her room is ready. She says she does not need it and is going back. Arjun with Maya returns and is surprised to see Saanjh. He runs and hugs her, but she does not reciprocate. Maya stands noticing them.

Precap: Saanjh goes to temple and a man tells panditji died yesterday night. Saanjh finds Maya’s ear ring on floor. She goes back to Arjun and informs that Panditji died yesterday night mysteriously. Maya nervously turns around.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Nice ArYa scenes superb…but ye serial name should be unfair not beyhadh….in pandith Ji conversation didn’t written about Arjun…pandith Ji said to Arjun future you will get all success and fame but u will end up alone money will give problem’s to you..stay alone all your life..and about Maya don’t get your happiness&dont cover ur past from using Arjun..leave Arjun don’t spoil his life…and he said don’t marry maya ur family will face problems…it means for both is unfair..why Arjun will end up alone? he did all good things…and Maya if she did bad in past is there is no right to stay happy now..?…omg pandith died…is Maya killed it?thriller suspense story started now..mystery behind murder…waiting for next episode eagerly…

    1. It’s like have a bad childhood and you don’t deserve to be happy all your life .. there is no reason for Maya to kill him ..she should kill Saanjh instead and in the precap ..Saanjh is identifying the ear ring as Maya’s’s like she knows every detail about Maya’s wardrode. .stupidity

      1. Because Maya is having bad childhood that does not mean she should not be happy. She can be happy by making others happy. Panditji told “Tumahre andhar jo TootGaya tumhi jodlo don’t snatch others happiness”…. Maya killed Panditji.. Guys u r not seeing how creul and criminal she is… Maya deserve happiness that does not mean she should do whatever she likes… She should give time to Arjun for true love.. He is not loving Maya.. He is just loving her empire.. Because he is good in character he won’t cheat Maya… But he don’t know anything about Maya… Without knowing anything how come anyone will love…

    2. Maanu13

      Ya yesterday It was a nice episode…when Maya cried and ask will u leave bcoz of panditji words…he said. No I won’t….thats what we want from arjun

      I’m sure Maya may go and warn panditji to not interfere she never harm or killed him….
      Saanjh is sooo irritating yar…she shouted like something in boat…..if we r in love with someone means we should open Ur heart and ready to accept their response it may s or no…but she didn’t spoke a word abt her love for arjun and she complains to God y u give all my happiness to another…bcoz u didn’t take a single step… without our effort god ll not do anything for us….
      Saanjh again proved she is master in knowing Maya head to toe….how can she identify the earring this is so stupid…u may ask saanjh say her yesterday that’s y she know it….??but she was heartbroken and cried like hell at the moment of time she never thought if seeing Maya’s attire…. anyways arjun ll not leave Maya …that’s enough for me….arya❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

      1. The whole week she was reacting as if Arjun cheated her . Anybody watching beyhadh from this week will easily imagine dat Arjun ditched Saanjh for Maya. And she was more stupid enough to go under water following his clues .Didn’t she even have brains to think dat Arjun doesnt even dat she is in Mauritius? as u said let this deal continue but v don’t want Maya to be the killer and ArYa together

      2. I hope Maya didn’t kills pandith….maya character is has negative gray shades but she is not murderer..her character is socio but not phycho.. If she is phycho &murder..why she didn’t kills ashwin..he tortured more her.even he tried to kill her mother.but she stays calm..even she did not kill her office ashwin hide person stolen arjun project that time she taken arjun help to find thief in her office…something is there.maya didn’t want to know about future when Arjun forced her she accepted it.don’t know when its revealed.

    3. Swapna….if Maya kills pandith still I love her…he didn’t behave like pandith Ji..he is so rude with Maya…whatever Arjun will end up alone…so there is no worry.i can watch ArYa together scenes.and also it’s thriller story if cvs want to fear us with Maya character abnormal behaviour..i will enjoy a lot..but it’s happening so i disappointed.let’s see

    4. Great Comment ,Ks.

  2. actually wat is happening in maya’s life? any secret which is hidden so according 2 1st promo panditji wala – maya killed him in that pandit wala scene when she gave her hand 2 panditji she is so much scared why? so she already know that panditji will tell 2 arjun that stay away from her who is she? she is a pyschopath or mad so maya is -ve in character saanjh crying ,shouting arjun doesnt make any sense becoz arjun don’t know saanjh loves him slowly slowly they r entering into the story anyways waiting 4 nxt

  3. Adipaaaviii… Konnutiya …. Psycho killer a ne ….. Ayyiyyyoooo …. Actually in precap she didn’t turn nervously … She was very clam … Like she did it ….

    1. Ridhima ..Jennifer Winget psycho killer nu kaamichaa ..indha serial zero trp ku poidum Jenny is the lifeline of beyhadh .so apdi irukadhu ..irundha serial gaali

    2. Maanu13

      Hai neenga tamil ah…omg nan nenaikavey illa…..
      unmai tha jenny ah -ve katuna story ah close panitu veetuku pogavendiyathutha director…..

      1. Neengalum Tamil ah ?? so happy to know dat ..Oru urupadi aana serial now it’s going like this ..let’s hope for positive twist .. Jenny eh killer role ku othuka matangha nu nambuvom

      2. Guys it’s upcoming twist….Arjun and Maya is going to marry…but Saanjh went to take ashwin help to stop this marriage.? saanjh ashwin both will play game against Maya.

      3. Maanu13

        Saanjh u r a physco…y she doing this.. noone get love by forcing another…oh god plz get arya married

  4. I guess Maya didn’t tell Arjun the complete truth… I think she’s a murderer and Ashwin is a right man…
    I don’t know why but I feel everything’s gonna change… the entire story…
    Till then I’ll keep my thoughts away and ship Maya and Arjun… they look great together…

    1. If Ashwin is a right man ,Maya’s Mum wouldn’t protect Maya from him and Maya wouldn’t be this much scared to everything around. Beyhadh is all about Jenny ..she plays the key role ..she ll definitely stay positive

      1. Angelk1

        Yes shes the lead role, but her role is negative and shaded with a touch of darkness. Its fresh an new, an I’m glad shes playing that character because she acts it so well. Maybe this will be a new trend, for indian soap that not every negative character have to be second or third lead. Some people that play evil dont get any spotlight an they end up being hated. But jenny showed them by making people love her dark shade character and hate her at the same time. Her character wont get the guy at the end, but she is the star of the show.

    2. You voicing your opinion is perfectly acceptable and here, by replying to this comment of yours, in no means do I intent to hurt you as I too am just voicing my opinions on an open platform. Now, just as you said that you suppose that Ashwin could possibly be the right man, then I think not. Because if it was so, why would Maya’s mother protect Maya from Ashwin, then? Also, from what we’ve seen so far, I can conclude that Ashwin is the one at fault. And lastly, by the looks on his face, it seems as if Maya’s secret is even more deeper, and regretfully must I say, and even more horrifying.
      Moreover, I agree that the two look great together?

    3. MaRjun will be miserable together, first Maya will keep him from Saanjh then his own family, who knows who this crazy parasite will kill next. Maya would kill her own mom for Arjun’s attention.

  5. now is d real twist
    now saanjhs roll is perfect
    mayas also
    glad about it
    now starts d real beyhadh
    and saanjh should stop worrying for her duffer
    her role is cute and let her maintain it
    if arjun deserves her he will seriously come to her one day
    or if he thinks he deserves maya his will all upon……

  6. Angelk1

    I saw that coming, the look in last time precap maya was giving him says it all. But i guess saanj will now forget her feeling and try to be there as a friend. But its not easy to forget someones feeling. The precap got me and i know ashwin didnt kill pandiji why would he do that for what purpose.

    Arjun is not gonna listen to saanj anyway an will think shes crazy. But the drama just begin.

  7. now seriosly loving beyhadh : )

  8. If the makers are gonna potray Maya as the killer , it’s time to quit the show .If Maya is the killer , why didn’t she kill Saanjh or Ashwin .And Jenny herself mentioned dat it’s not a negative character . Spoiled the whole Mauritius Track with such stupidity . V love the Maya who asked forgiveness to God for punishing Arjun and locking him up not this Maya ..I sincerely hope the makers will not potray her as killer ..want ArYa to be together ..watched this show with high expectation . Initially spolied the most expected proposal episode with Saanjh sad scenes and now this ?

    1. Shalini Senthil

      I’m agree with ur comment nandhana

    2. Ya nandhana…totally spoiled Mauritius trip…but pandith Ji given both sides bad future..Arjun future is bad and Maya future is bad..when vandana showed it to one pandith Ji he said same saanjh arjun match did not matched & Arjun will end up alone.god also not supporting this pair r Arjun..when diya flies’ highly.what cvs want to show it…if when both main leads future is’s disgusting.

      1. Even I had dat doubt ..both the leads are gonna have a bad end and what is the ultimate purpose of this serial if love is not able to change their life positively .. I also have a doubt .. are they trying to potray dat despite all odds n Destiny being Against them, they become together and price love is infinite and ultimate ..Even I rem dat episode ..both their horoscpes dont match yet his Mom is trying to get them married and she claims Maya evil ..This show is travelling aimlessly now ..Spoiling our expectations Ks ☺

      2. Maanu13

        Ya ks….I feel very bad while hearing that Maya and arjun had bad future…and specially I feel angry while he said arjun to leave her and go otherwise u ll suffer……I can’t take this…they just started loving each other this is sooo bad ….

        I want to break the panditji ‘s head but unfortunately b4 that he died…lol…??

        Anyways we need that behad pyaar ll make arjun and Maya together and stay happy forever….

      3. Hey Ks, no comments I thought u would have said maya was not wrong its her past who made her like this , so she killed pandit ji, thats why she is unfit to get married to Arjun not only to arjun any other one too becoz tom if any one wil say bad abt her she is ready to kill ayan , saanjh , vandana etc…???but ks u shd support maya dont loose ur hopes??

    3. saanjh needs to move on with her life already. the other brother is equally handsome. maybe after this trip she will go bk and her father will get her married to arjun’s brother- akward..maybe she will agree to be close to arjun lol

    4. Seriously agree with u nandhana

    5. It’s just a show , and the track is great , maya is psychotic , so what

    6. Maanu13

      Yes agree nandhana..if they make this show on negative track I ll quit it…I can’t she Maya in negative role…she is grey shaded I know that…but in this world everyone having secret of something…so that may not b wrong…we want arya to end up…. saanjh is annoying day by day plz let her marry someone by her father’s wish….

      1. They are trying to promote Saanjh’s character .it’s so annoying to see her in inbetween those proposal scenes .when Maya proposed she was viewing it thro binoculars and now direct view ??? v didn’t even get a happy glimpse of the love ..fully interfered with her crying scenes . She is behaving as is Arjun was in love with her n now left her for Maya . Arjun is so normal when he saw her in Mauritius

      2. Maanu13

        Exactly…she giving feel like he ditched her and get engaged to Maya…what rubbish…he never thought of saanjh on that way…

        Where is that saanjhdeservesarjun….
        look at Ur saanjh she is sooo stupid…..I hate her completely sooo annoying…and now she gonna become villain…

        hey guys I have a doubt that new of saanjh banged Maya’s head Na…I think it takes on arya wedding day…so that she can replace Maya…and get married to arjun?????????

      3. SilentReader

        that happens only in typical saas-bahu dramas which Beyhadh is not

    7. Maya has a killer split personality.

  9. The story writers can make anyone into a villian people r happy with arjun and Maya but if story writers want to make it into a thriller they will make maya mad and bad and that stupid saanj into the heroine and as a result we will stop watching serial

    1. Shalini Senthil

      Yes minna its true if as u say its happen many of viewers stop watching this show…

  10. Shalini Senthil

    Bakwaas …romantic scences all ruined that pandit was over reacting like Maya as a evil or ghost..saanjh over crying …now days many mysteries or going in behyaad I hope in final Maya is not reason for all this incident….

  11. i think ashwin is behind the killing and will make maya look like a psycho. there is a lot more to maya that we dont know. we know she was traumatized by her father..but why did he do it? and hes going around trying to ruin her life as usual. what kind of parent does that to their own. so there is a lot more to unfold. i also hope they dont make maya character into a psychopath.

    1. Wish your words come true

    2. Maanu13

      Hi fan,maya tell the details to arjun …u didn’t watch that episode…she tell that her dad marry her mom only for money..he don’t want baby but her mom willing give birth to her…so her dad is angry on both of them he do all type of tortures …..on her 9 th bday she see him wit another women so only he Ill treat her and some truth is hidden here and we ll get in future episodes….

  12. Angelk1

    I just watch the eps firstly i would like to say, i know saanj is heartbroken but what with the whole going one place to another shouting an falling. Thats scene is unnecessary. I cried when it started but laugh in the rest.

    Second, maya has mix personality when she hug arjun she looks fragil, like a kid, but then she changes when arjun left her for a while , it just takes that moment to kill a person an act like nothing happen. Thats why I think maya has two personality image to throw people off.

    With the way she is behaving i wouldnt be surprise if she made up half of the story she told arjun. But time will tell, anyway, maya was suppose to be this character since the creaters wrote the story. The romance is just to show how arjun is blinded by her love and will defend her wrong doing until his eyes open.

    1. Maybe Maya has multiple personality disorder , I think her role ,acting it’s awesome, even if her role is negative, she is the lead of the show, I’m watching the show just cause of her, she is awesome, even if she is psychotic in the show

  13. Firstly, the Panditji scene absolutely made no sense to me at all. Like, was he just eavesdropping and listening to ArYa’s conversation? And, why in the world did he have to interfere and voice his own predictions and thoughts? Mustn’t he only do so when asked? I think that’d be better.
    Secondly, Saanjh’s reaction is completely not acceptable from me. Her behavior currently is making her look as though she is very highly disturbed, which she is not. And, partly, didn’t she know herself that Arjun was attracted towards Maya? She very well did. Then, why in the freaking world had she been setting such high expectations? Is she the only girl left in the world? Utter nonsense displayed by her. My only advice to her would be: Expectations lead to disappointments. Grow up girl!

    1. Lol , I totally agree , Saanjh is cry baby, and over reacts

    2. I agree! Saanjh was over if she didn’t know that Arjun was already attracted towards Maya..I understand she’s heart broken but she was reacting as if Arjun dumped her for Maya. He never had any love feelings towards saanjh so her reaction is completely stupid. She should grow up and move on she’s acting like this rich spoilt brat which didn’t get what she wants so she’s throwing tantrums

      1. Maanu13

        Ya Stefan… saanjh overreacting and no one ll think that everything is happening only for her….she know that arjun don’t know she is in Mauritius…then how could he give notes for her utter stupidity….she never used her brain… unfortunately she portraid as a lawyer…..omg if she s in court her client ll get hanging punishment for small mistakes itself…keep her away from Maya and arjun ‘s life……

  14. Waiting patiently to see what maya will do after seeing sanch

  15. A great show is being ruined..I got angry hearing the pandit’s prediction! Just because a person has a bad past doesn’t mean that person doesn’t deserve love? What logic is this..Maya was a victim of child abuse she deserves all the love in the world even more than arjun’s! I can’t understand why the makers are hell bent on making her the villain..leave her like that as a grey shade character don’t make her darker please..cause the only villain in this show will be Ashwin. And if Maya does murder anyone we will still love and support her cause people are driving her to that extent! She’s constantly being told that She doesn’t deserve Arjun like who wants to hear that it’s so demotivating! Leave her in peace let her love more of her madness,obsession even hatred but don’t make her bad

    1. Maanu13

      Exactly Stefan,i agree…. plz let her live a happy life..

    2. Maya is a psycho who deserves to be locked away forever, they should lock Arjun with her and they can be equally mental and useless together. Child abuse or not Maya is emotionally stunted, she can never be someones mom, she isn’t the girl any one of the idiots on this platform would accept as a daughter in law or even let them take two steps into their home. Maya is poison and should be treated as such, her OWN mom knows that Maya is nuts. I am waiting to see if all these retarded Maya fans still support her when she kills her own mother. No one drives someone to commit murder, I understand murdering someone in self defense but murdering a priest just so she can bone Arjun – really? Love and obsession are 2 very different things which most of you naive creatures do not understand. Saanjh will just have to move on in life, hopefully not with Ayaan. She needs to break off her friendship with Arjun as he is toxic.

      1. SilentReader

        1st thing:-plz Comment about the show,not about the fans,,,plz dnt make ppl fight,,,,N yup murdering can’t be justified,,,they never showed that it is Maya who murdered the pandit,,,but if it is Maya,it can’t be justified,,,

      2. Kalika, I totally agree with you , I love Maya acting , but she is psychotic , they end up in asylum, she can never have normal life, even if she does 1000 therapies, Saanjh should just move on

  16. At last Maya showed her evil side

    1. Angelk1

      Shes slowly pari, shes pretty good at getting rid of things an fooling people but thats the beauty of it. Shes clever , and i cant wait to see how everything unfold. I know this is gonna turn very bad lol.

  17. Whats wrong with this pandit yar. He is saying that she had some black mystery in her past life so she life long should be in dark. What nonsense? Does maya has no right to live life happily. This is crazy. I am at one second felt very sad for saanjh but yar just don’t over react. He is your best friend & he is getting his love so atleast as a friend u should be happy for him. I think arjun will get trouble because of ashwin. Please dnt separate arya. I love them a lot.

    1. It right mounika that pandit how to know her dark future

      1. Ya he didn’t talked with Maya well..pandiths has to talk politely..but pandith forcedly holds maya hand while Arjun maya said leave hand.something is there.

  18. I read in forum that aswin just burnt pandit ji’s temple to make maya look murderer on Arjun’s eyes and to convince Sanj more negatives about Maya.
    Aswin made pandit ji to lie so Arya get away from each other.
    I hope Arjun and Maya realises this truth very soon.
    I guess Ashwin alone is enough as villain. On top of that they will turn Sanj, Sanj family and Arjun’s family against Arya. Hoping Arjun’s family support him at least. I think the creator is trying to show that despite of the nagitivity of whole world, how this two love birds conquer 🙂

    1. Ya priya ashwin is the villain…he recently won Lions Award 2017 for Negative Role…and Best actress and Best Actor award won Jennifer and kushal in Beyhadh serial.

  19. Asammi

    Yes, I know that Maya’s character is darkness. She has many secrets and it doesn’t go well if Arjun comes to know about those secrets. Let’s wait and watch what’s in Beyhad’s book.

  20. Angelk1

    People are blowing things out of porportion. We all took interest because the theme was different it wasnt the usual sappy main lead gets the guy story. The main lead was a physcopath and it intrigue all of us . the summary even says it all, but now people want the story line of the characters to change.

    I hope the writer stick with his story til the very end . even if the rating starts decreasing. The show is good, I’m sure no one came to watch it just for shipping. I’m hoping they came to enjoy the story an the way its progressing.

    1. I completely agree with you Angelk. Everyone here is making it a big deal and just like monotonous stories with same characters in its core. They cannot see a negative character in the lead. People who say they’ll quit watching show are giving the proof of their television taste;bland. If you guys cannot see something new then go back to watching colors’ leapy supernatural dramas and I guess ekta kapoor was right here that we have a regressive mindset so we cannot start progressive shows or improvisations. I wonder what if even darker themes come then what’ll happen.

      1. Angelk1

        I agree, but the fans of shakti accepts the girl being transgenda bit they have no hope of her ending with the male lead. Its a good show, an it opens people eyes just like gangaa and this show. To me these shows i named are something people can relate too and viewers can see an change their mind set of things.

    2. SilentReader

      Yuppp…true….I’m here for the story

  21. Beyhaad dilama
    Yes yesterday episode too good except pandit words
    He was not a god , his all words too correct may be 50 percent ok
    But pandit dead was mistory
    I think Maya not have that much courage to kill
    If have means y she tolerate ashwin this much of years (giving money to goons)
    I think she give a warning
    Y saanch doubt on Maya after seeing earring
    Any way arjun will solve Maya problem

  22. May be ashwin kill pandit
    Have a doubt
    There so many members
    Y pandit say Maya character
    And he also see Maya face in one type of way
    I think ashwin create this kind of problem
    And he only give reason for last infront of arjun
    He want to show Maya is bad to all
    First he play a trick go to arjun house saying about Maya
    That’s not work out he chooses a new way
    One thing is clear
    Maya didn’t kill any one till now and future also.
    Any problems there she can solve her self she cont solve means (regarding love or her mom) ,she kill her self only
    Guys remember a one episode her and mom fighting she attempt a suicide

  23. Roby wolverine

    I don’t think Maya is a killer.. i she had that much guts then she would have killed Ashwin.. i don’t think Maya’s mother will be with her if she was a killer.. But still it was stupid of the writers to portray her as superstitious believer.. what is wrong with the makers to make this panditji scene..? he couldn’t even predict his own death then how could he..? And how come Saanjh know about Maya’s earing is beyond me.. The pandit ji’s advice was so wrong.. he could have said to Arjun along the words like

    Be a light in her life instead he said him to stay away… who would tolerate something like that..?

    I guess Maya is split personality.. her other version may have killed him that’s why she was calm in the precap or she didn’t kill him or god knows what happened…

    Anyway love you Maya…

    1. Angelk1

      I disagree, i dobt think Ashwin planned this one. If he did then his the worst. But back to my opinion. I’ve watch a lot of shows to know that a physcopath always have something or someone they fear. Maya didnt kill ashwin because she fear him.

      When arjun left her yesterday eps she went somewhere an came back like nothing happen. Then they left. When arjun ask pandji to read maya hand she refused saying they should go. She looked scared like she didnt want arjun to know something.

      I will stick with my theory maya have split personality, one that kills an one that acts innocent. It could just be thats her back up persona so people wont accuse her. The earring scene was explain in today eps .

      Anyway, this show does remind me of bazigaar but with a twist an also kuch kuch.

  24. aaj puri episode saanjh ne ro k waste kar di.she looks so stupid when she cries or even when smiling she does not look nice.on the other hand,maya looks cutest in every avatar whether smiling or laughing even while crying she looks so adorable.i just love her i dont think she killed the pandit she would have went there to warn him but could not kill him and it was really stupid of that pandit to say arjun to stay away from her as she has dark past.bhai ab agar kisi ka past bura hai to kya iska mtlb ye hai k usko khush hone ka koi haq hi nahi hai?is hisaab se to phir duniya me koi b insan acha ni sab bure hain q k har kisi se kbhi na kbhi koi na koi ghalati hoti hai.koi b farishta ni hota.stupid pandit!

  25. Asammi

    Now we are going to see the psycho side of Maya.. she is a psychopath and if anyone comes btwn Arjun and her she is going to torture them. Main story begins now. Everyone who is taking side of maya will now come to see the darkest side of her.

    1. Ya exactly its just taking time for people to realise how worse she can be !! I have recently started watching it and my friends are already maya’s fan and are happy for the couple.but saanj seems hurt and my support is for her and wish she could be arjuns girl.who so u think arjun will be happy with and marry in the end?

      1. Asammi

        yeah suruthi let’s see what happens expecting more mysteries, more loopholes of maya’s character as it is a thriller drama

  26. Krkavita

    @angelk: if Ashwin is naive, what is the justification about his torturing and scaring a 9-year old girl and his infidelity towards Jhanvi? He has been locking a 9-year-old girl in the dark room every night. Under no circumstances, he has got the right to do that. There is a possibility that Ashwin might have killed the pandit as he is planning to frame Maya. I don’t trust that character. he can go to any extent to put our Maya darling down.

    1. We have just seen one side story from Maya & also her mother asked whether she revealed all the truth. That means that the story as mentioned by Maya is either incomplete or totally wrong one to mislead Arjun so that Arjun can have a soft corner & love emotions towards her which she has already achieved after that day onward. Parents role is not to just love their childrens but if they have made any mistakes then they should be punished. What I understand … (may be I was wrong)… Maya was obsessed or we can refer as a MAD girl since childhood & due to this nature, she may hurt someone in her younger days for which her father is punished her. Since, Mothers are always be safegaurd for their children, Mayas mother is with her to safe from her father from the beginning. This might be the reason why she is drinking too much as she is being pissed in between Father & daughter. This is the only reason why Maya is always afraid of Ashwin & not able to do anything against her father (may be by any law reason). There is no doubt that Panditji has died due to Maya presence.
      As Arjun referred, all pandit are not truthful as they are making foolish statements for earning money. But that type of pandits is always saying the benefits only. But I believe this pandit is not wrong as he has not asked any money for such type of statement.

      1. Angelk1

        I agree we dont know much about maya past because its one sided, but maya fears arjun maybe because of his punishment. When i do something bad my dad punishes me and at some point i ended up being scared an hate him for it, but i understand now why he did it.

        But in maya case we wont know until arjun finds the truth about her past.

    2. Angelk1

      I dont even remember which comment that was lol

  27. SilentReader

    Panditji’s scenes were already fixed,,they even showed it as the promo in the begining of the show,,but I never thought that this will happen so sooon,,,I think Panditji came soearly,,,but I don’t think that Maya killed Pandit,,,maybe she did smthng but not murder….maybe she did smthng to take revenge and it affected Panditji indirectly and he died,,,,,,,,,whatever it is we will get to knw soon as in this show they never drags such things for long,,,,
    As it is a finite series show,the story is already fixed,,,so the directors will be least bothered about trp’s,,,I hope that they won’t go crazy after TRP’s and will continue it as an awesome show with infinte twists & turns,,,It is not a typical love story so waiting to see new side of Maya and Jenny’s wonderful acting,,,it’s true that Saanjh’s heart broke but she can’t blame anyone for that as it was her fault only,,,
    The update always gets 50+ comments still the update is tooo short,,,,,

  28. Shivani don’t worry yaar..i love support always with Maya…she didn’t kills sure…in that incident some third person also there….maya will not do anything with out reason such a bad thing.its ashwin target to frame her bad infront of arjun..if she lost today.she will won at last.keep read my comments..?

  29. Does everyone like only maya and want maya and arjun to be united ?
    Does anyone think saanj is the right girl for arjun ?

  30. Don’t worry saanjh fans…saanjh is going to be strong character(i saw aneri interview)…now she is all time crying…but she turns strong soon she is going to fight back to get her love Arjun and also she will fight for some case in court..she will not leave Arjun.but at the end Arjun will end up alone.keep watch’s Arjun wish.he will select his love&his life.

    1. *Maya,Arjun,saanjh..three lives will end alone separately.

      1. No Arjun and Saanjh will end up as a pair…

      2. It’s ur like swapna..carry on…for me ArYa?…based on pandith Ji words Arjun end up alone..two pandiths said same.let’s see

  31. If anyone fall in love in life they only understand saanjh feelings. Saanjh is atleast pure hearted. Not like maya. Maya knows arjun weak point and she uses that with money power.
    As a character role they all are perfect. So we should not hate aneri. She is doing best.

  32. After todays epi …i would say Wow this show is interesting once again ..Maya looks really scary if she has split personality!! I feel instead of showing fake happiness Saanjh should let them be and try to be strong and maintain her friendship with Arjun. Its really scary to have a possessive gf or movies,serials it looks attractive but in real life its suffocating and scary too. I am disappointed in one thing the chemistry between Maya and Arjun is lacking..

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